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Chevy Express/GMC Savana



  • dah3dah3 Posts: 1
    I'm considering a 2006 Express 2500HD Duramax. What kind of fuel milege are you getting? Its been a month since your message on Nov 12, 2005, are there any new opinions about the duramax and the transmission that they are currently using?
  • I'm having problems geting my 5.7 engin to start. I have fire. I have fuel pressure. cap and roter are new. there is 120 psi. compression. it ran one day, now it will not start again. can anyone help me? :sick:
  • garandmangarandman Posts: 524
    I'm considering a 2006 Express 2500HD Duramax. What kind of fuel mileage are you getting?

    We've logged fuel use for 4K miles on a 4800 (gas). Range is 15-17. Dunno about diesel.
  • Mine did this too, and I fixed it. Email me if you still need help.
  • How did you fix it? I have a 97 Chevy Express and the brake lights don't work when I have the headlights on. I also have a trailer wiring harness attached and someone told me this might have something to do with it. Any suggestions?
  • exnerexner Posts: 2
    It's probably your bulb sockets. See my earlier post. Thats what fixed mine!
  • dsmnfdsmnf Posts: 2
    Do tell more about these ceramic pads....I have a 2000 Savana full size conversion van and, at 66K miles, have had to replace the front brakes every 20K miles (which isn't too bad), and am on my second set of rotors. My mechanic is using, I believe, metalic brake pads and I am looking for something else that may get me longer life out of my pads and rotors.
  • Im wanting to buy a expess van and would like to know how AWD works. If only one wheel pulls at a time or two or all wheels. Also how a locking diff. works. I wish they would make a true 4X4 van. Conversions are spendy. Im wanting a van that I can go down the beach at South Padre Island without getting stuck in the sand...Help...Thanks
  • I own an 02 gmc savana 1 ton. My question is on the rear brakes with the drums and single rear wheel do I have to remove the axles to get the drum off of the van. Or is it like any other vehicle, they just kind of slip off. so any insight would be great. Thanks
  • Does anyone know if cylinder deactivation technology is/will be used in Chevy Express vans with V8?

    Thank you!
  • bhewbhew Posts: 2
    hi did you ever figure out what the problem was i have a similar thing happenoing though without the loss of power
  • I had this exact problem. Both lower tail light sock (R&L) had slight corrosion that caused the ground to no longer make contact. I replaced both sockets and it all works now. I replaced the sockets by buying a tail light wiring harness from a GM dealer and using the two sockets on the wiring harness, one for each side. I just clipped the wires, attached the new sockets, taped it all back up, and was done. To replace the complete wiring harness requires taking inside panels off, etc. Too much work. Just replacing the lower tail light sockets is all that was necessary and splicing them into the existin wiring harness worked fine. A wiring harnes cost around $70 from the dealer, so save yourself &70 and just buy one of them.

    It looks like the GMC vans must have a problem with water getting into the lower socket since there a number of people posting with the same problem.
  • jshoes51jshoes51 Posts: 4
    This is a g30 1 ton the last year before they came out with the Express vans. Does anyone know the rear end gears they used in these? All the writing is worn off the glove bax label, so I jacked up the rear end and spun the tire and watched the drive shaft. Drive shaft only goes around 1.75 per full revolution of the tire. No wonder its so doggy when pulling my boat.
  • onofre02onofre02 Posts: 1
    I'm also having the same problem with the trailer brake controler wiring. I located all the wires for the rear of the van but only found the wires hanging in the engine compartment, which after doing a continuity check looks like they're just there running from front to rear. Can anybody please help?
  • jimdianejimdiane Posts: 1
    The air in our 96 express works great in the back, but not very well in the front. The van had just been driven in very dusty conditions to the Yukon. Someone mentioned to me that there is a filter(actually 2) beside the evaporator unit behind the blower, could be clogged? Would that actually affect the temp. output? the amount of air movement seems to be okay. Any comments or suggestions?

    CANADA :confuse:
  • i am replying to my own thread. the problem was the fuel filter . jiffy lube supposedly changed it at 60,000 but i doubt it. the problem showed up at about 89,000.
  • deecar2deecar2 Posts: 3
    hello funny you say that because my wife hates that buzzer to if you put the key in the ignition switch,like you are going to start her theres a fuse box right under the steering wheel right where the steering wheel is at the bottom under dash board you will hear that buzzer it is mounted on the steering column its going to be a black box you can unplug it and doesnt cause any problem with anything i also have a 99 express convasrion van and thats where it is on mine it should be the same if you can't get it from the bottom then you can get it from the top at the plastic molding if you have tilt steering wheel you have to put the van in low gear and easyily pull a part and unplug your head light switch and in my case the rear fan switch and on the right side of your steering wheel you will see a little black box mounted to the column ;) :)
  • tdog4tdog4 Posts: 1
    Hi, I got a 97 g10 van 4.3 vortec.....It has developed a very bad idle and hesitation problem, but it only lasts for a few min's on any start, cold or hot. I just had a tuneup (plugs wires cap rotor fuel & air filter) The problem started before tuneup & seems to be getting worse.Every once in a while it will bring up code# 0152 (high voltage bank2 sensor1)...but I think thats due to it allmost stalling. today it flashed code # 0300 (multiple cylinder missfire) when it allmost stalled.....any thoughts? fuel pump? coil?...1 more ?, has anyone replaced the coil on one of these? if so how did u get it out??....thank you
  • jxpjxp Posts: 1
    I had a similar problem with the idle and hesitation. It did it a lot, but not for the mechanic when I brought it in a couple of times. Then when I was getting it smogged, the mechanic found the problem. The fuel injectors needed cleaning. He charged me $50 for a BG fuel induction service kit and $75 to put a bottle of BG 44K in the gas tank and spray BG Fuel injector system cleaner into the intake system. (I got this off the receipt.) It fixed the problem.
  • rhozetarhozeta Posts: 1
    I have the same exact problem with my 2001 Express, I figured it needed front wheel bearings, was this what you did as well?
    (I know your post is almost a year old But I am hoping that you still read the forum every once in a while) :)
  • markstrmarkstr Posts: 1
    First time post so here goes.....

