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Ford Taurus/Mercury Sable Sedans Pre-2008



  • haulthault Columbus OhioPosts: 126
    When pumping gas into tank on my 2000 Taurus w/ 40,000 miles the pump keeps shutting off prior to filling up. Any ideas ?
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565
    Check post 1491 in the Taurus/Sable Maintenance and repair discussion here in Edmunds. It might help.
  • fm344fm344 Posts: 1
    How do I replace the blower motor resistor and blower motor? Is there a repair manual I can purchase for the 2002 Mercury Sable?
  • gyatesgyates Posts: 55
    The resistor is behind the glove box. Lay in the floor and look up, you will see it. It is held in with 2 screws. I only had to replace the resistor, my blower motor is fine. I feel certain that Haynes makes a manual for this car. For me, if a repair is much more than replacing this resistor, I am going back to the dealer. My car is a 2001 SES with 52k, and so far, this is the only part replacement since new.
  • knipperknipper Posts: 2
    I have a 97 mercury sable 180168 kilometers on it. The service engine light is on. I hooked up an On Board Diagnostic - NO CODES SHOWED. Can anyone help

  • Question. On the 2000 Taurus SE are ABS standard?
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565
    No in 2000 model year , ABS was an available option on the SE but not standard.

    ABS was standard on the SES and SEL.
  • espelpespelp Posts: 1
    This happened to my 97 Sable. The switches in the door latch mech. are sticking. Try spraying your door latches with generous amounts of WD-40 and then close and open the doors several times each so the lub. is distributed well. This should fix both issues.
  • vppcvppc Posts: 58
    Hello, everyone!

    I am getting ready to purchase (4) new tires for my 2001 SES with 66,200 miles on it. I am getting H-rated 215/60/16 Fusion HRi performance all-season tires. They will surely be good for all the curves I drive on. I am getting them all mounted and balanced, tax and all for just $201.30!

    Meanwhile, I was going to ask if anyone noticed a "car vibration sensation" when going on curves and hills while having the foot on the pedal? I always assumed it was the crappy touring tires I have on there now (they are down to 5/32). Or, is it something else? If you DO NOT have the foot on the pedal (coasting), it will NOT do this.

    - Alex
  • andres2andres2 Posts: 1
    I have a 1993 Mercury Sable. RUNS GREAT BY THE WAY!!!
    You have to keep pushing the button on the doors until it clicks the lock open. What can be done to fix this?
  • ohio7ohio7 Posts: 67
    About three weeks ago I finally took my 2000 SEL (28,000 miles) into the dealer and left it for them to take their time to find the cause of my airbag icon staying on about 4 times a year. This has gone on since I bought the car. I just thought it was a computer glitch since it didn't do it often.

    Last summer a few of you highly suggested that I have it checked out. Of course when I called the dealer, they originally said that they couldn't do anything unless the light was on when I drove in. Right! :P Like I'm going to drive directly to my dealer and expect them to immediately inspect my car with no appointment in front of other cars!!

    Luckily for me they were able to find error codes left on the computer which indicated to them that the sensor was, indeed, defective. And here I was driving with confidence that I finally had airbags on my car! Better news - NO COST to me because they came under a safety warrenty that lasts five years or 80,000 miles.

    Other than the inconvience of dropping the car off twice because of a wrong part being sent from NY, and the other recall notice visits, :( I am still very happy with this car. Just came back from a 9 1/2 hour trip one way to beautiful Ohio and was happy to see that it still got over 30 miles a gallon. With the current price of gas that's something to be happy about. :D
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    Yes, I am the one who told you that you were in an unsafe condition and to get it looked at. And alll that time the light was on the airbay MAY NOT have worked should you have needed it.
    Glad you got it fixed!
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    Hmm, so now that means the 500 and Fusions will start flooding rental car fleets in less than a year, giving those Taurus-like resale values.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    There have been very few 500's in to the rental market. But, yes it's my bet that the Fusion will be the darling of the rental car and fleet business. I have a '05 Taurus Company (Fleet car) purchased new the end of '04. We are not sure what the next company car will be (company has always leased Fords!) and I was told the 500' s were too expensive to be company cars. So-my guess will be the Fusion if they stay with Ford!
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    The 500 may have almost as much room as a Crown Vic, so maybe the Fusion will take over the rental car size category the Taurus held.
    So in 2007, you will probably see dozens of used 2006 Fusions at for about $10,988.
  • savethelandsavetheland Posts: 671
    Camries probably already started to flood rental market, and of course new Malibus. I counted two rental Camries on our parking lot yesterday and rode in one of them. Very well executed and Buick like quiet. But it is overdone - engine sounds like it is far away and does not belong to car. In general you get impression that you get deaf. I prefer to hear engine and more feedback from steering wheel and road.

