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2011 Buick Regal



  • Well ... I can't speak for other posters, but I am a genuine Hyundai owner, and our car has been terrific.

    We own a 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe. The car has been a pleasant surprise in every way.

    IMHO, I personally don't see anything in those other posts that isn't borne out by the press or the experience of other Hyundai owners.

    All that said ... I have test driven both the Regal and the Sonata, and prefer the Regal.
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,437
    edited November 2010
    Yes, conspiracy theories are epidemic. Meanwhile, I am a guy who even thought I like the Regal, I wish it had an engine more like the A4...a 2.0 liter that has 211 hp and 258 torque and can turn in 0 - 60 times of 6.5 even with the added weight of AWD, The VW CC, the A4, the Sonata and the Optima have all gone for greater content with lighter weight than the competition. Meanwhile, Ford's 2.0 liter 247 hp engine will be offered in several models soon. I could live with the Buick's engine if they could at least approach the 200 hp Hyundai 2.4 liter mpg: 22/35.

    BTW, I wouldn't suggest anyone comment on the Kia Optima until they see the 2011 model. One could put a Jaguar label on the body design if a person did not know what it was, and lots of people would be fooled. Plus, for less than $30K, you can get 274 hp, 34 mpg, dual zone climate control, heated leather seats front and back, cooled front seats, UVO, heated steering wheel, nav, back up camera, push button start... It won't have the prestige of a BMW or Audi, but then neither will the Regal.

    I am still looking at an A4. I want AWD without a lot of mpg loss for having it.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    I am also looking closely at the Regal. However, the fact that they use the similar engine as my 08 G6 4cyl is what has been going "No!" Only difference, its a bit revamped, 6 speed auto. It does run much better. But, certainly not torquey like the Jetta SE or Mazda3.

    It is a beautiful car, however, the engine needs help. Only reason I am looking at the Regal is that I am getting $5,000 worth of incentives and it has 40% german make.
    With that said. Very Nice car!!

    I am just scared to pull the trigger on it.
  • Engines are something that GM cannot figure out. While everybody switched to DOHC engines in 90s, even Chrysler, GM still was investing billion of $$ into ancient OHV designs and coming out with such a BS like "high content" - "low content" engines. And then they still cannot make modern V8 for Cadillac, how it is supposed to compete with MB and BMW? It seems that Hyundai is more advanced in engine designs than GM. Well, if you cannot offer competitive I4 engines - what about putting V6 into Regal? Opel does it in Germany despite they have steep taxes for high displacement engines.
  • I find it odd that people seem to think the sonata is the only competitor for regal worth talking about. Why isnt the Sonata compared to the ES350, TL, TSX or CC? Everywhere you look on the internet people are down on the Regal primarily because its not a Sonata. I totally disagree about the interiors being comparable. They LOOK comparable but in person they are not. The Sonata doesnt raise the bar on interior quality, its average. Nothing wrong with that but it cannot challenge CC or Regal in terms of quality.
  • Totally incorrect on all fronts. First of all GM has spread direct injection across more models than virtually any competitor. Only VW and Hyundai also use DI in lower end vehicles. Toyota, Honda and Nissan do not use DI in their non luxury vehicles. Infiniti doesn't use it in any of their vehicles.

    As for OHV, Chrysler still uses OHV engines- the HEMI is OHV. GM is sticking with OHV V8s as well but OHV V6s have been phased out except for the 3.9L in the Impala.

    There is nothing wrong with the 2.4L in the Regal- the car is just heavy. Put the 2.4L in a 3300lb car like the Sonata and it would be fine. That said, 0-60 for the regal i 8.7 secs which is very close to other similarly sized sedans that weigh far less. The Kizashi auto was clocked at 9.1 secs by Edmunds and its considerably lighter than the regal.
  • There is a lot of mythology out there since Hyundai is doing well. The Genesis has NOT sold well, period. Hyundai's success is based on Sonata, Elantra and Tuscon primarily. They sell less than 3k Genesis models a month and that includes the coupe which starts at $20k or so. Hyundai has VERY mild expectations for the Equus which should tell you something about how they feel the market will accept the car.

