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Pontiac Grand Am



  • We recently purchased a used 2002 Pontiac Grand Am with 40,000 KM on it, it really good condition. Until last night that is when my bf left for work and went to the car, put the key in the ignition and it wouldn't start. The starter was trying to roll over.. It wasn't the alternator as the lights were on and the whipers and stereo were working, that also ruled out the battery. My very mechanically inclined brother stopped by to take a look at it to no avail..

    This morning we decided that we would try it again, once again it wouldn't start. My brother looked over the car, checked the fuses, tried to boost it just in case. Checked for spark which it had a lot of, checked the fuel pressure, once again, lots of pressure. Even tried resetting the computer by unhooking the batter and that didn't work... By then I was really annoyed and even more peeved at the SECURITY light blinking on the dash.

    So I came on-line very frustrated came across this and tried it, to my surprise it worked. And now I wonder what the problem is. I even so much as called a GM Dealership but they claim that they have never heard of this, well I felt like sending the guy this link to prove him wrong. In three months this never happend and now I am very frustrated at GM! You think they would fine a fix, afterall Grand AM's are not a new model of car and from reading everyone's coments it's been happening even before 2000.. so makes you wonder what they do at the good old' GM factory, I still like to think I baught a GENERAL MISTAKE... Guess I should have stuck with a FORD.. But regardless, I love my grand am, great mialeage, great on the highway etc.etc. wish GM would fix this problem.

    My brother mentioned maybe trying to get a car started because it would bypass the ignition which would make the car start. And makes me wonder why the security light is one when we do not even have powered locks, apparently its for Remote Keyloss Entry which we do not have.. Wish the folks at GM could answer some of my questions but once again.."you have to bring it in so they can make a pretty penny at our expense"..
  • from what i have read.. its not about the keyless entry, its the "passlock" system.. a theft protection system in the car that when the wrong key is used in the ignition.. the fuel pump is shut down.. so a theif can't steal the car.....HMMM General motors.. guess what it also does it when the owner trys to start the car... So my question is ... is it a bug in the electronics.. or does the chip in the key wear out after time?

    ALSO did u hear on the news that Toyota is re calling the Prius for the exact same problem??
  • i am chuckling as i read your post cuz .. i bet the look on your brother & BF face was priceless when u got the car started!
  • Hi

    I am having the same trouble with my 2001 Grand Am except it is my Service light is on if u get a fix for this let me know if you dont care cause this car is my sons and I wouldnt want him to have any trouble with it at all...

    Thanks Soldier in Iraq
  • Scott,

    Were you able to get any reply on this? I'm having the same problem with my 2001 GA SE. I was hoping to get a little insight before I paid someone to fix it.

  • I went to the dealer to have them listen to the noise. They said it is the multifunctional switch. He said it happens alot in the Grand Am. I am going to have it changed so I will keep you posted. The dealer said including labor this is about $225.00 to fix.
  • stew3stew3 Posts: 1
    I put a scanner on the car and it pulled a P1629 code which is Theft Deterrent System. I have recalibrated the PCM about 3 times and it has also been to a GM shop. After I recalibrated it , it might run 3 start ups or 3 days you never know. Does anybody know how to disable the Theft Deterrent System or is it not possible? We installed a new key lock that we were told would fix it but didn't. Hopefully someone has some answers
  • how did she fix it mine is doing the same thing
  • Would anyone be able to tell me what a 1999 Grand Am (auto) 2 door, 99,000 miles, with NO MOTOR be worth? I am wanting to make an offer on it, but not until I find out what it's worth. I'm guessing only around $5-600. I could be wrong! Any info would be greatly appreciated! You can reply on here or email me Thanks!
  • Hello all, I have a 2000 Grand am that one day just wouldn't crank. The battery has been changed out and the dealership said it was the starter so they changed that out ($500) and I'm still having problems. They can't fix it. The car will simply not start in the mornings. The starter won't even crank. If you try to start it later in the day, it starts up with no problems. It's just not a morning car...other than offering it coffee, can anyone help with this problem? :cry: :sick:
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    In the mornings when it won't start, is the security light in the cluster coming on?
  • Hey can anyone possibly tell me why my turn signal fuse keeps poping. we replaced the multifunction switch and it worked for a few days, and then today i was driving and all of a sudden they didn't work. i turned on my hazard lights and i heard the fuse pop to that. i am getting frustated. we just replaced the chime module too..could that be shorted or something? please help me...i hate driving with out my turn signals.
    thanks in advance!
  • my security light came on i shut the car off and now the car will not start
  • 1999 Pontiac Grand Am
    Factory CD player
    E20 continues to display when CD is inserted.
    Has anyone else had this error number and what have you done to fix it?
  • kmostkmost Posts: 2

