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Dodge/Plymouth Neon



  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    How much did you pay for it? If you've only invested a coupla hundred bucks in it, you could sink what -- maybe two thou -- for a rebuilt engine and a new clutch, and have yourself a five-year-old new car! (I'd assume that it still looks pretty good since it's only five years old?)

    BTW, how the heck did somebody rack up 40K miles a YEAR? I thought I was bad at 18K!

  • mdaffron-

    40K miles a year is no problem if you travel a minimum of 400 miles a week and do approximately the same on the weekends just to get to work. I have a 99' and I bought it last July 04 with 45K on it and I am at 88K now.
  • mpottermpotter Posts: 1
    I have a 95 Dodge neon highline SOHC, and after I passed 100,000 miles I started to have some problems with idle too high or low and also with a throttle 'surge' as I shifted. Sometimes the engine would not stop applying power when I let up on the gas to shift or slow down (this was not fun). There was no trouble code in the on-board diagnosis system and my mechanic had changed out a few of the same parts yours has without solving the problem.

    As it turned out, the throttle position sensor in the throttle body and the Powertrain Control Module were both malfunctioning. Replacement was rather expensive (I think about $800 in parts and labor) but the car has run fine for over a year since the repair. :D
  • If you haven't got your car fixed yet, I think have the fix. I have a 96 Neon. It to had oil around only the number 4 plug. It would run for a while and die when you slowed and stopped. It would not restart for a few minutes either. The oil around the plugs is due to the spark plug tubes seals are bad. Over a relatively short period of time it will short out the coil. There are a couple of tube types, pressed and threaded. Pressed you will have to get new and threaded you can reseal. Get a valve cover gasket kit. It should come with the tube seals. Ask the store clerk or a mechanic on what type of sealant to use for the tubes you have. I would recommend changing the plugs and wires. If you get the job done by a mechanic it will cost about $425.00. If you can do it yourself it will cost about $100.00. both these prices include a new coil. :)
  • bibi3bibi3 Posts: 1
    Hello :cry:
    I have a 99 Neon I bought in 2000, the car was great for a while, have changed the brakes on it twice. I am good about having the oil changed roughly every 6 months or so when recently I started seeing white smoke when I accelerated I got alarmed. I asked a friend of mine (mechanic of course) to look at it, he said that it was the head gasket, so he changed it and sealed it up and put new oil it and said it shouldn't be smoking anymore. But just recently I see the smoke again, and especially more in the heat of TEXAS with the air conditioner on I see it more. I am embarrassed now to drive but I have no other choice. What can I do, on a low budget to fix the car or can some one give me some rough idea of how much it would be fix it.

  • My advice would be to get rid of your car. The longer you keep it the more money you will have to keep putting into it and pretty soon this cheap car will turn into an expensive nightmare. I know I have a 2000 one and it has TONS of problems in the shop every 3 months no joke. I want to get rid of mine sooooo bad. Maybe your friend can look at it again :) But truly my best friend gave hers to her mom even though her mom had a car to drive it into the ground because her trans has gone out twice. My $10,000.00 car I would say has turned into a $ 25,000.00 car with all the work we have had to put into it. We are only fixing it till the payments are done and we are down to 4000.00 and after that it is going to be driven into the ground because my husband wont sell this lemon to anyone afraid they will come after us and does not wish this car on anyone. Sorry I could not have been more help. But you need to really get a another car and dump the neon. I have another new car and I love it and trust me it is no neon. Shy :shades:
  • :sick: I have a 1996 Neon with SOHC 2.0L 4 door. The problem Im having is the AC blows air but the air is not cold I have gone and get recharge kit to recharge it with R134a will trying to charge the system I started hearing something was unable to find out where it is coming from. But on the gear for the charging kit it would show in the Blue that it was charge and then drop to 0 as if it had no charge. To me its sound like a relay that comes on and off you can see the car surge with power and then it will lose power this is all will the car is just setting in the drive way. Also most like the AC come on then off , on then off. Any Ideas would help.

