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Dodge Caravan/Chrysler Voyager



  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Hmmm, that's odd. While our Gen3 1998 DGC does not have traction control, our 2003 DGC ES does, and it works perfectly fine, even from a stand-still, even if only one wheel has any traction. I think I'd get a second opinion were I in your shoes.

    Best Regards,
  • I have a 95voyager, it recently dies on me and am geting rid of it. I have a full tank of gas in it and want to get it out. this is my problem, i own a syphoning pump used for putting in the filler neck and pumping the gas out. the hose will not go in the tank that way because of the "check ball" or overflow ball in the neck prevents this.
    My question is, what is another way to get the gas out of the tank besides though the filler neck which wont let me??
  • lexan1965lexan1965 Posts: 118
    I've been told by a DCX technician (who just happens to work on vehicles after hours, including ours) that the caravans are notorious for having the window motor/regulators go out. They get a "short" in them and don't work for a while then they work all of a sudden. We just had ours replaced in our '02 GC for 180 dollars, including labor. The new replacements motor/regulators have a larger gear on them and a shorter cables. From what I was told the motor does not have to work as hard and they have not had any issues with them yet. Good luck!
  • Thanks, This Van has many Electrical problem,

    Beside regulator, We notice some time Hatch back door unable to unlock ( with remote or key) or lock and have to tie with rop!

    Some time Recycle air button stop functioning !!

    any suggestions!
  • lexan1965lexan1965 Posts: 118
    I have not had any issues with our tailgate, nor have I heard of any, sorry!
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    This link shows the new Gen5 vans in the greatest detail yet:

    Very nice. ;-)

    Best Regards,
  • I have a 1994 Dodge Caravan SE it has a bad shake in the front end I have replaced the axels, struts, driver side motor mount and tranny mount. Now the shake is still their I am trying to find a motor mount for the passenger side its bad and I am being told that will cause the shake but all the after market ones have a 7/16 through hole for a 3/8 inch bolt. Mine has a 9/16 hole for a 1/2 inch bolt and I can find one anywhere the dealer even says he cant tell me if the one I could order from them at $105.00 will have a 9/16 hole has anyone had this problem and what did you do to fix it :mad:
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    Have you checked your tires? You may have a bad tire on the front. I had an 86 Chrysler Laser that I bought used. It had a bad shake in the front. I had the car checked out and the mechanic did not notice anything unusual. Rotated the tires and the shake was gone. Turns out that one tire had a bad belt in it. Try rotating the tires. It may help. Good luck.
  • yes i forgot to put in i got new front tires & Wheels
  • where do I begin? My engine blew at 52,000, the automatic doors work when they feel like it, the brakes constantly need adjusting, the suspension rattles, DO NOT BUY
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    So, in those 52,000 miles, how many times did you have your oil changed? What was the longest interval (in time and miles) between any two oil changes?

    Best Regards,
  • ">hello can someone tell me if a 1996 dodge caravan 3.0
    3speed have a v.s.s. veihcle speed sensor in the transmission.and if it does where is it van runs fine but when I stop or lower the speed and give it gas again it stops and I have to re start it everytime.the map sensor was changed,and it still doing it I dont want to get ripped off so can some one help me in guiding me so I can know what the mechanic should do and dont get ripped off. thank you much. :confuse: :confuse: :confuse:
  • The problem may be the catalytic converter checked. It could be that it is clogged up.
  • I have a 1996 Grand Caravan and the problem that I am having is that it won't shift out of second gear. It tacks about 4000 RPM at 50 MPH. The transmission has been rebuilt but wont shift out of second gear. Would changing the shift selinoids make any difference?
  • I have a 1999 Dodge Caravan. It has four engine mounts -- front, rear, left and right. I need to replace the rear and front engine mounts. Mechanic tells me the parts are dealer only, and pricey. Trying to find them online on the cheap cheap, but everyone seems to have only the left and right. FYI, the left and right mounts are sometimes referred to as "right-front" and "left-front." But these are not the true front and rear mounts. I need the rear and front. Any suggestions?
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    "I need to replace the rear and front engine mounts."

    What makes you think you need to replace those engine mounts? I have a 1998 with the 3.8 liter engine with over 134,000 miles on the clock, with the factory engine mounts still in place. I just recently inspected all four mounts, two of them off the van, and they are all in excellent shape with no apparent wear.

    Best Regards,
  • Hi Shipo,

    They are actually cracked.... which reminds me... I forgot to put in my last post ... I need the bracket that bolts between the front mount and the block. This one is real hard to find. No one seems to stock it except the wallet-biting dealership.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Hmmm, I'm not sure what has caused your mounts to fail so early, however, I do have a suggestion that will be substantially lighter on our wallet. Have you called a bone yard? If you have either a 3.3 or a 3.8 liter engine, I'm betting that you can probably get all four, brackets and all for $100.

    Give it a try and let me know how it works out.

    Best Regards,
  • jkbiggsjkbiggs Posts: 1
    I have a 05 dodge caravan 6cyl automatic 50000 mi.
    The gas pedal sticks when I first start to accelerate. Sometimes at a stop I have to stomp on it so hard that the van lurches ahead. It only sticks at the top of the pedal, its fine once I'm pass the sticking point. Anybody know the cause of this and how to resolve Thankyou
  • I have a 2000 model Grand Caravan Sport AWD. It has 110,000 miles on it and is running really well. I have replaced the drive belt, AC system, battery, tires, rear brakes and exhaust system and am hoping it is now set to run for a few years without major incidents!

