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High Performance Luxury Sedans



  • jb_shinjb_shin Posts: 357
    You are no going to see anything better than the military/diplomat price while PCS. The US dealers were not budging on M5 price even into its last model year in 02/03. Grab it while you are there.
  • AWAX:

    I am also AF, have given my deposit 1wk ago. In Chicago, it is a great deal. Downtown dealership is selling them for 10K over MSRP. All 4 other area dealers at MSRP w/a 1-1 1/2 yr wait. I'm told selling for over 20K in NY. Ebay has slots alone (just the right to purchase) to purchase them b/w starting bids of 2500-20000. I am buying thru Superior Motors MSP. I assume it is them or Pentagon car sales U R dealing with. I am getting Com Acc, HUD and Sat Radio. The process has been great. Delivery in JAN. Let me know your thoughts.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Check out this fascinating piece: European Touring Sedans in Their Native Lands. President Jeremy Anwyl spends quality time with a 2005 Quattroporte and a 2005 XJR. He takes a spin through Italy with the Maserati and through Wales and England with the Jag.

    The story is compelling and the video is excellent. I had the good fortune to see the video lab in full swing producing this when I was in Santa Monica a few weeks ago.

    Check it out and enjoy!
  • awaxawax Posts: 8
    What was the price that Superior Motors quoted you? How are they handling the gas guzzler tax?

  • Awax:

    The price SM quotes is same as PCS, since it is thru the Mil. Sales Prog, as offered by BMW. I have spoken to both. It just happened that SM was closer to Qatar (SM is in Bahrain). Both groups are excellent and I have maintained contact w/PCS, even though purch. thru SM. Price as follows:

    Base 73,000
    delivery (dealer markup) 2,150
    GG 3,000
    Comf. Acc. 1,000
    HUD 1,000
    Sat Radio 595

    Total 80,745

    I did not opt for:

    full lthr 3,500
    Multi seats 1,900
    Vent seats 800
    Ski/ fold down seats 475
    Rear a/bag 385 (bad for children)
    Rear heat 350
    Power shade 575

    I assume your quote is same?

    In IL, military R not exempt, so I will have to pay Registration/sales/use tax. For Chicago residents, it is 9%. Ouch!
  • jb_shinjb_shin Posts: 357
    You will have to pay the Gas guzzler tax when the car arrives in the US, in addition to the sales tax upon registration, if applicable.
  • SM allready built it into the purchase order and I believe they pay it along w/import tax at customs port entry. What is your understanding of process? Also, do my #'s match your quote?
  • awaxawax Posts: 8

    The prices match exactly. My concern on the GG tax is that it will surprise me when I want to register the car.

    Oklahoma excise tax is 3.75% of the actual purchase price paid when registering the car within on month of taking delivery. I am looking at a $3000 hit for that.

    I want to ensure that I don't get hit with the GG tax at that time.
  • GG is a federal tax, therefore not a part of the state regis. process. My understanding is that we pay GG as a total of the P. O. As you may know, we pay 10% upfront and the rest of total purchase price to BMW of N. A. They are responsible for paying GG tax along w/import duty (import duty part of the 2150 fee we pay). Your 3.75 beats the hell out of the 9% I am looking at for regis.

    I allready recieved a contact name and # for BMW NA, but was advised they will have no info until just prior to delivery in the states. I did however, contact BMW NA just prior to signing to confirm that SM and PCS R legit. They are and was told they deal w/them all the time.

    Let me know if you have some other info about process
  • Avatt-
    I'm also using Superior Motors Military Sales -- who did you speak to to verify they were a legitimate dealer?
  • AWAX:

    Recieved this contact from David Baker @ PCS:

    Also contacted BMW, Germany via email and they also confirmed all. I am working w/Angela & Derek @ SM, both have been great. Derek even took the time to call me back in the states and go thru some details. Good luck!
  • avattavatt Posts: 6
    Thanks for the video merc1
  • seabushseabush Posts: 68
    What's a good price to pay for a 1998 XJR with 55K miles on it? The dealer is has a list price of $21,900. I was thinking to offer around $17,400. Thoughts?
  • xjr2bxjr2b Posts: 2
    I have a few newbie questions on the XJR, as I am considering buying a 1999 that I found locally.

    1. Any major areas of concern at around 80K miles? I'm going to have a pre-purchase check, and I'd like to ask them to focus on possible trouble areas. The car had a $1200 brake job in the last year.

    2. The owner has some aftermarket wheels on it, and I would want to return to stock. The dealer says they are $500 / wheel, so I've got a local wheel shop looking for some. Are the stock wheels staggered - meaning wider in the back? Is the recommended tire size for stock 255 / 40 / 18? Any recommendations for places to look for a set in good condition?

    3. How is the handling? I am going to drive it tomorrow night, but this is the one concern I have with Jags. I recently had a 2001 Audi S4, and the handling was amazing. I'm certain the jag will be different, and likely less responsive, but how does it compare to other sport sedans?

    Thanks for indulging my questions.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Can't help with your first question. No personal experience.

    On your second question, you might try calling the Tire Rack. They would likely know exactly what the OEM wheel and tire sizes were for your car, and may even have some suggestions.

    On your last question regarding handling - the XJR would be the least "super" of the super sedans in this forum. An architect that does work for me has one that he fondly refers to as his "BB" (i.e. British Buick). He got it for his wife at a bargain basement price, but he claims his own 2004 E500 Sport is a much better handling car, at least on the winding roads he drives on his daily commute.

