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Pontiac Grand Am



  • I have a 2003 Grand Am GT.. It recently started chugging so I went through everything on what it might be even though I got screwed out of alot of money.. I have changed the fuel filter.. changed the spark plugs.. Put my car on the diagnostic and the thing that came up was my thermostat sensor which I fixed $215 later, the guy said that should fix it.. Well it didnt... I have no acceleration, and when I press the pedal it chugs.. Also it seems to be taking alot of effort for it to keep up the speed when Im approaching hills..especially with my cruise.. it shoots up to 3500 to 4000 RPMS and it wont shift down properly until Im on the other side of the hill... Please help on what I should do! Im $750 in debt with this thing so far and nothing is working!
  • Sounds like your injectors are dirty. i have a 95 with a 3.1 motor that hapens on it I get a can of SEA FOAM INJECTOR CLEANER put in with a 1/2 tank of gas. that takes care of that. mite take several miles to work. Cost less than 10 dollars. worth a try. Menards, Auto Zone ect should have it. Good Luck. Joe let me know if this works
  • Nephew over heated our Grand am and destroyed the head. We just replaced the head, gaskets, spark plugs, boots, radiator, heater core, all hoses, alternator, water pump, battery and starter. We then noticed the ignition module housing was cracked so we replaced that and the coil packs. Ignition module was tested and passed all three times. Now the car won't fire. It isn't getting spark to spark plugs and the new battery keeps draining. We thought maybe it was a timing problem but it isn't back firing while trying to start. Fuel is in the line but not getting to the plugs either. Maybe electrical?! Help any ideas are better than none...thanks :confuse:
  • Did you just buy regular spark plugs? If not then it may just be that the wires you have now are not capable of delivering. If you bought higher performance spark plugs you may want to look into upgrading your spark plug wires. I'd suggest 9mm racing wires if they are high performance spark plugs. If they aren't, I really cant think of anything else that you could do. It sounds like you've done everything ( that I can think of ) . I'll ask around and try to find out what else it could be.
  • Every part including spark plugs were factory ordered, boots too! That is why we are now thinking a wire has been crossed. My brother in-law set the timing and I am wondering about that as well. I do believe the car can start if the timing is off and wouldn't have anything to do with not having a spark...but not positive about that! Thanks for responding...Let me know if you have anymore idea's. I am getting ready to have it put on a machine.
  • abrucabruc Posts: 8
    Is there any new/updated info/fix on the intermittent clicking flasher (04 Grand Am)? Passlock, now this -Incredibly annoying problem.
  • psy7psy7 Posts: 1
    i have a grand am gt with ram air and im tryin to find a rear sway thick and strong enough for autocross at my school i do the tire pressure for it but the body roll is still to much and i cant get good times
  • I have a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am and when you put it in gear or in park the car idles erratically also when you park on a hill. Could someone please help?
  • you may want to check the heater resistor i had this same problem in my 01 grand am except it only worked on high
  • I Have Offer To Buy A 1998 Grand Am From Frends mom. Dealer Maintained Hwy Miles (220,000) Only thing is that about every 90-100 miles it would die. asking 1600. for it. other than that is a great sound and clean car. should i buy or run. im concerned because my young grandbabies will be in car at times.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    With that many miles I would keep away. Even if it looks good on the outside that mileage means your looking at some potential large repair bills, more than it is worth.
  • bauer46bauer46 Posts: 1
    First of all there is no way your brother set the timing on this car so Don't pat him in the back, your car could have a intake manifold leak check and tighten all bolts on intake, also check all vaccuum line for cracks or leaks, also check your idle control system having it scaned it should tell if faulty, Here's a way you can bring the codes up yourself, on your data link connector run a jumper wire between A and B terminal, turn on key Do not start just turn key onl ook at service engine light it will blink a code 12 three times and then it will start blinking your trouble codes if you know someone who knows how to count these codes that would help. write down the code numbers then look up the numbers in a shop manual or I think they mite even be in your owners manual. good luck. Idle air code is 35
  • Hi,

    Was wanting to ask how you got this issue resolved or if you did? I have a 99 Grand Am SE V6 that is showing the codes.....

    P1665 GM EVAP Vent Valve Solenoid Control Circuit (1998)
    P1676 GM EVAP Canister Purge Solenoid Control CKT

    Can this really be as simple as a stupid gas cap?
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