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Ford Crown Victoria and Mercury Grand Marquis



  • turbo301turbo301 Posts: 73
    I don't know, I think that the solid axle has its place, and that place is under a car like the CV/GM. Just look what Ford has accomplished with the new Mustang's setup; that is proof enough that just because a configuration is old doesn't mean that it has to remain out of date... kind of like rear-wheel drive and full-framed cars! I'm not sure how close the current Panther's rear is to the new 'stang's, but it would be an interesting experiment to drop it in and see (appropriately sized-up for the car, of course :) ).
  • havehadithavehadit Posts: 7
    When brake pedal is pushed there is a squeaking or squishing sound, like rubber rubbing against rubber. I've been under the dash and seems like the sound is coming from inside the flexible rubber boot. I tried some WD40 but didn't help. A mechanic yesterday said it could be the plunger going into the master cylinder. The noise is very irritating but I don't care to spend money unless the cause can be identified. Has anyone experienced this problem? Responses would be appreciated. Thanks, havehadit
  • frasierdogfrasierdog Posts: 128
    "The handling package may be a little too firm for tradtionalists"

    The handling package adds:

    - Rear air springs - not firmer, allows load leveling in rear, big people or towing.
    - Duel exhaust - more power.
    - Larger sway bar - better handling - not a firmer ride.
    - Upgraded front bushings - better handling
    - Lace wheels - looks only
    - Different shocks - reduces the floaty ride.

    This only makes the car more driveable.
  • turbo301turbo301 Posts: 73
    While I agree that the handling package is a desirable option, to say that the added parts do not affect the ride is questionable. Anything that affects the compliance of the vehicle with respect to road imperfections will, by their very nature, affect the ride quality. The lower profile tires that come with those lacy wheels will give better handling, but will also absorb less bump energy, and instead transmit it to the wheels, and thus the suspension, and thus the rest of the car; the upgraded front bushings will make the suspension parts less compliant to bumps, and the different shocks obviously reduce ride quality by again transmitting more of the bump energy to the car's structure. It is a very careful balance to get good ride quality and handling, but there is always a trade off.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    Our Lincoln Town Car was on the sales lot for over six months because "traditional" Lincoln drivers wanted their cushy ride. We eventually bought the "Handling Package" Signature for 24% off MSRP. It had Goodyear GA tires and it cornered like a locomotive, but when crossing the RR tracks it was and is still not smooth. It rides very well on smooth pavement, but on city streets you can feel every crack in the pavement. I switched to Michelin X tires and that helped soften the blows a little. In summary, the Handling Package makes the car more driveable, but a lot less comfortable.
  • frasierdogfrasierdog Posts: 128
    A Town Car with a handling package would still be about 60x softer ride than a Corvette.

    For that true isolation from the road feeling, try the sofa.
  • jkirkjkirk Posts: 4
    I have just been given my in-laws 94 GM. It has sat in driveway for a year. Speedometer works, Odometer and tripmeter do not. I need these fixed as I plan to use the car and know it's not legal to operate with this problem. Help? Also, after driving with AC on Max, water accumulates on passenger side floorboard, mostly in back (an inch deep). Yesterday, I only used AC on Norm, and the carpet is already dry. Any ideas? Lastly, is there a good maintenence/repair book available on this car--like Chilton's?
  • basilsbasils Posts: 25
    A sofa? This is a board dedicated to the wonderful CV/GM line of cars. Most of us here LIKE a soft ride. Comparing the ride of a CV or Town Car to a Vette is way out there. A Vette rides like a tricycle with hard rubber wheels....not exactly a comfort vehicle. One big reason folks buy Town Cars and Vics is PRECISELY because they ride like your sitting on a sofa. I'm only in my forties yet I've matured enough to be able to appreciate true comfort instead of just performance and speed. Would I like a Vette? Sure, for the occasional spin. But give me a softer ride like you would get from a stock Town Car or Vic as my everyday driver and trip mobile.
    If a person really wants a car that handles like a Vette.....get a Vette.
  • jsylvesterjsylvester Posts: 572
    Also, on the rear air springs, there are three different types. From softest to firmest, it goes Town Car, LS Ultimate, and finally the HPP/LX Sport etc. I believe they had a fourth level when the towing package was available, but I could be wrong about that.

