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Chevrolet (Geo) Prizm



  • 2staffi2staffi Posts: 1
    :sick: I have a 1990 Prizm. I was wondering where I could find a good engine and what I could be looking to spend for it. I also was wondering if it would be possible to put a larger Geo engine in it. If anyone could help it would be great. I would love to keep this car on the road and need to do something fast or I will have to replace it.

  • jlud82jlud82 Posts: 2
    Pierce7 Did you ever get to the bottom of this issue? i am having the exact same problem with my 95 prizm!! had the coil replaced but sputters between 2500-3500RPM. Any help would be appreciated....Josh :mad:
  • jlud82jlud82 Posts: 2
    My 95 prizm LSI was running great then started sputtering @ about 3000 RPM occasionally! It died one day and then the mech. put a new ignition coil in and it fired up! Now it sputters between 2500-3500 RPM unless you give it full throttle! Spark is good and fuel is good!!! What could it be????? Thanks Josh
  • mvftwmvftw Posts: 4
    I want to touch up my '97 Prizm with Green Mica (code 54). I have found some sites that carry it, but there is a bigger selection for the Corolla. One color sounds close, just like to know if there the same...
  • jad789jad789 Posts: 2
    The lady might have seen emissions coming from your tailpipe. Catalytic converter has to do with emissions.
  • 92geo92geo Posts: 3
    I have a 92 Prism with the exact same problem. These two lights are intermittently on, but the charging system is fine. Plus the brakes and alt are two separate system so I assumed it might be a short. Let me know if you discover the true cause.

    I have had an intermitent starting problem since November (went 7 months with no issue). When hot, it will sometimes not start. I'll add a separate post, but do you have this issue?
  • 92geo92geo Posts: 3
    Sometimes my starter will not crank when hot. When it first happened at thanksgiving, I tapped the started and it cranked. I replaced the started. No problems again until May. Same probblem when hot. After sitting, it will always start.

    I replaced the started again. This time it went 3 weeks and started the same problem. The solenoid is on the starter so it has been replaced twice. Also I noted in the maintenace papers that the prior owners had also replaced the starter a year ago. I also replaced the battery a week ago. No impact on problem.

    I loosened the starter to be sure it was in place and retighten. I looked ath the battery cable connection at the startedr and it was tight and looked fine. I know this is a common problem so hopefully someone has the answer.

    BTW: My son's girlfriend has the Toyota version of this (91 andd auto transmission though) but is having the same problem. Replaced the starter and after a few months had the same problem. All starters came from Advance Auto.
  • mvftwmvftw Posts: 4
    Does anybody know if the '97 Prizm & Corolla share the same front ABS sensor? I know the part numbers are different, but the difference could be the mounting hardware. The sensor and connector may be the same...
  • alpineralpiner Posts: 8
    My God....3000RPM, I didn't think the runts could turn that fast! Fuel filter?..... plugs often misfire at hi RPM.
  • alpineralpiner Posts: 8
    My 93 did the same thing until I broke down and removed it and put a heavier set of contacts in the solenoid. I couldn't believe how thin the off the shelf contacts were.
    What if your key switch has bad contacts and is not even switching on the starter solenoid/relay?
  • i am looking to buy my friend's early 90s geo prizm with 23000 original miles. he is giving me the car for $350 (three hundred fifty bucks). there is but one problem with the car but i dont see it as much as a problem since the car is a steal. the car doesnt go in reverse. he said that i can either get a used tranny or a pin that costs 50 bucks. i want to know if it is worth it and has anyone had the same/similar problem and what needs to be done to fix it.

    keywords: chevrolet, chevy, geo, prizm, toyota, corolla.
  • 92geo92geo Posts: 3
    Thanks. Can I buy heavier contacts at a parts store like NAPA? I replaced the started again about a week ago. For the moment , the problem has gone away, like it has done in the past with a starter replacement. I expect within a few weeks to a few months it will return.

    I think the key switch contacts are fine. With the switch on start, the dash dims. If I release the clutch it brightens. So I can get the same response as the keyt switch by releasing and engaging the clutch with the key in start.
  • gus711gus711 Posts: 2
    My 1995 Geo Prizm has 228K miles and still runs great. I'm having parting pains since I plan to get a 2008 Toyota Corolla soon. Yet, I still think that I want to keep the Prizm for a few more months (or years)...

