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Honda Accord vs. Toyota Camry vs. Volkswagen Passat



  • jefferygjefferyg Posts: 418
    A thousand thank you's for the clarification. I thought from your previous posts that you were a VW driver. I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment. I had a Hyundai Accent for a rental once - and definitely not by choice. It did have a lot of features, however it was not at all a pleasant driving experience.

    Furthermore, we have gotten as good as 33 in our new Passat on the highway, and even if it never got better than 30, I still wouldn't take the Sonata over my Passat.

    Did you see the comparison of the Sonata with Camry and Accord on They even gave the nod to the Sonata. They made the point that you could buy a loaded Sonata for about the same as Accord LX or Camry LE. The point they did not mention is resale. I'll guarantee you that in five years the Accord, Camry, or Passat will be worth half of what you paid for it new. So far Hyundai and Kia have not shown very strong resale values.
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    Then why not change your profile? You had to have put "AL" there..... :confuse:
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    Sorry, but there's NO way you can get a loaded Sonata for the price of an Accord LX or Camry LE. I'd like to see where that was said. $1000s of difference..... I haven't seen any loaded Sonatas for under $20K....... :confuse:
  • jefferygjefferyg Posts: 418
    It was a comparison on
  • I just bought a 2004 Passat, after extensive research online, and test driving the Passat/Camry/Sonata/Altima.
    Camry was nice, too soft of a ride. Sonata was very nice, but couldn't get excited about owning a Sonata, and I also was concerned about resale. Altima, I didn't like this car at all. Loud, interior weird slope.
    Drove the Passat, LOVED it,,,,,a bit more money, but very very happy with my decision. I am getting 34mpg on a two hour highway trip. The drive is fast, fun, and the handling is terrific. Blue dashboard lights at night are awesome to look at, and easy on your eyes.
    My coworker that bought a camry last year is kicking herself for not getting the passat.
    (honda is in too many driveways, I didn't even bother test driving, too boring)
    Since the 04 was on a VW lot, and it was a certified vehicle, you get the remaining warranty, PLUS two more years, and new car interest rates.
    I was afraid of the Passat when I test drove the 2002, then read all the electrical problems, the 2004 ratings are much much better.
  • wevkwevk Posts: 179
    My experiance with my 2000 Passat with 55k miles

    Front end bearing: $700 right at the end of the two year warrantee
    Map sensor(or whatever they call it): recall
    Secondary air injector pump $700, (now again on its way out)
    Power steering pump: $380
    Tie rods: several hundred
    Busted windshield washer (dealer offered $360 repair)

    It now has developed a nasty front end shimmy to complement the low speed engine stumble.

    Even our 93 Eurovan didn't start falling (expensively) apart until 80k miles.

  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    So, yeah go buy that Korean thing, you will be ing

    I am not in the market for a Korean car, as I already have a very reliable Honda. The only crying car owners I have seen since our Chrysler of the 90s, was a dear family friend Charlotte who has a New Beetle, and has spent THOUSANDS on her car. This isn't acceptable, considering I've never spent a total of $1,000 on my 10 year old car with 155,000 miles on it. She has a 2000 model with 40,000 miles! Pitiful. She is ready to trade her car in, but is a little reluctant, because she just poured $2,200 grand into it, and wants a little more time out of it before dumping it off.

    BTW: What is auto hold?
  • jefferygjefferyg Posts: 418
    is a nifty little feature. Say you stop going up a hill. You reach down and press the auto hold button right next to the shifter and it engages the brakes to hold the car on the incline. When you step on the gas it automatically releases the brakes. It works whether you are going up or down a hill.

    Sorry about your friends problems with her beetle, but if you'll note my earlier post, the new Passat (and I believe all VWs) now has a much better warranty.
  • haefrhaefr Posts: 600
    "...You reach down and press the auto hold button right next to the shifter and it engages the brakes to hold the car on the incline. When you step on the gas it automatically releases the brakes..."

    "The more things change, the more they stay the same." I've wondered for fifty-five years when some auto company would get around to resurrecting a feature originally patented by Studebaker... When I was five years old, our 1950 Studebaker Champion (equipped with a pavement scorching 80 hp L-head six-cylinder engine) had what was advertised as "Hill-Holder". But, I guess it wasn't as well thought-out as "Auto Hold", since Studebaker cheaped out by not including some stupid button the driver had to remember to push to engage it - "Hill-Holder" was fully automatic to the most recent full stop braking force until the accelerator pedal was depressed. For the seven years dad owned that bullet-nosed car, "Hill-Holder" worked faultlessly.
  • bjbird2bjbird2 Posts: 647
    The VW Jetta won the comparo in the Feb. 2006 Car and Driver Magazine. It beat out the Acura TSX, Honda Accord EX V-6, Mazdaspeed 6, and Pontiac G6 GTP.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Thanks - we appreciate the information, but please don't post it in multiple discussions - thanks.
  • haefrhaefr Posts: 600
    "The VW Jetta won the comparo in the Feb. 2006 Car and Driver Magazine."