    I have a 2002 Grand Am with 54,000 miles. The timing chain broke and ruined the engine. We live in Germany and the GM service mechanic here says we will need a new engine that will cost us about $8000 for new engine and labor. I was wondering if anyone else might know if there are problems with the timing chain. The car has been serviced reguarly and we have never had any problems.
  • Nope. I hear relays in the fuse box and other stuff in the engine compartment, but no starter... :confuse:
  • turn the key to on... and leave it that way until the security light goes out, ( it may take up to 30 min before it goes off ) then turn the key back to off.....for a minute or so, and then try starting the car as usual
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    4 or 6 cyl. engine?
  • I had a problem last year with my 2001 Grand Am. Sometimes the turn signals would work and sometimes it wouldn't. I'm not sure if this is the same issue you are having but, I took it to the dealer and found that there was a recall on the "hazard warning switch." They fixed it for free (of course) and told me it was pretty difficult to do so (it apparently involved removal of most of the front dash...or something). I'd call your dealership or check online for specific recall number so you can ensure it gets fixed correctly (and at no cost - if the problem is because of the recall). My Recall ID Number was: 03V327000. Hope this helps!!!
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Excuse my ignorance, but I don't remember if the 02 4 cyl was a quad 4 or an ecotec, but either way I'm not personally aware of any severe timng chain problems on either. Have you contacted GM?
  • The only way I know how to fix it is to turn the car "ON" but don't start it. Leave it in the ON position for at least ten minutes. This will reset the system and your car should start. But just to let you know it's a tempary fix and be careful because it will drain your battery. Most likely it will continue to happen. At this point I still haven't figured it out but what I've been told is that it's the Passlock system that's the problem. Good luck
  • Last year I had the same problem and took it to the dealership. I had the entire passlock system replaced, including the ignition switch. But guess what...same problem is accuring once again....can anyone please help I have no idea what to do now. :mad:
  • :confuse: Can you replace the entire passlock system or have it completely removed?
  • Can you replace the entire passlock system or have it completely removed?
  • we took our car to the dealer to fix the computer upgrade it needed and to see if that would fix my problem with the pass lock system and now the car is still doing the same thing i dont know what else to do
  • I have a 2002 Grand Am and have had problems with a spring popping out of the
    back of the seat since I got the car. While it was still under warranty, I had
    it fixed. Now my warranty is up and that same spring has popped out AGAIN!! Any
    suggestions on where I might be able to find a replacement seat at a fairly
    decent price? Thanks to anyone who can help me
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    I would find a good auto upholstery shop. The seatcovers aren't hard to get off, and they can repair the spring fairly easily. You can try wrecking yards for a different seat.
  • rtatumrtatum Posts: 1
    same problem, will not start. We have replaced the passlock sys., ignition switch, wiring harness to the fuel pump, 6 fuel pumps, fuse/relay block, fuel gauge/instrument cluster. my mechanics (4) have told me to leave the key switch in the "on" position for ten minutes and this would reset the pump, it diesn't always work. Any suggestions
  • Hey, just wanted to say thanks for the advice!! Why didn't I think of that??? I did check with a few salvage yards, they want like $450. So, I will check into this. Thanks again!!
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