    On the water leak, is it only when the A/C is running, or is it from the rain? If when the A/C is running, and it is not antifreeze from the heater core, it sounds like the drain is plugged and backing up.

    That being said, if you are getting an inch of water, it sounds like a water leak from rain or a carwash. There are a few places where the leaks are more common. One is the air intake behind the front passenger wheelwell liner. Over time, the seal around it can deteriorate.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    car, like it is on my friend's 2004 F150 FX4 truck...I cannot check for the reason I will give you...

    I own a 2004 CV LX Sport...the owner's manual that came with my car is a 2004 Grand Marquis...while they are 90% the same car, they will often have minor differences which may not have common instructions in their respective owner's manuals...

    The F150 truck, when you hit the remote key fob to unlock the doors, the headlights come on for 60 seconds to light up the general area...great idea from Ford...

    My CV, the interior lights come on, but not the headlamps, when the open is pressed on the key fob...the parking lights flash and the horn blows when I press "lock", but having the headlights on for "unlock" is a great idea...

    Can my car do that???...does anyone have a CV manual that they can check, which may be somewhat different from the CV manual???

    I spoke to my sales rep 3 times about this when I bought the car, he said he would take care of it, but never did...I guess customer service is not Job 1 after the sales commission is safely in his pocket... :confuse: :confuse:
  • turbo301turbo301 Posts: 73
    I think, off the top of my head, that the headlights come on when you press unlock on the keyfob only if the headlight switch is set to the furthest left position, that is, the automatic position. If the switch is just set to "off", the headlights do not come on by themselves at any time. I can't guarantee that that's right but give it a shot if you're lights aren't currently set to auto. I know that setting it to auto does something with the lights when you shut off the car or something... :D

    I'm not surprised that your dealer wouldn't know how to operate the various features. Things like making the car not lock the doors when you shift it into gear (I HATE that auto-locking feature) can be deactivated, but the process is crazy! You can tell that computers run these things.
  • isseyvooisseyvoo Posts: 121
    Can't speak to the odo issue, but the A/C water accumulation is probably something as simple as a clogged or loose drain hose putting the condensation from the compressor in your floorboards instead of outside on the ground. This happened to a car of mine (a Honda actually), and it turned out the fix was as simple as sticking a wire coathanger up into the drain tube (near the firewall on the right-hand underside of the car) to dislodge some debris. When running the A/C, you should be able to see the condensation slowly dripping on the ground under the right side of the car. If you don't see this, then that is what coming inside.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    Since my light switch is at the off position (I hate auto on-off, I am quite capable of deciding when I want my lights on or not), I will try your idea...thanks...

    As far as auto lock feature, I do like it, but Chrysler/Dodge does it better...they set it so it locks the doors when you reach 14 mph, which means the doors will not lock in a car Ford, as soon as it is placed out of Park (obviously placed in Neutral in a car wash) the doors lock...someone at Ford never had to take their car to a wash, can disable it, but them it is completely manual...
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    You do realize you can get out of the front doors without unlocking them?

    Only Fords seem to do this...
  • turbo301turbo301 Posts: 73
    Indeed, that is a very handy feature. Other carmakers used to do this (my '80 T/A does, for example), but I guess for liability reasons or whatever the practice has all but disappeared. I wish you could do that on the back doors, too.

    As for the autolock feature, I really don't get why it's useful at any speed, from park OR 14 mph. Sometimes, if driving through a rough neighbourhood, I can see why one might want to be locked in his/her car, but otherwise I've never understood the point. I've heard that women like it because it makes them feel more secure. Fair enough, as long as it can be disabled, everyone's happy! :D
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    light switch on auto, and then unlocked the doors with the remote fob...only the interior lights come on...thanks for the thought...

