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Chevrolet Impala Audio



  • ferranteferrante Posts: 6 got a 2002 impala with factory am/fm cd . And I have the same problem. I've checked all speakers , amp , even purchaces a brand new coaxial coil that goes above the rear panel . I purchaces a used radio and now want to put it in , but when i do it comes up as locked, so off to the dealership we are so they can scan or do whatever it is they do to dissarm the used radio to work in mine. Good luck , i will let u know what happens. Mike
  • The only thing my radio has as far as XM goes is a "cat" button that when I push it , it says "XM Feature" dealer says that means nothing. he said for me to have XM radio installed by GM would cost @ $1200, because they'd have to reharness the radio. No way am I interested in that! Actually , I'm not into the radio thing on these cars much at all, I was just curious if it was true for 6.95 I could put a little radio in there and listen the Baseball games.I could just ride around in my wifes Honda and do that, I guess!...any more comments?
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    I'm pretty sure that's accurate...I was looking at getting XM back around Christmas, but changed my mind; but you do pay X for the first one and less for others (family plan). Know that Sirius and XM are merging; word on the street is that might actually mean lower cost for service, but I haven't seen anything official yet. But something to keep in mind.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Since your radio has the CAT button, yours will play MP3 CDs as well (in case you didn't know). The owner's manual only states that XM is available with that radio. Have you tried pressing the Band button to make sure it doesn't have it? The CAT button is used to switch between different categories of XM stations. You must be in the XM band to use it. If you're not in XM band, it gives you the "XM Feature" message you're seeing (I just tried it on mine). I think your radio has XM.
    But, if not, you can still use a portable but you wouldn't even need to tune to an FM station to listen. You could use the Aux port on the front of your car stereo to get an even clearer sound.
    If you want to know about MP3 CDs, let me know. :)

  • I only get Am and Fm 1 and Fm 2 on my radio.....I have no options with my Super Sport...probably the only one they made with no options...I'll try one more time, but i doubt if i have XM....for the record..the options are:

    heated front seats
    6 Disc CD
    Bose sound
    XM radio
    Woodgrain trim
    Engine block heater
    leather seats
    heated mirrors

    I have none of those options..

    I'll try my radio again , but doubt if i have XM..
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Well, if you've tried it before, I'll take your word for it. ;) Some people take the salesperson's word for it and never second-check. I don't think you have FM1 and FM2. That's a feature of the older stereos that allowed more memory presets in the same band. The new "black tie" stereos in our cars allow you to store AM/FM/XM stations all together on the same "page." I hope you aren't offended by my continued offerings of unsolicited info. It's just that you showed interest in XM. I did see in the owner's manual that the XM receiver is a separate part of the stereo so it is absolutely possible that your stereo doesn't have it. :) At least now you know you can use the AUX port in the front if you prefer.

  • Ron, when it comes to music and radios , I need all the help I can get.I'm not 'big' into the radio stuff, thats why I asked about that $6.95 XM stuff.I guess your right , i thought i did have the Fm 1 and 2..just checked , your right...I must have the 'stripped' down version of the SS, which is fine with me...makes it more valuable because of it's rarity! As long as I have the V-8...I'm happy...I listen to mostly Am sports, and FM oldies...but I do enjoy channel 005 on my wifes XM....the oldies. As far as the MP3 player stuff....what is it? that the Ipod thing?...showin my age now... :sick:
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    I'm not far behind ya in age. I'm sure lookin' back, 40 was just yesterday for you.
    An MP3 CD is a CD you create on your computer. It gives you the capability to have several CDs worth of music on just one CD. In my sister's case, I copied all of her favorite CDs onto one. She keeps it loaded in her car and switches between albums just as easily as switching between songs on a regular CD player. Does that make sense?
    In order to create an MP3 CD, you basically just need a CD burner on your computer and some CDs you like to listen to. Everything else you can get for free. You mentioned your son wasn't impressed by your stereo. Sounds like he may be into music enough to explain the details to you but if not, I'd be happy to step you through.
    You didn't actually confirm one way or the other if you had the XM band on your radio so what's the official word? :)

