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Chevrolet Impala Audio



  • jntjnt Posts: 316
    It is likely the external audio amplifier problem: one possible cause

    But it could also be the shorting of the two speaker wires somewhere between the Audio Amplifier and the speaker in question. When the speaker wires are shorted, you, for sure, lose that channel. But in some case, you would lose all 4 channels. You can check the shorting of the speaker wires/ Amp outputs by probing the speaker connectors (after removing the speaker from the connector) using an Ohm meter.

    Another possibility is the broken speaker wire(s) or connection problem. Checking for broken wire is harder since you have to probe at both ends (speaker end and the Audio Amplifier end). But indirectly, you could check the DC voltage at each wire (again with the speaker taken out). At each wire, you should measure something around 6V - 8V (depending on the battery voltage. This is normally 1/2 BATTERY voltage). Broken wire has no voltage at all or some voltage out of range (13V if it is shorted to BATTERY).

    Sometime it could be the radio itself is at fault (connection problem at radio side, blown one audio driver inside the radio)

  • don8455don8455 Posts: 1
    I was wondering if there was a way that I could get the song title and artist to scroll across my screen when the XM radio is on. As of right now when I press the information (i) button on the top left I can choose to show only one of them. I don't know if I imagined it but I thought they did scroll when I first got the car (before I started experimenting with the buttons).
  • johnkuxjohnkux Posts: 4
    I have a 2007 Impala with about 13,000 miles on it an am on my third radio. The prievious radios just went dead. Dealer, aren't they always so helpful?, said the problem was the radio and replaced it twice. The last new radio was two weeks ago and this one is already starting to not work. Symptoms are no sound, period. Sometimes it will start working then go dead again. Dealer said they cannot fix it until I bring it in with the radio not working. Help.
  • bigjim5bigjim5 Posts: 3
    See if you have an amp in the trunk between the speakers. This is probably the problem. Tell the dealers to check it, or send it out to a radio shop.

  • Could you share with us what the fix was?
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    The "Black Tie" stereos do not offer XM title scrolling. If you tune to an RDS FM station, you'll notice that the information from the FM station will scroll. This may be what you remember seeing. I researched in great detail after first purchasing my car. I had ASSUMED it would scroll since the earlier models' stereos scrolled the information but it simply isn't a capability designed into the new stereos.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    There is a TSB regarding the amplifiers in the 2006 Impala. I believe it was fixed at the factory later in the model year run and as far as I know, didn't affect subsequent model years. However, the actual fix was to replace the amp between the speakers on the read deck (visible from the trunk) and to reprogram the radio's head unit. If I remember correctly, the newer amp has "Bose" molded into the metal casing (whereas I don't think the old one did).

    As I stated in the earlier post, the hiss was reduced but it's still very noticeable by someone with an "ear" for it. I had been wanting to compare my car with a newer one ever since the "fix" came out but wasn't able to until this past Christmas. My sister bought an '07 LTZ and it has the exact same hiss as mine. So, mine is as good as it gets, I believe, which isn't saying a lot.

    If you suspect you have the old amp in your car, take a look at it and describe it here. I also think the heat fins on the new amp run diagonal whereas the old amps fins ran inline with the sides of the casing. I'll go look at mine again if need be.

    Good luck and keep us posted!
  • loc2275loc2275 Posts: 2
    trying to hook up a line out converter so i can hook up my sub and amp to it but dont know what wires are the speaker wires please help new to this site
  • just wondering if there is a place where i can order a replacement speaker grill cover online or the best way to go about getting one
  • Hi there. I'm installing a 4 channel amp and new speakers into my 2004 LS impala that has the factory amplifier. My question is this.

    Does the system split the signal sent to the front speakers so that the woofer is only getting a low end signal and the tweeter is only getting a high end signal? For example, if I replaced the front 6 3/4 speakers, would they be receiving a full range signal or is it run through a crossover to split it up between the 6 3/4 and the tweeter?
  • bradharmerbradharmer Posts: 15
    My cassette tape deck is giving me the error "CLEAN" and it won't play any cassettes. I tried a cleaning tape but it spits that out too. Anyone run into this or know how to clear the message? I've tried the following

    1. Pulled the fuse
    2. Pulled the battery
    3. Tried cleaning cassette. It gets ejected like any other cassettes I tried.


