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Ford Taurus/Mercury Sable Sedans Pre-2008



  • masonmimasonmi Posts: 148
    Thanks for the response, i'll have to check out the Taurus and see how it drives in comparison to the Sable, Is the SES Taurus the top of the line in comparison to the Sable LS model? and how are the Vulcan engine reliability?
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    The Vulcan motor is one of the most reliable around. It's not a "cutting edge" motor, but very relaible. When most people complain about their Taurus, it's hardly ever motor related!
    Good luck!
  • boots7boots7 Posts: 1
    I drove my wagon and parked it at the store with no problems. About 30 min later i started it and put it into drive and it didn't even try to move the shifting cable is moving the lever on the top of the trans. The thing is it will not even try to do anything forward or in reverse. any Ideas for a easy fix. help the new guy
  • dae3dae3 Posts: 55
    I just bought a 2004 Taurus SES with the Mach Stereo system. I am frustrated that I cannot find any information about the system. I would like to upgrade the stock speakers which even though they are supposed to be an upgrade have cheap paper cones. (At least the ones I can see from the trunk) Does anyone have information on the power of the amp this thing has. I have found the amp in the trunk but there are no markings on it. I would like to know how much power this amp has so I know what speakers it can drive. Also, does anyone know if the speakers in the front doors and the tweeters up on the piller are paper?

    The stereo is very loud but I would like to get a more quality sound. My listening has found that there is very boomy bass, no mids, and shrill trebles. Good speakers would hopefully smooth all this out. I have tried several stereo stores and they all seem clueless. One even said that the only way to upgrade the speakers was to buy a new head unit, amp, speaker wires, and probably a new jacuzzi tub for the installer.

    I have looked at Crutchfield and they tell me the info on speaker sizes but that is all.
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565
    Top of line Taurus is the SEL.

    Note for 2005 model year they are dropping down to two versions of Taurus, the SE and SEL. Just simplifying the model offering, as Taurus/Sable is tapering off production levels (down to one plant vs two as the Chicago plant is now building Five Hundreds and Freestyles) and will probably disappear altogether when the Fusion comes out in a couple of years.
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565
    Note Ford extended the warranty on the DPFE sensor on my 2000 Taurus Duratec, so you might be able to get a freebie replacement for that if it has failed and yours qualifies.
  • wkohlerwkohler Posts: 74
    Taurus has really been decontenting the last few years. I bought a new 2001 new, recently gave it to my daughter and bought a new 2003. The 03 has black plastic interior door handles vs satin chrome, the 03 has no glove box light, no rear a/c vents at the rear of the center console, no enclosures around the rear speakers, a cheapened version of the trunk mat over the spare tire, no shade bar on the windshield and most likely more decontenting that one can't see. I suppose most of this is to obviously save some money and the fact that the Taurus will die out the next couple of years.
  • masonmimasonmi Posts: 148
    I also test drove a 2004 Mercury Sable LS model loaded with options such as a power sunroof,auto temp control, power seats, however it did not have a CD player, there was just a button that said disc 1-6 are cassettes standard on such a loaded LS model?
  • dae3dae3 Posts: 55
    My 2004 Taurus SES has a single in dash CD and also has the Disk 1-6 button. That button controls a cd changer that is usually in the trunk on the drivers side above the wheel well. I would just have to buy the changer and it would work with the head unit in the dash. You would have to check in the trunk for the changer to see if it has a CD. If you look at the amp that is located in the trunk under the carpet (location described above) it has a plug coming out of it that the CD changer plugs into.

    Did it have a cassette player in the dash? I have been having a heck of a time finding out any information about the specs on the Mach stereo system in my Taurus. Nobody seems to have a clue. Even the specialty car audio places in town are totally clueless about it.
  • danielj6danielj6 Posts: 285
    I'm reading your latest posts about Ford's de contenting the Taurus, and just today while watching a Ford commercial showing its newest additions (Freestyle, Five Hundred, etc.), it got me thinking about their unwritten policy of neglect by creating discontented customers.

