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Ford Crown Victoria and Mercury Grand Marquis



  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Uh, this is not the place for that conversation ...
  • Reading back through these message boards I'M surprised that many CV and GM owners make their vehicles look like police cruisers. My question is how can I improve my am/fm reception I just purchased a 2000 GM LS With 37.000 miles.

    thank you
  • When i first bought my GM, i noticed that flat black box under the trunk with all the hoses stretching to both sides like a debris trap waiting to get ripped off. What a place to put that there? I wrote to Ford/Mercury hoping they will locate this contraption elsewhere or have it shielded from debris on the road. wonder how many CV/GMs have had this ripped clean off their vehicles or have the hoses torn off?
  • Just interested in opinion’s on what motor oil others use in their G/M synthetic or conventional motor oil?
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    Mobil 1 for the last 25 years in '80.'82,94 Town Cars.
    95 T Bird & 66 Mustang. Currently I mix 5/30 with 20/50 (1/2,1/2) & the engines are quiet, smooth, & powerful. :)
  • Pennzoil High Mileage oil in my '94 GM with 203K miles. Reduces amount of smoke and amount of oil that is burned between changes. Still the original engine with no problems.
  • "Reading back through these message boards I'M surprised that many CV and GM owners make their vehicles look like police cruisers."

    Indeed, it's the only way to get respect for the Panther platform on the streets these days! :cry:

    Plus, who doesn't love those little hubcaps?
  • I just changed my oil this afternoon, I used ford's motor oil "motorcraft" 5w30 synthetic blend. Ill see how this oil performs. not sure who makes the oil for ford.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    what engine and HP are for the "Police Interceptor" version of the CV is???...I somehow cannot believe they have the same 4.6L, 239 HP engine I have... :shades:
  • iusecadiusecad Posts: 287
    AFAIK the Interceptor has the same HP & torque as the civilian Vics with the H&P package...

    the owner's manual for my '98 P71 says something like 235HP & 275 ft/lbs...

    3.55 gears, too; same as the H&P package?

    Has anyone driven one of these cars with a posi in the snow? Did it actually move it in a straight line or does it still fish-tail even with both wheels spinning?
    I was toying with the idea of getting a newer Vic or GM and putting Eaton's E-Locker in it; the E-Locker lets you electronically lock the rear end at your discretion. But I think it only works at low speeds... (I don't know too much about it...)
  • For 2005/2006, CVPI has 250 hp, mainly due to better breathing from the Mercury Maurader airbox and some computer programming; the HPP/LX Sport has 239 hp.

    Rear end is 3.27 in the Sport, 3.27 or 3.55 in the CVPI, depending on what is ordered.
  • I have an 05 GM and would like to replace the current vertical bar grille with an aftermarket horizontal bar grille, but am unable to locate one. I believe that the 03, 04 and 05 OEM grilles, fit the same.
  • You talk about inexpensive mods for a 50 to 75 hp gain.

    What might those be and have you tried them???
  • After a week I dont think I like this oil, seems my fuel economy went down. I was at 27-28 mpg. After changing oil I noticed a drop to 23-25. very interesting.
  • I am considering purchasing my first Grand Marquis - a 1995 LS. Here's the caveat, though - it has 170K miles. At first this seemed like a ton, but the more I read about these vehicles, the more it looked like the 4.6L engine & the tranny they put in these things are just about bulletproof. This being said, is 170K too many, even for a Grand Marquis? To my knowledge, all major components on this rig are original, but it appeares that it has been well taken care of. Any input will be much appreciated!
  • crankshaftcrankshaft OHIOPosts: 105
    these vehicles are plentiful and good deals are common.unless you are getting this vehicle at a bargain price,i would stay clear of it.too old and too many miles in my oppinion.i would look at something with atleast half those miles.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    Even tho we hear about GM/CV going 250K or more, and they are used by taxis and police departments, 170K is still a lot of miles...I might consider a Mercedes with that many miles, and even then I might pass on the deal...

    Since the GM/CV cars (sadly) depreciate like rocks, I would suggest looking for one with 50-75K miles, and can still pick up for a good price...

