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Kia Forte 5-door



  • lcw1lcw1 Posts: 36
    'This last week, I decided to drive like a Floridian '.

    Now now Vincent: In Florida we might be old, slow and dumb but even us can figure this out: If skipping a gear saves gas, car manufacturers would have saved money and effort by not including that gear in the first place.
    Also this is really funny: New York driver making fun of Florida drivers:)
  • compensatecompensate Posts: 212
    I have driven almost 5,000 miles on my new 2011 Forte5. My biggest complaint is the drivers seat comfort. I wish there was a knob on the lower seat cushion where I could turn it and tilt the front of the seat cushion upward. My old 2001 Hyundai Elantra GT had that knob. It works wonder for long drives, giving both your legs and lower back good support.

    Does anyone know is the SX version of the Forte has more adjustments for the driver's seat than the EX trim level? If so, I actually might consider buying a new driver's seat. It would be worth it since my legs and lower back get a bit tired on longer drives.
  • conwelpicconwelpic Ontario, CanadaPosts: 600
    finally found out what the cargo capacity for the Forte 5 is with the 2nd row down, for some reason its not easily made available on websites on in brochures, or not that I could find, I ended up posing the question to Kia Motors and got a reply.

    Its - 1252 L or 44.2 cu. ft. and of course a very flat floor and not much obstruction from the rear wheel wells as you can see in this photo I took.

  • stickguystickguy Posts: 26,319
    well, in that picture, it looks big enough to replace the van as our family truckster.

    probably won't work quite so well in practice.

    but for me, ideal size as a 2nd car that can transport the dog.

    2018 Hyundai Elantra Sport (mine), 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's) and 2015 Jetta Sport (daughter's)

  • Well, 16K miles after 6 months of driving my Kia Forte 2010 (5 speed manual)

    Absolutely no problem at all. I never have opened the hood. I don't even know how the engine looks like. 2 oil changes and a tire rotation (slight vibration though at low speed). Gas mileage still in the upper 30's, with a couple of 41.5 miles/Gal and one 42.6 miles/Gal, but otherwise 38-39 mpg week after week.

    My trick:
    Don't exceed 2000rpm in First Second and Third gear, then switch up to Fifth. The car will pick up at 1300rpm and will very slowly accelerate to 2000rpm (55mph) or 2800rpm at 65mph. When decelarating, clutch to the floor, engine will go idle 800rpm and then pick up in Second or Third gear. I know, some "purists" will not recommend that, but the $$$savings are there.

    I'm not too fond of the radio. Hard to hear with driver's window open and at max volume. Love the bluetooth and plugs for other electronic devices. (You can even record/download songs on your phone and have them play through Bluetooth). I will tend to agree with the paint quality. Some light scratches appeared out of nowhere on...the roof!!!

    Comfort is all right. Panel is functional. Lots of space in the rear trunk.

    Maybe one day, I'll drive this baby to Florida but I'll have to wait as this a bare-bone model with no A/C. Can't wait though ;)

    Overall: Extremely satisfied

  • At what speed (apx.) does the 2012 Forte5 automatic shift (slow acceleration) both going up and when decelerating? I know there will be a different point for fast acceleration, but even then when that speed is reached, taking the foot off the pedal will allow the shift. I like to drive at a speed just above the shift point (or just below once the shift has occured). One mechanic said he "thought" these 5 points (going up) were: 12 - 18 - 24 - 32 - and 42mph but had no idea how much below these point it would shift back down. I would think that the top shift at least should be at a higher mph. GM gave this information on an older car I had and the Toyota I have shifts into "overdrive" at 48mph and goes back down at apx. 45mph.
  • conwelpicconwelpic Ontario, CanadaPosts: 600
    I have some details on the Canadian 2014 Forte 5, just post your question if interested.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    I just leased a 2016 Forte5 LX to replace my 2013 Rio5, which was coming off lease in 3 months. The dealer gave me what I think was a great deal to turn in the Rio5 early, forgave the last 2 payments, and put me into the Forte5 for about $20 a month LESS than what I was paying on the Rio5, considering $220/year reduction in auto insurance and some other avoided costs. Nothing out of pocket.

    I looked at several alternatives, including buying the Rio5 at end of lease, and looked into a lease on the outgoing 2016 Elantra and a Jetta S 1.4T with stick. No one came close to the deal from the Kia dealer. I like the Mazda3 and new Civic, but didn't get a quote on those as I know their leases aren't competitive and I wanted a lease.

    I really like the Forte5. Much more car than the Rio5--smoother, quieter, roomier, peppier (2.0L 173 hp), and lots more features even though the only option on my car is floor mats. I got Steel Grey, which is a good match for the black/grey interior. I realize a mid-gen refresh is coming soon, which might be why I got such a good deal on my car, but I checked the details on the base 2017 Forte5 LX and it's not much different from the 2016. All the goodies seem to be saved for the higher trims.

    My favorite feature is the Bluetooth, which works great. Everyone I've talked to so far using it has said something like, "It's so clear, I had no idea you're talking in your car!" Also like the nicely-padded armrests and center console--the Rio5 had hard plastic on the doors and no center console.

    Here's what my car looks like (not my car, but it's just like this one).
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