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Land Cruiser Slapping Noise

ikonoblastikonoblast Member Posts: 2
edited July 2014 in Toyota
I have a 2004 LC w/ 43,000 miles. Recently it has developed a "slapping noise" somewhere in the rear during high speed highway driving. Not related to bumps or anything else I can identify. It sounds like a loose strap blowing in the wind and occasionally whacking the body. I have been all over the beast and can't find anything loose. I'm starting to think it is the body flexing. Any ideas?


  • gingerdoggingerdog Member Posts: 1
    Hi, wondering if you ever found out what this was. I also have a 2004 LC with about the same miles, and started experiencing exactly the same thing a few months ago. I'm taking it in to the dealer tomorrow for them to figure out, but was curious to see if you've gotten to the root of the problem.
  • ikonoblastikonoblast Member Posts: 2
    Yeah, I did. The rear tabs were broken off of the inside of the black plastic right rear roof rack end cover. The front tabs were holding it on and it would occasionally raise up and down, making the slapping noise. Instead of replacing it for almost $60, I drilled a hole near the outside edge and put a metal screw through the cover to engage the tab on the roof plate. Hope this works for you.
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