    I would hate to trade in my 2004 CV now, 1 year old, 30K miles, $25K new...they would probably offer me $10K for it, and that would be generous... :cry: :cry:
  • bruneau1bruneau1 Posts: 468
    Same engine with a more aggressive axle ratio. In Fact the 239 engine in the non-police version is a little faster because it weighs less. But the cops have flashing lights, radios and guns, so speed doesn't matter.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    I am not sure wht you mean with your post...question, or adding a comment? :confuse: :confuse:
  • I've just purchased a satellite radio and I would like to run the antenna hook up through my existing radio in my 2000 Grand Marquis using a FM module relay (Switch box)
    I've read the install can be fairly easy if my car radio has RCA cable inputs.
    Just wondering if anybody may know if the 2000 Grand Marquis LS is equipped with the inputs?

    Thanks for the help!
  • I received the legal info also about the cracked manifold warranty situation on the Crown Victories - and I lost the document. I need to know the phone # and case # info on the letter if you still have it so I can call the phone # and see if the case has been settled because I need to get my car fixed. It has the cracks on the manifold which the letter speaks about.

  • tbebtbeb Posts: 11
    I traded my '95 Cadillac Deville (which is front wheel drive) for a '02 Grand Marquis. The Grand Marquis with all season Michelins does not handle the snow as well as the Cadillac with same tires. Last night the highways were snow covered because the plows had not yet been out. Rear end started to slide a few times. Will snow tires help that much? If so, then do I need them just on the rear or on the front also, and which ones do you recommend? The roads aren't bad too many times a season. I'm wondering if should invest in snow tires, or just slow way down when the roads are bad. I live 36 miles from work and 30 of those are on the highway.
  • tbebtbeb Posts: 11
    I simply paid the dealer $25 to put my Grand Marquis on the computer and get the code. Before they did that they did look in my trunk for the code number. Previous owner must've removed it. Thanks to all who replied.
  • esfoadesfoad Posts: 210
    The consensus is that whether you have FWD, RWD or AWD, when putting on snow tires, put on 4. This way both axles will have similar traction. On RWD cars, snows on the rear only will result in "pushing" or understeer. On FWD cars, the opposite will happen. It will resl=ult in "loose" or oversteer. This may actually be more dangerous. On AWD cars, it's important for the AWD system to have similar traction at all 4 corners so the center diff doesn't go crazy when the non-snowtire axle slips more than the other one.
    Hey, tires wear anyways so just put on 4 snows and make sure you get them off before the ambient temp gets too warm.
  • It is a judgement call, but I live in Ohio, and I"ve used all season tires year round. However, where I live, it is flat, and the roads around me are well plowed when it does snow. I also have traction control on my Mercury.

    All I do is put 150 lbs of sand tubes in the trunk, on the shelf, and pay attention. I remove them when I don't think I'll need them, as the extra wieght in the back does make the steering feel slightly different.

    That being said, I will be getting the best all season tires for snow I can find when the Goodyear Eagle LS wear out - I'm leanings towards Goodyear TripleTreds. I don't feel I need the hassle of snowtires for the amount of snow we get.
  • esfoadesfoad Posts: 210
    I agree it's each to his/her own. Your arguments seem to make sense for your situation. I drive alot and where I live in NJ, the conditions are hilly and the temperature causes sow and ice conditions. However, I know many people who have used all season tires very successfully for years.
  • tbebtbeb Posts: 11
    I recently traded a '95 Deville for a '02 Grand Marquis. Both ran Michelin Symetry tires. They were great on the front wheel drive Cadillac. They are Terrible on the Grand Marquis. I live in Northwest Indiana, and we get a moderate amount of snow. Can different tires greatly improve ride and handling, both on dry and snow covered roads? (If not then I bought the wrong car.) I'm thinking of buying some Goodyear Assurance Triple Treads. Has anyone run these on a Grand Marquis or another big, rear wheel drive? If not, then have you switched tires on a Grand Marquis or another big, rear wheel drive, and noticed a big improvement? Thanks in advance.
  • tbebtbeb Posts: 11
    I'm replying to my own post because I bought 4 winter dedicated tires this morning at the Tire Rack store in South Bend. Bridgestone Blizzak Rev 1's on new black painted wheels--mounted and balanced and installed--$611. I've got 4 Michelin Symetry's on wheels, so come Spring I'll just swipe them myself.
  • esfoadesfoad Posts: 210
    Great choice. My last car was a 2001 CV and I had Blizzak WS-50's on it for 4 winters. She was unstoppable. You'll never regret your decision.
  • I too run Blizzak WS-50 on four steel winter wheels on GM through PA winters. Not only will your winter tires perform better, you will feel more confident driving in snow and ice conditions.
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