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Chevrolet Impala Audio



  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    That would be great...if I had one too. :) I don't have my car right now (it's currently having the FOB problem fixed, cross your fingers for me) but as I remember, you can hear the hiss if you just sit inside and turn on the hazard signal. This hiss is steady and starts with the tick, tick of the signals and ends about a second or so after you turn them off. You should also be able to hear it by turning the ignition on (not starting the engine) and engaging the turn signal. Or, leave the key in the ignition and open the door and listen in between door chimes or immediately after closing the door, listen to hear if there is a hiss that stops about a second after the last chime. Finally, the best way to control the hiss is to turn the key to accessory power and turn on the radio. Turn the volume all the way down and then turn it one notch up. On mine, you'll immediately hear the hiss accompanied by the light sound of the radio/CD/etc. Depending on your hearing, you should be able to hear it if you have it. I have pretty bad tinitus and I can hear it with mine. You can alternately turn the volume up and off to hear the hiss if it's there. Let me know if you can duplicate any of these. BTW, I believe my Impala was built in Oct '05 but I'll have to confirm that later.

    If any other '06 Bose system owners out there would like to try this, please do and report back. Please include whether or not you have had the amp replacement that was done in early to mid '06. I had mine replaced and it did improve the situation a great deal but I'm still not really satisfied.

  • martin22martin22 Posts: 53
    I've just tried all those tests:--- absolutely no hiss at all. The only evidence of a very slight hiss was when, with no XM signal available (in my garage), I turned the volume up to 100% -but I would expect that anyway. Sorry, but it looks like you may still have a bug in your system. By the way, I do hope GM continue with those Black Tie radios. The way they let you know what's under each preset is brilliant. I don't understand why some folk want to change them out. Just wish though I had the full set of EQs.

  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Hey, I appreciate the ultra-fast response! Just curious, about the volume levels, did you say that yours was plenty loud as well? While I haven't complained that mine doesn't get loud enough, I do sympathize with the folks who complain that the new black tie systems aren't as loud as the old systems. But, while I would likely never have gotten much louder than 50% on the old systems, that's about where I start on the new ones.
    As for the memory presets, I totally agree with your point there. It's awesome how you can preset across the bands. I just wish you could have better control over the sound quality (full EQ).

    Thanks again!

    P.S. - Any other '06 Impala Bose owners out there want to chime on on this?
  • Thanks Ron,

    I would most likely go to GM for the amp if in fact I could do this, I would not go for after market since I also have an extended warranty on the car.

    Yes, I do have the MP3 and XM features, I like XM and if they don't raise the prices I can't wait until the merge with Sirus. (Or however you spell it)

    I don't know if there is anything in the dash radio in the 06 that also must change OR can I just add the AMP? I hate going to the Chevy dealer for this info, I would rather know what I need going in.

    The 02 sound system is great but no XM and my wife drives that one anyhow.

    I can't understand how the Bose system could also be underpowered, It has an external AMP?
  • martin22martin22 Posts: 53
    Yes, we have no problem with volume. Anything more than 30 to 40% would drown out conversation up front.
  • Hey all,

    Thanks for the info.

    I guess I got my answer on whether or not I can stick a GM amp in my 06 with the standard radio. I would also have to replace the in dash radio.

    I won't go for an after market unit. With the extended warranty they will definitely tell me to hit the road if something goes wrong.

    Does GM only make two types of systems? The Bose and the standard for the Impala.

    Do they have a system that can accept an AMP that is not a Bose?
  • mymittiesmymitties Posts: 242
    Hey Martin...

    Yep, too...more than enough volume on mine
    and sound quality is pretty decent..!! :blush:
    January '06 build also....
    Maybe we are the lucky ones here..!!
    Frank ;)
  • Martin,

    I read a few messages ago that Frank has a Bose System, you also have a Bose ...Correct? I wanted to make sure since I have found other people with same complaint I have on the Standard system.

    If you have a Standard and you say the volume is good, I would like to somehow measure that with you. Would appreciate it.

    I like 60's - 80's music and sometimes the downloaded or copied song sound levels are low to begin with. The lack of power in the standard system really shows itself here!
  • martin22martin22 Posts: 53
    Yes,pb, mine is a Bose. The amp is located under the rear parcel shelf. I wonder if folks with a standard system still have the full wiring loom that would allow a simple update by adding the amp. Check if there are any unused wires near where the amp would be.
  • jntjnt Posts: 316
    Some common info on GM new Black Tie radio:

    1. Same radio head is used for standard system or a Bose system. Another word, the head unit can drive the speakers directly if the Bose amp is not there. So it could drive a Non-Bose amp system if the Audio shop wants to do it themselves

    2. When the radio head detects there is a Bose amp out there, it just sends over a constant audio level to the Bose amp. All EQ (or lack of it), volume control,... are done by the Bose amp. In the non Bose system, all EQ, tone, volume controls are done by the head unit.

