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Chevy Express/GMC Savana



  • johnscjohnsc Posts: 14
    I think the Chevy Van build quality is very good. I also had a Toyota way back, and I remember the steering rods needed to be replaced, where the joits (AV joints or something like that) had warn down. The Chevy has a grease housing around these joints where as the Toyota and Dodge didn't. I rememeber I could always hear them squeaking in the Toyota and nothing you could do other than spraying them with WD40. The Chevy Express 2000 and 2006 also had galvanized bolts holding a lot of parts together in the foot wells, at the bottom of the doors, and other inside outside places, where as the Dodge and Toyota had ones that rusted in no time flat. The Toyota's AC broke, curze control, and a lot of other little things. The Dodge was just a nightmare from day one. The Chevy 2000 2500 had only a few minor problems with the door locks, one of the doors wasn't hung right and another back latch broke, and the gas gage broke, and it may have developed a slight leak in the radiator, I had to add about a half gallon a year at the end, and should have had it checked (make sure to keep it filled! And change it at about 35,000 miles if you need to.) But that was it, and I didn't even have any of this repaired.

    I hope the 06 Express holds up as well or better.
  • oops. i meant my '07 Express. I still felt bad for not having enough dough for the Sprinter so it is always in back of my mind.

    Thanks for all everyone's suggestions ...
  • Hi! Does anyone know if GM is going to install engines with valve deactivation on Express? It can really help highway mileage.
  • Does anyone have an '08 Express or Savana 12 passengers. I want to know whether the four-person bench can be split. The picture on Chevy website seems to show some sort of line down the middle of the four-person bench but there is no description anywhere on the 'splitability" or "foldable" of this bench. Thanks
  • It comes and goes. In summer, when cold, it would start and stall. Each time it would run longer. I could feather it to get it running better...When I tried to drive it, same... wanted to stall... I feathered it. Went away when warm. Then, it vanished for a while.
    IT's back and it's way colder and now it fires for a second and stalls. Can't get it going now....... ?????????

  • I don't think the seat can be split! I am looking for '01 -02 LT or SLT center row buckets, if they will fit the floor brackets - my dealer cannot determine if the attachment is workable! (Someone, please help) These seats recline (not fold flat) and would allow plywood to be carried vertically between the seats! I have already installed floor brackets and belts for a '4th row' in my 8 passenger to carry plywood on top of the seats, but it is 'mickey mouse'.
  • Hi all,
    I'm working on a 2004 Chevy Express 3500, and the instrument panel gauges have died. When the car starts up, the arrows wiggle a little, and the alternator gauge goes to normal, then they all quit. the panel still lights up, and shows the prnd, but no little underline bar to tell you what gear you're in, and the odometer is no longer adding miles. The check gauges light comes on, but I have yet to find the problem. All fuses, both under the seat and in the engine, look good. Is there a connection in the dashboard or something that might be loose? they are obviously getting power, just not functioning right, or poorly. An item that may or may not be related, is the reverse lights on the rear aren't turning on, and quit at the same time as the gauges. Thanks, Ryan
  • I have a 1999 2500 cargo van with 400,472 miles on a 5.0L motor. At times it wont accelerate and has a bad hesitation. Then out of no where it runs great! Installed new plugs, wires, pcv, rotor, cap, tps, fuel filter, and checked timing chain. It is putting out over 50psi of fuel pressure. I pulled wires with it running and noticed that one time when it was doing this the whole left side of the motor wasn't firing, but then it was great. Might it be the injectors?
  • momto7momto7 Posts: 1
    Now I know I'm a woman but give me a break...the instructions on how to remove the right taillight cover to replace the bulb are ridiculous! I have the nuts removed and can barely pull the assembly to clear the studs but now I'm supposed to "turn the side assembly on the outboard side, releasing the upper clip". I have been pulling and wrenching that thing in all different directions and it isn't budging an inch!! Can someone give me a clue as to what I need to do before I just break it open.
    Thanks, BJ
  • krcossinkrcossin Posts: 3
    I just replaced my 2001 Express LT tail lights. You have to remove the molding piece above the tail light also in order to remove the tail light itself. I know I used a socket & wrench (forgot what size) and a phillips screw driver.
  • OK, First let's say, I KNOW THE VAN IS OLD. I get that, but it is Beautiful. Runs, Drives, and still NO rust. And to add to it PAID FOR...
    Now here is the question. Does anyone know if there is a recall on the cargo doors, on the side. The hinges....
    They have rusted out. Believe that, the rest of the van is not one spot, yet the hinges are gone.
    And the price to replace them is absolute outragious.. 115.00 for 1 hinge. NOT one whole hinge, you know body side and door side. NO that is 115.00 for just the door side hinge. And the pins and bushings, 83.00 for 2 pins. What a joke. GM KNOWS THIS IS A PROBLEM!!!! And you can't buy these hinges at an auto parts store, why, because there is NO aftermarket for it. GM won't allow it. So think about that for just one minute.. there are 8 hinges (2 doors, upper, lower hinges, both have 2 door side, and body side) and 4 pins and bushings. so that is minimum
    115.00 x 8 = $920.00 (all 8 hinges)
    83.00 x 2 = $116,00 (for all 4 pins and bushings)
    $ 1,036.00 To fix 2 doors on your van..... OUTRAGIOUS!!!!!! :mad:

    And only GM sell the hinges, so MONOPOLY time.
    Now I know I am not the only one that has had problems with these doors, so is there anyone else out there that knows if there is possibably a recall of these door hinges.

    Oh, and most of you are thinking , hey go to a junk yard. I have tried-- These van are so good I guess ,that junk yards don't have any yet, or when they do get them, they cut the hinges in half, because on of GM's better ideas was in 96, to weld the dang things on, instead of bolts.. So too hard to just take them off, so they cut them right thru the hinge...
    I just think it is time GM steps up and corrects one of there better ideas.... :confuse:

    The rest of the van, I love.... 197,000 and still going strong... pretty bad when the hinges go before the engine.. LOLOLOL ;)
  • I have a 2002 Savanna 2500 cargo and a 2002 Express 2500 cargo for service trucks.Both are good drivers,13 mpg no matter how I drive.Fuel gauge very innacurate,and inconsistent.I think it is the venting.Have your mechanic check the cap and rotor.Mine have been replaced 3 times between the 2 trucks due to corrosion maybe condensation from engine heat and cold weather.The mechanic couldnt find the problem so I did.Similar symptoms with power in cold and wet weather.Also have LR tail/stop lamp problems.The dealer says it is the turn signal switch/lever.Almost $500 to fix.Anyone else have that?
  • same question as #548 what is the trick to getting to spark plugs in gmc savana v8 van what all has to be removed to get to plugs? van is 2000 yr model these plugs are hard to get to im changing originals to bosch hoping for little better mileage also changing everything message 548 is??? hope someone can help !Im disabled and retired changing plumbing work van to fishing van
  • 2vanman22vanman2 Posts: 1
    I have an '08 Express 12 passenger. The two three passenger benches are the same and will swap between those two locations. There are shoulder belts for the middle occupant. The rear seat has belts for four people with only the two on the outside receiving a shoulder belt. I also read another person is wondering if the rear seats are split, yes they are.

    I just bought this three weeks ago used. Last week I took my first trip to the lumber yard. That is when I discovered that the seat backs are not hinged to lay flat. If you want a flat surface you need to remove the seats. This is my first full size van so I'm still learning a few things as my father-in-law who is an old dog in the full sized van scene says this is true with all makes. To me I would think that for a few pennys that GM could offer a lot mor flexibility to the van with some hinges.
  • ffrrggyyffrrggyy Posts: 3
    I have a 2004 Savana. What is the "hump" behind the passenger seat?

    I bought this vehicle new and believe I used to just slide bags in behind the drivers seat. I also used to have passengers on the bench behind the front passenger seat who could put their feet flat on the floor. Last summer when trying to slide something in I noticed an elevation on the floor behind the passenger seat. It seems to have gotten higher. I took it to the dealer I bought it at (no longer in business) and to a Goodyear place when getting tires. Both acknowledged the bump and claim they have never seen something like that before. From underneath they say it is above the catalytic converter but there is no bump up that they can see from there.

    Yesterday I took it to a different dealer for an oil change as an excuse to see what their service would be like. They tell me it belongs there. Then how come I didn't notice it when I got it? Do all of them really have this hump and I was completely oblivious to it until recently or am I just being blown off?
  • vramos11vramos11 Posts: 1

    About those stop lights: I had to replace the left socket due to a bad ground. This is a manufacturing defect that the NJ state DMV asked GM to issue a recall on. GM refused. The inspection employes all know about rake light problems in these vans for certain years. Mine's an '01.

    Water gets into the socket and corrodes the connection for the ground or other contacts. There is electrical tape wrapped around the six sockets on the rear of the truck. It was a make-do fix for a known problem. Again, tape was only on wires where they enter the socket.