    So, how have VWs fared over the past four or five years in CR's owner-rated reliability comparos? ;)
  • which version of the Jetta was this? I have heard great things about the Mazdaspeed6 so would expect it to lift the trophy. Also, why doesn't the Jetta then make it to the 10Best list ahead of the Accord?
  • gogogodzillagogogodzilla VirginiaPosts: 707
    I think it was the Jetta GLI.
  • that the Jetta GLI was available when Car and Driver did their 10 best. Besides, the Accord wins in the family sedan segment whereas the Jetta would be more likely to replace the TSX in it's slot than it would the Accord.
  • My experiance with my 2000 Passat with 55k miles ...

    My 2000 GLX 4Motion wagon is doing just fine (at 80,000 miles). The only things I have needed to replace out of warranty so far are a battery ($70 and 15 minutes including sales at Kragen's) and a couple of lights (a few bucks and 10 minutes including sales). I had a number of weaning problems, as quite typical for new model VWs (MAF sensor, gas tank sensor, seat memory) that were covered under warranty in the first few weeks of ownership. And a premature water pump failure, that was covered (but cost me some money for towing). OK, this is, as we all know, not the most reliable car on the planet - I have had about one warranty issue per year (including an oil leak). But my cost of ownership has been stellar, resale value alike (wasn't considered totalled in a severe $16,000 crash when parked in a parking lot), and safety is one of the best of any car of this model year ( ...

    I am happy with this car - it drives and handles like a champ - makes me smile everytime I drive it.
  • elchurroelchurro Posts: 4
    I am trying to decide between the Camry SE (4 cyl.) and the Passat 2.0T. On paper, they seem to be very similar. I have not yet driven the Camry as they are reportedly flying off the lots but hear good things about it. Although the Camry has less hp, the Passat apparently has some reliability issues.

    I'd appreciate any guidance.
  • krzysskrzyss Posts: 848
    It is new design so nobody can predict, but...
    It has turbo charged direct injection engine. If you want to cut corners on maintenance this is not car for you.

  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Don't go to dealerships asking to drive a "V4", as they'll think you know nothing. 4 cylinder cars have "inline" engines, noted here as I-4 (or an inline-4).
  • I have a 2004 Passat and love it. I test drove the 2005 Camry - it was nice and smooth- but in my opinion did not grab the road the way the Passat does. Camry's seem to be very popular with the over 50 age group. It's a nice smooth ride - but I think you'll love the way a Passat drives.
    Good luck with your decision.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    The old Camry shouldn't be compared to the current one - it had nowhere near the road feel a car should have; something someone has addressed previously. The new Camry should be much better.
  • fsowirlesfsowirles Posts: 195
    You were concerned with resale and bought a VW....that is ironic. And to talk about problems, ever heard of the sludge issue on the 1.8t????
  • Yes-I have heard of the sludge problem. I've read all about it - fortunately it is not a 2004 issue. And Yes- I doubt resale on a Sonata will not hold up to a VW. You come across very :sick: - having a bad day?
  • This was a 2005 Camry. If the 2006 is a better feel - good for Toyota. I do notice 95% of the drivers are over 50 or 60. Perfect car for them.
  • lawguy661lawguy661 Posts: 17
    I bought the W8 after trading ina a BMW 330i. I needed a little more room, and the Passat fit the bill. It has been relatively trouble free, other than going through 2 sets of break pads in 36,000 miles (probably a driver issue, although the car is heavy).

    My only major complaint (and this probably isn't an issue with the new Passats) is that I get terrible, TERRIBLE gas mileage. I get about 13 mpg in the city, and the thing takes premium fuel only. Hence, I placed an order for a hybrid Camry.
  • fsowirlesfsowirles Posts: 195
    Nope, my day is fine. I have owned Passats (B5/B5.5) and know first hand how poor the resale is.
  • What year were your Passats? Did you enjoy the drive?
    I have never heard that VW has a poor resale. Is this based on a trade in - or for sale by owner?
    Glad your day is going well. :)
  • ctalkctalk Posts: 646
    link title

    According to this site, VW is quite good actually.

    The brand ranks 3rd, after Honda and Toyota.
  • fsowirlesfsowirles Posts: 195
    2000 and 2002. They were great to drive. The resale comment is based on what I see them selling for within a couple of years after new. The newer ones 2004+ seem to fair a little better in relation to the rest of the market. I loved my Passat, but would never buy one new. Just like my Volvo. Never buy a new Volvo unless you are keeping it unitl it dies, because resale is horrible. Even on the "R" line.
  • mattgg1mattgg1 Posts: 191
    lawguy -

    I've got to ask...What kind of gas mileage were you expecting when you bought the overweight, 8 cylinder Passat?

    I mean, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize you're going to get horrible gas mileage and be forced to buy premium fuel.

    Didn't you take these factors into account before spending $40K+ on the car. Now you're in the market for a hybrid!?! LOL

    You remind me of these people who buy gigantic SUV's, cry about filling the tank, then trade it in for a Civic.
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