    Bottom line, most people looking at a Buick arent looking at a Hyundai. Hyundai is a fierce competitor in the low $20k range but Buicks start at $27k. The value equation at Hyundai cannot be beat but if people only cared about that Lexus, BMW, Mercedes, etc. wouldnt sell a single car.
  • 1. Materials in LExus and Lincoln models are not better than Regal. Sit in all of them and compare
    2. You can get a V6 in a car far cheaper than ES350 or MKZ
    3. How did you determine the A4 was better engineered than the Regal? I would love to know.
    4. Regal cant have proven reliability since its brand new but Buick has done well in recent quality surveys. Buick isnt a low quality brand. I've had no issues in 4400 miles.
    5. G25 is woefully underpowered compared to the Regal turbo (in term of torque) and it cannot be optioned up with luxury features. Its a stripper model with limited appeal.
  • Ford hasnt announced the 2L turbo for any cars outside of the 2012 Focus ST which is hardly a regal competitor. My guess is you wont see a turbo in the Fusion until it gets redesigned in 2 years. As for the Optima, I notice no one has mentioned its performance in MT- its only .1 sec faster than the Regal turbo in spite of having 274hp. WHy is that? I have no idea but it suggests the transmission was modified to achieve better mileage than the Sonata turbo. a loaded Optima is over $31k which is hardly cheap. It does have some features not found on the regal but you can get a nicely equipped Turbo for about $32k with MOST of the features on the Optima. Its not like the Kia is $5k cheaper with the same options.

    I am not that impressed by the styling of the Kia, sorry. I dont see why everyone is so hype. The 6 and CC and regal look better to me.
  • the 2008 G6 didnt have Di and made less hp and torque. The regal is about as fast as that car in spite of weighing 200lbs more. The Malibu with 6 speed has been clocked at 8.6 secs to 60 while regal has been timed at 8.7-9.1 secs to 60. The Buick is much heavier and has a nicer interior with more features and better handling. the Jetta has 177lb-ft of torque which isnt much more than the Buick but its a MUCH lighter car. Jetta does 0-60 in 8.2-8.4 secs which isnt much faster considering its 500lbs less than the Buick. Obviously the Buick has more features and a nicer interior.

    If you can get 5k off this car that is a steal.
  • How DI helps 2.4L engine in Buick if both Sonata and G25 make considerably more power from similar size non-turbo engines. G25 has approximately same weight as Buick but its base 2.5L non-turbo V6 is capable of moving it according to reviews, not fast but not as bad as Regal. Sonata is light and fast.

    Regal is made in Germany by Opel - thats why I have concern about reliability. German cars have not proven to be reliable and are expensive to fix. In Europe in may be not a concern because Europeans do not drive much and do not depend on cars for living.

    Lexus ES has powerful V6 engine how can you compare it to Regal? It competes with LaCrosse instead. So Sonata is the perfect match. And do not make mistake about Koreans capable to beat competition again and again - even Japanese. In Germany they are more popular than Japanese - Hyundai sells more car in Europe than Toyota.
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,437
    For a second there, I thought you were going to get critical. :P Wow, overbrook, it is really fun to push your buttons. And you have so many of them! (Like you, I want to punch me now.)

    Why do I think the CC or the A4 (or even the Regal) is worth the asking price? I don't think the answer is that the quality of build and content is dollar for dollar that much better than a good quality non-"near luxury" midsize like the Camry. Companies no longer keep their best options only for their luxury cars. However, there continue to be details in near luxury cars that are just better. There is the name and the reputation. If there wasn't a bit of snobbery with some makes, they wouldn't sell nearly as well.

    I can load an Optima up to maybe as high as $30K if I add everything possible. I can get the price even higher by adding aftermarket stuff. You can get an A4 or Regal for that price, but they would be missing most of the toys the loaded Optima has. To get either one with upgraded engines and loaded with all the toys, you are at least into the mid-40 thousands. But if you spring for the Infiniti or Audi (or strippo BMW) you will get $10K more "attention" than you will ever get with the Optima.

    OK, I'm shallow. I'm feeling it. No matter how good the Camry/Accord/Fusion/Malibu, there will end up being way too many of them on the road to keep that "special ride" status they might initially have at introduction. At the same time, I am old enough to realize that on any given day, that loaded Altima, etc. will meet my needs very well too.
  • First of all, I'm not comparing a $27k Regal to a $35k ES350. I think its pretty clear the ES is too expensive to directly compare to the Regal. I dont know much about Opel quality but I doubt its any worse than BMW or MB quality and people pay a premium to own those brands. In England, Vauxhall models (including Insignia) come with a lifetime warranty that lasts up to 100k miles as long as you drive at least 8k miles a year. That sounds like a strong statement on quality- in fact thats a better warranty than Hyundai offers here in the US. Buick offersw 4 year bumper to bumper and 5 year powertrain warranty which is pretty strong coverage. Most luxury brands offer a 4 year full warranty but some (like BMW) offer the same coverage on powertrain unlike Buick.