  • Okay i have following the forum pretty closely but still no luck. I own a 2000 impala and my quest for a decent sound system has become a nightmare. I bought an after market radio for my car and did not feel like buying the $100 module that i believe doesnt do anything. I had the cassette radio and the stock amp in the back. I read the one post that was entitled "How To Install aftermarket Radio In My 2000 Impala w/o $120 wiring harness" but the pins and wires did not match up with my car. I went to my local mechanic and they printed me off the only radio schematic sheets provided by chevy and it was a cd player version w/o an amp so it didnt help out at all. Many of the wires were not there or were in a different place. At first i struggled to even get power to the new after market radio. Finally i was able to realize that my stock radio did not have a constant 12v where it use to be so i had to wire one off of one of the fuses from the side. So now i've figured out that i have the correct wires hooked up for the constant and the ignation/acc but now no music is playing. I grabbed a speaker from my garage just to test it and the radio and wires were fine. The car won't play the music though. I believe it has something to do with the amp in the trunk. One post said that they bypassed the amp completlely. I'm wonder, can i just get rid of it in gerneral? I'm eventually going to hook up an amp and subwoofers in the trunk and im wondering if i really need the stock amp. Haha i've destroyed my old wiring harness and i have few spare wires that go to nothing, i'm thinking it i should jsut cut everything and make it direct, i'm already this far in the hole. Please help me out, im kinda missing my old radio because it sure beats the hell out listening to the wind and staring at the empty hole in my dash. Your advice is greatly apprechaited.
  • BIG question. I have a 2004 chevy impala. All of a sudden the radio stop working. I can still see the time and what is playing on the radio but there is no sound. Not even a chime coming from the door, or the low fuel light or anything. I have a factory amplifier.. anyone have any suggestions on how to get my radio working, without paying 200+ dollars for a new amplifier???
  • bigjim5bigjim5 Posts: 3
    Only option is , if low mileage, talk to the GM customer service people. Otherwise take it to a good local car audio place and they should be able to do it for less than $200
  • ferranteferrante Posts: 6
    Here's your answer. Your amp is not getting power. there is a conecction under your carpet that goes to the rear or the vehicle , it's about at th emiddle of th ecar on th eright side, the coecction is prob corroded due to condensation. What we did is ran a new power supply to the amp and bingo we have radio. before figuring this out we changed the radio, we changed the amp , we removed the carpet completely and checked the wires and connections. after all this we put it all back and still the same radio works but nbo sound and no door chime, we then tested power to amp and bingo we found th esiple yet hard to find answwer.....GOOD LUCK>
  • That is awesome!! Thank you sooooo much for the info! So now, how do I go about fixing it? How much would it cost to get fixed? Is it a simple fix?
  • Can you be a little more specific on where that connector is? I have the same problem and I would love to get this fixed. Thanks! You might just be a life saver!
  • Well to start you first off have to remove seats, center console, and trims to remove carpet. once done the connection is halfway down the car on the right sid ejust behind driver seat, sits just at the center pillar area. ...... Now the easiest way is to rewire a power connection off the ignition to turn on amp. you can get this done at a stereo shop . if not once you have access to conection you can clean out and silicone spray so no water gets in. the reason why it was coroded is the cabin filter sometimes does not fit in correctly and water come in from outside through the cabin filter. ......... does this help you any. Mike
  • Phew! That helps alot! I will have to find someone to do this for me. I might be able to do simple but this is beyond me. It might also explain why sometimes my passenger floorboard is moist. Thanks!
  • i have a 2005 impala the radio looses reception when i use rear defogger the problem just started and seems to be getting more frequent
  • brobruciebrobrucie Posts: 1
    Thank you for that info, do you know if this is the same area where the connection will be on a 2000? I just noticed the seatbelt buzzer not working and payed it no mind then the radio started fading in and out, i started to buy a new amp that is how i ended up on this site. thanks for sharing this info.
  • topless75topless75 Posts: 1
    Hey guy! I landed on the site trying to find out how to fix my 2007 impala ss radio that keeps goin in and out. I've read along throughout your thread and your problems are the very same as mine so it seems to be an ongoing problem with these vehicles even through a generation change. I do have an aftermarket radio in which i had to install an additional harness to keep all of my factory settings (onstar, chimes, etc...). At one point i though it may have been the harness, which I've replaced one time, but starting to think it is the amplifier or switch that has been constantly mentioned. If ANYONE has any additional guidance on this problem, PLEASE let me know! Eventhough I have 2007 it may actually be the same problem and switch could be in nearly the same location but i AM UNSURE!!!!!! Thanks in advanced!
  • This is how my problems with my Chevy Impala started and it was in the summer ,so the cold had nothing to do with it, First it started with radio not working sometimes,then radio would stay on when door open and have to manually turn it off,rear defroster quit working,chiming when you take key out,then my battery started going dead,A 2008 car,a new car that I am paying 450 dollars a month on and of course that started when all I have left is a power train warranty! I bought it because my used car was breaking down,bought a new battery ,still went dead,The dealership was no help,I am not letting them look at it since they will charge me who knows what even if its something minor! I have a brother who is a mechanic ,hope he can find out the problem,I am furious,Have always been a Chevy lover but the love is slowly fading! :mad:
  • Hello - I have a 2006 Impala 9C3 (unmarked police car) that has an issue that's driving me insane. I am trying to listen to my Sirius Radio via the AUX jack - it has been working fine for a year, now all of a sudden the radio is switching from AUX to FM for no reason (no one is touching the band selector switch). When I hit AUX it tells me NO DISC (it's also the CD) it will not stay in AUX mode. The FM wireless transmitter is nothing but static, so this AUX mode was perfect.
    Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  • ok i have a 2004 impala ls. when i bought the car it did not have a radio in it... the owner was in the process of replacement when i got it. it has the stock amp and i bought a sony X-plod. all the wires are correct as to the diagram that came with the $100 interface. there is full power to the stereo but absolutly zero sound!!!! what is the fix! im goin crazy!!!!
  • Make sure you hook up the blue wire coming off of your harness to the blue/white wire on your aftermarket radio. That should fix the problem. :-)
  • johnboy87johnboy87 Posts: 1
    i have an 01 impala LS. the radio started fadeing in and out now i have no sound at all and i noticed that the door chimes dont work either. help please. could this be the same problem?
  • sjm123sjm123 Posts: 1
    does anyone know how many watts the stock stereo in this car is?
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