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Chevrolet (Geo) Prizm



  • geobluegeoblue Posts: 71
    Have you ever had the spark plugs changed? Might be because of old spark plugs, plugged fuel filter, incorrect ignition timing, problem within the emissions control system components etc. Have you ever had the transmission fluid changed on your car? :confuse:
  • someone asked this before but I didn't get the answer - where is the coolant drain plug located on the engine block? The picture looks like it's under the manifold shield but I found one on the other side of the oil filter and it's really hard to get to, and I don't know if it's the one. I'm changing the head gasket and the manual says to drain the block too but maybe it's not necessary. Toyota forums say the plug is on the back of the engine...this is a Toyota engine, right?
  • I have a 1992 Geo Prizm and had problems the last few days with what feels like some vibration and kind of jerking (like maybe not getting gas properly) when shifting between 1st to 2nd gear, and when I read your post, I realized that I have had a mild version of what you described about the lag in pick up for a pretty long time; I had just gotten somewhat used to it and now there is a more noticeable problem with it. I'm curious if you have had any answers from others that can give me a clue how to proceed. One mechanic tells me to just keep driving it, it won't hurt anything. This is my only livlihood and I am between jobs and really need to know what is wrong. Any help so far is appreciated.
    Thank you very much!!!
  • the coolant drain plug is located below the exhaust manifold near oil pan.
  • the drain plug should be under the exhaust manifold.
  • your problem sounds like the fuel filter clogging up.
  • Hello, im trying to change my oilpan gasket, but i cant figure it out how to take out the metal bracket under the oilpan. i took already out some of the bolts but still cant take that thing off. is anyone of you can give me an idea how to take this out?
    one more question. if i dont use my car for one day or so by the time im using it when i step on the gas pedal it feels the engine is running out of gas and the engine dies. a friend of mine told me to change the gas filter. so, i replace the gas filter already and it did work ok but after a couple of months it went back again. anybody can help me?

  • Hi geolabo,

    I can not answer your first question but for your second issue I might have a solution.Get Lucas Fuel treatment/upper cylinder lubricant (it is on sale at checkers/advanceautoparts/kraeger (?) 5.25oz is 3 dollar) pour it into the gas tank before you fill it up with gas.It should help if the problem is dirty injectors.
    Also it might be related to dirty old spark plugs.When did you change/have spark plugs changed?If recently, are you sure they are gapped according to specs? Even a little water contact with spark plug can cause problems. Hope you solve it.
  • Disconnect battery ground cable.
    Raise and support vehicle.
    Drain engine oil.
    Remove righthand undercover.
    Remove oil pan bolts.
    Remove oil pan.
    Reverse procedure to install.

    Fot GSI model, you have to remove the exhaust pipe.
  • im thinking also that injector might be the problem too. thats the thing i havent replace the spark plug yet and i dont know about that spark plug specs. isn't it once you buy a spark plug its already gapped?
  • the thing is i cant take that metal piece under the oil pan. i already took out some of the bolts but theres two more that connects to the tranny.
  • I also have a 2000 chevy Prizm and the fan only works on high. no other setting works but high. any ideas as to what to replace?

