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Dodge/Plymouth Neon



  • justus3justus3 Posts: 21
    This is my final post to this forum as I am no longer the owner of my '03 Neon. I traded it in for a '07 Chevy Cobalt. The Neon was a decent enough car for a little bit, but as more and more problems began to surface with it, I decided it was time to get rid of it. The trunk began to leak water every time it rained and filled my spare tire compartment and floorboards with water, it all at once started running like crap (refer to a past post)and overall I was just sick of it. Sad to say, but I don't think I will be buying a Dodge again anytime soon. Never had problems with any other cars like I did with the Neon. Good luck to all you remaining Neon owners.
  • alkijimalkijim Posts: 6
    Ran into similar problem on my nephew's '95. No turn signals. No brake lights. Replaced brake light switch. Cured both problems. Good Luck.
  • I have had my 2000 plymouth Neon for 2 years now. Bought it with 72,000 miles. It's now at 97,000 miles. The problem started a year ago, the fuse that controls the back-up lights and rear defroster blew and kept on blowing.(10amp) Replaced it one time to many. (I have packets of fuses just laying around in my car). In the winter I had to replace the fuse just to defrost the back windshield, and then it would blow after I put the car in gear.

    The recent problem started this Sat.8/4/07.

    The fuse for the the turn signal blew.(15amp) I replaced it several times since then, but it still doesn't work. The signals would work for 1-3 mins, then blow again. (Yet again I have to carry packets of fuses in my car).

    I have dealt without having any back-up lights for a year but not having any turning signal, is ridiculous. I just can't deal with that. I have tried everything to get it to work, but have not had any luck. If there is anyone out there that can give me ANY advice, it would be greatly appreciated.
  • andres3andres3 Southern CAPosts: 10,904
    The best advice I can give you is to have someone "steal" your vehicle and total it. Or have someone burn it to the ground :P .

    As trust me on this, fuse/electrical problems are the most minor problems you will have to deal with on your Neon.
    '16 Audi TTS quattro 2.0T, '15 Audi A4 quattro 2.0T, '16 Kia Optima LX 1.6T
  • lilbeelilbee Posts: 3
    I just brought a 200 neon with a stock motor. a cold air k&n intake and 2inch exhaust with two mufflers came on the car. it get 29mpg, runs great after 30mph. but 0-30 its a dog, no go! anybody have any ideas how to fix this. thanks
  • lilbeelilbee Posts: 3
    has anyone tried one of the electric superchargers? if so did it really help? they look like a heater blower motor!
  • Picked up A 2000 Neon with 111,000 miles for $200.00. The engine had a blown head gasket. Dropped the engine out, put it on a stand and rebuilt for about $900.00, including machine work and parts. It runs great, 3 spd Auto, blows 40* air cond at idle, engine temp stays right in the middle of the gage. Interior and body are in like new condition, new tires, alloy wheels, moon roof, PW,PS, cruise. Just wanted folks out there to know that not everyone is dissatisfied or having problems with their Neon!!!!!!
    The key is to have the head milled before installation and don't let the dealer mechanics near it and it will probably will last a long time.
  • neon04neon04 Posts: 2
    04 neon with fog lights how to i install them the correct way let me no
  • I have the same setup as you and the same problem. Mine is an automatic and is a "dog" from 0-30 mph, but runs great from 30+ mph. I replaced the plugs, plug wires, and cleaned the throtle body which helped a little bit but did not fix the problem. Did you resolve the problem yet ? If so, let me know.

  • I have a '97 Sport and, although it has bugs, it is one of the most fun to drive cars I've ever owned (I have a manual though). I get about 37 overall and 40 on the highway. Shifting has its advantages (although if you live in a metro area don't even bother). I'm hoping to work it up to 50 mpg with mods.
  • no not fixed yet! did the same things as you did. must be the computer!!
  • I have a 2000 neon...when i am driving there is a high pitched squeak near the front passenger side tire, not just when i break. I have read on here about maybe the breaks needing to be replaced however i just had the car inspected and they said that the breaks were fine...any other ideas?

