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GMC Terrain Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,643
    I have done the math a few times for longer trips. As always ones driving habits and driving conditions can make a large difference. One recent trip was 380 miles, 16.468 Gals = 23.07MPG (while highway miles, some hilly terrain involved). Last week a trip to Maine from Connecticut yielded 526.8 miles 19.819 Gals = 26.05 MPG (kind of surprised me even though it was mostly flat territory). On the trip to maine I kept cruise on between 56-58 MPH and A/C was an off and on thing. This is with the AWD V6 rated at 22 MPG highway.

    For the last 3500 miles or so since I reset the computer the puter tells me its averaging 23.6. Total miles on the odo is just over 7000.
  • We just bought a Terrain SLE-2 V6 cloth, nav + sunroof + convenience package + 18" wheels + trailer hitch for $30898 + ttl in Dallas , TX.

    Invoice was 30408 including destination + ttl. They charged us $490 for regional ad & dealer ad fees. They threw in wheel locks and tint on front windows + one extra tank of gas in the future. Still feel a bit ripped off......What do you think, ok deal ?
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