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Chrysler Concorde



  • njeraldnjerald Posts: 688
    Dealer will have to hook up his "DRBIII" diagnostic tool and check for "DTC's, Diagnostic Trouble Codes). Then a self test of all gages.

    Could be a Fuel level sender or the whole non-servicable Instrument Cluster may have to be replaced.
  • coupedncalcoupedncal Posts: 252
    I am considering purchasing either a Concord or an Intrepid. I have heard quite a bit of problems with the 2.7 liter engine. Are there similar issues with the 3.2 in the LXI Concord or higher Intrepid model ? Are there other issues i should watch out for ? I will be going from a Japanese import to a Chrysler product. Can I remotely get the same reliability ? What is the most these engines go ?
  • driver60driver60 Posts: 2
    Best advice is to stay away from the 2.7. Sludge problems. The 3.2 doesn't seem to have that problem. I bought a 98 LXI new and on a 3500 mile trip from Minnesota through Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and South Dakota averaged 27.7 mpg. Drove speed limit which is 75 plus a bit in the west. Also prowled off Interstate much and took mountain two lane roads. I was very satisfied with the mileage. Two weak points. Warped the front rotors a bit going down the west side of Loveland Pass. Check the positive battery connection every year. Flimsy cable clamp that corrodes and falls apart. I cut the end off and reconnected the old style lead clamp. I take the air cleaner box off to get at the battery.
  • jd2005jd2005 Posts: 1
    I have a 1998 Concorde LXI with 95K miles, exhibiting the following two behaviors:

    1) Sometimes the headlights will flicker on and off. This is most noticeable when coming to a stop and sitting for a few moments, like at a stop light. I can't tell if the flickering is happening while the vehicle is in motion, or just while idling at a stop.

    2) I will occasionally notice the sound of a fan running when the ignition is off. It sounds like a heating/defroster fan, coming from the vicinity of the dashboard.

    Any ides? Thanks in advance!

  • robw64robw64 Posts: 76
    The rear drivers side door lock on my 2001 LXi has stopped working (whether using the remote or using the lock button inside the vehicle). When the drivers door locked stopped working last year while still under warranty, the service advisor mentioned that this was a very easy fix ... they'll just pop the door panel off, plug in a new power lock actuator, and pop on the panel again. Would this be a procedure an owner could do? I'd like to order the part and do it myself if it's possible. Thoughts? Thanks all!
  • dixieistadixieista Posts: 2
    My husband and I just purchased a '01 Concorde LXI and we love it! But the v belt broke today and the serpentine belt needs replacing as well, but my husband is unsure of where the tensioner is for the serpetine belt. ANY help would be so greatly appreciated!

    Libby in GA
  • njeraldnjerald Posts: 688
    Buy the service manuals from Chrysler or on EBAY if you want to do your own work or troubleshooting!!!

    Otherwise take it to someone who has the manual or experience.
  • samuel1samuel1 Posts: 1
    I have a 99 Chrysler concorde. It has 65,000 miles. For the second time in 6 months I'm having Transmission problems. Has anyone else had this problem?
  • rschellerschelle Posts: 1
    I own a 1996 concord v6 fuel injected w/65000 miles. Replaced fuel pump last week

    car will not start(turns over) and when it sits for a couple hours will start. No codes
    come up to indicate problems. Has also died while driving and may or may not start.Anyone have any thoughts on this. Work done at local ser station that has diag. equip. but feel like they are guessing. Help!!!
  • carguy8532carguy8532 Posts: 7
    Hi, I just purchased a 99 LXi with 81000 miles. I took it home for an overnite test drive and everything was fine except for an alignment problem. Now the car has a clunk in the front end and when turning the wheel left it feels like the tire is going to fall off. Also when going 25 Mph the car shimmies badly from the suspension. Did anyone else have this problem? I cant find any answers to this anywhere and people keep telling me it's just the struts, but I think there's more to it.
  • hanna5858hanna5858 Posts: 6
    You can get an online service manual. Go on ALLDATADIY.COM it runs about $24 for the first year and $14.95 for renewal years. It shows the location of the belts and tensioners. This is very tough to get at from under the car. My suggestion is to open up the upper radiator support as you would to remove the radiator fan. With this opened up, it's quite easy to work on these belt replacements. I have saved $1000+ doing my own repairs using this manual over the last 3 yrs for my 99 Concorde Lsi. I've replaced my radiator fan, belts ,hoses and antifreeze this week; a $900+ dealer job for less than $200 . I also did brakes and replaced the brake booster since I've owned this car. Also for the post on transmission problem this car has a common problem at about 70,000 miles. The car develops a transmission problem. This happened to me. I got an engine error code for a transmission input speed sensor.The part cost $25 at your local after market parts store ex. Auto Zone , very easy repair with a pair of vice grips unless you have the special socket to remove the old sensor and replace it with the new part. The car shifts like new. Again, the manual shows the location of the part. This is very common to this vehicle. Can you imagine how much a less than honest transmission shop would charge? Good Luck! A little patiences and a good repair manual and you too can save thousands of dollars. Hanna5858
  • vanbcmanvanbcman Posts: 1
    I recently purchased a 1999 Concorde LXi after being very happy with my previous 1995 Concorde. Heres my problem ... the AC has stopped working and on certain settings I can here a whistling noise from the dashboard when running either the heater or AC (which has stopped working also). Any ideas on what to check before I take it to Chrysler? And should I take it to an AC shop instead? I am wondering wether the dash has to come off or what. Other than that it is a great improvement over the previous model (which was pretty good too!)