    I realize that the 2004 CV is old technology, while the 2004 F150 is Ford's billion dollar baby, but you would think that the remote systems would all offer the same features, rather than each model offering different features...just from a manufacturing viewpoint, use the same system on all vehicles, but does Ford listen to me???...not quite kemosabe... :shades: :shades:
  • jkirkjkirk Posts: 4
    Anyone know how to even get "behind" the dash? I was at the dealer Saturday, and the Service Writer told me I could "pop off" the dash panel that runs underneath the steering column and get in that way. Well guess what, that dash panel doesn't snap on and off, so now it's broke, and taking it off only revealed the metal panel underneath. My speedometer works fine, but no trip meter or Odometer. Are these electronic, sensor fed, or via a cable from the transmission?
  • turbo301turbo301 Posts: 73
    I'm sorry the auto light thing didn't work; I think that it keeps the lights on for a short time after the car is turned off, so I just extrapolated :).

    Indeed, Ford should standardize its features... of course, then someone paying $40k for a loaded F-150 might wonder how his truck is any different from a $20k Crown Vic LOL!
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    a feature like lights staying on should not be what differentiates 40K from 20K, any more than antilock brakes or airbags...IMO
  • jsylvesterjsylvester Posts: 572
    Get a shop manual from your public library is the easiest answer. I would not start taking things apart without reading up on it entirely.
  • frasierdogfrasierdog Posts: 128
    I doubt the library will have what you need. You will need a true Ford service manual.

    You can get a copy of almost any service manual on CD from eBay for about $10 shipped.

    Search: 1994 ford crown manual cd

    You can sometimes find them on eDonkey.

    Click me to see the best ride in town
  • jkirkjkirk Posts: 4
    THANKS! Just checked the local library and they have Chilton's Ford CV & GM 89-98 Repair manual. I've got it on order! This should be a good start....and if not, I'll try the cd off ebay.

    Thanks, again! :)
  • Hi guys, I just bought a 93 GM and had a class 3 hitch installed to pull my 3500 lbs boat. When I dropped the trailer onto the hitch, the car sat way too low to drive. I don't see any air shocks or a shut off in the truck. The springs are virtually new (they look brand new). What's easiest/cheapest way to beef up the rear end so it can handle my boat? Just add heavier springs? and also a tranny cooler? Thanks.
  • Another quick question, I have a 93 GM. I went to the drive-inn the other night and couldn't shut the day time running lights off by engaging the parking brake (the way I've always done it before) The car did'nt come with a manual, could someone please enlighten me? Thanks again.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    I may be wrong on this, but Ford has never used DRLs (Daytime Running Lights) like GM and Toyota, so your lights are not DRLs, IMHO...

    But, if your headlamps were set to automatic, usually one click counterclockwise on the headlamp switch, your lights may stay on for 90 seconds after engine shut-off for simple security lighting...naturally unneeded in a drive-in... ;) ;) :blush:

    I am certainly subject to correction on this...

    Where in creation do drive-in theaters still exist...Dukes of Hazzard County???
  • turbo301turbo301 Posts: 73
    My '04 CV has daytime running lights; not sure where you got the idea that they never had them :confuse:

    There is a drive-in down Highbury Rd. South in London (Ontario, that is). It's cheap enough, but sitting in a car to watch a movie isn't my idea of a good time. Of course, I guess most people don't go there for the movies, eh? :surprise:
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    Look into the Monroe air shocks for replacing the rear shocks. The most economical installation is having the valve stem for manually applying the air each time you hook up the boat/trailer. More expensive is on board compressor. Locate the air shock valve stem so it is out of the way of loading the trunk.

    Buy a high quality air gauge and put in 110 lbs pressure when towing or if mother in law riding back seat and 40 lbs pressure for normal driving. A 10,000 lb transmission cooler is highly recommended as keeping 35 psi in each GM tire.

    Be sure the trailer has boat trailer tires, not passenger car tires. Have fun. :)
  • Thanks for the info on Monroe air shocks. I looked them up here in Ontario and the cost was around $300 CDN a piece plus 2 hrs labour. Does the pricing make sense?
  • isseyvooisseyvoo Posts: 121
    Well that explains it no? Canada mandates DRLs, the U.S. doesn't.
  • turbo301turbo301 Posts: 73
    In addition, is it true that police cars do not get DRLs in order to be able to "sneak up" on suspects if so desired? It's scary how the DRLs on my '04 are brighter than the regular lights on my '85! Headlights, although a lot more expensive now, have certainly come a long way.
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