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Dodge Caravan/Chrysler Voyager



  • Hi there everyone,

    I am sure this question has been asked before but I can't stayed up all night to find the answer. Does anyone know if the 3.5 liter engine is available soon? I've been doing a lot of reading of car magazines and some says that it is available this year but so far, I haven't heard anyone mentioned it. We are deciding to either get a Sedona, MPV (3.0 liter) or the Caravan. We have a '95 Villager right now but with our second child on the way, I think that a second sliding door will make our lives so much easier loading and unloading our kids.

    Thanks so much for your help.
  • 4aodge4aodge Posts: 288
    There have been many car magazines which falsely say that Chrysler has been offereing the 3.5 V6 in its more expensive mininvans for the last year or so. However, as you know, this isn't the case. The 215hp 3.8 V6 is currently the biggest engine that Chrysler offers on it's minivans.

    However, acording to a creditable salesman at our local Chrysler dealership, DCX will begin to offer this option on the 2003 model year minivans. This is because of the competition from the Odyssey which now has the most powerful engine that can be found in any minivan, a 240hp 3.5 VTEC V6 engine. Maybe this is just more talk and it won't come to pass, but it makes sense they would offer this engine soon to keep up with Honda.

    From what I've heard, the 3.5 V6 will be slightly de-powered from 250hp to about 235hp when and if Chrysler does decide to use it in its minivans. Hope this helps!

  • ed12ed12 Posts: 100
    I spent the past week in Las Vegas.I noticed a large number of Chrysler minivans used as taxis. I asked a taxi driver about it. He said they put 500,000 miles on each taxi in four years. He said the Chryslers give very little trouble. The particular van he was driving looked in top condition. It had 168,000 miles.

  • Thanks for your help Adam. I would personally like the 3.5 because it is a DOHC engine. I'm sure the push rod is just as good. It has been around a long time after all, but more and more companies are going with DOHC engine. Just a personal opinion. Who knows, I might get one with the push rod engine in it. I know for sure that I can't wait until 2003 for that to come out.
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    You must be at the CES. Anyway, it would make sense for those cab driver to use a car that is dependable and wouldn't give them any trouble. Any down time for them will affect their income.
  • ed12ed12 Posts: 100
    My salesman says it will be 10 to 15 days after the ship date for the van to reach the dealer. Does that sound right?
  • paul164paul164 Posts: 11
    There was a thread a while ago on the issue of the 2100 RPM vibration on 2001 GC AWD vehicles - someone reported that DCX was to come out with a tech bulletin - any news out there on this issue???
  • rolfe2rolfe2 Posts: 81

    I continue to talk to my dealership about this, but can't get any projection of when a fix will be available.

  • paul164paul164 Posts: 11
    Rolfe, thanks for the update, even if you haven't found anything out! I haver noticed w/our 2001 AWD that in colder weather it is much more pronounced and becomes more of a vibration through the car at that engine/road speed than simply and engine vibration - it is much more pronounced, mcuh to my disappointment! We are in Connecticut, so we do get some cold weather in t he winter, although not as cold as someplaces. I have not inquired w/our dealer, but have looked for a tech. bulletin to no avail. I may try the DCX e-mail jist to see what happens.
  • Exactly what does the 2100rpm vibration feel and/or sound like?

    I have seen posts concerning it, but none that describes it.

    Help please
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    One possible reason that DC has not been able to fix the 2100 RPM problem is that DC does not build the drive train for the AWD minivans. It is my understanding that Chysler contracted "Steyr-Daimler-Puch Fahrzeugtechnik" to design and build the components for the (now) DC line of AWD minivans, in which case, the problem most likely needs to be fixed in Graz, Austria.

    Best Regards,
  • ed12ed12 Posts: 100
    I was under the impression that the 2100 RPM vibration had been fixed in the 2002 model year. Someone claimed that he had a 2002 AWD and it was perfect.I sure hope so since I have a 2002 AWD on order.

  • rolfe2rolfe2 Posts: 81
    ed12, you are correct. To the best of my knowledge, the problem is fixed on the 2002 models. (I've test driven a 2002 and own a 2001.)

    Mark, the problem has been described before, but it's nearly impossible to search back thru old posts, so here goes:

    - Not everyone will agree, but I'm convinced that the problem only exists on 2001 AWD Caravans and T&C's;
    - I'm convinced it is a problem on ALL such minivans (doesn't vary by individual unit);
    - It occurs at approx. 2,100 rpm and disappears above 2,300 rpm or so;
    - It presents itself as a 'droning' or 'resonance' or 'vibration';
    - You mainly hear it, but the driver can also feel it in the accelerator pedal;
    - It only occurs when there is at least a slight load on the engine. In other words, when climbing or accelerating or at cruising speed. You won't hear it when coasting even at 2,100;
    - It's worse when the outside temperature is lower.

    Thus, if you are cruising on the freeway at about 68-70 mph you'll hear it, of if you are climbing a hill at constant 2,100 rpm you'll hear it. Doesn't matter what gear.

    When I took the vehicle in for diagnosis and repair a year ago, the technician called the Star Center for help and was told that Chrysler Engineering was well aware of the problem, that they were working on a solution, and that pending such a solution, the dealership would not be reimbursed for any parts or labor they threw at the problem. I've been trying to get updates ever since.

    I've been variously told that this was a "number one" priority and that a TSB would be issued "shortly." I'm no longer holding my breath.