  • dixieistadixieista Posts: 2
    Thanks for the help! He did purchase a repair manual and it helped alot. Got both the belts changed for very little money and some time! Thanks for the heads up on the the input speed sensor!

  • atyaagunatyaagun Posts: 2
    1998 Concorde LXI - Have the same problem. I didn't take the time to investigate the problem.

    Best of luck.
  • atyaagunatyaagun Posts: 2
    Concorde LXI 1998.
    I don't know if my problem is similar. But here is my story.
    Last December, my car didn't start. Since my battery was 4 years old, I thought it was due for a change and I went to Wal-Mart bought a new battery.
    3 days later, the battery led came on, and Wal-Mart installed a new battery (covered by the warranty).
    I had the same problem with this 2nd battery and at some point the car would not start at all, but would if jump started.
    I tried jump starting the car using the installed battery by performing the following. I run a cable from the battery positive plug (not the positive contact which is visible at the "top of the engine", i.e. you need to remove the air filter box to access the battery), to the fuse box positive contact, and my car started.
    CONCLUSION: My battery cable was bad, the one that runs from the battery positive plug to the positive contact which is visible at the "top of the engine".
    I have changed this cable and I don't have the problem anymore. It cost me just 5$ (part)...

    Best of luck.
  • Hey,
    I just bought a Chrysler Concorde 1999 from an auction (I was more of forced into buying it), anyways, I got it for $4000 and it has 136,000. The car's engine "looks" good, but then again I don't know anything about engines. Interestingly enough, when I started the car and moved my gear to 'D' I realized that it was really hard to do and I had to apply some force. But, the guy who sold the car said that it was a minor problem and could be easily fixed.

    Anyways, just after fifteen minutes of driving the car in express way, I had to hit the brakes b/c of traffic jam, but when I let go of the brakes and hit the accelerator, the car wouldn't move. I thought the engine was down, so I tried turning off the car and turning it back on. So, I moved my gear to 'P' and I tried to get it to 'D' and accidently it went to '3' and got stuck there. I tried getting it to D or P for that matter but it wouldn't budge. My brother got really scared and tried to push the gear really hard and I don't know what happened (I think it broke) but the gear would move but the car's indicator wouldn't change from '3' to anything. So, we were stuck on the express way. The car's engine wouldn't start and we had to get it towed.

    Can anyone give me suggestions of what happened, or how much will it cost. I am really worried. Please help and reply soon.

  • kbzkbz Posts: 1
    i have a 95 chrysler concord and it will not start. I thought it was the battery, but when i put a new battery in, the power still continued to flash. Furthermore, the engine clicks perfusely when trying to turn it over, the car will not start. SOME PLEASSSSE TELL ME WUTS WRONG!!!
  • I'm considering to buy a 97 Chrysler Concorde LXI (3.5L) with 75,000miles
    The seller told me that he hasn't replaced the timing belt and he has no
    manual to check what's the recommended milage to change it. Could anybody
    do me a favor to check your manual for this? How much should I pay if I
    have to replace the timing belt for this beautiful car?
  • dross1dross1 Posts: 1
    I forgot how to do the on-board thing. Have to push the rear defrost and hold something. let me know! Thks
  • I have a 2000 concorde and the cd changer no longer has power the car did not have a manual. Can any one tell me where all of the fuses are.