    3. Black Tie radio now gets ignition info from the CAN bus (data message rather than 12V wire). This will tell the radio to turn on power or to go to sleep to save the battery. Older Impala radio has 12V ignition signal provided to it in a separate wire. This is one sticky point of replacing the stock radio with an aftermarket radio since after-market radio requires a 12V ignition wire.

    4. A lot of vehicle functions (chime, vehicle info display, click clack sound,...) are now provided by the radio head. In addition, radio dimming, ignition signal, ... are now sent over the CAN bus as messages. So in order for the after-market radio to function in a typical new GM vehicle without losing functions in the stock radio, an interface box is probably needed besides just an vehicle adaptor. I bet there is industry out there making the living on this niche market

    5. Typically for base system, car makers do count pennies. The quickest way for them to save money is on the speakers. They normally are looking for the cheapest ones made in China or another low cost country to fill this order. So just putting in some better quality speakers in the base system will improve sound quality immediately. Some car makers do trick like vehicle EQ to compensate for cheap speakers ' audio frequency response. But you can do too much to hide the cheapness of the part.


  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Would you agree with Martin as to the performance of your stereo? No hiss at all? Would you care to run any of the little experiments that I listed a few posts back?

    Thanks buddy!
  • mymittiesmymitties Posts: 242
    Hi there Ron.. For you my friend, ...Anytime..!!

    Well, my 8 speaker Premium Bose Sound System has been working flawlessly from day one (October '06). So, as a little background, there hasn't been any reason at all for me to replace my amplifier !! It's still all the original "stuff"....
    Now then, after reviewing your post one more time, I went through the list of tests for you, and I have to honestly say that there is absolutely No HISS or any other noise or distraction in my system at all!! You know, in my opinion, both the volume control and sound quality here are every bit as good as any so called upper scale GM radio/sound system I have ever had. FYI.. About 30-40% volume on mine can be very loud..!!
    Not wanting to be "puffy" here, but I do have somewhat of a discerning ear when it comes to the quality, clarity, tone, etc. etc. of music & system....So, this Hissing sound thing would drive me absolutely crazy and staight to the GM dealership for sure..!! Some say that enjoying Sound quality and enjoying Music are usually two different goals....
    Geeeeee, I sure do miss my full-set of EQ's....

    Have a great Easter....
    Frank ;)
  • my wife hisses at me that the same hiss that you guys are talking about? :confuse: .............Love my Impala,and my wife....when shes not hissing at me!! :mad:
  • mymittiesmymitties Posts: 242
    Hey Bryan....... HER HISSING!!!!

    Now, remember the words of Elmer Fudd here...

    BE WERY, WERY CAREFULL......!!!!!!!!

    Happy Easter
    Frank ;)

    PS. Gee, I better say something about my car here or,
    i'm in deep ********* Ok...Love my Chevy..!!
  • wesleygwesleyg Posts: 164
    Several times in the last 6 months my SS has had a humming noise in the radio, this happens when I am sitting in the running car with the drivers door open several minutes, no seat belt on. The humming is quite loud and even shutting the radio or CD player off and then back on does not stop it.

    The cure I found is to switch on the turn signal for several flashes, and bang it's gone. Since it's so infrequent and I have a cure, I don't want the dealer to mess with it. Any one else have this? Thanks
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Not wanting to be "puffy" here, but I do have somewhat of a discerning ear when it comes to the quality, clarity, tone, etc. etc. of music & system....So, this Hissing sound thing would drive me absolutely crazy and staight to the GM dealership for sure..!! Some say that enjoying Sound quality and enjoying Music are usually two different goals....

    You don't sound "puffy" to me. I would put myself in the same class, as a matter of fact. Now that a few of you are telling me that the Bose system actually SHOULD be a quality system, I will be looking to find an '06 Bose system on the Chevy lot to compare mine with so I might be able to get some warranty work done. Mine definitely doesn't meet the standard of premium. I just wish we lived closer together so we could compare "face to face." But, I do thank you for your usual.

    Thanks and I still welcome other '06 Bose owner opinions. The more the merrier! I think we're 2-2, currently.


    P.S. - Frank, one more thing, would you be willing to either take a picture of the amp in your car or give a good physical description? I'll post a picture of mine soon.
  • This is the definite fix i had to take out all the trim and the rear seat but here it is. The amp had no power also the chimes did not work, key in lights on and the like. On the passenger side is a wiring harness the wire that runs off the radio fuse splits at about the area of the post between the two doors( called the b-post)it is orange in color and where it splits is a factory connection.this connector is in the wiring harness and it will be wet just because of the weather and where it sits. I pulled off all the trim and rolled back the carpet. I pulled on all of the orange wires untill one came free not hard but a firm pull. I then used a butt connector and some shrink tube . and i fixed the problem.
    1 if your radio appears to be working and the cd tracks
    2 if you have no chimes
    3 if you have no power to your amp GO TO A SHOP AND HAVE A MECHANIC USE A TEST LIGHT
  • Huh??? :confuse:
  • mymittiesmymitties Posts: 242
    Holy Butt Connector, batman..!!... Ripping, tearing, rolling back carpet, removing trim, etc. etc. etc...... and a big load (the "S" word here) of electrical tape you say..!! :cry: Waaaaay Toooooo scarey for me..!!
    Hey Z, by the way,....What year Impala are you working on here...'06/'07 or...???
    Anyway, Congratulations on your fix.