    I'm aware of one buy-back Chrysler did over this issue last year. Personally, I didn't prefer that option because I would prefer to have the problem fixed in my AWD than to have to trade for a FWD.

    Now that the problem has been corrected in the 2002's, ...

  • steverstever Posts: 52,571
    95 MPH? Isn't that a bit over what manufacturer's usually recommend during the break-in period?

    Enjoy the ride.

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  • We kept the speed, acceleration, braking, etc. very moderate until after it had gone over 300 miles. Now has 512 miles but we will still drive conservatively for a little bit longer.
    The Manual stated that occasional brisk acceleration within local laws would be helpful ... but not in first gear.
  • I remember reading some posts regarding the clicking/ticking noise coming out the steering wheel column. Have anyone of you had that problem? Did you fix it, if so what was the cause of the noise?
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    If I remember correctly, the ticking noise is the turn signal ratchet (only an issue when the turn signal is engaged), which prevents the turn signal from disengaging prematurely.

    If you are asking about a noise that occurs when the turn signal is NOT engaged, well, that is a different story.

    Best Regards,
  • We had a problem with a clicking sound coming from the steering column every 30 seconds or so in our 2001 TC. Took the van to the dealer, they said there was a service note on the problem...replaced the steering column under warranty and the problem was resolved.
  • I think I have the same problem as tahoeretreat had. The noise comes every now and then (never time it) even when the turn signal is not in use. I guess I need to take it to the shop then...Tahoeretreat, did you wait long for the job or you just left it there for a day?
  • For repair of the clicking problem, they had to order the part then it took just one day for them to install the new part.
  • What does the Ec stand for, extra cheap? These models list for approx. $17,090 with 5 passenger seating. Where is the bench, in the middle or the rear? I know the auto 4 speed is an improvement over the old 3 speed but I'm still worried about reliability. Maybe when mated to the 2.4 engine it will last longer? With cash-back and free 7 yr/100k warranty this looks like a good deal. Any feed back from anyone who has purchased this model?
  • And NO, I do not think eC is as you asked. A nice, large, spacious vehicle with Air Conditioning, Power Steering, Power Brakes, Automatic Transmission, AM/FM/Cassette Stereo all as standard equipment is quite a bargain in 2002.
    The bench seat is in the middle. 7 passenger seating is an additional cost...but with 7 passenger seating, Power Door Locks, and Rear Defroster and Wiper the MSRP is $17,955. This is far less expensive than any comparably sized vehicle.
  • I was just kidding about the "extra cheap". My friends think I'm crazy, thinking about purchasing a mini-van, AKA mommie mobile. I drove two as company service vehicles. Both were driven very hard with no TLC. The 1st was a 86 Caravan w/2.6, turned it in at 162,000 still running great except for timing chain noise. 2nd was a 93 Caravan C/V which came standard with tilt, cruise, capt. chairs, AC, AM/FM cassette,and interior light pkg. Also driven hard. The infamous 4 speed trans gave out at 111,000 miles, had it repaired and still ran great until it was totaled by Hurricane Floyd :( in '99. Been in a '98 Chevy Astro since and I HATE it. I don't need the space for a mini van but my past experiences with them are leaning me towards one.
  • ed12ed12 Posts: 100
    My dealer wants about $850 to extend the warranty on my new T&C minivan from the basic 3/36 to 60000 miles. This would cover every non maintenace item. I know it comes standard with a 100000 mile powerrain warranty, so is the extra warranty worth it? I must make a decision by tomorrow.
  • ed12ed12 Posts: 100
    I just picked up a 2002 T&C LX minivan. Is there any storage space available that is not immediately obvious. For example, I have a small air pump that will not quite fit into the underseat drawer. Any suggestions?

  • pluto5pluto5 Posts: 618
    I put a plastic bin in the back, in front of the liftgate for all the little stuff that seems to collect. You won't need the air pump while you're driving so it will be just fine back there. When you fill that up with stuff there is still room for another bin but we haven't gotten to that point. I try to avoid carrying people in the rear bench for safety reasons so by folding down the rear seat I get a nice big shelf for stuff.
  • My husband and I are looking at a 2000 GC ES at a local dealership. We live in New Hampshire and the mileage is 48,664. The dealership is asking $16,550. We were also told that it would be a good idea to get an extended warranty on any used vehicle. I'd like to be able to find reasonable warranty quotes from a source other than the dealership. My questions are as follows:

    1. Is this a good price?
    2. Can anyone recommend a good place to get warranty quotes?

  • The 2000 GC I need advice for is an LE, not an ES. I incorrectly wrote ES in my last post.
  • I am shopping for a used van and have narrowed it down to the Chrylser T&C or the Dodge Grand Sport. The T&C is a 1999 50k miles and comes with a 4yr warranty. The Sport is 2000 17k miles and $2K more. Any suggestions on which is a better buy? Thanks!
  • 4aodge4aodge Posts: 288
    We have a trouble free 2000 Town & Country that we really like. We almost got a 2000 Grand Caravan Sport instead at the time of purchase. Based on the information you gave, I would probably go with the 2000 Sport over the Town & Country, simily because it has fewer miles and is a newer vehicle.

    I am assuming the GC Sport in question has the upgraded interior, Infinity sound w/CD player, trip computer, dual zone A/C, power drivers seat, bucket seating, ect.

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