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Audi A4 2004 and earlier



  • lauk0dglauk0dg Posts: 563
    Well to further complicate the discussion, the S4's have white needles and red backlit on the gauges, which are exactly the opposite of the A4's. Pretty cool actually, but I like mine better. It's a whole lot better than the BMW's all-orange red layout. I agree that although the VW gauges look cool with the blue/purple, they are not as distinct at night as the Audi gauges. My girlfriend commented that though she loves riding in my car at night because of the red center console layout and the "warmth" it brings.

    I don't think they are EL on the A4's.....and the ones on the 02 A4 are similar to the pre 02 A4's.

    Well I read that the new A8 will have the Nav plus with color screen (finally) instead of just a verbal and little screen command. Perhaps it'll move down the chain eventually to the A4.

    Speaking of which, I was pricing out the 03 A4 the other day and I found out that the rear seat warmers are not an available option anymore on ALL 03 A4 sedans (didn't check the Avants) and even not on the 03 A6 3.0. Apparently they won't be offered unless you buy something at least of a 03 A6 2.7T. I know this wasn't offered either on pre-02 A4's, but c'mon AoA, what are you thinking?

    About Chicagoland pricing, since we have 7 Audi dealerships in here, I would highly suggest you visit them and get their pricing. Or even call them up and see if they'd bid for your business either by fax or email. Then compare that to I shopped around and I saved quite a bit due to a big variety of pricing among the dealerships.

  • My digicam does NOT do a good job in the dark, so this is the best I can do. I should also point out that when I turn the flash off, it insists on taking a longer exposure shot, so this pic is a little less sharp than real life. I also don't think that the colors are captured accurately. Maybe this is a good excuse to invest in a new camera...


  • I'm in the process of negotiating for the best price on an A4 Avant that I plan to order soon. I went to a dealer in the Albany NY area (if you live there you'll know the dealer name) I went in person, talked to a salesman, told him I knew what I wanted and said I was shopping for the best price. He went on a tirade about how they don't play those games, yelled about how I proably shopped up and down the east coast looking for $500 and then in a rude fashion informed me that they get 5% over invoice and do not negotiate. I have never been treated so badly while looking to spend $35K dollars. Needless to say I wouldn't buy an Audi in the Albany NY area even if it was the only dealer in the US. I've gotten a couple of prices in the 4% over invoice range. How's that sound?
  • nerdnerd Posts: 203
    Since Audi does not have a dealer holdback policy, I think 4 percent over invoice is a fair price. I would ask the salesperson about the advertising charge that might be added on top of the four percent.

    Edmunds has some guidelines on pricing on this website.

    I agree with you about the rude salesperson. Don't do business with them.
  • Peter-- I know the feeling. We have a local Audi dealer here in my area which has the same attitude. In past postings, I've called their attitude "arrogant" and definitely went elsewhere to buy. If they hadn't been so arrogant but rather made me feel good about being a potential customer of theirs, I may have relented and considered paying a little more if they gave me the feeling that I'd be treated well in the future. But I didn't get that feeling at all from their rude attitude. Yes, as I told Rich, you shouldn't have to pay any more than 4% over invoice no matter where you are located.

    But I'd also urge you to read Mark's recent comments on the A6 board. It definitely sheds a different perspective on the dealership experience and why you may not want to make the initial price of the car your main priority.

    And to answer the question you posted on the Avant board, yes, an "order" is included as part of the dealer's allocation. True, some people don't realize that surprised me when my dealer explained it to me.

    brian-- No, that's a nice (and very accurate) pic. The illumination appears exactly like my 2001 (but without my beloved voltmeter and oil temp' gauges *gloats*) and definitely doesn't have the electroluminescent effect. I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing.

    As everyone can see, the "white" markings appear much more distinct than the red so you can imagine what it would look like in all red ..."muddled" at best. I think it's a good combination to have the white hash marks. And as I said, they almost appear bluish after you look at them for awhile.

    Paul-- Forget what I said about the Jetta's headlights having a "thingie" coming out of the reflector. After looking at one close up yesterday, I realized it's just the support for the center deflector. But I still don't understand why the Jetta's lights look whiter and brighter than anyone else's multi-reflector halogens (?).

  • I just picked up my 2003 A4 1.8T quattro, it's real sweet. I had a similar conversation with the Audi dealer in West Long Branch, NJ. The guy told me that we would not negotiate from $300 under MSRP, and since they were a "Porsche/Audi" dealer they didn't negotiate over a "few hundred dollars", whatever. In addition, the guy tells me they were including floor mats which made up for the difference in price that other delaers in the area were offering. This made me so mad that I wouldn't have bought the car from him even if he offered it for $1000 UNDER invoice. Also, he told me he was "throwing in" a free loaner when my car was serviced, which I believe is standard for any new Audi purchase anywhere. I finally got the car at the Princeton Audi dealer for $720 over invoice, $1859 less than the offer in West long Branch with the same 3.9% financing, so it pays to shop around, and to negotiate for a "few hundred dollars". The service was fantastic, the salesman was very courteous and honest. The entire transaction was done via email and phone, I spent 30 min at the dealership to sign papers.

