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Audi A4 2004 and earlier



  • Congrats on getting the Audi. Sorry for your loss, though.

    If the A4 wasn't used much while it belonged to your mother (as evidenced by the chipmunk nest), I would check all belts, hoses and seals to make sure there are no cracks and/or leaks. If they are good, then give it some time to get the mileage back up to where it should belong.
  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 18,660
    that didn't stop field mice and or chipmunks from
    gnawing on the wiring and the windshield washer hose!

    The cure is camphor balls under the hood, don't use too many!

    2000 BMW 528i, 2001 BMW 330CiC

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • ugly2ugly2 Posts: 22
    Have a question on an older, '97 A4. Does anyone know if the 16" wheels used on an '01 TT are interchangeable with the 16" wheels used on a '97 A4?

  • TT wheels have a bolt pattern of 5x100. The A4 has a bolt pattern of 5x112. The TT wheels will not fit. You can use wheels that come from the A6 and A8 as they also use a 5.112 bolt pattern.
  • Bad news about my '01 into a bad wreck coming home from work on Friday. I was rear-ended while sitting still in traffic on the highway...the car that hit me from behind was travelling > 60mph and never saw me stopped (no swerve, no skid marks). Even worse, the force of impact pushed my A4 into the worker truck in front of me, damaging the front end badly. I swerved left enough to avoid going under the truck, but it still damaged the front end badly.

    Luckily, I walked away without a scratch...just a sore neck and bumped knees. The A4, IMHO, is a very safe car.

    Now, the real fun begins. Obviously, this car sustained major damage. The trunk is 1/10 its normal size. The rear seats are now pressed against the front seats. The rear bumper is pressed up against the rear tires, to the car won't drive. There's ripples in the hood from what appears to be a severely bent frame. The doors don't open or close without major effort. It looks like the gas tank may have been ruptured too (leaking fluid?)

    On the front, the front bumper is smashed into the radiator. It dropped what looks like all the coolant when the radiator was ruptured. The hood is badly damaged on the right side. Overall, it looks like a total loss to me.

    So my question is, will insurance declare it a total loss? What do I get, value-wise, if it's a total loss? I have a lien against it right now, and I'm afraid the insurance might actually try to repair it. Any advice from people out there?

    Overall, I'd say that despite my reliability issues, I was so happy the A4 was such a safe car. You can't put a price on that.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Sorry to hear this - and I'm so glad you weren't hurt. It sounds like almost a miracle that you weren't hurt by the description of the car. It's certainly fortunate that no one was in the back seat at the time, wow.

    We'll see what folks here think, but you might also want to check out our insurance discussions over in Smart Shopper. If you use the keyword search for "insurance" they will be easy to find.

    Good luck with it.
  • Got a call from my insurance company, and the A4 is a total loss. Turns out the driver's seat was also broken in the crash and the adjuster was in shock that I was not even scratched. (I've taken worse hits in a game of soccer!) The adjuster was at $14k damage, and that was before opening the hood. But, the hood wouldn't open at they just totalled it.

    So, it now looks like I'm going to buy a new car. It's sad to say goodbye to the Audi family, but enjoy your A4s! They beat the heck out of these rental cars you get!

    I might try to take the spare tire with me. It was a brand new SP8000. Might get some $$$ from it on ebay.
  • Sorry to hear about the accident. I think it's a good testament to Audi's engineering that you were not harmed. That alone should be worth strong consideration in the purchase of another Audi.
  • Hello everyone. I am glad to join this forum. I just purchased a 2005 Audi A4 1.8T CVT. It's great!
    My first question:
    I came home today, tired. Forgot that my car was in D (Drive) and turned car off...Tried to take key out, wouldn't come out, tried turning the car back on, wouldn't turn on. Until I put it in P (Park) then it would let me take the key out and turn on my car.
    My question is as fallows: Will/Can turning the car off while in D gear mess or ruin anything car related? Thanks.
  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 18,660
    It's doubtful that you can hurt anything by turning the car off while in D. You are unable to turn the car back on because a safety feature will defeat any attempt to start the car while in Drive. As with any Automatic Shift the shifter must be in the N or P position to enable the starter.

