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Dodge/Plymouth Neon



  • camshaft sensor or valve cover gasket rarely rear main sealbut sometimes
  • just had the engine and transmission replaced on my 00 neon loud knocking in the engine and shifting hard 3 oil leaks to
  • new engine and transmission new valve cover gasket new camshaft seal and rear main seal thank god it happened less than a month after I bought the car and the dealership replaced it with no charge :D
  • I'v got a 98 neon expresso, and Im having the same belt slipping, and im wondering if there is an easy way to adjust the tension on it... It seems loose ;o The belt in question slips more when I turn the air on, and it just started happening when it got real cold outside.
  • It's not an easy job. My mechanic took 2 hours to do both of my belts last January. If their slipping, chances are they are worn out a bit and will need to be replaced. My mechanic charged me $180 to do both belts.
  • tom71tom71 Posts: 46

    I'm considering buying a new Neon 5 speed manual SXT
    with the "Kicker Live Sound" system that I heard was being made available as an option for the SXT 2005 model year.

    I was wondering it any Neon owners who have a newer Neon
    2003 to 2005 would reply on how they like their car and
    how reliable it has been. If any of you have a Neon with
    the "Kicker Live" stereo system I'd like to know if it's
    a great sounding system.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    I have a 2004 SXT with 35,000 miles Not a single problem,except the cd player was eating cd's for lunch. It was replaced for free and the cd was returned to us. Can't beat that! This is my 3rd Neon. We have a 96 with 176,000 on the original engine. We had a 2001 and drove it for 25,000 miles, sold it. The 2004 is reliable and gets 29 to 32 mpg. even our old 96 gets 27 to 31. Its not a peppy as the new one. The 05 is almost exactally the same as the 04. The kicker is rather costly is it not? Merry Christmas.

  • tom71tom71 Posts: 46

    Thanks for the info. Aside from the CD player eating CD's
    problem, are you please with the overall stereo system
    sound quality?
  • My neon now has about 110,000 miles on it and I'm worried that I will have expensive repairs soon. The trunk leaks water and the carpet is damp under the seats (mildew smell). The paint is starting to come off in a few spots. And my engine makes a weird knocking/chattering noise when I start it in the cold. Would it be a good idea for me to get these things fixed or should I trade it in soon? I know nothing about fixing cars and I need to make sure I have a reliable car. This car has never broke down, but it doesn't seem to be very well built and over 100k is a lot for a domestic. Does anyone have any suggestions for me or any stories about their neon?
  • What year is your Neon? Right now I have a 99 Neon and it has 103,000 on it and I plan on having the timing belt done when I receive my taxes. As long as your Neon isn't a rust bucket, meaning there are no holes in the floor boards or trunk then I would invest a few dollars in it. I had a 95 and I put 135,000 on it before I traded it in. I only traded it because my dealer made me a great deal towards another car instead of investing money into my car. It's common for a Neon to knock in cold weather. My Neon will knock when it gets below 32 degrees out even after I've had my oil changed. It wouldn't hurt to have a mechanic check it out and also crawl under your Neon and check for holes that might be causing your mats to get wet. If your mats aren't wet and only smell from mildew you can remove your seats and hit your carpets with a good carpet cleaner to get rid of that mildew smell.
    Hope that helped you out.
  • thanks a lot!
    mine's the same year with the same mileage... :) the '99 model seems to be better than the other ones. I was just asking to make sure because of all the horror stories I've heard about older neons. My car just sounds really weird in the cold... the noise is loud and it sounds like a diesel engine. I guess I won't worry too much if this is common. As long as the water hasn't caused any damage I should be ok.
  • btrflybtrfly Posts: 21
    I am only get about 20 miles a gallon??! When I first bought the car, it was lunging at lights but of course, didn't do it at the shop. That has stopped but now my gas mileage is worse??! Is this a really a 12.5 tank? And my tires are properly inflated. What's everyone else averaging? I bought the neon over an impala based on the better alleged gas mileage! The service person's response has been it's the EPA's fault. Maybe that's why they were offering the free gas for 2 years?
    Also, I really dont' see why all manufacturers can't use the 100k miles spark plugs? I'm seeing quite a few differences between the neon and my old 1996 cavalier and they aren't for the better!
  • btrflybtrfly Posts: 21
    Ahh, so now I see this and that's what mine was doing I guess was "knocking" in the cold tho it was no colder than 55 in southern cal! I really didnt' think that was good for a car tho?
  • about a month ago my 1995 plymouth neon started to have problems like the clutch was going so i knew that i would need a new one and i did and i put that in but a few days later i started the car and i went to put the car in gear the engine made this horrible noise. so i had sum one come outside with me and i had them pop the hood and i told him to start the car everything was fine until when i told him to put it in gear i saw that when he tried shift the engine would jump up and thrust forward but its fine if you go to put it in gear when the car is off. I've never seen an engine do that before. I looked at my repair manual and read that it might be my engine mounts but i dont know if it is. So if any of you have any idea what might cause an engine to do that i would appreciate you telling me.
  • i had that same problem and i had to put a new transmision in and a new clutch too
  • I have a similar electrical problem. I have a 95 Neon and I just had the motor replaced. It was running fine for a little while and then after sitting for a few days, wouldn't turn over. I mean it wouldn't even crank. All you'd hear is a clicking, which I know is the starter selenoid. After trying to jump it, I took the battery out and had it charged. First things first. Make sure you have juice. In the process of removing the battery, I noticed a ground cable eyelet just hanging there. The cable appears to be a secondary ground of some sort, but I'm unsure where it's supposed to be connected? Also, in the process of trying to jump start the vehicle I noticed that the electrical system was going nuts. Flickering lights, dome light that would come on and go off again for no reason.
    Long story short, can anybody give me some guidance as to where this ground cable should be connected? Thanks a ton.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    We have a 2004 SXT. Consistently we get 31 to 32mpg. At times when we have 4 in the car and a full trunk, going against the wing we have gotten as bad as 28mpg. We use BP 87 octane and mobil 5-30 at the dealer. I change oil every 4 to 5,000 miles. We have 35,000 miles on it with original plugs. I dumped the oe tires at 8,000 miles and put M&S Cooper 195 65 15 tires. They lasted until 35,100miles. We have only had a problem with the CD player and that was replaced. This is our 3rd Neon. We still own a 1996 Dodge Neon Highline with 177,000 orignal miles. We took out the extended service Contract. At the end of the 100,000 mile sercice contract, Dodge has spent more on repairs than we paid for the car! From 100,000 mile there has been only minor repair except for the repainting which was $1,600. We still get 31mpg with it. our other neon was a 2001 we kept until it had 21,000 miles.
    In all we have has 14 Chrysler products and have had good experiences, so we stick with the DC brand. We now have a Jeep Liberty Deisel, a 1996 Neon, and a2004 Neon, all 4 cyclenders and good mpg on all. Go to the dealer and say you want a zone rep to come and look at it.