    I have not driven an XJ or XJR personally, but ridden in one on several occassions and it does seem to be oriented more towards luxury first, power second and handling a distant third. Include some nice winding roads in your test drive.
  • xjr2bxjr2b Posts: 2
    I've already got my test drive route mapped. ;)
  • the newer aluminum XJRs handle quite well, they are tighter and lighter than previous ones. the air suspension keeps them pretty much flat around corners. I think mine breaks five seconds to 60, and the Brembo brakes are fine, alittle touchy maybe, but very, very good. The whole, light, big car with 400 horsepower is quite a thing unto itself.
  • fennfenn Posts: 197
    I have an '04 "new version" aluminum XJR. The concept of the light body and the supercharged engine really delivers in all around performance with decent fuel economy. The car is a joy to drive---when it is not plagued with a problem.

    However, my XJR is an absolute nightmare. It has been in the shop for an average of one visit per month since I leased it 26 months ago. Everything that can go wrong, has gone wrong! I have had problems with electronics, such as locks, adaptive cruise, air bag warning lights, and error messages. The interior trim has peeled off of the console and dash surround on three occasions. But, it gets worse: The steering, rear end and suspension have been creaking and noisy from the start. They have replaced the rack and pinion, the differential, and today the car is in the shop awaiting a drive shaft and subframe.

    The car has never been hit, and is well maintained. but it is a disaster. I hate this thing. Mine may be the lone ultimate lemon, but it is hard for me to recommend one of these vehicles to anybody based on my experience. After 27 months of ownership, I can say that this is the biggest piece of junk I have ever owned.

    I have been reasonable with Jaguar. I am trying to get them to replace the car or take me out of my lease..I told them I would even start over with a new lease, if they would support the buy out residual at 27 months, but they will not. Meanwhile the dealer is offering me $5000 behind blue book to take me out of this one. That shows how bad these XJR's depreciate! No confidence shown by the selling dealer or Jaguar!

    I told them I just want to get out of this one...And, I told them I would give them a second chance by starting over with an '06 XJR, but they are not interested in taking any responsibility. I was a fool for not going after them earlier under the California Lemon Law, but now I am too far into the lease to get easy relief.

    As for those of you that think these are good cars and have not experienced any problems...I would keep my fingers crossed.

    They drive nicely, but they are nightmares in the long run.
  • If you keep good records, why not pursue the lemon law :lemon: claim? BTW, I think that I remember when you purchased it. You used to post regularly. I have always wanted a Jag, but your comments have me re-thinking the idea. I have a Land Rover now, but, knock wood, haven't had any problems in my first 5,000 miles. :)
  • fennfenn Posts: 197
    Jaguar has offered a concession and some money to me if I take another Jaguar. I am getting a new '05 XJR at a bargain price and giving them back the '04 with its 52,000 miles of problems. It is sort of like kissing your sister to go back to them for another XJR after all that I have endured, but I am going forward with the assumption that I got the worst one, while hoping for better luck with an '05.

    If the new car has any issues I will be vigilent and use the lemon law. If it just drives nicely and acts like a good XJR should, I will be a happy camper.

    By the way, my '04 was built in early '03 so it was one of the early incarnations of the new XJ, so I am hoping that the '05 will be more evolved in build quality. We shall see. huh?

    I should mention that I test drove a new BMW 750, an Audi A-8 and a Mercedes CLS 500 during the past week before agreeing to go back to another XJR. The fact is that IMO the XJR feels lighter, more responsive and fun than any of the others. The horsepower to weight ratio is hard to beat with the XJR, and the other cars with normal engines price out at about the same price as the Supercharged XJR. However, the Audi build quality and interior was hard to resist.
  • fennfenn Posts: 197
    I dumped the '04 lemon and picked up my new '05 XJR. The new car seems flawless and perfect...By comparison, the '04 had a few glitches that were notable right from the start. The early car was not put together as well.

    My story epitomizes why it makes sense to avoid the first year of production on an all-new car. Stay tuned.
  • Good luck with the new one! :) I love the looks of the new Super V8 Portfolio.
  • I was just wondering if anyone has seen any review of the E60 M5 and it was tested using "only 400 HP", I'm assuming all reviews that I have seen are with the full 500 HP on tap. It would be interesting to compare the same E60 M5 using the default 400 HP and the full 500 HP.
  • I have now had the M5 for 1 month. I sold my previous M5 with out know what I was getting into. All I can tell you that it is a HOOT to drive. 400 or 500 hp nothing can touch you, the 500 hp is good stuff for overtaking but you need to meter the foot pressure with care.
    I own:
    996 Carrera
    Dodge viper pick-up

    Love them all but the M5 rules the garage
  • lovemyclklovemyclk Posts: 351
    Buddy of mine is a Porsche driving instructor and has had glowing reviews of the e60 M5 as the best-performing and best-balanced sedan he has driven. 3-Pedal in 2007 :D
  • so this scam that you are talking about tell his name and everything...and told you how the car is a e55 amg and he is in ireland for his son and he is only selling the car for 10 grand? Did he also tell you the shipping company is blue stars shipping? if so please let me know ASAP
    thank priyesh
  • I just received a long email from the same guy it sounds... He is advertising a 2004 E500 (Benz) for $10,000 and says that he is in Ireland. I'm trying to contact Blue Stars to see if they even have the vehicle... but I can't seem to locate them... I still have the email from him. The name he uses is Paul Anastasiou... at least this time...
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    You ought to look up internet scams. ;)
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282

    And I think the guy with the $10,000 E500 also has $12 million locked up in a bank in Nigeria and just needs you to help him get it expatriated.
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