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Saturn S-Series



  • kadsmdkadsmd Posts: 1
    I just bought an 97 sc2. It doesnt go into reverse. It seems to be in nuetral but if you rev it up enough it will start moving backwards just not very fast. Also the service engine soon light is on. Is this fixable? A solenoid or something or do I need a whole new trans?
  • mitchjmitchj Posts: 5
    Well usually on any auto tranny that would mean a rebiuld or replacement. Reverse is the first to go followed by I think it's 2nd. Reverse is usually the weakest link in the trans one so you can still use it (at least I feel so) and two its the least used so the components need not be as strong. look at about $1800-$3000 to have it done mainly because of the labor involved with saturns. As for the engine light is it the service or check engine light, if the service light then that's coincidence so that needs to be addressed how many miles on it? If its the check engine light then it could be because of the trans, you need to get the codes pulled.
    You could go with a junkyard trans but I would NOT recomend that, it will still cost you a good grand for labor at least and if the trans doesn't work you have to pay to have it pulled and another one put in now a used trans just cost you more than a new/rebiult one. Shop around at shops, trans shops. I guess the one you bought it from won't give your money back? Pull the dip stick and if it smells burnt and is dark red or brown then its the trans but you know that already. If you didn't pay for it yet don't!!! unless its a great deal!
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    Commonly on the S-Series this is indicative of needing to rebuild/replace the valve body on the trans...very possible that the trans does not need to be rebuilt...Service engine light probably a transaxle code related to your problem...
  • gar2gar2 Posts: 5
    Try changing your transmission fluid and filter first. If that doesn't work, the valve body would be my next suspect. (around $1200 at the Saturn dealership)
  • most likely the pc control solenoid is bad in the valve body or a bad valve body...... and it could have a posslbe loose input shaft nut those are the most common problems that cause a no reverse in a saturn trans... no need for a total rebuild or new trans.. both can be fixed right in a couple of hours... ive worked on saturns for over 13 years now
  • mitchjmitchj Posts: 5
    I am getting a intermittened code 25 trans code,"no torque converter clutch" mostly when we don't warm the car up for about 5 minutes and you just go. It will not shift into 2nd gear and sometimes we even have to pull over and shift to park andf then in drive. it's definitely intermittened it can be fine for weeks and then every other time out but only when not fully warmed up! The trans was fully rebiult and has about 45,000 on it and fluid is nice and bright red, I have changed the external filter and now at a stand still. Once it does correct itself and shifts there is no problem afterwards. I was told it was a sensor but don't know what one,where it is, or what to do next! thanks for your help!
  • kevinc70kevinc70 Posts: 3
    When traveling down the road I get a rear thumping noise as I go Faster it gets faster to a point and then I dont hear it any more,it sounds like tire slap.It seems like the rt rear when I turn the wheel one way it goes away and when I turn it the other it gets worse. I rotated the tires and thats not it.Wondering if it could be a rear bearing or suspension any advice would be great.
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    Sounds like a rear bearing to me...big clue is that it gets worse in one direction & better in the other.
  • tzeentchtzeentch Posts: 2
    My sunroof will open fine, but gets stuck when I tried to close it. (its motorized). I have to physically force it until it starts to move again. I tried cleaning the track, but to no avail. Any ideas?

  • tzeentchtzeentch Posts: 2
    On my 2002 Saturn SC-2 dashboard my security and repair lights come on togethor. They never come on without the other, i.e. security but not the repair light. They also only come on about 50% of the time.

    Any thoughts?

  • Hi I have a 1994 saturn sc2. Im having some trouble with it. It has a low idle, when i put it in reverse or drive, it dies. These are the things i have changed-Both coil packs, spark plugs & wires, EGR valve, PCP valve, IAC Valve, and map sensor. I thought it may have been a blown head gasket, but my uncle checked it before i got the car and said that wasnt it. I was thinking it might be the coolant temprature sensor? Any ideas, please let me know!!!
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    change the coolant temp sensor and make sure that the wire & plug for it are in good condition as well...very likely the problem.
  • saturnbluesaturnblue Posts: 10
    I only have one question, does your SC2 use an Auto trans?

    I know it's probably not related, but a few years back I had an econoline van that was rear-ended by a distracted driver on his cell phone, I didn't notice at the time, but my bolts that kept the drive shaft aligned had been knocked out of alignment, for some reason the van drove without any noticable problems for about 9000 miles. Then it died while my wife was driving it and AAA towed it back to our driveway.

    You could start it up and it would run, but placing it into reverse or a drive gear stalled it every time, even though the van had surpassed the waranty, I took it to a Ford dealer just to verify the torque converter being bad, I even paid a local welder $50 to cut it open so I could see what made it fail, more than half the pressure plate springs were shattered and the spring "chunks" were acting like an abrasive slurry rubbing off the friction plates.