    Some of these salesman just don't get it, and some seem to get angry when they realize that you have actually researched the purchase. If they give you some line about how they don't negotiate just walk out, there is probably a better deal somewhere else.
  • Jason-- Yes, I fully understand what you are saying. I too, believe that $1,859 is a substantial amount and wouldn't consider that only "a few hundred dollars." But I'm also becoming more cognizant of the points Mark makes as I become "older and wiser." Again, I urge everyone to read his comments over on the A6 board. Many of us are coming to Audis from "lesser" (for lack of a better description at the moment) brands of cars and we are used to the ritual of playing the "games" that come with buying those types of cars. As we move up to Audis, I'm starting to find a different mentality among owners --and dealers as well. I for one, am learning that initial price might not be the most important aspect of the car "owning" experience. Although I still continue to be price conscisous with any purchase I make, I'm starting to question the practice of bargaining too hard for the initial purchase price. Ah, that fine line ...I'm beginning to feel the urge to establish a relationship with my dealer and yet don't necessarily want to pay an exhorbitant price for it either. Yes, we do, as Mark states, need to become "better customers" and in return, we receive better service and potentially become happier with the overall "owning" experience.

    And no, all Audi dealers aren't required to provide free service loaners. It seems like most do but it is not a requirement. Audi, the manufacturer, does provide the customer a loaner only if a warranty repair requires the car to be kept overnight.

  • If the salesrep or the dealer are "behaving badly" -- well then that is a reason to go elsewhere. However, I would, consider that my experience over time would tell me that I can see some reasons that it may cost less in the long run to not hammer too much on the price up front.

    The reasons and examples are many and I cannot list them all and I will not use up more disk space to attempt to persuade anyone any further -- your circumstances may be different than mine or 'rocco's. Suffice it to say that there are differences in the "buy/sell dance" and the long term ownership experience when dealing with (many) high end autos.

    This dealer may be slime for all I know or the next guy might just be interested in moving a volume of cars and will be a nightmare after the sale.

    My advice: work on the relationship and upon stating your expectations for the relationship after the sale. The sales process is a few hours to a few days in lenght the ownership experience is probably a few years.

    I'd pay more for a better ownership experience rather than a quick hit up front. It is amazing how far $1,500 DOESN'T go if you need help and only get "what is required."

    The above opinions and conclusions come from years of buying from the same dealership and from the same car company. Be guided by what you want in the overall relationship not just the "one night stand" to borrow a more crude analogy.
  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 18,741
    Decontenting? bummer. Oil temp is a useful thing to know 'cuz your motor isn't really warm if they oil's not.

    2000 BMW 528i, 2001 BMW 330CiC

  • lauk0dglauk0dg Posts: 563
    are dropped on the B6 A4's starting from 2002.

  • Well, I certainly understand and appreciate Mark's point of view, but he is obviously in another league of car buying all together. I am not really concerned with the $1800 I saved as much as the interaction I had with the salespeople involved, because I would like to establish a good relatonship. The first guy I discussed the Audi with reminded me of the stereotypical used car salesman, using every line from the book. Apparently, from what I've heard, many other people have had problems with this particular dealership. I believe I have started a good relationship with a differnet dealer, and in the mean time got a fair price on the car. For the effort, I've already hooked my salesman up with a buyer for a TT, and would recommend anyone I know to go through him, and I will probably buy my next one there. In my opinion, the burden of proof is not on the buyer, but on the seller. If you treat me well up front, I'll be a damn good customer. Maybe I am naive, but the perks that Mark speaks of seem to be the exception to the rule, and possibly unobtainable to the average customer. I hope not, as I am looking forward to being an Audi owner for many years.
  • rocco - Maybe they saw the email thread, Edmunds has updated the tmv to $32,375 (about 7.4% over invoice). Thanks for the input.

    I looked at the discussion on the a6 board regarding after service experience and couldn't agree more. I work in professional services and couldn't agree more about the customer who always wants the lowest price, they tend to be a huge pain for me as the vendor and usually end up being "less pleasant" to work with. I'm willing to pay a fair price and value the business relationship with the dealer.

    I'm hopefully visiting dealers this Saturday and *may* make a purchase. Any thoughts on lease vs. premier purchase vs. lease? I saw some discussion elsewhere on the board.

  • Sorry, I meant lease vs. premier purchase vs. buy

    ... too many hours at work today :)
  • This one really comes down to whether your state has tax laws that make leasing unattractive. Illinois is such a state, so I went with the premier purchase
  • The a A4 was a horrible nightmare as far as maintenance was concerned. I will never buy an Audi again. Excessive repairs at excessive costs. Welcome to the world of Audi.
  • Perhaps you don't want to relive the pain -- but could you share your experiences?

