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Pontiac Grand Am



  • My wife and I have a 1993 Pontiac Grand Am GT that keeps blowing a fuse that effects the Tail Lights and the Dash Lights. When ever we go over either rough road or speed bumps the Dash Lights and Tail Lights go out. I keep plenty of fuses in the car so that I can replace them when it happens. So far the Mechanic has done everything short of tracing the wiring harness. The only aftermarket item in the car is a radio that was put in by a previous owner. :confuse: :sick:
  • hey i got a pontiac grand Am SE, 1993, got a qustion that i really need help on, my right turn blinker doesnt work anymore, it lights up but outside when you look at it, its out, i am not sure what to do, i went and bought new lights to see if the bulb burned out, but it wasnt, i am pretty sure that i have a short, but i really dont know how to replace or fix that kinda of stuff, can anyone help me out?
  • lyta21lyta21 Posts: 1
    My 2002 Grand Am started this annoying ticking noise, I also have three warning lights all coming on after this grinding noise (happened after I had an oil change)

    I took my car to the mechanic and he went through all the electrical stuff and figured out the switch had just gone which kept the ticking noise going.

    I had to buy a new signal arm from the dealership, it's about $180.00 CDN but the noise has stopped....
  • Hi all. New to the site. A buddy told me about it and thought I might find the answer here. I am hearing conflicting stories in regard to putting a 95 3.4L from a firebird into my 99 Grand AM. If I swap my intake, injecters, etc, etc. will there be any problems?? My cam busted at 102,000; replaced with aftermarket solid cam, The engine is knocking bad. Replaced the crank, rods and bearings; but still knocks. I was told I damaged my cam journals so I'm pretty screwed. We've been messing with this for 3 1/2 months now. A buddy totaled his firebird and is selling the 3.4L. Will this work??? Thanks in advance.
  • i just purchased an '05 grand am. i'm not very familiar with these cars, can anyone tell me what to expect?
  • samplessamples Posts: 2
    Would you let me know what happened with that.. I have a 2000 and suddenly having major overflow problems too. Trying to change the thermostat and can't get it out with everything in the way. I am hearing bad things about the dexcool too. Did you have it fixed? If so what was the deal? Thank you for anything you can tell me. I hope you got it straightened out.
  • samplessamples Posts: 2
    Having coolant leak out of overflow excessively. Replacing thermostat first.. hoping that is the problem. Problem is that I am having trouble getting the thermostat out. Does anyone know the procedure or tricks? Thank YOu
  • I have a 99 GA. I'm having major engine issues after replacing a busted camshaft. Will the 3.4 out of the firebird replace the 3.4 in the GA??? I know you have to swap upper/lower intakes, exhaust mans, are there any other issues. TY in advance!!
  • a svt focus that had exhaust, performance tires and rims peeled out next to me and took off but to his suprise i floored it and caught up to him in no he tried to take off again but i just smoked him i finally let off. at about 100 mph, and he was about 6 car links behind me. what a slow car and im a bone stock automatic 4 door. although i have suprisingly beat a few other cars as well.
  • darbardarbar Posts: 1
    go to and read the Whistleblowers segment on GM's. This could be what is wrong. The recalls could be up in the millions if this article is acurate. Im not a big fan of the GA as my 2000 with only 60000 Km (45000miles) blew an engine in the middle of no-where with myself and my two little girls as we drove across Canada! Of course if happened after the 3/60 warranty was over.
  • has anyone had their security light stay on constantly? Mine started just staying on all the time about a month ago and since then i haven't had the starting problem of it not turning over and having to wait 10mins. I didn't do anything like cut that yellow wire or install a switch or anything. Well if it has happened to anyone, did i continue to stay on forever?