    for message #1190, did you ever figure out how to fix??
  • your blower motor resister is bad. Go to Murrays/autozone to buy the resister (about $20). This resister is located behind the glove box. It would not take you more than 5 minutes to replace...just remove one bolt. Any questions, send email to
  • I had the same problem; fan only worked on high. I replaced the blower motor resistor. Cost from autozone for the part was $39.00. The blower motor resistor is located in the passanger compartment beneath the glove compartment. I removed the glove compartment to gain access to the part.
  • How would I replace a broken wheel bolt on my 1999 Chevrolet Prizm?
  • you can buy the bolt (stud) at autopart store and repalce it. Just use the hammer and pound the bronken is pressed fit.
  • Can you help me identify my engine..the car is 1991 VIN 6, but I'm changing the head gasket (very slowly) and finally realize the engine is not that one...the former owner must have replaced it. I looked for the VIN number on the block but only found a small plate riveted on and the number doesn't match a VIN, I think it's the production number. The engine looks like a 1991-2 VIN 5, or a 1989-90 VIN 6...but I want to be sure before I take out and put back the head bolts, since the sequences are different. (Someone has already helped me with my question about loosening the a/c compressor belt, they were spot on, the adjusting bolt was right behind the idle pulley.) So thanks in advance!
  • give me the VIN on the block now. I can do a rsearch for you. For prizm prior to 2003, it had either 1.6L base and 1.6L HO. These are only 2 that I know.
  • I couldn't read the plate that was riveted on the block, so I pulled it off, but it doesn't seem to be a VIN's 2 numbers, the top one is: JT2AE91A0 _ _ (the last one or two characters I can't read, where I tore off the plate - not very smart, I agree) Below is: N0301854
  • I am not able to search by these numbers. For your car, only 2 head gasket sets available. It is either 1.6L base Prizm or 1.6L high output for the Prizm GSI.
  • Thanks, yes that number can't be a VIN number, and the book says that the number should be "stamped on the engine block". The book also says look on the transaxle, but I don't find anything yet. Does anyone have any idea where to look? As I said, the engine fits the illustration for 1989-90 Vin 6, and 1991-92 Vin 5. But I don't know if it's 1.6L base or high output, or if the engine is a GSI.
  • Hey Rich, I have a 97 prizm and had the tranny rebuilt a couple months ago. The day after I got it back I noticed a quarter size wet spot on the driveway....the differential seal was leaking. I took it back in and they replaced the seal. The guy told me that he didn't know why it was leaking, but they replaced it with another new seal. Today, a minth and a half later, it just started leaking again. After reading your post I imagine I'll have to live with checking the fluid level periodically. Matter of fact, I remember the guy telling me how to check the fluid level from the first time I picked it up. Hmmmm.
  • I purchased a 1997 Geo Prizm about five months ago. Just recently right after I start it up the engine sounds louder and there is a slight vibration. This happens when in "park" and in "reverse". After the engine warms up and I drive for awhile the noise goes away and it purrs like a kitten.

    Can you tell me if there may be a problem or what I can do about this?

    PS I am a woman so know very little about cars. I am also leary of taking it to a repairman because they tend to take advantage of me. I can't afford any major repairs but I also don't want to let something go if there will be major problems from it down the road.
  • Hi, I wondering if a tail light of a 1990 Geo Prism will fit on a
    1991 Geo Prism? In other words did those two years change design in reference to tail lights?

  • I have a 94 Prizm, and it is a reliable car. This morning however, it would not start. It would make the sound like it was going to, but nothing ever fires. So, I know it is something in the distributor. Battery has been tested and is fine, and everything with my alternator and starter is fine itself.

    A friend who has worked on my car for years, actually didn't know what to do at this point. He went and replaced the old rotor and distributor cap thinking that could be the issue, and it wasn't. He looked at the fuses and none of them had blown. Now, he is thinking either the engine coil or the ignitor. How do you know which one is the problem? How do you test for them? Would only like to replace the one that is actually broken without buying and replacing a part that turns out to not be the issue.

    Any suggestions? Feel free to email them to me as well at

  • I now believe this is a Toyota Celica engine 4A-FE. The engine identification number is 2652976. This number I found stamped on the block on the right side, where the Celica manual says the engine id number is found. I called a Toyota dealer and they didn't know how to identify the motor by that number. Can you do that? Thanks so much.
  • Hello,
    I would appreciate a lot if you can help me out. I just bought a 1996 geo prizm this week. Yesterday, the starter went dead and I spent all day replacing it. However, in order to get the starter out, I have to remove the heater hoses from the engine cylinder because they're on the way. I put a piece of tape on one of the hoses so I know to connect it back properly. Now, the tape fell off and I don't know which hose connect to what. Could you look at the engine cylinder of your car and tell me whether the hose with the blue paint goes on top or in the bottom? The manufacture marked the end of the hoses with either blue and yellow paints. They are the same size and both go to the heater core inside the car.
  • I have a 95 geo prizm 1.8 automatic. was driving it one day and it just died. Tried to restart but wouldnt. it would just turn over. So i got it to a garage. I replaced the coil,cap,rotor,plugs and wires. It started. Now it runs rought. hesitates,buck's. I have read threw alot of pages and have found several people with the same problem but no answers or anyone that has solved it. I took it to a shop and they tested all the known sensors and they all test good. they checked fuel presure it was good and they were baffeled. 200 of waisted money for them to tell me they cant figure it out. I get no check engine light. any help with this would be great.
  • geobluegeoblue Posts: 71
    Hi Redbeast,

    Do you trust the garage you first took your car to?
    The spark plugs should be in a certain heat range and they should have a certain gap.If they put a different spec. spark plug it would case problems and excessive fuel consumption.

    Did it occur to you that your car died perhaps just because of a blown fuse?

    Try adding Lucas upper cylinder / injector cleaner once you are low on gas.You can find it at autozone, checkers, kragen, advance auto stores etc. Try it. Also your current problem might be caused by a dirty throttle body that needs to be cleaned.
  • Ok thanks I will give that a try.
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