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Saturn S-Series



  • As Saturn retailers are independently owned and operated, there is some difference in service quality from what I have heard.. As a whole however, Saturn retailers are known to be a cut above your traditional haggle prone Toyota or Nissan dealer.

    As I mentioned, I drove the 2003 Accord last Saturday, and I was very impressed. For the price/features ratio, it runs rings around the 2003 L Series. I posted a bit more info regarding my test drive of the Accord in the "2003 Accord Redesign" room if your're interested. Im sure you'll like it.
  • dch0300dch0300 Posts: 472
    Can anyone tell me how to reprogram the keyless remote on a 1997 Saturn SW2 so that the horn WILL NOT honk when I press the Lock or Unlock buttons on it?

  • Prolly a good idea to contact your Saturn retailer, or call 1800-553-6000 for customer assistance
  • Has anyone else been having trouble with motor mounts? I have 63k miles on my Saturn and for the second time I have a collapsed right-side motor mount. I was told by the dealer that this is a common problem but I never had this problem on my 1994 Saturn.
  • dch0300dch0300 Posts: 472
    We had to have our motor mount replaced also, along with the water pump on our 1997 SW2 about 6 months ago. That was $400+ that I wasn't too happy to pay on a car that we bought new 6 years ago and currenty only have 42,500 miles on it!!!!
  • early and mid 90's repairs. I did both on my 94' SL2.
    And more things. I got rid of it this past summer at 120,000 miles. I couldn'take the low seat and powerseatbelts any more.

    The new ION looks good for it's size and powertrain.
  • I saw pics of the new Ion and the styling is great, and I really like the concept of the quad coupe, but the center mounted instrument cluster is awful. That alone will prevent me from buying one. Maybe its the next generation thing and more cars will adopt the idea from Mini Cooper but ergonomicaly it would anoy me to all ends. I guess it it could be a cost cutting idea for cars that are manufactured for different countries with right hand drive, but I can't see that being the case for a Saturn?
  • vuefor2vuefor2 Posts: 490
    The center gauges are no big deal at all. Every review I have read give Ion good marks for visibility because of it and say you get used to it all very quickly.

    Check out the Ion forum, there are links to some reviews.
  • At 20,000 miles the engine noise increased substantially and the dealer replaced the muffler under the warranty. They stated that they are starting to see a few SL2's with a slight crack in the muffler. Now I have almost 40,000 miles and the engine is again louder than before. I suspect a new muffler is again needed. Since I exceeded my 36,000 mile warranty I guess I must foot the bill. Even the extended warranties do not cover the exhaust system or catalytic converter. Has anyone else experienced similar exhaust problems?
  • afk_xafk_x Posts: 393
    Your exhaust system is covered for 75,000 miles or 5 years including the cat. Check your warrenty section of your owners manual to verify this. I may be slightly off here...


    If you think the OEM is garbage you can always go to a muffler shop and for 100 bucks get a different muffler put on.
  • jc1973jc1973 Posts: 63
    hi everyone i just bought a 1997 saturn sl2 for 4000 it has 101000 miles on it i paid 3900 is this a good car any info much appriaciated
  • Despite what some people may tell you here (for most people only post issues when they are problems) Saturn's S Series line of cars have been rated above average in consumer reports for years, scored well in initial quality according to JD Power & Associates back in the 96-98 model years.

    As to your particular SL2, I cannot say if it is a great Saturn compared to an average one. I have some questions. Did you purchase this SL2 from a dealer/ big dealership or small? or did you buy it from an individual? Did you have a carfax check done on the vehicle to check for accident/flood damage? Do you have any or all of the SL2's original maintenance records ?

    Is it automatic or stick ? Did you check the cars value on ? I checked a 97 SL2 with 101,000 miles/ 5 speed/ air/cd which came out to be worth $ 3850.00 in a private party sale.