    Talk later,
  • Ron,
    No XM band, just FM and AM..the only thing I get is when I push the "cap' button, it says "XM Feature" on the radio screen, nothing else anywhere. Yeah, I'll get my son in law to help me with the mp3 thing if I want it.......thanks for your help on this one.
  • kmo89kmo89 Posts: 3
    Hi Everyone i have an 2000 impala and i need to know which wire from the wiring harness is the 12v acc aka ignition 12v constant what color are the two wires. Did any one straight wire the aftermarket cd player to the car? (Thats going with out buying the 120.00 wiring harness for the impala) any info is needed asap I'm riding music less in the impala Thanks
  • lineman3lineman3 Posts: 12
    I know this is different, however has anyone had a problem with their radio not keeping time? Mine is an 06 LTZ and I noticed it lost the time set the other day. I have only had it a week and its still under warranty, any ideas?
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    How much time are you talking? Was it off by a couple minutes or had it lost hours or even days?

    If it's off by a small amount, you'd probably have to check to see if it's within "reasonable" limits set by GM. If it's losing time fast enough to be noticed within a couple days, I'd argue until they fixed it. Mine loses about a minute every month or two.

    If your clock lost time completely, then you likely have a more serious problem. Does it happen everytime? Occasionally? Work with it a little and get some data before you go to the dealer. It will make your visit go a whole lot better if you can answer those questions first.

    Do you have the six-disk changer? Just curious.
  • I have the opposite problem.

    I have a 2006 3LT with the standard AM/FM radio but I do have XM, ipod all of which works great except the power on the standard radio is less than what I would expect especially when playing CD's.

    MY radio clock advances by 2 or 3 minutes every 3 months. I set it and the next month I am a minute ahead, 2 months 2 minutes ahead, etc.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Yeah...many complaints over the power of the new "black tie" stereos compared to stereos in older cars. I have the Bose system and agree that it's underpowered (and just plain awful for a "premium" sound system).

    Your clock sounds like mine. It probably isn't bad enough for them to agree to replace it but if you're willing to fight, you might get it done.
  • lineman3lineman3 Posts: 12
    I would have to check it. It read 4:37 when it was 11:36, or something real close. I don't know if it advanced or lost as I didn't really pay attention to the am/pm. I will watch it though. I think I parked the car for 3 or 4 days when this happened. It is the Bose premium sound system if that makes any difference.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Bose is unlikely to have anything to do with the clock. I was just asking for personal reasons since I have it too. Keep an eye on it and good luck. ;)

    By the way, there have been a few people with unexplained battery drainage. Hopefully you aren't heading for that but something else to watch for.
  • jntjnt Posts: 316
    It is probably normal to lose or gain 1-2 minutes per month.

    Most of radios, time keeping unit is actually derived from the oscillator circuit that run the radio computer. This circuit has tolerances (from part to part, operating temperature and aging of the circuit).

    If the vehicle has some sort of GPS or embedded cell phone, then the accurate time could be provided to radio to display. And that would solve the problem.

  • jntjnt Posts: 316
    Your current radio has two black body connectors. The bigger one (24 pins) contains Power(12V permanent), Ignition (aka. 12 V Acc) , Ground and 4 pairs of speaker outputs plus others.

    Here is the description for this connector. Check my info out using a simple Multimeter (voltage and resistance) for sure.

    A1: Vehicle bus (not needed for aftermarket radio)
    A2: vehicle bus
    A3: switched 12V (output from radio when radio is on)
    A4: ?
    A5: Ground (?) same as radio metal chasis.
    A6: Ref voltage for Steering wheel Control? Not needed
    A7: ?; not needed for aftermarket radio
    A8: Left Front + (one end of this Left Front speaker)
    A9: Left Front - (other end of this speaker)
    A10: Right Rear - (speaker)
    A11: Right Rear + (speaker)
    A12: Ground ? (check to see any black wire on the male connector)
    B1: Battery or 12 Permanent" This is the main power to radio. It is either red or orange in color.
    B2: Ignition or 12V acc. This has 12V when igntion is on
    B3: 12V switched output. This could be used for antenna module of Power amp. If it is for antenna module, you will need it to get RF signal to the radio.
    B4: DIMMER
    B5: ?
    B6: Amp sense (for Audio Amp interface)
    B7: ?; not needed
    B8: Left Rear + (speaker)
    B9: left Rear - (speaker)
    B10: Right Front - (speaker)
    B11: Right Front + (speaker)
    B12: Park light (12V when Light is on)