    Also, i started getting a service engine soon light coming on and going off alot. I scanned the got a trouble code and looked it up. it is caused by the coolant not reaching proper temperature. So i look in the reserve tank and its getting gel like. My theory on this is, the coolant is turning gel like and stuck in my thermostat and is keeping it open. The reason I came to this conclusion is, when i put a new aluminum radiator in my 67 camaro i used the dexacool coolant(assuming better protection) and I consistently had to replace the thermostat because the coolant never reached proper temp so i assumed the thermostats were faulty. Now i just think that the coolant doesn't allow the thermostat to close when it needs too. I'm gonna get the system flushed and see if i still have a problem.
  • I have to say I still enjoy blowing off much more powerful cars off the line and around the corners in my 02 grand am 3.4l. I also tend to suprise my friends when i floor it as soon as i hit the on-ramp and we are doing 90+ by the time we are on the freeway. I must admit i was not excited to hear this car only had 170hp when i bought it but it can definatly perform when you want it too, and that 4 wheel independent suspension is extrememly pleasent when taking corners at high speed. I also calculated my gas mileage on a trip strickly on the freeway, and was suprised when i got almost 31 mpg on the freeway when the car is only rated at 29mpg. Keep in mind i was doing a constant 80mph with lots of flooring it to get around traffic. The only thing that i have done that might have improved the mileage is use 5w-30 synthetic oil.
  • I am have the same issue with the security light coming on and my car will not start. It is like the luck of the draw. I am having to wait the 10 minutes before it starts again. What else can I do Please help. The new problem that I am having is that my horn does not work. I am trying to find out how to change the horn but can not find it in my manuel. The car won't pass inspection with out it. Some please help me. I think I got a :lemon: on wheels.
  • natjo36natjo36 Posts: 3
    A month ago it started dying on me while driving. Had it towed and had the throttle sensor changed. Ran well for about 3 weeks then died on me again. Changed the fuel filter and the map sensor. Ran okay for 100 miles then problem started all over again. The map sensor is testing bad and the vacuum sensor also. The car will start right back up every time. Sometimes it will run for a few minutes and sometimes only a few seconds before it starts sputtering then eventually dies. Can any one please tell me what is causing this problem. Thanks
  • i emailed pontiac, and was told basically.. that the only way to get a repair/recall is for everyone to file a complaint with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.. i filed mine .. and so far i only see 6 complaints ... please please if u have this issue with your GA go file the complaint... its free all u need is your vin#
    link to file complaint
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Sure sounds like the classic symptoms of a failing fuel pump. The pump should be tested for pressure and volume.
  • natjo36natjo36 Posts: 3
    Thanks, How would I go about testing it? Do I need to take it to a shop or is it something I could check at home?
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    For the pressure test you would need an appropriate gauge with the right connector to go on the test port, I'm not sure off hand where it is on your model. For the volume test you simply connect a hose to the test port and measure how much fuel is pumped into a container over a set amount of time.
  • natjo36natjo36 Posts: 3
    Thanks for all help. Will see if I can find the tools I need to test it if not will take it to the shop.
  • psmith8psmith8 Posts: 3
    Seems like the Grand am has some major problem with the coolant system. I have a Pontiac Grand am that I purchased brand new back in 1999. For the past year it has been in the shop a few times with same overheating problem and the repair shop can NOT figure it out. Can anyone help with what the actual problem is???Thanks
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Are you having to add coolant from time to time? Or is it overheating but the coolant level stays normal?
  • psmith8psmith8 Posts: 3
    I have to add coolant. The repair shop has replaced the radiator, coolant reservior, intake manifold gasket, and hoses in my car in the past year trying to fix but each time it happens again. I am hoping to find the problem from here.saq1
  • The instrument panel on my 1996 Grand Am doesn't work. How do I fix it??
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Well, has a pressure test been done to find the leak? It could be a leaking head gasket or cracked head or block. If the head gasket is leaking then more than likely you will have steam coming out the exhaust. It could also be a leaky heater core - if you turm on the windshield defroster and the windshield fogs up worse then it's probably leaking. Also, you may notice a coolant smell inside the car if it's leaking.
  • Im back in the forum from almost a year of no problems, lol. Ok my 1999 GA SE is acting a little funny. When you start the car, the intrument panel lights will come on and the gauges will move from left to right as normal. Well sometimes the lights wont come on and the gauges wont even move. I couldnt even tell what my RPM was and my speedometer read a constant 0-mph when speeding down a street for an entire minute. My girlfriend's dad looked at all the fuses since he couldnt do much since it was 9pm and those all read good. He would start the car and of course it wouldnt do what I just described. BUT it did reset the gauges when he revved the engine imitating as if he were driving. It happened to him twice where he would start the car, everything "booted" up fine, revved the engine for a while, then the gauges and lights would go to O Rpm and O-mph and lights would go off. Then they would come back on when he jiggled the keys in the ignition switch. He thinks it is the ignition switch and that it is failing. Anyone have any bright ideas what it could be? Car was bought in 2003 with 47000 miles, it is now 2006 with 88700 miles (all expressway from date of purchase). Only major things I changed since I bought this was the altenator and battery. Its a 2.4 liter enginge if you are wondering. Thanks I really appreciate the help. You guys and girls helped me a lot last time I was here. :cry:
  • i have a 97 grand am,after replacing the heater core, i noticed there was a coolant leak i searched and searched i could not find where the leak was coming from. my car has no way to psi. test with a tester so i took the bottom hose off and and put a 1-1/4 short nipple on a 1-1/4 x3/4 bell reducer with a air gage on the hose ,then plugged the radiator. i then pumped 20 lbs into the system and the leak shoed up , it was that plastic thermostat housing looking thing (t-stat is not in it) the part was 33 bucks and it took 1/2 hr to fix
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    That's the classic symptoms of the ignition switch failing. The contacts are going bad, or the switch is becomung loose internally and not making reliable connections inside. If you have a lot of weight on your keyring (lots of keys, etc) it can shorten the life of the switch with the weight hanging on it.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Was it cracked or something?
  • Took it to the dealer and the supervisor witness it happening after he started the car. He though that was the stranges thing. I was in the dealer for 3 hours and he tells me that it wasnt doing it long enough for the mechanic to figure out if it is the ignition switch or the instrument cluster. So they decided to save me money and just let me go home with my little GA free of charge. Was upset that I was there for 3 hours but they told me to keep in touch and bring it back when it happens on a consistent basis rather than once in a while. Ill be back in the forum to let you all know what happens. Thanks
  • psmith8psmith8 Posts: 3
    Thanks for the advice...i'll pass it on to the repair shop. Maybe it will help. Hopefully it doesn't end up being an expensive on. Thanks again for your help.
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