    My Saturn experience has been decent. I had a 1998 SL which I put 30,000 miles on before I traded in for a 2001 SL1, which currently has near 12,000 miles. My 98 SL's only problems were a failed computer control module at 18,000 miles, and my 01 SL1 has had the rotors resurfaced recently. Otherwise, they have been great cars. Good luck ..
  • I went to see the new ION on Sunday. No sales people around so I had a chance to look and not be bothered. But I do have a question. The doors? Are they steel? They didn't feel like the front and rear fenders. If that's the case, how come? Did I miss something? I always thought the reason Saturn maintain such a new look is because of the Polymer body. I know the L series does not have Polymer doors, but why change the ION to steel? Otherwise, I like the look and will definitely take one out for a test drive.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    L-series have polymer doors as do the IONs.
  • The L Series front fenders, and door panels are polymer, only the rear quarter panels near the back of the L are steel for saftey reason.

    The ION, is completely polymer except the hood/roof/trunk lid. Starting at $ 11,995 for a base ION with one of the most powerful engines in its class, industry firsts like electronic steering, make the ION a great buy imo. I think you'll walk away impressed.
  • The S Series room is probably quiet due to the fact that S Series cars are no longer being produced in favor of the more powerful, more refined, ION. Get Ionized.
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Posts: 535
    This time if I need another oil burner ....I will get a diesel
  • what ever floats your diesel boat man
  • ochsskochssk Posts: 52
    Every so often our '95 Saturn SL-2 seems to get stuck in 2nd gear (automatic). It's usually on a secondary street less than a mile before I'm at my destination. Could this be a sign of a terminal problem or might it be something simple? Anyone have a similar problem?

    The car has 85K on it and is due for it's 90K service soon.


  • I am not a mechanic so to tell you I know what the problem is would be false. I would have your nearest Saturn retailer look at the car for your best bet. good luck.

    While you're there, check out the new 2003 ION, maybe you won't have to worry bout the SL2 cause the ION may surprise you.
  • Well I just register for this forum and I see many people comparing saturns vs honda civic!!!! well the only thing I can say is that civics are a disgrace and really they can not be compared to saturns at all. In my point of view saturn is a real car compare to any honda, or toyota!!!!!! and I guess we should be proud of having a reliable and durable american car and not all the japanese cars that we have here in the USA!! and talking about horsepower well why do we need more horsepower in a saturn it still can beat any 4 cylinder honda or toyota!!!
  • I bought my father a used Saturn and he is thoroughly pleased with it. The only setback is the low seat position which, with his height, makes him want to place a cushion on it to improve his position. The adjustments on the seat don't do enough. My question is whether there is a way to raise the seat without compromising safety? Are there larger/higher seat mounts available? Any suggestion would be appreciated.
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Posts: 535
    At 6,1 210 the seat is to low and its to tight of a fit to be comfortable in our sc2 .Any rides over an hour just are not fun . if you raise the seat wouldnt headroom become an issue ? She drives the car I just keep adding oil to it LOL . Any long rides we take the 95 Eldorado ETC
  • Plenty of head room due to the height of the driver. Raising the seat about 3 inches would be perfect but again, I don't want to jeopardize the safety aspect of the vehicle.
  • Seat height is one of the issues addressed by Saturn with the new ION, for it has a higher position in comparison with the S. A good bet might be something as simple as an extra seat cushion or two which can be found at most auto parts stores or department stores.

    I don't see this solution to compromise the vehicles safety in any way. "Always buckle up"
  • zapcatzapcat Posts: 64
    Anyone know what the symptoms would be for a 'bad'

    fuel filter on a '95 SL1. I have 83k on the orig.
  • your best bet is to look on, you may find an answer there.
  • I was thinking of purchasing a 2001 Saturn, automatic, low mileage, 4 door. Only was add in paper today. I know they are suppose to get good gas mileage/ kilometers. Would like some input on vehicle, would be appreciate any comments, good or bad

  • I am on my second Saturn, a 2001 SL1 5 speed.
    My thoughts as to this individual car are good overall, the gas mileage is good, it received the highest crash test rating for driver an passenger, it is quiet at cruising speeds and does what I need it to do and hasn't given me any major trouble (knock on wood)

    What I would change? The seats are thin, and can become uncomfortable on longer drives, and I wish it had more power..

    IF you have the need for speed, check out the SL2, or an L Series.. Otherwise, the SL and SL1 are good, dependable vehicles that don't ding or rust. A big bonus imo
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