  • so we got this 96 neon, tuned it up, and it runs great, except for a few quirks. one of them is that the instruments seem to only come on when they feel like it, so it's impossible to tell how many miles are actually on it. but it was getting great MPG (30-32 highway) until something happened with the o2 sensors which dropped it to 2/3 of that. we got that fixed, then a few months later the MPG worsened again, and this time we simply reset the computer and that set it back to a more acceptible rate (25-27 highway). somehow the communication between the sensor and the computer was jumbled, and the car was using too much fuel :confuse: . so my question now is, should i consider the problem fixed, even though my mileage is still a bit worse than it had been, and if so, what can i do (besides basics like air filter replacement) to get better mileage? really it's a miracle it runs at all, since we've been all over the country with it.
  • Hi and thank you for allowing me this oppurtunity to ask a question. my daughter has a 98 Neon with an emission was checked at Auto Zone and told that she has a problem with an APLSOL Selonoid.we have no idea what this is . if anyone could help with this issue it would be greatly appreciated.Thank you in advance for any help you can give

  • The "apl sol solenoid circiut" is car talk for the battery temp sensor. Something might have gotten coroded and or cut underneath your battery tray. Take your battery out and look underneath it. Hope that helps you out. :D
  • btrflybtrfly Posts: 21
    Could you tell me if the diagnostic testing showed the problem with the sensor? The dealer keeps telling me they can't see a problem and yet I'm only getting 20 mpg!!
  • yustasyustas Posts: 31
    What they did, at Auto Zone, just pulled a trouble code out of the ECU. But the problem is not with solenoid, but with ECU itself. Chrysler had a TSB on that. You have to reprogram your car's ECU unit. And while you are at it, reprogram it for the faulty oxygen sensor too.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
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  • Just wanted any good or bad news that anyone has on 2004 Neon. I will be getting one this week and would like any info. you may have. Thanks
  • dcneondcneon Posts: 3
    I am not sure if it is an option on the 2004 model, i think it is, but if you have a choice i recommend getting the SRT-4 instead of the SXT neon. It comes with a nicer body kid, and better under hood upgrades. Runs better.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    We have a 2004 Neon SXT automatic. We have 38,000miles on it and the ONLY problem has been a CD player that kept holding on to the CD for a day or so. The CD player was replaced by the dealer under the 7/70. We have had three Dodge Neons. We still have a 96 Dodge neon with 178,000 miles on the original engine. The gas mileage is still about 30mpg and runs real good with about a quart of oil every 3,000miles. Which is what it has always been. Then we had a 2001 Dodge Neon leather, and lots of goodies, we traded it in on a Dodge Dakota truck. We got the 2004 Dodge Neon in July 2004. Believe it or not the 2004 was more than $4,000. less than our 1996 Neon. the car is good on gas 28 to 32mpg. It drives smoothly but there is some wind noise. The black interior shows spots more than our 1996. I would get a Chrysler Service Contract, as no car is perfect and I believe in what the Boy Scouts taught me "Be prepared".
    Hope you have many happy miles ahead.

  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    The SRt has a VERY HIGH INSURANCE RATE. Who needs 230 hp in a 2400 lb car? It may run better as far as speed goes, but how long it will last is only a guess. However if you are into speed and have money to burn that the SRT Neon is for sure a eye catcher....and a ticket magnet.

  • perangelperangel Posts: 1
    I have a 99 neon 48,000 miles. I just recently had a stereo installed and now I'm having problems with seat belt light comes on dinging, and then lose power to almost shut the car off while driving. Any sugguestions on this? :(
  • dcneondcneon Posts: 3
    Does anyone know/have any 1997 Dodge Neon Blueprints. I need real accurate ones, some that show the electrical wiring under hood, in inside car, cd player, and trunk. If any one has any i would be greatful.
  • i just got a neon and my was running great then i started to have the same problem as you. i got a diagostics done and they couldnt find anything. but my friend looked at it and couldnt find anything i was about to junk it but my boyfriend came over when i wasnt home to change all the filters like i asked a few days before i forgot to tell him about the car. well he changed the fuel filter and i havent had a problem since then. i know it sound weird but it fixed my problem
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