    Three long waits through the inspection lines to find and fix this problem. Kudos to GM for ignoring a real headache for GM express owners!
  • tech3363tech3363 Posts: 2
    You dont change any sensors until the go bad, when they do the check eng light will come on and will have a code set. As fare as the brakes are concerned, sounds to me like the rotors or drums are warped creating pulstation felt in the steering wheel. Have the rotors and or drums machined when you do the brake service.
  • gpturnergpturner Posts: 3
    I have a 2007 Chevy Express Basically the exact same van that exact same bump has bothered me from day one. It has always been there and is supposed to be ....sorry
  • gpturnergpturner Posts: 3
    I also like the way the seats detach but hate the rattle. I am thinking of coating the bottom the the seat brackets that fit in the hole with some of that tool coating.

    I have a 2007 chevy express witht the 6.0 and carefully monitor the milage so far (28,000 Miles) I am getting 14-14.5 MPG on the open road and 12-13 in the city. I would be interested what others are getting and if the Milage goes up as the engine braks in.
  • jodyzjodyz Posts: 1
    I'm in the same boat...did you ever find a grille guard?
  • I have a 2001 Express with a 5.0 engine. It started missing and has a slight "clicking" noise. Took it to a shop, they said it needed two injectors. Purchased two, then they said it needed all eight. Purchased them. After $ 855.00 it does the same thing and the mechanics now say that a cyclinder is "washed out". I think I got ripped. Anyway, is it possible that the ecu can be causing the problem? Had a complete tune up to no avail. It doesn't knock, doesn't burn oil, does not smoke, but just appears to miss on one or two of the cyclinders. The miss is constant and consistant. Any suggestions?

  • jgarnaasjgarnaas Posts: 13
    Have you had the vehicle hooked up to a diagnostic machine at a shop to see if any engine trouble codes appear? you can also buy the diagnostic units cheaply and check for yourself to see any engine trouble codes.
  • swinnyoswinnyo Posts: 1
    Dude-have someone competent check the wiring harness near the front upper A frame-they have had many issues w/symptoms that match yours
  • my company van would not start. few minutes later van started. took to nearest garage and noticed SECURITY light was on dash. garage owner said key and/or key ignition cylinder is worn so computer thinks i'm trying to steal van so computer cuts off fuel injectors. went to dealership but their computers were down so i could not get new key. took a chance with backup key. later that evening van would not start AT ALL and i was stranded. got tow back to house. later installed NEW ignition key cylinder AND NEW key cut from van VIN code from dealership. turned key to run position and let sit for at least 20 minutes so computer could re-calibrate to new key/cylinder. van starts up and runs fine. hope that helps!
  • I have a 97 chevy 3500 van. I've had it about 2 years, since shortly after I bought it it has slipped going into 3rd gear. Now it smells like the transmission fluid is burning and it sometimes will not shift out of 1st. Could someone plz give me an idea what this could be? Thank you.
  • swinnyo - do you have more information on this wiring issue and is it the same for a 2002 Savana van. I have similar issues and want to check this wiring while I am checking everything else.

  • gmjohngmjohn Posts: 1
    I'm interested in towing my 4000 pound boat with a 2008 or 2009 Chevy express. I just wondering if anyone tows with this van and how do you like the van for towing? Does the 5.3 liter engine develop enough torque to pull 4000 lbs?

  • I have pulled my boat 18 ft bass boat with my 2000 gmc savanna work van loaded with plumbing tools v8 , no problems I usually travel from birmingham to guntersville approx 55 miles and across small mountains rest of ride is flat van has over 100 grand on it now.I now pull boat with 92 ford ranger pick up 6 cyl
  • I have a 2001 Chevy Express 3500. 5 months ago I started having issues where I would have to turn the vehicle over 2-3 times before it would start. Coming back from vacation I let the Van sit for 5 weeks and could not get it started. The vehicle runs fine once started, Idles fine, no issues, but takes 3-6 times to start now, and have had to get a new battery or charge the old to keep cranking. I am wondering what would be the first thing to look at. The last time I had to wiggle the (inside the motor) fuse box and it cranked right up. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

    Pensacola, Fla.
  • Hi,

    I have a 1999 express van with the 5.7 V8. While driving at speeds over 40 mph the motor is starting to stumble - will hold/increase speed but does it under minor protest. Any help would be nice.

    I'm thinking fuel pump (only have 50psi - should be 65ish?)
    180,000 miles with new plugs, wire, cap, rotor, oil change, air filter, and fuel filter
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