    Well they have to fix 3.0L Duretec though. On my Sable it sounds harsh and steering wheel vibrates unpleasantly in idle. On my Focus 2.3 Duratec (developed by Mazda) in idle it is as smooth as German engines. You still can hear that engine running, but there are no vibrations on the steering wheel. And it has lot of torque at low rpm!
  • bigdan1bigdan1 Posts: 23
    Bough car new.
    No problems until about 3 weeks ago.
    Car starts fine one day, and then next day, turn key and it is dead. No clicks, no whirring sound, nothing. Battery AOK. I believe it is starter or starter solenoid. Checked it out. No loose or exposed wires. Go back in an hour and car starts fine and does so for next couple of days. Then, same thing happens. No rhyme or reason. Doesn't matter if it is hot or cold engine or outside temperature. Took it to a mechanic I trust. He could not find any problem either. He even ran some water right on starter, but car started fine. Mechanic apologized and said: "Call me if it happens in town. I'll drive right over and try to figure out what is going on." He did not charge me either. All was OK for about a week, and it happened again today, Sunday. After about 30 minutes, I turned the key and it stared up fine, just like there was no problem. These electrical problems can drive you nuts. Anybody have any similar experiences? Is this peculiar to 2002 Taurus? I had a 1993, 1995, and 2000 Taurus. All 3 had the starter die. No warning. In each case it was fine one minute, and completely dead the next. And it never got better. Had to replace starter each time. I half way wish this 2002 Taurus would just die so I know what is causing the problem. Maybe I should just change the starter just for the heck of it because I am going crazy trying to guess what is going on? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  • ohio7ohio7 Posts: 67
    I'm laughing at your comment that the Camry engine sounds like it doesn't belong to the car you are in because the engine is so quiet. Actually I like a quiet engine, but I work with a woman who owns a Camry and at least twice got out, locked it and walked away - but left the engine running!!! This procedure should be so routine that it becomes second nature, but somehow this has escaped her. I was astounded that anyone could do this. :confuse:
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    So strange. Left the engine running because she didn't "hear" it? That is absent-mindedness rather than a super quiet engine. Is the door warning chime super quiet also?
  • ohio7ohio7 Posts: 67
    That's a good question - I'll have to ask her some time. I might add that she has been on Prozac for some time....hmmmm.
  • savethelandsavetheland Posts: 671
    For me the Camry engine sounds as being distant, may be ten foots away from car. Not good feeling at all. You need to get used. Alsothere is no feedback from steering wheel - pretty numb, though not as unpleasantly numb as in typical GM. Refined feel, but numb.

    BTW I saw today two rental Five Hundreds on our parking lot - almost side by side. First sighting of 500 rentals! It supposedly would never go to rental. I had to stare pretty hard before I recognized the brand (in traffic - the same problem). First thought is - Mercedes - if I see it from back, or Avalon - if I see it from front, or -what is it - looks familiar but what hell it may be? Then you search for the badge and then it dawns to you - the new Ford Five Hundred!
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    "BTW I saw today two rental Five Hundreds on our parking lot - almost side by side. First sighting of 500 rentals!"

    Save for the very exotic will find a few numbers of ALL TYPES in rental fleets; Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, etc. The problem is when they go in to fleets in MASSIVE numbers. A few will not affect resale value of the general line.
  • After 24K miles the OEM Firestone Affinitys are wearing out on my 2001
    SEL. I've browsed some of the reviews on Tire Rack's web site and seen
    generally positive comments on the following: Goodyear Regatta 2, BF Goodrich
    Traction T/A, Bridgestone Turanza LS-T.

    What have you folks been replacing the OEMs with? My budget is around
    $85 per tire.
  • inabitinabit Posts: 2
    Good Day. While driving home one day, my car just up & died. I noticed a "buzzing" sound coming from the accessory relay (24 pin) when I turned the ignition on to try to start it. It is located underneath the fan shroud. To describe the sound, it's like a bumble bee stuck in a tin can. After replacing that, the sound continues. I then replaced another relay (5 pin no clue of the name, it comes up as a headlamp & horn relay on Advance's website, it was trashed and only 10 bucks so i figured, what the hay) located behind the headlight on the driver's side. No success. Then I replaced the ignition module, same thing, the bumble bee was still there. Any ideas or help would be grateful before I spend anymore $$$ on parts and bee killer. I was next thinking of replacing the stator. What do you think? Thank You.
  • jasmith52jasmith52 Posts: 457
    What Do I think ?

    I think that you can waste an awful lot of money swapping out parts at random. And electrical parts can't be returned.

    Maybe you should consider paying a factory certified mechanic to diagnose your problem. They might charge you 1 -hour labor for the diagnosis. Even at $90 an hout that's cheaper than all of the parts you'll buy and not reaqlly need.
  • scoolescoole Posts: 1
    Is it possible to put 24 inch spinners on a 1994 mercury sable?
  • dilbertzzzdilbertzzz Posts: 190
    A (1994, no less) Mercury Sable with 24 inch spinners. Sounds like a ride for a budget-conscious (fixed income?), geriatric, Floridian, (being a family forum, shall I say maybe?) retired lady-of-the-evening manager. ;)
  • jross1jross1 Posts: 1
    I recently started having the same problem with my wife's 98 Taurus. I'm thinking it may have something to do with a relay going bad in the power distribution box. Did your mechanic talk about that as a possibility?
  • travis50travis50 Posts: 1
    I have been having the EXACT same problem with my 02 Taurus SE with 68k miles. Owned since new with no other problems. Intermittent start problem with exact same symptoms as your car. Brought to Ford dealer 3 times and they have kept the car for a few days at a time...even having a service tech take the car home after work to try to replicate problem. Of course as soon as I get car back, I am broken down on the side of the road. Please follow up. I am trying to troubleshoot this problem on my own, as Ford cant seem to service their vehicle. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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