    And how many Audis have you owned? If this opinion was formed after your first Audi, I certainly understand but did you like the car enough in other areas to consider the brand again or was it the dealer or what?

    Inquiring minds. . .
  • Jason,
    I see you have a very good price on Audi A4. the price that you pay include all option ? or just with the standard option ?
    please let me know. I am also on the market to buying a car right now and audi A4 is my target.
    if you can please email me at I am in Sommerville area. Yesterday i checked with flemington audi car dealer and they just not a price bargain people :(
    thank you in advance
  • I went ahead and bought the car this weekend and picked it up yesterday. I decided to go ahead and buy it with financing because the salesman was trying to box me into giving him what I wanted my monthly payment to be on the premiere purchase instead of negotiating the price. I learned a lesson for my next car purchase - go in knowing how you are going to finance the car because I think I lost some negotiating room by switching to a purchase mid-deal. I didn't pay MSRP but I don't think I got a great deal either. I think the Chicago market may not have much room for negotiation.

    Anyway, no more on price! I have the car and now I'm going to have fun driving it!

    Any advice on breaking the engine in? The salesman said just don't take it above 4k RPMs in 1st for the first 1000 miles and don't drive it at constant speeds for a long time during the the first 100 miles. That sounds too good to be true - any differing opinions?
  • I should have said:

    "...don't drive it at constant speeds for a long time during the the first *1000* miles."
  • LOTS of city driving, I am not kidding. You want to fluctuate the revs for the engine so that a "groove" will not develop. Have fun.
  • I've spent $5500 on non-warrantied repairs on my vehicle...excessive (96 A4 new..mlg = 83k). What bothers me most, is the fact that these problems are recurring and show up conveniently after the period parts warranty is a short list...(Idle stabilizer valve 3 times)it kills your engine when not in gear...lots of fun to have your engine die and steering lock when your in the middle of a turn and downshifting...several light bulbs have been replaced(dash light needed excessive work...(control arm 2 times(car sounded like a cheap piece of crap going over bumps...))...the moonroof stopped working at 45k and I wasn't willing to pay$850 just to have it probably break a year later...wiper blade motor...engine thermostat replaced...rear diff seals leaking and replaced...tie rod ends replaced...sway bar links replaced...unless the product has improved and the problems addressed(doesn't do me any good now)...get a bimmer or an acura. I still feel sorry for Audi for the false accusations they suffered at the hands of 60 minutes...maybe this was their payback...and lastly, the dealership experience is/was demeaning and insulting...mechanics are to often clueless...
  • jaydolljaydoll Posts: 120
    Please be advised that a seller on ebay named wholesale4u101 is selling BMW, Audi and Mercedes rims. Currently he has RS4 celebrity wheels listed. I have been ripped off by this person and if you forward money to him you loose your money also. Please notice that if you do a search for this seller name you will find that he has done a recent name change as indicated by the sunglasses and also note that no specific location id given. Please email me if you wish more specific info.
  • jaydolljaydoll Posts: 120
    You must be talking about Langan Audi. The salesman are rude and the only thing than the sales staff is the sales manager. The quoted me the highest price of all the dealers I talked to. I have read on the net that their service department is not that good either.
  • Have any of you Minnesota (or anywhere else for that matter) Audi owners had any dealings with Anderson Motorsport located on Quattro Drive in Chanhassen MN?? Any input would be appreciated.
  • tmcktmck Posts: 28
    Last week as I was backing out of the garage, the car started its rough idle and the check engine light came on and started blinking. I drove it around the block to confirm my suspicions which were a bad ignition coil. I had it trucked to Spokane Washington, 90 miles to the North. Several weeks earlier I had done the same thing and had coil to #3 cylinder replaced. Yesterday I got up early and walked downtown to the bus stop and took the 6:45 AM bus to Spokane and then a taxi to the dealership to pick up the car. The coil to #4 cylinder had gone out. The service manager had replaced it plus the coils to cylinders 1 and 2. I now have all new ignition coils. Love my Audi but when they had a rash of coil failures, they should have nailed their supplier and recalled all cars with an early build date (mine was 7-02)to replace the bad coils. On the way home I zipped along the 2 lane at 50-60 mph on the first snowfall of the year in my 1.8 Quatro getting over 30 mpg. Gotta luv it.
  • I believe I bought an Audi part there a while back for my '90 Audi 100 5-cylinder.
  • toast99 -

    I haven't been there, but may have some info for you...

    if you are looking for some feedback & audi info specific to MN from mn try

    jj runs a nice forum and there are lots of folks who have been over to Anderson & would be glad to answer your questions.
  • I second the suggestion to visit We are now 300 members strong and growing!

    Anderson is an awesome facility with knowledgeable and personable mechanics. They also have a website

    and are a authorized MTM dealer.

    Any further questions?
  • Any comments on this upcoming model?

  • Rocco, is it even going to come into the NA market? It'd cool if it's coming...but too bad I already got mine. Heard that it has max torque of 177 lb/ft. Without looking at the torque curve, can't tell how it will perform.

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