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Pontiac Grand Am



  • Hi i have a 2000 pantiac grand am se.. does anyone know where the horn is located??
  • sruiz2169sruiz2169 Posts: 7
    right side of the car...below the headlight...behind the bumper
  • elpuma0720elpuma0720 Posts: 10
    I suggest that you have the car taken to a dealer. But first, tgry changing the fuel filter first. I just had the same issue and I ended up taking it to the dealer. This is the best thing to do if you have the means to do it. Hopefullym it is just the filter.
  • About 6 months ago I changed the thermostat and coolant in my '02 GA SE1 V6. About 3 months ago I start hearing this clicking sound when the car is first started up after sitting a long time, but it seemed to go away after the car was fully warmed up. I changed the started because it was getting weak and looked for the cause of the clicking noise. I noticed coolant is low and fill it up apparently I hadn't topped it off enough earlier. The clicking noise stopped after i changed the starter and filled coolant. Eventually clicking noise came back, I checked the coolant again and again it was low. I fill it back up and begin checking for coolant under the car and no signs of leaks. Again clicking went away after topping off coolant. Clicking came back after a few weeks, again coolant was low top it off along with putting in some stop leak even though there was no signs of a leak. Since then clicking has been constant every time i first start the car up.

    The constant clicking noise at start up seems to becoming from the top of the engine either around the thermostat housing or the fuel rail/intake manifold. And the noise stops or at least really quiets down after the car has warmed up fully. Has anyone else experienced this and what did it turn out to be? I have tired a high quality injector cleaner in case the rails or injectors are dirty and caused the clicking noise.

    BTW I haven't had dexicool in the car since about 45k miles after learning about the problems and the car now has 103k so i don't think it is a result of bad seals or gunk from dexicool.
  • Does anyone know where i can buy the chrome/alluminum inserts for the hood scoops on the gt model? thanks
  • I have a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am that had the same problem, the head gasket was leaking. If you don't change it now you will start losing power and your exhaust will blow out white smoke. I hear this is the norm! The cost for the gaskets are around $200.00 if you take it to the dealer your looking to smoke around $2000.00. We bought the book and did it ourself, wasn't 2 bad but I wouldn't want to do it again. As far as the odd noise that was probably the cause, once we had everything in place that noise came back....reason was the head needed to be re-torqued. Also, for some reason the engines gunk up really quick even with oil changes every 3000 miles. This is the second pontiac I had and I will never buy another one. :lemon:
  • A few weeks ago while I was pulling to a stop my ABS and TRAC OFF lights came on. It's been happening more now, and not only when I'm stopping but after the car gets going. In addition my low trac light is going on much more frequently, especially when I'm moving my car from stop or from park. The car seems to be struggling a bit. Do you know what this may be? If I can fix it myself? What parts I may need?

    Thanks so much!!!
  • That just happened to me last month. My TRAC OFF light came on and my car starting hesitating. It frinally would not go anymore. I had to get my car towed to the repair shop. I had to get a new fuel pump. The part is about $200
  • Hi all, I am considering a Grand Am as a possible choice for my son's first car. I am looking at the 2004- 2006 models. Any present owners feel this is a good or bad choice? Any inherent problems, i.e. head gasket, transmission, etc?
  • I wouldn't drive another Grand Am if it was FREE. I had several problems with this car. I had new brakes at least 10 times. New fuel pump. Trak light came on and the car stopped in the middle of the street. I had to get a new fuel pump. The inside of the car is lifting near the dash board. The "security light comes on and the car will not start. Thanks to this message board I found a way to get it back started when this happens. I am a single person that takes very good care of my cars. Please invest in another car.
  • I have a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am-GT nice looking car but that's it. Tires are about $140.00 each. Had to replace the Head Gasket at 80,000 miles; heard this was a normal I read that an owner changes it every 60,000 and cost about $2500.00 at the shop. My husband did it in a week and cost his time and $250.00. The driver side window fell in the door. Parts are made out of plastic and are mad expensive!!! This is the second Pontiac I had my husband will not buy me another one!!!! Oh and if you live somewhere were it snows and rains a lot, GOOD LUCK WITH THAT.
  • I have a 97 grand am se 4 cyl. the car runs but when driving, it shifts fine but there is no power to to. it is running slow. whats my problem? please help this little lady out. I have to work on it myself!
    thanks in advance.

  • I got my first car which is a 2001 pontiac grand am se1. I seen the car and fell in love with it. Since, i didn't know all the problems that occur with these cars i bought it. I got the car for $2000. Boy, i thought i got a deal on my dream is a pain in my but. i have spent about as much fixing the car as i did on the fuel kit, fuel pump regulator, fuse block, igniton, a bunch of problems with my HEATER and it is the dead of winter, cold as heck and my heat wont work..I have fallen in love with this site because i found out other people have the same problems as me. I thought i was the only one. I have been so down about the new thing with my car which is the heat problem. we replaced the regulator for the heat and ac. but it still WONT BLOW...when i hit bumps it seems to make a connection...i had my dash torn apart twice and the wires cleaned too. the heater still wont work like when i bought it. I will never buy another pontiac grand am again...someone please give me some ADVICE on what to do with the heat. :mad: :sick: :( :lemon:

  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Do you mean the fan doesn't blow, or it does but the air coming out is cold?
  • well i had the computer chip replaced that tells the heater to heat up and the ac to get cold and the fan to blow and so on but the fan just won't blow....when im driving the outside air pushes some heat in but just enough to heat up the windshield so i can see the fan will not blow in other words. Im having that replaced on monday. then if it still doesn't work...idk what i will do with the car, :(
  • 1Life1Life Posts: 1
    Is all of this information on changing the headlight also true for a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am GT? I have pulled on those clips numerous times very hard pushing them back and forth ann they do not budge. Please help me out. -Thank You
  • '95 Pontiac Grand Am SE.
    Not Working: Turn Signals, High Beams, Emergency Lights, Left & Right Brake Lights.
    Working: Center Brake light, Low Beams, High Beams (momentary), Running Lights.

