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Audi A4 2004 and earlier



  • lauk0dglauk0dg Posts: 563
    Glad you are doing good and the A4 held up strong even when the guy behind you came flying into you at 40-50mph!! Yeah I-294 is notorious for blindingly wide turns and most people misjudge their distance until it's way too late. Man, even the IPass fell? Now that's some force.

    Good luck in your repairs and let me know where the dealership recommended you to go get the repairs and if they are good in doing it.

  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I have one of those SmartTag things on the windshield, and they are a wench to get off when you need to clean the window, etc. I can't believe it flew off when you got hit. And you walked away? Very, very lucky.

    I always try to take good care of my cars, because the car might end up giving its life for mine one day.
  • audibonaudibon Posts: 100
    Off topic somewhat but isn't it funny that we drive and are enthusiastic about our "German" cars. Yet 'quattro' is Spanish for four and "Avant" is French for front?!?!? See what happens when you have time to think at work about mindless trivia?
  • for an 2002 Audi A4 3.0 Quattro Auto (looks like also has leather and sport package) on sale for essentially invoice. It's even in my colour -- dolphin grey. Tempting. Too bad I wasn't planning on buying just yet. That and also the car will be basically 1 yr. old as soon as it leaves the showroom.
  • Hello everyone,

    I am currently in the 31st month of a 39 month lease on a Volvo S80 2.9. Since I have basically decided that I am turning the car in at the end of the lease, I have started (rather early) doing some research on a new car. Since the S80 was leased under odd circumstances, I am looking at a car that better fits my age bracket (24) and one that is somewhat cheaper.
    After looking through tons of web pages and attending the New England Auto Show here in Boston, I have narrowed my car choices down to the following: Audi (1.8T and 3.0, possibly quattro), BMW (325i and 325xi), and Saab 9-3 (Linear and Arc). Before doing in for test drives, I would like to have my choices narrowed down to 1 from each group with specific options.
    I would like some suggestions on the following: Is the Audi A4 3.0 worth the extra cost over the 1.8T or is there really no noticeable difference? Is Quattro necessary/better for value on the Audis? How does Audi's quattro compare to BMW's AWD? With the Saab 9-3 being a total redesign and under GM's control, will it run into reliability problems? Since the A4 is also a new design, will it too run into reliability problems?
    Thanks for the help.

  • Audi A4 1.8T vs 3.0, that's a very personal choice, you will have to drive each one to decide for yourself. The 1.8T has more potential for modification, the 3.0 engine is very smooth, but obviously, heavier than the 1.8T.

    In the northeast area, buying an Audi without Quattro is like ordering ham and egg without the ham. Plus, it will hurt your resale value down the road, if you care about that.

    The Audi's quattro system is IMHO, more advance and better implimented than the one offered by BMW, especially in the 3 series.