    So from the above, to get an aftermarket radio to work with your wireharness, you will need :

    1. Battery (B1)
    2. Ign or acc (B2)
    3. Ground (A5 or A12)
    4. Four pairs of speakers

    If you want to use vehicle antenna, then B3 (12V) must be provided to the vehicle antenna module. This should not be connected to B1 since it will drain your battery down in no time. if the aftermarket radio has the 12V output, then use it. If not, connect B2 and B3 may do the job?

    So if you have a simple voltmeter, measure this vehicle connector to verify my info.

  • wbowl99wbowl99 Posts: 133
    Just saw the post on the clock issue. My clock gained 4-5 minutes in two months. I mentioned it to the service advisor and they said they didn't find anything wrong and just reset it to the correct time.

    On another note, I had the car in for service last week. I picked it up after work and the next day the clock was displaying military time. Don't know why it switched. I would have thought that the battery had been unplugged and they reset the clock incorrectly, but the stations were not reset to factory settings.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    I HATE it when they say they "checked it out but found nothing wrong" with something like that. Of course nothing was VISIBLY wrong, the clock works, dumb@ss, it just doesn't keep time. They could tell you when you mention the problem what the limits are on the clock before they can justify replacing it. Sometime it's really frustrating to be so smart. ;) :P
  • jntjnt Posts: 316
    Some radios may have 24 hr clock instead of 12 hr. I do not know that is the case in the Impala's radio. But if the 24hr vs. 12 hr is an option, there should be a choice for end users to select either option. It probably the technician at the dealer played around with the clock and got it in this mode. On newer radios, station presets are preserved even if the battery is unhooked. So if your radio shows wrong time of the day, it may experience a radio computer"RESET" or battery disconnection.

    It is always easier for any dealer to reset the clock and claims "No problem Found" since it is hard for them to verify the problem unless you let them keep the car for days. I doubt they have tool to check in hours unless the clock is off 5 minutes every hour. In this case, they probably replace the radio and charge GM for it. Normally that would solve the problem

  • mymittiesmymitties Posts: 242
    Hey wbowl.

    Military Time....!! ?? Well, maybe the good 'ole GM mechanic was just trying to be nice here by setting it to MT thinking it was Ron or Bryan in for SERVICE...(Ok, Ok, small joke here..!!) :blush:

    Wow wbowl, you have obviously hit a sore spot here, I don't think I've ever heard our friend Ron sooooooo irritated. :mad:
    You know, I can't blame him..!!!! We've all been there...!!

    Frank ;)
  • wbowl99wbowl99 Posts: 133
    I do have the choice to change from 24 to 12 and I reset the clock after I realized it had been changed. If it's supposed to keep its presets when the battery is unhooked, it didn't in the previous times service unhooked it. I had to reset them all.

    I have to go with Ron on the iritation with "we can't duplicate the problem" or "we can't find anything wrong". When he said they reset the time, my first thought was, well, gee, I could have done that myself. I guess I just have to reset it every couple months to keep it accurate???
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Unfortunately, that's probably the case. There may be something in writing as to acceptable tolerances in the timekeeping. If it's enough of a hassle, it may be worth fighting. I would think 5 minutes or more per month would be too much and I'd fight. But, some are less particular than me. ;)

    Frank...the sore spot comes when someone of inferior knowledge/skill level tries to come off as the expert and take credit for doing something they haven't. I'd bet money that they just LOOKED at the clock, pressed a few buttons, and decided it worked fine. His report implied that he ran some type of diagnostic and no error was found. It's that attitude that causes people to lose trust in the service department because anyone, even someone with no mechanical/electrical knowledge at all, realizes they're being fed BS. GM owes it to their customers to discontinue the practice especially since they can't get away with it in this day and age (a la this forum). They should just admit they found nothing wrong, clarify the issue, and make arrangements to check it again or consider it a non-issue. Their lack of credibility has made some people reluctant to even have covered repairs taken care of...even simple things like changing a battery, eh Bryan? ;)