    Frank ;)
  • mjagsmjags Posts: 4
    Thanks for the reply. Do you happen to know which terminal at the amplifier is the power feed? I seem to have power at most amp terminals but I don't have a wiring diagram to know for sure which is the main power feed. Thanks.
  • mjagsmjags Posts: 4
    You were absolutely right!!!! Pulled up the rug on the passenger side and the backing was soaked with water. Pulled the harness out of the black plastic conduit and found the orange wire splice corroded. Repaired the splice and all is well again. I've got tunes after 3 months of silence. Many thanks zappaland.
  • capo33capo33 Posts: 6
    Zappaland is THAT DUDE. I fixed my radio too. Now, I don't have to talk to these females on dates!!!!!!!!! Thanks a million bro.
  • itsmetk2itsmetk2 Posts: 3
    Our radio locked on our 2002 Impala. The dealership said it was the battery. So, we replaced the battery. Still locked. They said it was the battery cables, maybe. For $400, I wanted a for they said it was a bad radio. $500. Still locked. Now they say, we will see what next it could be. Anyone else had to pay for their guesses? My husband the electrician has told them it has to be the wires not talking to the computer correctly, or the computer itself at this point. They keep telling us, no, it could be an infinite number of things, we will just keep trying. Any ideas?
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    I'm no expert but I thought it was a security thing that was VIN dependent and had to be programmed through the vehicles computer when it became locked out. Have you sought out a second opinion from another dealership? :sick:
  • itsmetk2itsmetk2 Posts: 3
    When they replaced the new radio, they reprogramed the computer, and it still locks out the radio. A dealership in another state that we were visiting in, said it was the computer. This is dealership today got all offended, and said there was no way it was the computer.
  • montessmontess Posts: 1
    Hey just wondering if there is a way to bypass the amplifier? My Monte Carlo came with a stock amp and has seem to have gone bad and now I don't get any output from my speakers but radio is fine. Before I buy a new amp I was just curious if you found out how to bypass this amp.
  • jntjnt Posts: 316
    One type of GM radio theft lock (newer type): Every radio when put in a vehicle is given the VIN number of that vehicle via the vehicle data bus. This information is stored inside the radio's computer. Every time you start the vehicle, the radio expects the VIN info from the vehicle and compare it with its VIN number. If that info is not sent or wrong info is sent, radio will be locked. Any competent dealer should be able to fix this problem. So there may be problem with the vehicle module that sends out VIN info (BCM ? since it controls all other security aspect of the vehicle).

    Older theft lock scheme: no VIN data is sent. Owner has to enable this feature and then enter his own security code. And that code is stored locally in radio's computer. As soon as Battery is disconnected from the radio (someone steals the radio and uses it somewhere else), the radio will be locked until the owner enters the correct code. For this type of theft lock, the dealer could also clear it for you for a small fee ($50)

    For your 2002 Impala, you could buy an Aftermarket radio and stick in the dash to be done with. This vehicle supplies typical Aftermarket radio with essential signals to make it work (12 V battery, Ignition, Ground, and speaker connections) and forget about the vehicle bus. Circuit City is selling vehicle adapter harness ($15) for all types of vehicle. A decent Japanese radio could be had for less than $200. You probably have to buy antenna adapter too (Circuit City or Radio Shack) since GM radio uses smaller connector vs. typical Motorola type.

  • zappalandzappaland Posts: 5
    The chimes for the car all run through the amp. When you leave the signal engaged for an extended period (forgetig it after a lane change) this also has a chime to it.The buzz could be coming from that.When you turn off the radio and the car, the amp stays engaged to provide the chimes.You could have a bad amp or just to much input for an extended amt. of time.
  • I have a couple of questions concerning my car. It is a 2006 Impala LT1. 1) Is there any way to put in the higher-end factory radio, and if so, any idea on the cost (I'd also like it to have XM)? 2) Is there any way to add on the steering wheel audio controls, and if so, any idea on the cost?

    I had a car picked out, but when I went to the dealer and told him the one I wanted, he sold it about 2 hours before I got there. The dealer only had one Impala left, and this was during last year's 72-hour sale with 0% financing (around July 4th). So, I took the car that didn't have exactly what I wanted, figuring I'd save the extra money to get what I want later. Am I stuck with what I have, or can I add these things?

    I feel like the dealer's giving me the run-around, so I'd like some honest answers and advice.

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