    The Saab do have some torque steer issue, but drive it yourself and decide, plus the interior fit and finish is no where near the Audi or BMW. If that's important to you.
  • tmcktmck Posts: 28
    I have an 02 1.8 quatro Tip and my wife has a 02 Passat 4 motion (AWD) with the 3.0.
    First of all the AWD makes handling better and in snow the AWD is terrific. It is definitely worth the money if you will encounter snow.
    The 3.0 is much smoother and probably accelerates better from 50-70 MPH which is the only acceleration that is meaningful to me. That is not to say that the 1.8 is slow or that you have time to drink a cup of coffee due to turbo lag. The 1.8 is a quick car, all that I will ever need, although HP, like money is nice to have around to show off.
    The big difference between the 1.8 and the 3.0 is gas mileage. The mileage in the 3.0 is terrible in town. I live in a small town where you cannot go 35 MPH for long distances. It is stop and go and the 3.0 will be lucky to get 14 MPG. The 1.8 is in the low 20s. On the road the 3.0 will go about 24 MPG and the 1.8 around 30 MPG at the legal speed plus 5 MPH. IMHO, there is a clear choice between the two. If you want the smoothness, go with the 3.0, but initial cost and operating costs will be larger. The incremental advantage in performance with the 3.0 isn't worth much to me as I never carry 4 people on trips where passing is important. It's kind of fun driving a 4 cylinder in an extremely good looking small car that is getting really good gas mileage. This little car is equipped with almost everything you could ask for and then you mash the accelerator pedal and the turbo kicks in and turns you into a pretty respectable high performance vehicle. As I tell my wife in her Passat 3.0, you can have it both ways.
  • Anyone else a victim of the coil pack problem? If you read the boards at Audiworld, it sounds like an epidemic. My car (2002 1.8t) is in the shop until Hans and Frans can make enough new coil packs to replace all the ones that have failed. At least I got an A4 for a loaner.
  • Assuming that your wife's Passat has the V6, how does it compare to your A4 with the 1.8?. Is there a significant difference in handling?
  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 18,647
    I heartily agree w the proposition that an Audi sans Quattro would suffer poor resale in New England, notwithstanding the fact that in most areas fwd is adequate. I quick look at the want ads in the Globe will confirm for you that practically all the A4s in NE are quattros.

    Quattro does do nice things for the handling on dry pavement as well as in yucky weather. Be sure you drive a quattro equipped car before you decide.

    I've owned several Saabs, the most recent being a GM ('96 900S) and IMO GM has done nothing but good for Saab. I don't know if I agree withe the comment about Saab interiors being of poorer quality than Audi's or Beemer's. They are a bit plainer but materials are good and the seats (especially w Leather) are the best.

    Back to A4s....I think I'm the A4 mileage champ in TH w 90k on a '98 Quattro Avant 2.8. AFAIC
    reliability has been excellent, on a par w Hondas I've owned--I had an '85 Prelude for 12 years.

    2000 BMW 528i, 2001 BMW 330CiC

  • mbnut1mbnut1 Posts: 403
    The Passat wagon sited above does not have the A4's 3.0. It has an older generation 2.8 V6. The A4's 3.0 is new for 2002 and is more powerful and smoother than the Passats 2.8.
  • tmcktmck Posts: 28
    The Passat V6 is the 2.8 at 190 HP and the Audi V6 is 220 HP. I have not driven the Audi V6 at all but I have driven the Audi 1.8 for 14K miles and the Passat V6 4- motion for 8K miles. The torque difference between the V6s is 206 ft lbs at 3200 for the Passat and 221 at 3200 for the Audi, a 7% difference. I do not know if the 7% difference translates into butt kicking but the figures given in Danial Heraud's review (MSN Autos) of the Passat, Audi 1.8 and 3.0 don't seem to support any big difference of the 3.0 over the 2.8.
    I can only relate what my considerable experience has been. Perhaps we have a reader who has a similar experience with the 3.0 V6 who can state that the 3.0 is indeed a screamer and gets good gas mileage in town and is cheaper to own and operate than the 1.8. Until then I will stand by what I posted earlier with the caveat that I was in error about the difference between the Passat and Audi V6s.
  • audibonaudibon Posts: 100
    In my opinion having been the owner of a 1.8T for over a year now I can say that we prefer that engine over the V6 although in 2001 they should have offered a six speed manual. In '01 the cost would have been 5-6k more than our car and we really didn't want the bigger engine just leather and power seats.... A friend of mine considering Audi drove the '02 V6 and 1.8T back to back and felt that the 1.8T was quicker. This makes sense since torque starts so low on that engine. The V6 seemed not slow but like it was being held back whether by design or electronically it was kinda strange. These impressions are important because they involve time and effort on the part of the buyer but it is your hard earned dollars going toward that next car so I think it is worthwhile. Our next purchase will probably be the bigger A6 still with manual but with the old S4 engine. My wife and I were not fans of the Passat with 4Motion, the Tiptronic sucked too much power away from the engine.
    I like the BMW line just a few points to remember on them is you will not have comparable trunk space as an A4, the price climbs quickly with options and the AWD system that BMW uses is no match for quattro. I have not driven or riden in a 3 series only looked at them on the lot. I have ridden in a 540I and felt rather cramped in comparison to an A4 and especially an A6. The 540 is a great car nonetheless but it behoves you to drive all of your candidates and then make an informed decision.
    I have no experience with Saab other than that they were offering deep discounts a few months ago to make room for the redesigned models for '03... Maybe others on this board can comment on Saab from firsthand experience. Good luck shopping and let us know your thoughts whatever you choose. Another perspective is always welcome.
  • jaydolljaydoll Posts: 120
    Extrapolating rated torque figures between the VW 3.0 and the Audi 3.0 provides very little useful information for anyone considering a A4 with the 1.8T or the 3.0. The following comments are based on 4 test drives of the A4 with 1.8T/5M and owning a A4 3.0/6M for 4 months:

    1. Low RPM Turbo lag- The 1.8T has it and the 3.0 doesn't. The 1.8T does get up and go after the turbo starts spinning. The 3.0 is get up and go from very low rpms.

    2. At 80 mph, the 1.8T is at just about 4K rpm. While not obnoxious loud noise, you hear the engine working. The 3.0 is cruising very comfortable at 80 mph doing approx 3200rpm. Step on the gas in 6th gear at 80 mph and it will give you instant passing power.

    3. Gas mileage- who cares.

  • mbnut1mbnut1 Posts: 403
    For those that are considering selling their A4 quattro sedans do not trust Edmunds appraisal. They show very little increase (a couple of hundred dollars) for the quattro which as we all know is nonsense. KBB shows a more appropriate $1500+ differential.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    My 02 Jetta 1.8T just died on Saturday. Engine light flashing, no power when hitting the gas, jerking. I assume it's the coil pack. There was a bad batch made, I have heard this on I have to go to the dealer tomorrow to get my loaner and see what's wrong with the car.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    The 1.8T in the A4 can be chipped for about $500, and will pass the 3.0 like it's standing still. When chipping, you might consider buying an additional ECU (about $500) and chipping that one, lest the dealer finds out and will void your warranty. On the 02 A4, I found that the console intruded too much on leg room, so it was not comfortable for me.

    I have never driven a 325, but my co-worker has a 2000 323 that's nice enough. I just don't expect manual seats or a slightly austere cabin in a car that costs $30,000+. It handles nicely though, and rides like a dream.

    I don't know anything about Saabs, except that their parts are very expensive when they go and that the cars don't hold their value well at all. Another one of my co-workers has a 9-5 and hasn't had any trouble with it though.

    Drive all 3, then decide which one you like the best.
  • The 1.8T IMHO is a better value. The 3.0 is a "nicer" car.

    The A4 1.8T with all the toys, stick shift, sport everything and about $500 in a chip will be a screamer compared to the 3.0 and will be an even bigger bargain.

    The 3.0 on the other hand, has some luxury appointments and options that the 1.8T does not have.
  • jaydolljaydoll Posts: 120
    Regarding all of the suggestions to buy a 1.8T and chip it, how many of you have actually driven a chipped 1.8T? I have and it does improve the mid and upper RPM pull but still leaves you with low end lag that the 3.0 doesn't have. Also, to fully utilize the chip upgrade you need to redo the exhaust from the CAT back. There are several other mods necessary in order to really get the most benefit out of chipping. In the end, you are still left with turbo lag and a car that you are very nervous about bringing to the dealer because of warranty issues.
  • I too have chipped a 1.8T -- and there are SOME issues -- but overall the results are, um -- fantastic. The lag issue is true, but it is very very minor.

