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Infiniti J30



  • heathkyheathky Posts: 1
    Hey people I have a beautiful infinti j30t that my father left me and it just now started having problems with the rear struts, and everywhere I go people tell me to goto the dealer for parts which are $800 just for if anyone could help me find some cheap parts please help me I'm not made of money and after I get it back on road I have to fix the AC/Heat system I was one of the lucky ones who left a AXE deodorant can in car and it blew up taking the blower system out with windshield last summer so the car has been parked and I want to get the honey mobile back on the road asap..please email me at if you can help me out here with some advice or money haha thank you :sick: :confuse:
  • I have the door locking experience too. I can live with it, but was wondering if there is a cure, and what it is?

    Thanks Rick!
  • coupedncalcoupedncal Posts: 252
    My '95 has power door lock with mind of its own. Just sometimes, the doors lock when you normally slam the door. I have locked my keys in three times and now have learnt my lesson by carrying a spare key in my wallet. Problem solved!!!
  • Yes,

    I have the same experience, and have gotten in the habit of removing my keys each time i get out.

    Although I'm prepared to live with this, does anyone know why this happens or what the cure is?

    Thanks Rick
  • I own a 94 Infiniti J30 with 180,000 and it has recently started stalling as well. I'm pretty mechanical, but I am hesitant to start tearing into that crowded japanese motor. Did you ever figure out what was causing your car to stall?

    My J30 is doing the same thing, once it warms up some electrical issues start happening. Its related to my breaks I think, when I tap them my lights dim on the inside and out. It eventually dies on me and I see a check engine sensor (which has been on for the last 15,000 miles probably although its been running EXCELLENT...) I also see my airbag light, seatbelt light, and ABS light. This has happened about 6 times in the last week. Sometimes it will stutter and the gas pedal is very non-responsive (which makes me think it could be a fuel filter possibly). After it dies on me, it is VERY VERY hard to start.

    Does anyone have any useful knowledge???
  • Try running the codes on the ECM. I don't have any idea on your electrical issues, but my check engine light was caused by a clogged EGR, malfunctioning camshaft position sensor, and defective coil(s), which although it still ran OK would have eventually caused it to stall.
  • If you are not averse to used parts, I have gotten a bunch of cheap used parts from salvage lots listed on That is the only place I have gone to look for parts since 2000.
  • rj777rj777 Posts: 1

    I've got a 94 J30, under 100K miles. I ran some errands yesterday, and the car ran great. Parked it in the garage, now it won't start.

    My neighbor came over and diagnosed the problem as some kind of fuel pickup issue. He tested all the fuses, and everything tested at 12V. Then, everything started getting complicated. After ripping all the panels out of the trunk, he uncovered the tank. Evidently, the fuel pump relay is working fine, because turning on the ignition causes gas to move. So cool.

    He wants to start testing sensors, but we're not sure where to find them. The one he's specifically asking about is the camshaft sensor (I think), and then I'm sure he'll be asking about the locations of other ones. You guys have a better idea of what to look at, I think.

    Anyway, where is the camshaft/crankshaft sensor located?

    Oh, and Happy New Year!
  • dbrevelledbrevelle Posts: 1
    Well rbcook
    First, Congrats! I own a pearl white 97 j30t and yes the windshield defroster vent is popping up and because of the location (windshield vs dash) you can't get over it to apply pressure and have yet to pop them back in. I feel your pain. I'm at 112K miles and have not changed the timing belt and that worries me alot. I have had only to problems with mine (other than the dash vents) and fixed one today. It was the rattle of the right rear 6x9 speaker. I removed it (by the way, the rear speakers have their own on-board amps) and glued the center cone dust cover back to the main cone with thick cyanoacrylate (super glue). And the Bose system is now back and sounds clean. The other is the remote and door switch trunk lock. It moves but doesn't travel far enough to unlatch any more. Still investigating this one. Well you may have these problems to so be surprised :surprise: . Just enjoy driving again like I do but only when I drive my J :shades: . Oh yeah, I'm putting on the 2007 G35 OEM 17" five spokes alloys with GY eagle RSAs as soon as UPS shows up. Found them on eBay. So I'll also be screaming soon.
  • Hello I have a simular problem my car vibrates when its ideling and when pulling away it jerks like just once im going to have the transmission mount check cause they say if thats broken or cracked it causes vibrations other then taht i love it
  • aledre50aledre50 Posts: 1
    I have a 1997 J30, which I purchased at 47K on it. For the most part, it has been a very good car; I plan to stay in the infinite line. However, I have had problems with the window motors. I have changed two motors since I purchased the car. I am in the process of changing the second motor on the passages side. The motor is from a used J30 that had about 30K on it. I replaced the motor and when I preformed the operational check of the new motor, the window did not want to go up. It was very slow as if was binding. I double-checked the alignment I disconnect the motor and operated it without the window attached and it worked fine. I even lub the window tracks. I do know what is going on and I have done this a time or two….

