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Audi Q7 Diesel vs. 3.0 Gas

stuck22stuck22 Member Posts: 3
edited July 2014 in Audi
I live in the US, so I know nothing about diesel other than it gets better gas mileage and has more torque. My wife and I are thinking about the Q7, and are wondering whether to get the diesel or the gas engine. This will be her vehicle, and she does mostly city/country road driving. Any suggestions or thoughts?


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    gnedgegnedge Member Posts: 3
    I have a 2010 3.0 TDI on order and am expecting to take delivery in the next 3 weeks.

    I saw some interesting numbers recently from an Audi USA press release:


    American interest in the exceptional performance and efficiency found in Audi TDI clean diesel technology continued to build in October. TDI clean diesel technology delivers 30% better fuel-economy than a comparable gasoline-powered engine and produces 20% less greenhouse gas. Sales of the Audi Q7 TDI increased to 41% of all Q7 models sold during the month. That far exceeded original expectations that demand for the TDI models would equal 15-18% of Q7 sales. Partly as a result of strong TDI sales, inventories of unsold Q7 models stood at a 24-days supply.


    Almost half the Q7s sold last month were TDI models! That's insane! Apparently, you and I aren't the only ones looking at the diesels. This explains why the wait time for a new TDI is 3-4 months from time order is placed.

    It has taken me a lot of discussions with my wife to get her to the point that she is ok with the TDI. Like you, I am primarily purchasing this vehicle for her, specifically to shuttle our child around.

    The biggest obstacle for us so far was that she's never pumped diesel and has never even really paid attention to the fact that diesel exists at most gas stations. So, for the past three months, we've been making mental notes as we drive around - and especially as we stop to fill up our current vehicles - of where the diesel pumps are located.

    I am ecstatic to take delivery of mine - and apparently I'm not the only one! :)
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    2005odyelrn2005odyelrn Member Posts: 12
    was comparing x5 diesel too... but pulled plug on q7... its great..
    I got supplier program discount... my company is part of audi supplier discount program... got 6% off msrp...
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    patrickosmithpatrickosmith Member Posts: 2
    Is 6% below MSRP a good price?
    Assuming MSRP of 60K, 6% translates to $3,600.
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    stuck22stuck22 Member Posts: 3
    From the dealer we have been talking to in indy, yes.
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    arriearrie Member Posts: 312
    I purchased my Q7 with 3.6 gasoline engine about two months ago. It is a very fast car compared to what my '04 Tahoe with 5.3 L engine and 310 advertised horse power was. This Q7 is advertised to have "only" 280 horse power but it seems way faster than Tahoe. Either Chevy makers don't know how to set gear ratios correctly or the 310 horse power is not true or it was not true for my Tahoe. I understand that Q7 might be slightly lighter but they are pretty equally weighted above 5000 lb.

    I would have bought a diesel but at the moment I think Audi is cashing in a bit too much for the TDI because it is something new and "awesome" around here. Everyone suddenly wants one.

    I can just tell that Audi makes one of the best diesel engines you can get. The 3.0 TDI is very strong and after a minute or two after starting it up you don't even know you are driving a diesel. A very trained ear can tell it is diesel but for normal folks it is almost impossible to know as the typical diesel "knocking" sound almost completely disappears after engine warms up.

    I have driven some Audi rental cars in Germany and can tell that an A6 Sports line with the 3.0 TDI is something very nice to drive FAST. We cannot drive speeds here in U.S. that would really tell you how well these cars and diesel engines perform but you will be very positively surprised how good that diesel engine is. I guarantee you cannot even imagine how good it is unless you have had one for long enough to know.

    I hope they keep making these PERFECTLY sized Q7 SUVs. I have seen some writing that some high level Audi manager had hinted the way that Q7 is too big and perhaps they would stop making it. That guy needs to move over here for some time to know that this is the best size SUV there is and by far the best looking compared to anything on the road. My next one would be with the TDI engine, no question about that.

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    johnbombjohnbomb Member Posts: 7
    I would go for the TDI. I currently have a 2008 3.6 Q7 (35K miles). Great car but I am considering moving to the TDI because I pull a 5500lb+ boat. The 3.6 struggles to maintain 60mph on a flat road and can not handle the slightest incline. I typically shift manually when pulling the boat, but still a struggle. The TDI's torque is the key here. My only other complaint about the 3.6, at least the 2008, is the constant engine/exhaust noise. It is my understanding Audi has addressed this with extra sound dampening in the TDI at least. Not sure if the 2010/11 3.6's are quieter in the cabin. Minor issues though. I hope my dealer can work a deal on TDI for me this weekend.
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