    also...i too have the rediculous "not turning off dome light" issue..i have replaced the door jamb switch which made the "door fuse" stop blinking, and now it still wont go off and it just blinks fuse...i have checked all the fuses inside and under the hood and nothing is blown..PLEASE HELP ME!
  • my daughters 1996 doge neon has been a nightmare help.... i think its the computor....
  • Okay, What is going on with your daughters car??????? I had the same problem with my car and recently got it fixed. Also I do have a computor for a dodge neon here is my e-mail [email protected] ..
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    Our 96 Neon has 196,000 miles on it. Runs good and still gets up to 31 mpg. But this last fall the squirrels made a nest under the hood near the battery. The curse control vacume lines were ate up in several places. It can't be traced how they went. Also the 12 volt outlet won't work and the radio, and when someone opens the back doors with the engine on the turn signal flasher makes a noise like the turn signal is on. The local dealer says it will take several hours plus parts. The dealer Service manager says perhaps $200. to $400. to fix.
    I can do the work if I had some prints on the Cruse and electrical. Can any one help me? Any one want about a engine compartment full of acorns?
  • Hi there I have a dodge neon 2001. and I need some help from you guys. looks like I have a electrical problem In think so this is the reason why im here. This is the problem everytime I start my car all the lights on my dash come on ( engine light, oil, brake battery ) even the gas gauge goes crazy, but when I put the lights on the engine died. Some body can please tell me more or less what is the problem or any ideas. I really need to fix this because is my only car and I really like my car.
    Im gonna wait for some answers, this is my emails too.
    thanks, Marcelo
    [email protected] or [email protected] :confuse:
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    I am no expert, so all I can do is tell you what we did for most of the symptoms you have. The instrument cluster went bad in our 1996 Neon and acted as you have stated. We has the Chrysler Service Contracr and it was taken care of that way.
    The 96 Neon has 196,000 miles on it and still runs well !
    Hope this helps.

  • thor17thor17 Posts: 7
    Ive been looking into getting new headlights for my car. the ones theat ive benn looking at are projector headlights. i can only find them for dodge neon's. will this fit in to my car?
  • I was wondering if anyone can tell some reasons that the check engine light is on. I recently had to wire the cooling fans into the fuse box and replace thermostat and now the check engine light comes on. I pulled the positive battery cable off and it resets and stays off for a few days.The cars runs fine but leaks oil badly.
  • Im going to install 12" 700 watts subwoofers in my 2001 plymouth this a good idea...can the neon handle it..some people have told me to get some 10" instead of the 12"?!?!?!
  • Im going to install 12" 700 watts subwoofers in my 2001 plymouth this a good idea...can the neon handle it..some people have told me to get some 10" instead of the 12"?!?!?!
  • Everytime you remove the battery cable the check engine light will come on. -Rick
  • Hey I have replaced my sensor to the speedometer and the instrument panel and all the gauges work but the speedometer! Does any oine have any suggestions.
  • Just bought a 96 Neon and the Speedometer will work most of the time. It is intermittent, all of a sudden it goes back to zero, then a few minutes later it will register the speed I am traveling. Any ideas? Anyone else have this problem??
    I even does it with the cruise control on. WEIRD!! :sick:
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    Our 96 Dodge Neon, had this happen at about 95,000 miles and again at 108,000 and the dealer replaced the instrument cluster with a factory rebuilt, and when that one did the same thing they put in another one. Now at 196,400 miles it has not ever happened again. That's what our problem was, maybe that;\'s your's too?

  • jlt8030jlt8030 Posts: 1
    Farout, I have had the same problem..... instrument cluster sometimes works, most of the time the Speedo is non-functional (also means the Odometer / Trip Odometer are not working). I have removed and re-seated the connectors and still no luck.

    Have been calling to local salvage yards and they are out of stock (only a 96 Neon cluster without Tac will work according to the repair guides - cannot use other model years). The Gas and Temp gauges work fine.

    Am ready to call the dealer for the part but was curious about the parts cost.... if it is more than a $200 bucks, I may be better off getting a portable in car navigation system for the same price. One of it's features is a speedo display.

    Your thoughts?
  • Hello Farout,
    I acquired my instrument panel at spaldings auto parts in Spokane Washington for around 80 dollars. That was not the end of my problem. The wiring harness fried so I had to replace that. My old instrument panel works. So you might want to have the harness looked at. :shades:
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    My cluster was replaced under Warranty at 104,000 miles and it has never given me any more trouble. The next big thing that was rather expensive was the air bag controller. That went out at about 170,000 miles. We now have 196,000 miles on the Neon and we are trying to sell it for $1,500. after we have put $4,500. into it. We have a financial need, and we don't really need two vehicles.

  • fmanfman Posts: 1
    I own a Plymouth Neon 2000 and I'm trying to buy seat covers for it on eBay, but most of the products are sold under Dodge Neon. I would like to know if the dimensions are different for both cars.
  • thor17thor17 Posts: 7
    I also have a plymouth neon and there is no difference in the seat covers. 2000 and 2001 the dodge and plymouth neon are the exact same parts.
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