    The device that locks the key in the ignition switch is another safety feature designed to remind the operator that the car is to be taken out of gear and placed in P before exiting the vehicle.

    2000 BMW 528i, 2001 BMW 330CiC

  • We have had our 03 A4 1.8T quattro Tiptronic for about 1 1/2 years and love the car. Luxury in a small package and great for winter conditions. Gas mileage is decent, about as advertised. The 1.8T has enough power for normal sane driving. The only thing that bugs me is the combination of the turbo and automatic transmission. With an automatic transmission you are never completely sure when it will shift and with a turbo (and lag) you are never quite sure when the turbo will kick in. The result is a non-linear acceleration sequence. If you press the gas pedal briskly to get decent acceleration, you will soon have more than you desire when the turbo kicks in. If you are more restained with the gas, you end up creeping away from a stop.

    Concerning "total loss" I remember being rear-ended by a BMW on the autobahn 15 years ago. I had stopped for a multi-car accident ahead of us. My car was slammed forward into the car in front; all the crumple zones worked as designed. My car was totalled, but I was unhurt. Glad to know that you did well too.
  • I am getting rid of my frustration about the lack of power on my 2005 A4 1.8t by investing in a ECU re program. It costs $499 for the re program and $199 for a unit that allows you to switch the programing from "stock" to "performance" and vice versa. I have been told, by my dealer, that as long as the car is not in performance mode when I bring it in for service my warranty will be fine. The performance gain is tremendous: from 170hp to 209hp (with 91 octane) and from 166 ft lbs of torque to 236. I have talked to numerous Audi owners on other forums that have had no problems because of this type of tuning. The company I am going to go through has been doing this on Audi's for 13 years and has been extremely successful. The best thing about it is I do not have to change fuel injectors or the gas I use. It's purely software changes that are well within the limitations of the engine. I am really excited to do it. and if you are interested you should check out REVO Technic or APR.
  • Hello Everyone:
    I'm glad to join this forum. Another happy Audi owner.
    I have a question regarding the break in period for the 05 Audi A4 1.8T. What are the do's and don't and what should I watch out for and for how long.
    I hope these things aren't much of a problem for now because of my daily commute:
    I drive up to 80 mph max for now.
    I don't go above 2500 R.P.M. normal driving/off stops.

    Is this okay or am I being to cautious?
  • I have a 2005 1.8t A4 as well. I have 501 miles on it now and I consider the first 2000 miles the breakin period. I will admit I have pushed my new car a little, but that was just to get it out of my system and to see what the car can do. You are being good. The better you treat your car the first year you have it, the better it will treat you pocket book after the warranty is up...
  • It looks and feels like a strong car. My 2005 Audi A4 1.8T probably saved my life today, as I was going into a tunnel which was curving into another direction (I didn't know what was going to confront me) when I suddenly saw a pile up of cares just stopped in the middle of the tunnel right after the curve!
    I had to stop my car from 80 MPH within a very close range and even though I had to jump into the turnout lane, I'm glad I stopped just in time. The 2-3 feet that it wouldn't stop, I don't think my other car would, so I consider myself very lucky, perhaps I should've applied the brakes a little sooner but I'm glad that it did what it did.
    Does anyone know if this could be harmful to my brand new car. This happened with only 350 Miles on it, and braking was applied at 80 M.P.H. and at the end, I think ABS was engaged.
    Thanks and drive safe out there.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    It potentially could be damaging to the brakes. I believe that the rotors need to be broken in (same as engine does) with "normal" driving; perhaps the 350 miles was enough.