  • hey man whats i up, i work at a auto zone and change lights for these cars all the time there is a housing in the rear of the headlight. Turn the housing and slide the light out. When throwing in the halogen bulbs though dont touch the actuall bulb, the grease on your hands will shorten the life anymore problems dont be afraid to just shout out
  • i had just driven back from my trailor about 150kms started no problems never had any problems with my starter when i got home i got in the car to go to the store and it wouldn't crank [turn over] so i look at the starter and the live power wire to the cyliniod was curoaded and broken i then removed the starter jumped it exturnaly [starter is definitly dead] replaced new one ! STILL NO TURN OVER NO CRANKING could it be my crank censor shorted out if the wire grounded out any where! :mad: :sick: 1995 dodge neon
  • 2me2me Posts: 7
    it's a 95 neon 5 speed. A week ago it ran great. it will start and idle perfectly but as soon as you press the gas it "blub, blub, blubs" like a motorcycle with the choke left on. If you let off the gas it goes back to idle. I replaced the fuel pump and it was no better. If you pump the peddle quickly you can achieve the higher RPM's. There is no smoke coming out and the oil is clear and clean. There is the oft mentioned oil in the spark plug tube in one of the cylinders but it looks like it has been there for a while. The head was redone a year ago.
  • 2me2me Posts: 7
    I mispoke. I replaced the Fuel Filter not the Fuel Pump. Anyone have any suggestions???
  • my girlfriends 98 neon sport (under 100K miles). two days ago started making a loud noise (like the air is on)from engine. as far as i can tell all hoses/fans seem to be working properly. seems to get louder every day and today it died while waiting at a light. any help?? thanks.
  • I own a 99 neon SOHC. My battery light came on and thought it was the alternator so I had the alternator changed. No change & my mechanic said it was the Power Control Module so we put a new on in, but no change. ANY IDEAS?
  • sounds like a vacume leak also check ur pcv valve
  • how about the battery tray sensor?
  • eeejeeej Posts: 3
    :cry: I bought a good used 1999 Neon a short time ago. Love it! HOWEVER (isn't there always a "but"?) one day I turned the key and NOTHING! After playing around a couple of times, I found that the key turns too far and the car will not start. Once I got it running I could even REMOVE the key and the car kept running. I wasn't happy about it but as long as it started I didn't care much. Now I care....because it sometimes takes me 5, 6, 7 turns of the key to get it started. IS THIS THE IGNITION SWITCH IN THE STEERING COLUMN? If so, does anyone have experience with this, had theirs replaced or could offer me some information? I don't want to be taken by a mechanic that can see a sucker coming a mile away. Fore armed is fore warned! I'd be deeply appreciative if someone could give me some guidance!!!! :)
  • Thanks for your reply! We need all the help that we can get.....What is the battery tray sensor? We are taking my car to the dealership in a couple of days for a diagnostic, but I have no faith in them finding the problem. My husband has tried everything.
  • its leaking gas by the gas tank. there are 3 places where it looks like hoses can come out of the gas tank . 2 of the hoses go to my gas filter and the 3rd port the hose is gone or there is a cap that goes there. i cant find any hose hanging to connect to it. there is a hose clamp still in on that nub. any idea where this 3rd port would go to or if it just needs to be capped off??? ty
  • this is a 1996 dodge neon
  • :mad: I have a 98 Dodge neon with a serious attitude problem. When I down shift it sometimes shut off if i dont give it gas. I had a new header put on it. It didnt do this until then. have replaced the fuel pump and fuel pump relay in the fuse box under the hood someone help me please. :sick:
  • had this problem on my 2000 lx neon
    had the oil changed and it drives like new
    seems the valves were not getting enough lubrication
  • I bought a 1995 Neon earlier this year and it has recently developed the same problem you described. I'm fairly certain it is due to a worn ignition switch (not ignition lock) but I need to research the problem a bit more. The car still starts (sometimes after 3 or 4 tries) so I'm not in any real hurry. I'll keep you informed what I found out, and maybe you'll post anything you find out.
  • I had this EXACT same problem recently, and for me it was the fuel pump. Sometimes it would be running fine, but when it did act up, I lost all power when pressing on the gas. Had the fuel pump replaced, and havent had any problems like that since. Best bet is to get a fuel pressure test, and check the pressure on it when the engine bogs down. Good luck!
  • Ok, so heres the situation. I have a 95 Dodge Neon, and it has been making a whiny/screeching sound for awhile now. Someone told me it was the a/c compressor belt most likely, which is bad if it goes. However, tonight on my way home, I was leaving the parking lot and I lost power steering and the car started smoking really bad. I shut it off and looked under the hood. The smoke was coming from the front passenger side looked to be right by the radiator, but couldnt REALLY track it. After I restarted the car, I still had no power steering, but it stopped smoking. Also, the annoying noise went away. (Yeah!) So my question is, would the a/c belt cause this if it broke, or is it more likely a power steering belt? Also, approximatly how much would it be to replace? Thanks for your help in advance! :)

  • I have a 99' Neon and after my mechanic told me that my power steering belt was dry and cracking, I had him replace both belts and it cost me $180 dollars to fix it. I wouldn't recommend driving it because your car will overheat because the waterpump is not working. Get your belts replaced and your car will run better. The whiny/screeching noise as you described was because the belts were dry as a bone and sometimes belt lube will do the job but only as a temporary measure. Usually belts will start to screech after it has rained out and they will stop. If they don't stop and belt lube is needed then it's time to get to your mechanic. Hope this helps you out. :)
  • eeejeeej Posts: 3
    Alrighty, Steve! And if I stumble on some vital info in the meantime, I'll let you know too. Thanks! :)
  • OK, here's what I found out. The switch is sold at AutoZone for $31.99. See here:igniton switch.

    I went and purchased the switch (it was in stock). Replacement is simple enough that even a bumbling amateur can do it BUT... There's a catch. To remove the old switch you need a #10 Torx bit from your screwdriver set, which I assume everyone has, BUT... Some clown engineer decided to make the screw head not an ordinary one but a #10 Torx tamper-resistant screw head. That means you have to find a special set of bits.

    I found what I needed on eBay for $5.88 incl. shipping and ordered it. It's on its way. In the meantime my car is still drivable so I can be patient. Good luck to you.
  • How do I replace the filler tube on my 95 Dodge Neon?.
  • If u happen 2 figure out what the problem is please respond 2 [email protected] and let me no. I have the exact same problem. I replaced the entire fuel/sending unit assembly along with a new filter and fuel relay. And it still acts up.
    Thanks lilb
  • I have a 2000 Plymouth Neon LX that sounds like a VW bug when I accelerate. I am fairly certain this is probably an exhaust leak however I can't see anything...any suggestions where I should look? And do you think my car will pass smog if I do not fix it?
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