    The Sonata is just ONE car that can be compared to Regal. It is not the ONLY car that can be compared. You could compare CC, TSX, Camry XLE and a host of other cars. Why do people ignore all of those cars? Likely because the Regal looks pretty good compared to them, especially in terms of value. The Sonata is considerably cheaper than those cars and thus its the only competitor folks want to talk about. Let's not forget a base TSX starts at $30k and has less equipment than a $27k Sonata Limited.

    I know about Hyundai's position in Europe- Japanese cars have never been able to penetrate Europe as they have the US. Toyota's share in Europe is about half of what it is in the US. Opel and Ford are bigger in Europe than Toyota.
  • You cannot equip a Regal into the mid $40k range. A loaded Regal is $35k vs $31k for the Optima. For about $32k you can get a regal with HIDs, turbo, 19" wheels and the IDC system. Sure you are missing heated rear seats and push buttons start, but not much else vs the Kia. Like I said, a well equipped Optima turbo isnt much cheaper than the Regal. Obviosuly an A4 is much more expensive and you would likely spend $7k-$10k more to equip an A4 like a loaded Optima.
  • Passat CC is problem prone, I know VW is cutting cost where customer cannot see it and their cars are breaking down easily and are expensive to fix. So I do not even consider VW. Acura is ugly - enough said. G25 is very similar to Regal turbo both in weight and power. It is smaller than Regal, not particularly pretty and does not have navigation system and premium audio available but it has RWD and 2.5 is not turbo, so there is trade off. MKZ is not a serious competitor to any luxury car because it has too much in common with Fusion - I cannot see Ford be able to sell it without serious discounts.

    So I would say than main competition are Sonata, Infiniti G25, VW Passat CC, Acura TSX and may be Audi A4. Lexus is competing with LaCrosse.
  • Passat CC is problem prone, I know VW is cutting cost where customer cannot see it and their cars are breaking down easily and are expensive to fix. So I do not even consider VW. Acura is ugly - enough said. G25 is very similar to Regal turbo both in weight and power. It is smaller than Regal, not particularly pretty and does not have navigation system and premium audio available but it has RWD and 2.5 is not turbo, so there is trade off. MKZ is not a serious competitor to any luxury car because it has too much in common with Fusion - I cannot see Ford be able to sell it without serious discounts.

    So I would say than main competition are Sonata, Infiniti G25, VW Passat CC, Acura TSX and may be Audi A4. Lexus is competing with LaCrosse.
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,437
    Agreed. And is the A4 worth it? That is up to me, the buyer, I guess.

    However, when the Regal GS is available, it will not sell for $35K loaded, and it is the GS that will be much more comparable, equipment-wise, with the Optima SX (which you can land now for less than $30K).
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,437
    Your VW assessment is only partially true. VW is NOT doing any cost cutting on cars such as the Golf, the Passat (which will no longer be available here), the CC, the Tiguan, and the Tuareg.

    The Jetta has recently been downgraded to appeal to a wider audience of Americans who do not appreciate the little niceties that the formerly higher price netted them. They will be introducing a similarly "cheapened" mid-size car to replace the Passat in the USA only. Meanwhile, the Golf in recent years is already top-rated on quality (the TDI version always was), and the CC, contrary to your contention, is not far behind the Golf on quality in its 2010 and 2011 guises.
  • I agree for the most part but I dont get why so many single out the sonata as a competitor. Why not Camry or Malibu or Accord? The sonata starts at $20k while the Regal starts at $27k. While a limited sonata is close to the price of the Regal the bottom line is most folks looking at Regal arent looking for a $20k car. While such a car would service their needs, they are looking to spend more for what they feel is a more prestigious or luxurious brand. I think the overlap between Sonata and Regal is vastly overblown. Most people buying a sonata are looking for something in the low $20k range and want the best deal available. Regal is hardly the best bargain amongst midsize sedans.
  • Aside from push button start and more power and larger wheels the GS is equipped like the turbo. On top of that the changes like push button start and LED turn signals in the mirrors will be 2012 MY changes for the Regal. Not sure if push button start will be standard but expect it on turbo as well. The optima excels at having luxury features not expected in a car in that class and the GS doesnt really add much in the way of luxury features. Like the turbo it has dual 12 say leather heated seats, H/K stereo, nav with HD, HIDs, large wheels, etc. Expect remote start to be added in 2012 across the board as well. In 2012 the Regal will be even better equipped but for 2011 the turbo has almost every feature found on the Optima plus 19" wheels, a selectable suspension, Onstar, music HD, 12 way passenger seat, etc.
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