    I have the chance to get a 2000 Express Cargo van with very low miles 50,000.... Original owner. Custom Ordered it..
    Excellent condition ( Picture viewing only) It has a great package on it. ( 7.4Ltr. 454 engine and Limited Slip rear end, Chrome package and added heater in rear area etc.)
    Problem is, Out of state vehicle and I am not able to see it
    direct.. I am considering on having the seller take it to the closest Chev.Dealership for a complete check up..
    Vin # checks out.. Additional pictures on the way ( close ups etc.)
    Also: This will have to be shipped. Anyone know of a real dependable Shipper?? Can't get one of these in my area and I really like the look of it!!! Within the US....
    Suggestions would REALLY be great!!!!
  • deecar2deecar2 Posts: 3
  • I found one company in California that sells bench seats for Express/Savana's. But the company was not good at all at getting me the product in a timely fashion and I wonder if they shipped all the parts that I should have gotten (like seat belt bolts).

    I would recommend going to a shop to have a business that specializes in add seats put in another seat because it is less hassle than dealing with a seat supplier and then trying to find somone that that will mount the seat in for you, unless you can install the seat yourself. The mounting is really not that hard but you have to have the correct tools. Scrap yards rarely have the entire parts for installing all of the seat and pulling the correct parts of a junk yard van may be more work than installing it. You might be lucky to find a seat at a junk yard but then you will need to get the rails that the seat mounts into. Buying new seat belts are common to find on the internet.

    I am putting in my own 4 seater bench seat in my Express 135" wheelbase passenger van. I have done some automotive customization before so for me it is easer than paying some one else to install it. I am saving over $500 by installing the seat myself but I am also taking more time.
  • I have a 2001 Chevy Express Van, and I've been trying to figure out how to turn off these dreaded Daytime running lights. I camp in my van a lot, and have a power inverter inside, so sometimes I want to run the engine not to drain the battery, but then my lights come on. Not cool.

    Anyway have any suggestions?


    -- Ashton
  • Daylight Running Lights (DRL)
    Some domestics and all Canadian models are quiped with Daytime Running Lihts (DRL) . The DRL system illuminates the head lights whenever the engine isrunning and the parking break is disengaged. The DRL system provides reduced power to the headlights so that they wont be to bright for daytime use and it prolognes the headlight bulbs service life. It does this by modulating the pulse -widthof the power of the headlights. The duration and interval of these power power pulses is determined by the drl control module.which is located on the left knee bolster mounting the left of the steering column.if your vehicle is equipped with drl,and if there seems to be a problem with it have it serviced by a dealer hope this works for you GOD BLESS YOU :shades:
  • I have a 99 5.7L Express Van 105k miles. Very bad hesitation when first starting out (hot or cold) but then got better. Also had the Service Engine Soon light come on (and cycle off once in a while only to come back later). Had a code P0170 and P0174 .. lean condition on both sides). Chevy dealer replaced the fuel pump .. twice. No better. They also said they did a fuel induction clean up ... which did seem to help with the hesitation when at intersections and such. They were ready to change out injectors and I told them I'd pick it up ... they didn't seem to have any good reasons (that they told me) to change them out. Anyway, I reviewed lots of posts and here's what I did: Ran the van with Techron fuel injector cleaner in each tank of gas. Seemed to help some. Changed out the distributer cap and rotor. Replaced PCV valve/tubing/elbow ($10 all-in-one part from the Chevy dealer). Then pulled the airfilter unit, disassembled the Mass Airflow Sensor unit that is right behind the airfilter. Just pull the 4 torx screws out and it will pop right off. Sprayed the daylights out of it using CRC MAS Cleaner ($8 at PepBoys) but still two of the three wires looked black in the center, thicker area of the wire. Got a pencil eraser and VERY, VERY carefully rubbed the wires to get the gunk off. Be very patient! It did clean them up to almost the same condition as the clean 3rd wire. Then sprayed them again with the rest of the can of cleaner. Let everything dry about 20 mins and reassembled. My van is now running like it did years ago ... more power, better sounding and the SES Light went off on it's own! I have to believe that cleaning the Mass Airflow Sensor did the trick. Very, very easy to do.
  • depress your parking brake and this will cut off the lights.
  • I recently purchased a 2002 2500 Express Extended Cargo Van. I was doing some reading and found that models with GVW of 8500 and up have a switch to turn off the air-bag. My GVW is 7500 and therefore (I guess) is the reason I do not have such a 'switch'. My occasionally take one of my kids in the van and would like to permanently turn off the passenger side bag. Is there a way to do this?

  • pepper4pepper4 Posts: 10
    The turn signals work fine with head lights off but when you turn on the lights at night. Then you put on the left turn signal the right front blinks also, but not as bright . Then same thing happens when you put the right turn signal on also the flasher clicks real fast. I replaced the flasher and checked and cleaned the grounds by the battery. I ran wire from the neg side of the battery the ground wire and it did not change.

    Thank You
  • I replaced both front light sockets and that fixed the problem.

    pepper4 :)
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