    Unless I had pulsating brakes, I'd wait till the first scheduled stop and have the mechanic take a look. I suspect they will say everything is fine.
  • pedped Posts: 18
    Where are you from? I'm from Jersey, can travel, and I've also had it with the performance of my 04 A4 with auto/1.8t. My daughters 96 VR6 Passat runs all over me! Is re-programing different than sending the ECU out and is the HP and Torque increased as much as sending the unit out? My dealer is chip friendly so I'm not worried about switching from stock to perfomance. Thanks for any info you can supply.
  • Hi all,

    I just purchased a CPO '02 A4 1.8T Quattro. I like the car a lot but of course would like to get a bit more HP and torque out of the engine (I see others do as well). Two questions/concerns I have are:

    If I get a chip or reprogram the ECU will this put excessive pressure on the engine/turbo thereby causing engine/gasket/turbo problems?

    Also can someone please ease my mind re the high engine rpm's at highway speeds? At 75 mph the tach reads 3,300 or so. My previous car had overdrive so I am not used to this and didn't expect it with the 5 speed manual. I understand this is normal and it should not be a concern right?

    Thanks all!
  • I think that sounds right, because my A6 2.7T w/tip reads about 2750 rpm @ 75mph., 2900 rpm @80mph, and 3900 rpm @100 mph.
  • That's what my tach reads at 75 mph on my '01 A4 with 5 speed manual. It read 3750 at that speed on my '87 Acura Integra with 5 speed manual.
  • Could someone recommend a Quality tuner in or around Philadephia, Pa. Is 'Direct download programming' the answer to improve torque & hp?
  • swamiswami Posts: 3

            I got a quote for a '03 Audi 1.8TQuatro AWD, Sports package, Bose, 17" alloy wheels, 28750 miles, for $ 26,500 (buy) with 3.9% for 60 mths. Please give me some feedback on the amount.


    thank you
  • Swami,


    Check out to run the price. Doesn't sound like that bad of a price but neither a steal. To compare I got my '02 A4 1.8T quattro w/ 5 spd, 16" alloys (no sports pkg) and 22k miles a month ago for $22,250 with 2.9% for 60 months.


  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    There is an excellent tool right here for assessing that price - start with this link:*
  • I just moved to Washington, DC and am looking for a smaller vehicle (I currently have a 4Runner) that is more city friendly. I have heard great things about the A4 but the problem is that I'm looking to stay under $13k. Any suggestions for year and exact model combinations? Also feel free to touch base if you know anyone in Baltimore/DC area selling one. Thanks.
  • I'm about to lease a 2005 A4 3.0 with Premium and Cold weather package, but am considering buying it as well. Is there a publicly available program for the $750 above invoice that I can use as well?


  • I have a '04 Avant w/1.8t Quattro. My gas mileage is horrific and I am considering selling the car for that very reason. Yesterday after I filled up and calculated the mileage, 11.6! I decided that I may as well get a Navigator if I am getting that kind of MPG in a small wagon. Don't get me wrong, I love the fit/finish,looks, handling. but at $2.10 for premium, it aint worth it. PS> I've checked all there is to checkand even mellowed my driving, all I can say is good luck.
  • pedped Posts: 18
    I think it is way too much, especially since the 06 is coming out next month. Price should be around $23,000 is certified maybe $1k more. Is it certified? good luck no matter what you decide.
  • Hello all. I'm a newbie on this forum and was wondering if you folks can give me some advice whether I'm getting a deal or getting "stiffed".


    Here is what I'm looking at:

    2004 A4 3.0 Avant Quattro, 6spd, 12k miles, Brilliant Red, Ultrasport, Premium pkg, lighting pkg (Xenon), On-star, Nav, Cold weather pkg, black leather seats, dual power seats, F&R airbags, manual sun shades, XM/Bose, Certified Audi (6yr/100k, 4yr/50k FREE maintenance and roadside assistance). So the car pretty much comes with all the goodies possible to get for it and I must add it's in "immaculate" condition.


    Here is what the dealer is offering me:

    51 month lease, $3k down, $487/mo ($527 incl. CA 8.25 tax), 2.26 money factor. Car is being discounted from $38k+ down to $34k+.


    So, is this a good deal? Please help as I would like to grab this deal if it's good one as I am madly in-love with the car BUT only if it's a fair deal. Thanks in advance.
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