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Chrysler LHS



  • I have a 96 LHS that idles fine. It is when I am driving that the engine runs rough and seems to shudder while accelerating. The transmission shifts smoothly with no hesitation. My overall gas mileage has gone down from 23 to 20mph. I have replaced the air filter, fuel filter, plugs and wires. I have used Lucas upper cylinder lubricant and injector cleaner for the last 4 fillups. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
  • I have a 99 LHS and all of the climate controls work but the fan does not blow. Please help me fix this!!!! I heard that it if the coolant is low it will prevent the fan from working- True? :confuse:
  • IT seems Like you know a lot about this kind of stuff and my 99 LHS Fan won't work ..... All of the climate controls do though.... What do you suggest?
  • amgpamgp Posts: 5
    Have you found any solutions to fix your 96 LHS yet?

    I have a 94 LHS with 44,000 miles that has the exact same problems as your 96 (running rough and chugging during acceleration), except mine also runs rough at idle, but smooths out at constant RPMs while driving on level roads (no hills). My gas mileage has also decreased from 22 to 15. It began doing this all of a sudden a couple of months ago. Changing plugs, wires, air filter hasn't done anything to fix it.
  • I can bet the rent, that you problem is a major intake manifold leak. From what I found when I did mine, 100% of these are destined for failure.

    Squirt carb cleaner under the plenum by the thermostat housing, and see if the idle straightens out.

    If it does you have your answer. If you have a bad gasket it won't be long before you are leaking coolant into a cylinder or two, and doing some serious damage. May be you already are.
  • Hi, My car ended up dying on me. After having it towed to a buddys garage he did some tests and found I had a bad fuel pump. I also had some bad gromets holding my subframe up and the subframe was moving. The subframe holds the enginge, tranny, and rack. After these repairs the car runs fine. I did have a problem a few years back with misfiring. As tuscanskipper suggested for your problem, that problem was the intake manifold. I would suggest starting with what he told you to do with that and if that doesn't work check your fuel pressure and your spark. Good luck!
  • amgpamgp Posts: 5
    Thank you for your replies, tuscanskipper and lhsdude, and for all of your very helpful postings describing the intake manifold problem, tuscanskipper.

    I sprayed carb cleaner under the thermostat housing, and everywhere else I could see where the plenum attaches to the engine. Unfortunately, it didn't have any effect on the rough idle.

    Although I'd recently replaced the plugs and wires, out of frustration, I thought I'd try pulling each wire off of each plug one at a time with the engine idling to see if I was getting spark through the wires. Each wire checked out fine (spark was present), but when I pulled the wires from two different plugs, there was no change in the idle (it didn't get worse).

    So much for Autolite Platinums (that's all that was available locally at the time). I've ordered new Champion Double Platinums, and after they arrive, I'll report back with the results.
  • Since you have an irregular misfire, pulling plugs does not slow the idle, I'm still pretty sure you have a manifold leak and I suspect a big one. Check the engine codes, and if no codes show up, I would just go ahead and replace the intake manifold. You won't be out anything, as in the unlikely event it is not causing the problem now, it soon will be.
  • tsurnicktsurnick Posts: 42
    I wanted to take a min and thank Tuscanskipper for his help with my LHS. I have a 94 model and was having the same problem. It took me several hours with one buddy helping but we were just having fun working on the car. The new manifold gasket made the car run alot better. Up till then, i had replaced the Brake booster. (it was taking vacuum from the manifold) then I replaced the throttle position switch the Idle control valve and the map sensor. they were all about 60-80 dollars a piece at the auto parts store. those 4 things along with the manifold gasket made my LHS run like a dream now.i have a freeze plug leaking anti freeze slowly but still leaking. thanks Tuskanskipper for your help.

    Any guidance on the freeze plug?


  • That is a hazardous situation for the engine, as leaking frost plugs are prone to fall out and instantly drop the coolant on the road and fry the engine.

    I recommend you drain the coolant. Then knock out the leaking frost plug and tap in a new one. Replace the coolant. Do this ASAP, if you don't want to walk!
  • tsurnicktsurnick Posts: 42
    what is the easyest way to take the frost or freeze plug out? it seems like it wont be too bad to get to but what do you suggest to remove it? I thought about sinking a screwdriver into it and pulling it that way. when i do ge the plug out, what is your recommended way of putting a new one in? I havent priced them as well but i am assuming they are not expensive. your thoughts?
  • They are cheap. This is something you might want to do, or have done on a hoist. If you give them a good rap off center they usually will pop out. If not you can bust a whole though them and lever them out.

    The new one has to be tapped home and well seated. It must not be crooked.
  • amgpamgp Posts: 5
    My 94 LHS with 44,000 original miles is now running great. It turned out to be the ignition wires that were causing the engine to idle and run very rough. Two of the wires had burn marks on the plastic boots that lead down to the plugs. They were so bad, that there were holes burned right through them. The car had been running rough for about the past 900 miles, but the check engine light never came on, and several different times I turned the key on-off-on-off-on to get the codes to flash, but it only gave me a 12 (battery disconnect) and a 55 (end of codes).