    Here is my problem - every time I put my foot down to the extent that revs go up to about 3000, I hear a fairly loud whistling noise. It sounds like it is coming from behind/below - ie not the engine. It is not wind noise as I can make it happen at 30mph just as easily as at 70. Does anybody have any ideas what this is? My main question is whether if it is a major problem that needs to be fixed or something I can ignore.
  • aladdinsanealaddinsane Posts: 182
    Hi all...

    Can anyone explain the fact as to why Chrysler has omitted electronic stability/traction control from the '07 Caravan?
    Excuse my ignorance on this...but I think such an omission has hurt rather than helped the Caravan, especially the short wheelbase, 4 cylinder model. Not everyone wants or needs the Grand Caravan model, and I say this without dissing any owners of that version. My wife and I rode in the smaller model of a new Caravan yesterday, and I sat up front in the passenger seat. I was amazed at the panoramic view one has from this angle, and turned on to the Caravan thinking it a far more sane alternative to some SUVs out there, in more ways than one.

    Please inform!

    Many thanx...

    Peace! :shades:
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Correct me if I'm wrong, however, I don't believe that any DC minivan has ever had stability control.

    Regarding traction control, while I don't know about the 2007 model year, I can tell you that it has typically been reserved for only the higher end vans. Case in point, our 1998 DGC Sport 3.8 was not offered with traction control at any cost while I believe it was standard equipment (or at least an option that we selected) on our 2003 DGC ES 3.8.

    As for driving impressions both with and without traction control, personally I don't get the attraction. We live in snowy New Hampshire, and have at times needed to make our way up our driveway (a 9% grade) in some very difficult conditions. The only time the 1998 was unable to make it up in anything less than ten inches of snow (my personal limit for attempting the feat), the traction control equipped 2003 failed as well. Of course I suppose the fact that we had an inch of ice covering everything might have had something to do with that. :blush:

    In day to day winter condition driving, both vans perform wonderfully, and by virtue of their FWD layout, traction control simply doesn't make much of a difference, if any at all.

    Best Regards,
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    Traction control is an overrated option as far as I'm concerned. I have an '06 Caravan with the 4 cylinder engine. Traction is fine. During the winter months, I use 4 snow tires. Driving with 4 snow tires during the winter gives much better traction than all season tires with traction control, in my opinion. I would not let the absence of traction control prevent you from buying the base Caravan. So far, I have 14,000 miles with no problems. Good luck.
  • kap222kap222 Posts: 1
    I just got the same code on a 2004 Grand Caravan SXT about the same milage. What did you find the problem to be?
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    I am looking at buying an extended warranty for my Caravan. The local dealer prefers CNA to Chrysler because Chrysler is tougher to deal with when there are repeated claims for the same part. Has anyone purchased a CNA warranty and had a warranty claim? Were they easy to deal with? Any response (favorable or unfavorable)is appreciated. Thanks.
  • coderedcodered Posts: 43
    hi i have a 01 power steering pump fluid is coming out of top of reservior....any help would be great.....thanks billy
  • gary1960gary1960 Posts: 5

    i have a 1998 grand voyager 3.3, the other day the car completley died. nothing at all happened when i turned the key, under the right hand side of the steering wheel i heard one of the relays buzzing, after it stopped the car restarted, but the lights on the console for rear wiper wash and air con kept flashing, yesterday i drove the car fir about 5 miles, when i parked up the console behind th steering wheel went haywire, all dials were jumping up and down, milages numbers flashing off and on, i drove home and had to guess most of speed as speedo was jumping.
    i got home, switched off engine, restared all ok !!.
    this morning i went to start the car, it was completely dead,
    the relay was buzzing again,
    i checked the battery with an AVO, 11.8Vdc.
    i tried the car again, it started, i left the AVO connected to the battery, it was charging at 14Vdc,
    any idea what is causing this?.
  • twocycle2twocycle2 Posts: 55
    While I'm no expert by any means, you might have the battery itself tested. When I bought my 2006 Caravan, it had been sitting on the lot for 18 months and only had 8 miles on it (so it obviously spent a lot of time just sitting there). We had to jump it to start ran fine, but did exactly as you described....guages jumped around, dash lights flashed on/off randomly. It was diagnosed with a bad battery....once replaced, it has worked fine since. I now have 5k miles, with no problems whatsoever. Many auto parts stores will test your battery and alternator for free....I'd have both checked first before I started replacing any parts.

    Good Luck!
  • gary1960gary1960 Posts: 5

    many thanks for your advise, the battery has checked out ok.
    the dials on the dash haven't done it again. and the car hasn't conked out again.

    but what i am left with is on the climate control panel. the orange bulbs flash on and off, with exception to the window heater,this does not illuminate when i push the button while the others are flashing. they will flash for about 30 minutes before they stop.
    when they do stop the window heater button illuminates when switched on.
    all of the buttons function ok when pressed.
    i have taken the controls apart to see if there is a dry joint ar arching on the pcb, but every thing seem ok.
    i have taken the connections off the rear window for the heater, but this makes no difference.

    i need to do the same for the front window heater,
    if its not that, looks like i'm beaten,

    hand over to chrysler.
    £80 per hour just to diagnose fault.


    many thanks.

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