    My solution: Remove Turn Signal Switch Assembly and stest to see if switch positions correlate to new circuit patterns with Digital multimeter, continuity tester.
    If good, then clean contacts and put old switch back in.
    If bad, then replace switch.

    Note: simply unplugging and plugging switch assembly back in may solve all or part of the problem. It worked for me. All but the emergency flashers work for me now.

    There are 10 types of people in the world; those that understand binary and those that don't.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    You realize that post was from 2002?
  • I have a 2001 Pont Grand SE1 and have done everthing I know to get the lockout on my radio off. I have tried letting the ignition on for an hour or so and pushing buttons 2 and 3 I also tried it again pushing buttons 1 and 4 and the lockout still stays on the radio.. I even unhooked the batt and tried it that way too.. Was told I need to take it to a dealer.. One thing I will say about GM thanks for such a stupid Idea.. so I called GM and guess what I have to pay for thier stpidity. Any way is there a way to bypass the anti lock on my radio so I can listen to music again
    If any one knows a way I am open to any idea.
  • 99 Grand Am SE
    2.4l Engine
    125,000 miles

    Leaking a red/pink watery fluid after a good drive. It leaked for 5 mins, badly. I put cardboard under it at 3pm. At 11pm there was no leak or substance on the cardboard. What could it be.

    Pics: (brown stuff is mud. Was at the forest preserve on a rainy day last weekend) - d.jpg - 1.jpg - b.jpg
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Could be trans fluid or coolant by the color. Here's the $1,000,000 question: what fluid level is low?
    At first by looking at your pictures I thought it was coolant (old Dexcool that should have been changed) but on second thought it could be warmed up trans fluid also. Checking the fluid levels will tell the story for sure though with that big of a leak.
    As a general warning, quad 4 engines were notorious for having water pump leaks around that mileage, and your pictures are showing a drain off exactly where it would be for that. If that's the case, get ready for a big repair bill, quad 4 water pumps are a big job.
  • Cousin thinks its Coolant because the fluid on the garage floor evaporated overnight. He said if it were trans fluid, there would still be a puddle. I look at the coolant tank and it was low. Just trying to figure out wear the leak could be because it has not leaked at all today. Even when driving for 15 mins. strange. But thanks for the quick reply.
  • blaine4200blaine4200 Posts: 2
    hi there i have the exact problem my brake lights only come on at night if i hit the brakes and as for my dash lights i cant see nothin at night do you have a fix to this problem it was ever since i have my stereo changed somthin was shorted out ?? please help me eeeeee lol
  • blaine4200blaine4200 Posts: 2
    i have a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am i changed the stereo and must have shorted somthing out because it effects the Tail Lights and the Dash Lights. When i drive at night i cant see nothin on my dash and my break lights only light up if i press on them they should be on at night without pressin them can anyone help me please
  • miszkekmiszkek Posts: 1
    I have 2003 Pontiac Grand Am. The dash and tail lights stop working one day, I checked all fuses and they are ok. Stop light and blinkers work though. Read somewhere that it might be a multi switch? Anyone knows what is going on? Please help!
  • Whether engine running or parked and key out, parking / running lights flash randomly. Checked the micro relay..fine.. Keyless entry remote..good.. Sensor under dash defrost grill unobstructed. Dealer wants to run electrical check..$$$... Can the ALC be disabled?
  • ...just sold the biggest piece of s*** I have ever owned. The final straw was the transmission going out at 117k miles, way to premature for modern cars.
  • I have a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am...and it has went crazy on me. The crazy thing will start and it will change gears, but when you turn the steering wheel it dies. Anyone have any ideas what's going on with it? :sick:
  • 1997 pontiac grand am gt driver door window is in the down position need to change motor but window is supposed to be half way up it wont go how and if i dont what will happen
  • The 99 thru 04 series employs a worm expanding strut driven by a nylon gear at one end that is powered by a small Fasco electric motor. Most any other manufacturer but Government Motors would make both the strut and motor available as individual service replacement parts. With GM, however, you must pay over $330 for a complete replacement seat frame with motor and strut included. It's outright gouging and it's ridiculous! The nylon gear at the end of the strut either cracks or suffers tooth shearing, whether from age deterioration of the nylon material or overuse/abuse of the power system, much like Ford power windows. Replacing the strut assembly with nylon gear seems the practical solution but GM does not provide that option. It's either live with whatever height the seat is at when the gear cracks or shears, or shell out the $330 plus labor for the sake of a 50-cent piece of nylon attached to a ten dollar worm strut! There are tens of thousands of Grand Ams with broken driver's seats desperately seeking an affordable height adjustment fix. Does anybody know of any aftermarket source for a replacement strut with nylon gear assembly?
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