    Since I don't know if you have an Auto trans, I'm just guessing a transmission problem and since I can't hear what sound it makes when it stalls, I can't determine what is going on at the time your engine stalls.
  • saturn56saturn56 Posts: 7
  • I have a 96 Saturn Sl1 which has been doing a couple of things lately. The AC will cut off and back on during city driving. During Highway driving it will stay on. The car will aslo begin to overheat during city driving as well.
    I changed out the T-stat today, and checked to see if the fan would come on during idle. The car never really got up to temp, so I turn on the AC while in the driveway and then all of a sudden the temp started to climb.
    I plan to change out the fan motor and the AC relay switch to rule those out.
    Could something else be wrong with the AC that would cause it to cut in and out and also contribute to the temp to rise too high?
  • ehansonehanson Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 SL1 that I bought in 2002 it had around 20000mi and now it has 109000.
    For the first 5 years all I had to replace was the reverse light switch (twice) about $40 for both and I had to replace the muffler clamp $15. This past year the car cost me the most. Most of it was normal wear n tear items (ty rod ends, ball joints and front wheel bearings.) The only engine work I had done was the intake gasket. $27 part and $300 in labor. By far this car has been one of the best I've owned. My other 2 best was an 82 Ford Escort and a 94 Ford ranger. This Saturn has gotten me 43 mpg and I average 39mpg even at 109000. I haven't had to deal with the dealership except for buying the muffler clamp from them cuz the after market items didn't fit.

    No complaints from me.
  • i have a 2002 saturn s and the lights will not go off ,when yhe car is off the lights stay on :confuse:
  • brophbroph Posts: 85
    My daughter has a '97 saturn and the air bag light comes on occasionally, her car has 100k + on it. Would the sensor need to be replaced or just dirty? Is it a simple fix? I appreciate any comments or related experience. Thanks
  • It could well be a fuse. There's one per headlight motor on this car. A 10 amp, look in the users manual for the slot number.

    Do you know there is a manual override for the motor next to each headlight. You have to unplug the cable & there's something to twist until it's fully raised.
  • Does anyone have or know where I may obtain a free step by step guide on how to replace my EVAP Purge Selonoid on my 2000 Saturn SL2
  • You might look through these YouTube videos. This guy has great video and narration on a ton of Saturn items.
  • I had a wonderful accident with my 2001 SL while driving. both front springs snapped and took out both front tires. I had the two springs replaced with brand new ones, and both tires as well. While I was test driving the car after I aligned the front end, I noticed some moaning at the center of the steering circle so I checked my PS fluid level and it was really low, so I topped that up. I asked a local mechanic of there was a break-in period for new springs because I heard some tapping while going over some bumps and it was that case, but I also noticed when I was turning sharply at low speeds that there was a little creaking noise from the passenger side. It only happens when I am doing under 15mph, but it's absolutely silent if I go faster. I was wondering if it was a wheel bearing or a bushing, like a sway bar bushing or a strut rod bushing, but I don't know what to fix next. Any idea what it could be (I think it's not a wheel bearing because it's not doing anything out of the ordinary while driving straight ahead and there is no bumping, popping or "stones in the tire" sounds coming from the front end)
  • ssklsskl Posts: 45
    Sounds like a typical Constant Velocity joint. You described the first simple test a mechanic does to see if there is a popping sound on a slow sharp turn in either direction to find out if the joint needs attention.
    Next is boot check for that joint to see if it is leaking CV lube.
    Next replace worn CV joint. "Costly"?
  • your original problem with oil in the coolant was most likely a cracked head. I just wen't thru the same senario. The machine shop said the head was good but after the install I still had the same problem. So I pulled a head off another car wich I knew was good and poof problem solved. Now if your getting coolant in your oil it's probably a crack in the block. you said the engine came from a wreck. Was the car hit hard enough to damage the engine?
  • I have a 1998 SL2 and the brake and reverse lights do not work on the two back lights. The turn signals and lights work, just not reverse and the brake lights. All lights work on the third light in the rear window. Has anybody had this problem? Does anybody have any idea how to fix this problem?

  • I have a 99 Saturn sci 2 door coupe. On the dash there is a light that says "Service" and one that says "check engine" The "service"light stays on. I've had the car scanned for codes but nothing. There also is a little wrench on the side of the Service light? Since I don't have an owner's manual, I haven't a clue. any help or ideas?
  • Hi there, I anm haveing the same trouble. 1993 saturn, up shifts very hard, bangs the gears. did you have any luck with yours? I was told it was the valve body, replaced it, still does the same thing...
    thanks mike r. michigan :mad:
  • I replaced the valve body , as was suggested by a saturn trans tech. It did not help, still bangs all the gears, light on the gas pedal, still bangs the gears....foot on brake...shift from drive to reverse,,,bang,,,,bang......
    help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad:

    michael rossbach
    metal model maker at saturn for 16 years, madison heights, mi
  • Dom57Dom57 Posts: 2
    Lately when I start my car (SL2 – 2000) in the morning the Security light is flashing, Service Light is lit and the Service Engine Soon light is lit and the car turns over but won’t start. sounds like its out of gas. I have the passive security system only. So I turn the ignition switch to run over an over until the security light stops flashing then goes out. This is when the car starts approximately 3 to 5 min. worth of playing time. While the car warms the security light and the service light comes back on an the car runs with no problems. If I turn the car off and re start it the lights clear and don’t come back on. Went to auto zone while the lights were lit to check and there were no codes that come up.. Does any one know what this could be? Is this an easy fix or do I need to bring this to the dealer? Thanks for any help
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