    Has anyone driven a Prizm for 300K miles or more? Maybe an affirmative answer is what I need to hang onto my old friend!
  • califgeocalifgeo Posts: 1
    My fan is working intermittently and so far the mechanics haven't been able to fix it. The first one replaced a hose. The next one replaced the radiator. The third one finally listened to me and agreed the overheating problem is the fan. While they were working on finding out why the fan wouldn't come on it suddenly came on and they didn't know why. It worked fine for a few days and I got the relay replaced on it to see if that was the problem. It worked fine for another few days and now the fan isn't coming on again. I guess the next part I'll replace is the switch. Any ideas what could be causing the problem or which part to replace next?
  • schweikbschweikb Posts: 111
    I am loking at a 2002 Prizm base model w/stcik - does the engine have a timing chain (I hope :) ) or a belt (I hope not :cry: )? Thanks for any input.
  • Crayla,
    Did you ever get this problem completely resolved? I just bought a 95 Prizm with 90K miles with the same problem. I took it to a mechanic and he couldn't find the problem. He suggested I take it to a muffler shop and have them check the exhaust lines for any blockage as the problem only starts when the car is warmed up. He also suggested me having the fuel pressure checked. Any advised would be appreciated.
  • Ihave a 93 geo prizm with 75k. when i start it in the morning it puffs smoke for about 30sec then stops? It also makes a ticking noise that is pretty loud at startup then quiets down as it warms up....any ideas???
  • My 90 is at 298K & counting.
  • Wire fan directly to the battery. If it still stops & starts replace the fan motor. If in runs fine. It is in the wiring. It could be a therimal switch.
  • Check exhaust manifold for a crack. Just pull the little sliver cover & you will see if it is cracked. If so they run about $60 to $90. They crack right around 70 to 100k
  • ruddneckruddneck Posts: 23
    For those with Prizm's at 150,000+ miles, I'm curious: what major repairs did ya'll have done after that point or parts have you had replaced?
  • cobcob Posts: 210
    1994 with 180000+, I have only owned it for 4 months but the converter was previously replaced with a test pipe, the exhaust manifold was cracked so I replaced with junkyard part. Passenger side front strut was so rusted that the bottom cup holding the spring was bent down and rubbing on the tire, another junkyard replaced part. Speedometer was intermittantly not working so replaced gauge cluster with used one car now had only 108000 miles. Note: the gauge cluster from a Toyota Corolla with a tach does not fit the Prism dash even though they have the same wire harness connectors. Previous used alternator failed so found another one at the junkyard. So far paid $300 for car and $200 for junkyard parts $500 total investment and the a/c still blows cold air.
  • I'm looking at buying a prizm, with 73,000 miles on it. I've done a lot of reading on this car and it seems to have an excellent reputation. Any reasons NOT to get the car? Any advice on a Chev Metro?
    Advice needed desperately!
  • does anybody know where i can find the fuel filter? i'm having sputtering problems and that could be the cause...
  • Two sets of struts. Last set was free with the lifetime warranty. Two sets of wheel bearings on front & two sets of outer drive axles. One set tie rod ends, one set roters.Three starters,3 alternators. Three exhaust manifolds. I had timing belt break once but have replaced it three times. Engine,Transmission,A/C are still orginal. I do change oil every 3000 miles & tranny fuild every 30,000. I used slick50 or Lucas every 50,000 miles for engine & transmississon.
  • I'm not 100% sure on a 95. But you can follow the fuel line from gas tank to the fuel injecters. A lot of cars have them about half way under the car on driver's side. I have never had a Fuel filter go bad in any car or truck but i'm sure they do.

    Check your plugs/plug wires/dist/rotor. Also check Fuel injectors. You can use a stetho scope or a hose & listen for a light clicking sound at each injector. There working ok if here the clicking sound. You can go to Autozone & find a Haynes repair book & find what you want about your car.
    I would recommend buying this manuel. But they will let you open new one & look in.

    Hope this helps.
  • ruddneckruddneck Posts: 23
    My Check Engine Light came on, and the OBD II scanner diagnosed "PO 420 Catalyst Effeciency Below Threshold Bank 1." The Haynes Manual doesn't have much to say about Catalytic Converters except how to visually inspect and replace them. Does this mean I'm almost certain to have to replace the catalytic converter? How much has this cost other folks in the past at a garage? (I'm not a confident welder.) Thanks!
  • I am having a problem with my 1995 Geo it i will be driving and all of a sudden the speeometer drops to 0 and they car won't shift gears at all. iI have had it to my mechanic who has replaced the speedometer, checked the clutch, the electrical and any other thing he could think of but still the problem occurs. Help please
  • Does the clutch make any noise at all when engaging or releasing at anytime. If it does when & what does it sound like. When speedometer drops to 0 does the engine speed increase or decrease or stay the same.
    It should be a clutch problem. There are several components that make up the clutch system & several items need checked. Best guess is your clutch plate is worn or damaged. This plate can also be called Clutch disc or driven plate. I would take it to a place who specializes in this area. Search for a station that does work on clutch and/or driveaxles. A broken or worn motor or transaxle mount can cause some weird things also.

    Hope this helps.
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