    That's just my $.02. ;)
  • I have little or no trust in dealership mechanics....I've been known to take warranted cars to independent mechanics and pay(monetarily) for something rather than to pay (frustration)at a dealership....just the way I in point..1978....I had a service manager tell me he could cover the scratch on my trunk lid(car was 45 minutes old) with touch up paint....ok, go to it...(don't like touch-up paint) anyway he proceeds to touch up the scratch and in his jubilation of doing so spills the whole bottle of paint on my trunk lid......want more stories?...and I've gone to many different dealers and they weren't all GM!!
  • These radio problems are weird...My 06 LTZ/Bose has only a slight hiss on all bands...can only hear with the engine off so I can live with that...My main problem is the AM band which I like to listen to sounds like the antenna is disconnected. The local Seattle stations sound like there broadcasting from Alaska!...UNTIL I "slap" the headliner behind the passenger seat using the flat of my every time to bring the station in clearer but it must must be done often while driving (its kinda embarrassing)...I read somewhere about a loose ground or coax tsb but the dealer couldn't find verified the problem by slapping the headliner himself but said it must come off for repair...I'm now out of warranty so dont want to pay...any ideas would be helpful. I cant be the only one with this problem...other than is GREAT!

    Mark :confuse: :confuse: <img src="
  • What a hassle! It doesnt sound like gm will be able to resolve the hiss problem. Did yours start off low and increase with time? I have a very low hiss which became noticeable about a month after delivery. It's noticeable only with the engine off...My beef is the AM band not coming in clear until I slap the headliner behind the front passenger seat. I'm out of warranty now and don't want to pay for the headliner to be removed. It's got to be a loose wire or something!
    Good Luck with your local dealer...It sounds like they truly want to help..

  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    I'm now out of warranty so dont want to pay...any ideas would be helpful.

    Maybe you could have an alternate AM antenna installed. Any car stereo store should be able to help you. It might be cheaper than fixing the factory stereo and give you adequate reception.

    Ya gotta love that $399 premium Bose sound, huh? I know I will likely never buy a Bose product again.
  • mymittiesmymitties Posts: 242
    Hey Ron,

    As always , many thanks for your 2 cents here... Well said !!!!! :)

    Frank ;)
  • lineman3lineman3 Posts: 12
    (quietpro)I will not even attempt to tell you that you did not have a bad experience with dealer mechanics, or that many are not just kids or adults practicing on your car. It is a sad fact that many mechanics are just not up to speed. And that SAE placard on the wall almost always only applies to one of the mechanics working there, the rest are somewhere from being drug or alcohol dependent beginners to somewhere better. I will say this though. Not all dealer mechanics are bad. You unfortuneatly have to take the time( and get lucky ) to find a good one. And when you do, you take of that person with tips, you wait for their schedule to open up, you be patient when they do make a mistake etc. As an example; until about a year ago I was a master tech for Harley Davidson. We had 10 mechanics. I was the only Master. Being a Master tech "Means absolutely nothing!" I actually was a very good mechanic. Lots of the Master mechanics received the status by going to the schools and putting in the time. However to be good was another thing as most of the dealership classes were a class, as in they really didn't fail anyone. I sat in a class of 14 students on digital electronics. They displayed the parameters for the sensors on the fuel injection and engine management systems, then they asked the class what was wrong with the engines based on the data from the sensor readings. I was the only one who could answer the questions. Ok so thats a long winded way of saying that there are good dealer mechanics. The dealer makes money doing warranty work, albeit not much, but the do, so they will fix you car. You just have to be positive and absolute. If they spilled paint on my car, they would have re painted it or made it exactly like it was when I brought it in. They will do this, you just have to be willing to stand up for your rights. I have personally rebuilt complete motors for free, outside of warranty because the customer complained enough. It can be done. Find a good mechanic, and take care of that person. Don't trust your car/bike etc to any place without knowing who is working on it. If you don't, you will get a just about anything.

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