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Chevy Express/GMC Savana



  • ferallynxferallynx Posts: 2
    edited October 2010
    I have 124,913 miles on my own Chevy Express, and I have replaced the rotors a total of ZERO times. I have never had any problems with brake pads. They've been replaced as needed during scheduled tune-ups. (Which my company designates). You say that your steering column shakes to the point that you can barely keep the van straight. It seems like you have a major problem with your particular vehicle. The vans are known to shake, special the rear-view mirrors, but not to that extreme. We have several Expresses used at our work place, and sorry to tell you, but their is no major rotor issue.

    You say that the Van's payload capacity is overrated? That's absurd. The brakes are well qualified for 3,900 Lbs of payload (or with almost 10,000 Lbs of trailer weight). Which is actually a legit advertised payload, unlike the totally unrealistic advertised Sprinter payload of over 5K Lbs. I've driven a Dodge Sprinter for 6 years and, the brakes aren't any better, or more reliable.

    You are so fixated that the car should be "RECALLED" ( that and the many other things), that it's kind of getting suspicious that you have some sort of grudge against the car. And since you state that you have an '84 Ram van, your POV is starting to show. So what it seems like here is, you have an old Ram van, and you're mad that you aren't using an updated Chevy Express van. That's just what it seems like, but I'm not going to state it as a fact. Trying to get others to call up the DOT in order to file a complaint on your own stated issues is too far.

    If you think your van is really that crappy, and you are not getting the warranty coverage, I suggest you demand a new vehicle, or threaten with a lawsuit.
  • EDIT: Rotors were replaced with regular tune-ups. What I meant was: I had zero problems with the rotors, or the brake pads.
  • I have a one ton chevy van 1999 and it has the 5.7 liter engine, the owners manual tells you it takes 5 quarts of oil but that will not reach even the middle of the dipstick. I have always had to put in 6 quarts of oil when i do an oil change. Why is this going on when the book says 5 quarts, do the 1 ton vans ahve a larger oil pan or oil cooler that causes this to happen?
  • d4belld4bell Posts: 2
    I have a 2003 Chevy Express Van and cannot find any torsion keys to lift my van up enough to put on 285 size tires . I didn't want to sinch down the torsion bar bolts. Anybody out there use re-indexed torsion keys for a silverado or escalade? My van is a 2500 AWD, six lug with a 5.3 liter V- 8 From what I have been able to find , it looks like an Escalade, Yukon, and Silverado are the same. It's hard to believe there isn't a suspension company out there offering torsion keys for this van. I realize the roll-over rate is already a great possibility. The more I investigate the less that is offered for this vehicle. I can"t find a remote key case either. Any help on these items would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Have a nice day!
  • tbb2tbb2 Posts: 3
    You state, and I have read elsewhere, that locking differentials are not available from the factory anymore. I see it is not listed as an option currently on the Chevy Express cargo van.

    When did availability stop?

    I'm trying to identify the type of differential on a used 2003 Chevy Express 3500 I bought.
  • I don't know whether to scream or cry. We have a 2004 Southern Comfort Conversion Savana. We JUST paid it off 2 weeks ago and as per Murphy's Law all hell has broke loose. I have a mystery puddle of water appearing in front of the front passenger seat. It just saturates the carpet!
    The underside of the dash is dry as a bone, as is the door. The seam along the center console is damp and the carpet is seperating from the glue.
    The water is now also starting to appear on the corner of the driver's seat by the center console.
    And then TODAY my seatbelt warning light came on and stayed on although I had my seatbelt ON!
    Of course all warranties have expired too.
    So any ideas where this water may be coming from????? Clogged A/C line maybe?
  • tbb2tbb2 Posts: 3
    I may also be a leaking heater hose.
  • Howdy, Just got a 97 Savanna, 84,000 miles, very clean, however, the brake lights work great when all the other lights are off, when I turn the headlights and that on the left light doesn't work and the right brake light lights up when I left off the brakes, and when driving the gas gauge goes berserk, cant never tell how much gas I have. This van has the TV, VCR, etc in it, very nice but I cant get the TV to work, does this thing have an inverter, if so where, I checked all the fuses right behind the drivers seat and they are all good, in fact all the fuses are good.....thanks for any help
  • change the fuel pump sensor
  • Can anyone five me any advice about these vans? Are they reliable ?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    What kind of information are you interested in? Please feel free to email me directly with your questions.
    GM Customer Service
  • I too have been replacing rotors reqularly on my 2008 < 10,000 miles and the brakes are like new.
    No reasonable or support from Chevy
  • i recently bought a 99 chevy express mark III converison van 100K and after having it for a few days i noticed a eledtrical problem my radio cuts off at a certien volume and my interior lights dont work when i turn on the dome light but the do when i open the door or use my remote to unlock the doors i have checked both fuse boxes and they are both good so im stumped as to what it could be anyideas
  • ivparkerivparker Posts: 1
    We have a 2006 Chevy Express that we bought used. The last row only has lap belts. We found someone on craigslist that has a 2000 Chevy Express that she says has all shoulder belts. I haven't sent my husband to go look at them as its a drive away from us so I wanted to see here if you thought they would be compatible. Could we putt 2000 Express seats into a 2006? Has there been any change on how seats are installed to make a difference? Thanks so much for your help.
  • newsie23newsie23 Posts: 17
    I believe the seat brackets changed after/in '03. I had wanted to use rear buckets from 01 or 02, and the attachment was different! It is likely the bench seat attachment also changed.
  • savana2savana2 Posts: 1
    you should be able to turn them off by tuning the headlight switch to the left like I can on my gmc van
  • I have a 2003 Express exteded cargo van. Has 88,000 miles on it. The check engine light is coming on only if I reach 70 mph. If I slow down light goes off. Does anybody have a guess or has gone through this with theirs. Thanks in advance for any help!!!
  • wikingerwikinger Posts: 6
    Hi, check ur transmissionoiltemprature!
    Check Transmissionoil! Change it, or refill to max!
  • tbb2tbb2 Posts: 3
    I do not have personal experience with this but have a recall of reading something about oil pump problems that occurred under load ... like when you are moving 70 MPH. Checking your engine and transmission oils and filters are the first step. If they are okay I would then look at what is needed to inspect the oil pump.
  • THANKS!!!
  • THANKS!!!
  • I am also looking for the same info did you have any luck thanks Paul
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