    Overall it is a cheap way to get grunt.
  • There I was, taking my 2 mth old 03 A4 Quattro to Canada from Indiana for a roadtrip. I was at around the speed limit, looking forward to a nice trip with my friends, when suddenly, a dog ran out in front of my car on interstate 75N. Next thing I know, there is a massive collision, and the dog is run over. I pulled over on the shoulder and looked at my car - there was no underbody spoiler left, and the left foglight was gone. Somehow, my car managed the remaining 300 miles to canada without a glitch (AudiRoadside said everything was fine) plus there was a dealer a mile from my friends place.
    I got to waterloo, found my radiator had just started leaking, and had the car towed to the dealer. Found that the car had really been banged up quite badly - to the tune of 3,500 US. Well, thank God for insurance - Plus, my premium wont be going higher as an animal collision is not my fault - the proof? - dog hairs stuck in the front bumper:P
    Well, I suppose it's a great learning expirience - I should get my car back in 2 days, its at Crosby Audi/VW in Kitchner, ON.
    I guess ---- happens.
    All the best,
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    A journalist with a major newspaper wants to talk with consumers who've bought entry-lux cars (e.g. BMW 3, Mercedes c-coupe, Jag X-type, Audi a4, etc) in the last year, ideally buyers who were new to the luxury brands, to talk about how they like their cars and why they bought them. Please respond asap by Wednesday, December 4 to with the type of vehicle and approximate amount you paid for it. Thanks!
  • That IS a bummer especially since it's a new car. I assume the dog did not survive! (Must have been a pretty big dog)
  • lauk0dglauk0dg Posts: 563
    Wow.....good thing your radiator wasn't starting to leak on your way from IN to ON.....otherwise that won't be good with white smoke pouring out from the hood.

    It must be a big dog.....yeah.....glad you are ok and poor doggie.

  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    The same thing happend to a friend of mine a couple of years ago. He hit a Great Dane while on the highway, travelling at about 70mph. It did about $1000 of damage to his car at the time, a 1986 Buick Skyhawk. Of course, the dog didn't make it. Poor pets... :(
  • I am considering an A4. Upon inquiry of the salesperson at Audi, I was informed that the rack system does not rest on the paint when installed. Can someone confirm this? I did see the mounting area inside the door frame, but I would like to get independent views. Thanks. BTW, new to this board...good reading and information.
  • I was hoping someone could help me out here after a futile attempt at reaching a deal on an A4. Here is what I was looking at:

    2003 a4 quattro 5M (dest incl) 24961 27360
    premium package 1424 1600
    sport package 890 1000
    dolphin gray pearl 401 450

    totals 27676 30410

    The dealer says he will do 5% over invoice, but he claims that I have to add another $401 for metallic paint onto the invoice price listed above. But we agree what the msrp is on the car. I asked him if we have to add something into the invoice price shouldn't are msrps disagree. Didn't get a satisfactory explanation to that, he insists the correct invoice is $401 + $27676. Isn't he just trying to gouge me out of another $401? My figures come out the same on and
  • There's an extra charge for metallic paint if I remember correctly. But for how much, I don't remember.
  • Dave-- While you have listed the correct price for the metallic paint option, --$401 @ invoice and $450 @ MSRP-- the salesman, from what I can gather from your post, is trying to tack it on AGAIN. When you listed "dolphin gray pearl 401 450," that IS the charge for the metallic paint. It's ridiculous to add it on again.

    Rich-- Welcome. Personally, I've only seen one application for the rack system on the sedan. From what I can recall, it doesn't "touch" the paint but I have no personal experience with it. Here's a bit of information from "The Audi Collection:" click here


  • Now that I've just spent the last 3 hours pouring over the messages, I have a question or three:

    I"m looking to acquire a a4 1.8t with quatro. While i'm leaning toward a 03, i'm concerned with the depreciation when I drive the car off the lot. Is purchasing an used Audi a bad idea? Is Audi a car that should always be leased due to it's reliability? I guess the base question is: are Audis reliable cars?

    Lastly, can anyone give me the lowdown on the different purchase programs. IE. premier purchase, lease, etc.

    Thanks for all your help!
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