    Thanks you
  • I bought a 1993 J30 in 2000 with about 12,000 miles on it. It had one owner with all work done by the dealer. I loved it and put 100,000 more miles on it. I totalled it a few weeks ago and am on another car search. I looked at J30s here in Houston and there were several listed with prices from $5000 to $1500. I see a lot of Infinis here which may affect the price being lower. In Seattle when I bought mine, Infinitis were unusual. Bottom line: J30 and mileage sound good, but price seems high.
  • In 2000, I bought a 1993 J30 with about 12K miles on it. I drove it for 100K miles and it needed minimum repairs. It should have gone to 200K miles without any question according to my dealer and I delighted to have me J30 to count on for a few more years. Unfortunately, I ran into a terrible rainstorm on a black night in Texas--I couldn't even see my hood. Semis were everywhere, and I drifted too far left trying to avoid being hit and ran off the road into the median and hit a guardrail. Well, the car was totalled, I was virtually unscathed thanks to the airbags and the well-made car. Soooo, almost everything I read about J30s is good and people love driving and riding in the car. Now I am looking again.
  • I was reading somewhere on this site, but not the forums, a number of posts by people who basically loved their J30s as I do/did, and several people mentioned problems with the sunroof and they seem to have just given up on it and kept enjoying their car. I had the same problem, and enjoyed it almost as much without a functioning sunroof.
  • did you hear a howling noise before the car stalled out? im going to try your metod and hope my J30 starts up, let you know
  • Folks,
    I have a 1994 Infiniti J30. Its been a great car for the 5 years that i have had it. i bought it with 160K miles on it and now am at 220K. These one of the most maintenance friendly car you can find. I did get the radiator and water pump changed at 200K.
    Since Dec 07 its being used less and less....i had a son....and bought a new FX35.
    I am now looking to sell it out. Its been a great car and someone looking to use it to drive around or ever for parts will appreciate the "No Dings" nature of my Infi.
  • ok how much do u want for your car?I have a 93 j30 but i will mainly use it for parts on the mine if anything shd break down on mine...i will drive yours for a while though lol...whichever one will break down first will have the other for parts..Let me email address is
  • I have an Infiniti J30 and I just got it about 5 months ago and it was given to me as a gift. I had replaced the transmission in it. it worked great for about 3 months. Well I started to replace the fuel filter and all that stuff and the car started to start shaking like the spark plugs were causing it but I changed those and there was still problems, the same problems. I don't know exactly what might be wrong but I was told it could be a sensor problem but where? Well the car will not start not no more, it will turn over just not start. If anybody can help please help, contact me by e-mail, thank you so much. :confuse:
  • Did you connect the fuel filter hoses back in correctly? If you are unsure, try tracing the hose again to be sure.
  • shoot.....I have a 94 J30t that I might want to sell........
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi there,

    You may not have noticed that is a very old post you answered, but I should let you know that the CarSpace Forums may not be used for buying and selling. Check the Membership Agreement for further details. Feel free to email me with any questions.

  • I bought a 93/j30 about 6 months ago and im very happy overall but lately my headlights go off all by themselves in some very scary situations.Im willing to do what is necessary to fix them if I knew what to do.Please help!!!
  • I'm sorry I can't hellp you. In the years that we owned our Infiniti J30 we never had anything like that happen to us.

    Generally, it was a very reliable / safe car. Sounds like a potential electrical problem.

    Best of luck
  • I had the same problem with my 93/j30. The symptoms were a little different in that the headlights never went off while I was actually driving. In my case they either failed to come on at all or only the driver's side headlights would work. I took the car to an auto electric shop earlier this week and they diagnosed the problem as a faulty headlight relay switch. The part from the Infiniti dealership, labor plus a "diagnostic" fee came to just under $300.
  • This is a pretty common issue with J30. If original poster has same problem, replacing the relay is an easy 30 min do it yourself task. the relay sits near the firewall in the engine bay.
  • 94j94j Posts: 5
    I have a 94 J (114K mi.)... and although my radio & CD player stopped working a few years ago (and I chose to not go through the expense of replacing/repairing it), my antenna has developed a weird quirk. Actually, this may be happening because the tip of my antenna broke off... but the antenna no longer fully retracts when I turn off the engine; it makes a noise like it's trying to retract, but can't. The noise lasts about 10 seconds after the key is removed. The antenna also randomly attempts to go up & down while I'm driving, making that same obnoxious (and embarrassing) noise. Stepping on the brake seems to always trigger action in the antenna, but it also happens randomly.

    I've tried pulling the antenna fuse thinking this would simply cut the power to the antenna. Since my radio doesn't work, I don't need the antenna anyway. Any advice??!

    Also... I've normally taken my J to the dealer to be worked on, but that's been costly. I'm planning to find an independent repair shop to do the work. Any advice on finding a shop who I can trust to deal with the quirky-but-great J30?
  • the_jammerthe_jammer Posts: 1
    edited January 2011
    my car runs for about 3 -4 minutes then cuts off.. it wont start 4 maybe a few hours.. no one can seem to tell me what the problem is.. i've had fuel pump, fuel line, filter , tune up.and still it keeps doing is a 94 also.
  • Sounds like it is some kind of electrical relay. You will need to take it some inde mechanic who works on electrical stuff. My mazda had something similar and it turned out to be a pickup coi probleml. Not sure if J30 has similar design.
  • I own a '93 j30 (bought it used with 160000 on it)and both back doors are locked, the passenger door sometimes locks on it's own, and the drivers door you need to push up and slam it, usually 2-3 times! I've read every thing twice about the Door Lock Timer and have taken it and re-soldered all the points. The locks on all doors click/flip, (the little thumb nob moves)
    Here are some questions,
    can a door lock timer partially work?
    I think the passenger door is a physical problem (as opposed to an emotional one) is this common?
    Could all the locking rods inside the doors go bad at once?
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