    Thanks for any help anyone may have.
  • blahzeyblahzey Posts: 3
    I have a 98 Chrysler Concord with 123,000 miles on it. I get heavy exhaust when accelerating from a stop. probably a valve going bad (just had the pcv valvereplaced by dealer). I drive the car about 1,000 miles per month, seem to be burning about a quart of oil per 1,000 miles. Do you think the car will last another 12-15,000 miles?

  • frmula305frmula305 Posts: 1
    There may be a fuse on the cd changer itself, otherwise it woud probably be in the fuse panel inside the car or the fuse box under the hood.
  • rockinronrockinron Posts: 1
    I had my concorde shut down on me the other day while driving on the freeway. When I tried to re-start the engine it cranked a lot but had trouble catching. When it would catch it didn't have any power. As soon as I gave it the gas it would stall out.... After sitting for about 45 minutes I cranked it and it fire right up. it ran fine. (there were no leaks, no over heating problems. I got no noticable warning signs before it shut down. ) I've been told that the PVC Valve can cause this...
  • maejaemaejae Posts: 1
    My car has been dropping into "limp mode" for about a week (94 Concorde). I have replaced both speed sensors and the TCM as well. After replacing the TCM the car would drop into limp mode even sooner than before the replacement. After I turn the key off and on (usually up to six times) it will run and shift great! Do I need a new tranny or does anyone have any other solutions? Any help is greatly appreciated. MaeJae
  • vimeltonvimelton Posts: 1
    I'm a "poor ole widder woman" of 72 trying to deal with car repairs and repairmen for the first time in my life. My '93 Concorde has 125,000 miles on it. It has developed a problem that my service people can't seem to identify. It "stutters" or jerks. Actually, it feels like it's trying to "choke out" if that makes any sense. They've put in a new fuel filter and thought that would fix it. It didn't. Today they put new spark plugs and wires on it, but that didn't solve the problem. I'm thinking it can't be bad gas, as it's done it through several tanks bought at different dealeres. I'm taking it back tomorrow for them to check something called the "coil pack". I have no clue what that is. Thought I'd see if any of you have any suggestions. Thanks in advance.
  • exileexile Posts: 6
    What is proper idle RPM for Concord LXI 2004 ??? Thank you.
  • Yesterday I the "Malfunction Indicator Light" turned on and i think its for my transmission control systems. I have a 3.2L engine, automatic transmission and it was jolting when it shifted gears before the light came on. I drove it home, but it wouldnt go into 3rd gear. The light doesnt blink (so its not the catalytic converter), it just stays on when i turn the car on. Any suggestions on what I can do to fix it before I have to bring it in to a shop and pay lots of money to get it fix (money that I dont have)?

    Thank you,
    Poor College Student :(
  • exileexile Posts: 6
    My Concorde developed vibrations .Sometimes you can feel them between 40-45mph , 50-60 mph & 65 mph.On lower gear seems like transmition shifting in shooting manner occasionally.Dealer can't duplicate problem. No error code. Brand new tires-ok. Suspension & steering components checked - ok.When I loaded 4 people those symptoms multiply to degree that I was thinking that something gonna break between front wheels . Dealer took for service but they said that they did nothing. But for some reason car seems like working little louder and when you push accelerator is more responsive.Dealer states that they did nothing??? After this service i could not duplicete problem with 4 people.I took 3 from dealer for ride. When we turned in little street on lower gear was like "boom".They did not feel nothing. I am loosing my mind??? I am fighting with them about those vibrations for few months right now.They claimed tires bad.I did buy 4 brand new "Eagle GA".Two of them exchenged because were bad. New front rotors.Only 30000 miles.I have those vibration from 22000miles.Nothing can be done ???
  • is there anybody who can help me out with performance mods and upgrades for my 98 concorde? i want stuff mainly just sound sand style, i wanna work with the sound system and a few little other things. an anybody here help me? :confuse:
  • dsequeiradsequeira Posts: 1
    I had similar problems with my 99 Concorde twice . I was driving at 65 mph and suddenly the check engine sign turned on and the speed started to drop from 65 to 10 . It was crazy experiencing something like this on the freeway . Surprisingly , by the time it was towed to the mechanic , it would start up right. I had the car checked for leaks etc ..had the fuel pump changed and I everytime had to shell out $350-400.One day the battery just died .Had it replaced and now it runs great.I havent had the problem for over 3 months now .
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