    Even though my problems were solved by installing new sparkplugs and wires, after reading so much here, and elsewhere, about bad intake gaskets causing problems, I went ahead and installed all new gaskets (2 air intake manifold, 2 fuel injector, 1 air plenum, 2 EGR tube, 1 rear coolant tube - this one wasn't available, so I made one out of a self-adhesive gasket sheet from NAPA -, and 1 thermostat housing gasket along with a new thermostat). I was kind of surprised to find that all of my original gaskets were in great shape, were sealing everything well, and showed no signs of breakdown. Oh well, I'll just chalk this project up as a bit of insurance for the future.

    Thank you for all of your help, tuscanskipper! I've concluded from one of your posts that you may live in Eagan. I live in Apple Valley, so if I see another 94 LHS around here, I'll give you a thumbs up. :D
  • I live at Benedict and Eagan. My shop is at Benedict, which is where I did the manifold gasket change. This plastic gaskets on the vehicle are really horrible aren't they?
  • joey535joey535 Posts: 2
    I have a 95 LHS that has been so good in the 6 yrs I've owned it however I have a problem I cannot resolve and I hate to take it to the dealer if it's something I can repair myself. The headlights will not come on. I have replaced the bulbs, checked all the fuses and relays in both fuse boxes and still no lights. I also bought a used headlight switch and installed that and that wasn't the solution either. Anyone here have any ideas on what I'm missing? I sure would appreciate any advice I can get to fix this problem. I do remember one night I was driving and they went out and came back on and I heard this "clicking" noise from the lower dash panel. That's why I suspected the relays but I switched them around and they are good. Again; any help would be appreciated.

  • icehajicicehajic Posts: 1
    joe,the problem is head lamp dimmer switch/turn signal switch
  • kevinm1965kevinm1965 Posts: 1
    Anyone know haw to replace the rear minidrum shoes? Where to get them?
  • frazzled2frazzled2 Posts: 1
    Hey everyone this is by far the best forum I've seen online. Hopefully someone can help me...My 95 LHS has been stalling and then hard to start. Engine cranks, turns but seems like its not getting gas. It will run fine for days, weeks ,sometimes months. mostly only stalls right after starting at slow speeds...sometimes 70 mph cuts in and out. I know the engine has a miss(shop told me). They said thats probably spark plug. would this cause the starting touble and engine cutting in and out? Also will drive great then park and come back later to starting problems. ANYHOW here are some codes I got from it.......12(battery dis),11,77,54,35,55(end code). Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I'm not buying into the intake manifold gasket...........its too expensive :shades:
  • gibbs01gibbs01 Posts: 1
    I have a 94 LHS with 50k easy miles. However this winter I lost the water pump and let it sit in the shop till now to fix. However when I went to start to move a little it started running so rough it really confused me. It sounds and acts like intake gasket. but I have a hard time believing that. I have had no problems in its life. after adding some stabil in the fuel and running for a bit, I had some smoke coming from the back side of engine (white colored, and hot). So I was looking for some ideas, anyone have any?
  • pevpev Posts: 1
    Hello, How did you solve the window off track problem. I have the same issue. Thanks,
  • gsongetaygsongetay Posts: 1
    my 97 lhs started losing power after i was driving for about 15 minuts, so i pulled it of the road for about 10 minuts and then tryed to start it, with zero results i then had to leave it there over nite and the next day went back to try and start it and it started right up and drove home with no problems ,i hit a deer with it about one year earlier and after that things started going down hill with it .
  • Sounds like a bad gasket on the EGR return on the back of the intake manifold
  • Check engine codes, and find out if you have spark when it won't start. If you have spark then it is likely a fuel problem
  • nebraska2nebraska2 Posts: 3
    I just replaced my Intake gaskets. ($170) Same symptoms as yours--plus a whistling noise that increased w/ RPM's. Listen Closely to this.

    Easy fix for your mechanic.

    Good Luck.
  • i have a 95 LHS and it starts just fine but it wont go in gear(It grinds)i started driving and i heard and "clank" and now it grinds when i put in gear. also i can push the car when its in park,can anyone help?I dont know whats wrong. :sick:
  • Your options, are to pull the transmission and have it repaired, get a rebuilt transmission, or a used transmission. If the car has a lot of miles or other issues, it is the end of the road for that car.
  • swans500swans500 Posts: 4 problem with my 1996 LHS is: Even though battery is strong, the car will often not start without jiggling the key in the ignition for a while. Dash lights come on but the ignition is dead....then suddenly starts. It appears to be getting worse. Someone told me it was related to the alarm?! Car is old but has only done 50,ooo miles and runs like new in all other aspects.

    Thank you,
  • You need to be more specific.

    Ignition is dead means there is no spark.

    Does the engine turn over or not before you jiggle the ignition key? If not then it may be the transmission inter lock, on which there was a recall.

    If the engine turns over but does not start then the list of causes is enormous. You need to check engine codes for a start, and then find out if there is spark or not. If there is no spark, then the problem will be no fuel, which could be a s simple as a fuel pump relay.

    If you are not used to auto diagnostics on modern cars, then you will need professional help.
  • swans500swans500 Posts: 4
    Hi Tuscan, thanks for the reply.

    Before the "jiggle" it does not turn over....there is no sound at all. The first turnover produces a normal start. Sometimes there is an instant normal rhyme nor or cold, whatever...
    When ignition is dead all dash lights etc turn on at each attempt, as would be usual.
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