    Ford lets its dealers play all kinds of dirty trick on buyers, not just through the sales process but also during servicing vehicles.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    Yes, you have a very, very good point. I took my Explorer (2002 XLT 4.0 SOHC 2wd) in for the major service at 30,000 miles. I had a few warranty complaints. The chief among those (other than the soldnoid on the transmission) was a sticking in-dash CD player and a drivers door handle that constantly rattles. I got the vehicle back (350.00 dollars later) and they said they adjusted the door handle and the CD player wasn't sticking. Well the next day the door was rattling worse than ever and the CD player got stuck again So-it's back in to the shop. Today they told me they ordered a new door handle and the CD Player is still "in question". Why do we have to fight for warranty repairs?
    Back to subject-I have a brand new '05 SE Ford Taurus furnished by my company. It's an OK vehicle, except for the fact the seats are hard as a rock! What are they thinking? When you spend all day in a vehicle you want the seats to be comfortable!! The quality seems to good thus far, but it has only 1,600 miles on the odometer. All these problems on my Explorer did not manifest themselves until after two years.
  • masonmimasonmi Posts: 148
    Yes it does have a cassette player in the deck it was just odd to see the disc 1-6 button on the cassette deck, I didnt check the trunk for a CD changer, it wasn't listed on the invoice sticker so i figured it didn't have one.
  • jdiaz2jdiaz2 Posts: 16
    My 2000 wagon has Mach sound with the six-disc Sony changer, and I seem to recall that the upgrade is just an 80-watt (total) amplifier and the tweeters in the upper part of the front doors. I'm sure the speaker cones are paper.

    I wouldn't get the Sony changer.....especially with the latest iPod and other mini-hard drive players on the market. Six CDs isn't enough!

  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    If the sticker doesn't list a CD changer, it doesn't have one.
    However, they are pre-wired to install one and the head unit has the controls already there in case a CD changer is installed in the future. Installing a compatible CD changer later is trivially simple other than mounting it.
  • How hard is it to replace the headlamps? Even the
    high beams on my '01 SEL seem dim in comparison to many other cars on the road. TIA!
  • My 2001 Taurus has soft center steering wheel-is this right-does it have an airbag--dealership is not much help-they said they can`t tell.
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565
    It most definitely has an air bag. All Ford Tauri from 1990 on had as a minimum a driver's side airbag, and for the last ten years or so, has also had a passenger side airbag. Don't be concerned how the steering wheel looks and feels. Manufacturers have gotten pretty clever in packaging the air bags under covers so you wouldn't even know it is there. It is designed soft as this also where you activate your horn.

    The only way your car might not have it is if you bought it used and the previous owner had it deploy on them and did not replace it, but then your airbag warning light would be on continuously, as I doubt if someone would go to the effort of disabling the test check electronics and software. Does your airbag light go on for a short period of time when you first turn the key and start the engine? It should, and then go out shortly after that as the system performs a self check when you start the car.
  • Thanks for the info-guess I won`t worry about whether the air bag is actually there or not-just hadn`t found a Taurus with the soft steering wheel when I checked on others-I bought this car used, last month, it had been a bank company car with 24,000 miles -I am a former Taurus owner and rally liked the car so bought another one. I do notice a snapping noise when I start to drive-but not too worried-my old Taurus made all kinds of snapping and popping noises and it lasted over 149,000 miles.
  • shank6shank6 Posts: 64
    Hey Guys :

    Just turned 103,000 on my 2000 Sable LS Premium with no major problems at all!!. Local dealer in MA just over the border from me in NH was advertising new 2004 Taurus SEL with all discounts at $16,999.00. How does that stack up?.
    Or...should I try to take the Sable out to 150K and wait. Any idea on the finance rates out there?
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565
    Well, it depends on how much you value peace of mind with a lower mileage new car vs money saved by driving what you've got.

    It is nearly always cheaper to keep what you've got, pay for any repairs needed and drive it into the ground. Also, if you are contemplating buying another Taurus/Sable, you are replacing your current car with one that is essentially the same car, so if that floats your boat fine. Otherwise, keeping what you have gives you nearly the same driving experience as the 2004 model.

    If you wait a couple years, the Ford Fusion will be out, and also the Five Hundred will be three years on the market, so prices of it will likely be discounted on it some by then, so your choices for replacement will be more wide ranging by then, assuming you are going to stick with Ford.

    The price sounds good on the 2004 SEL. Is it fully loaded, and what was the MSRP? That price is $1k less than I paid new for my 2000 Taurus SES Duratech!
  • My car is a '94 ford Taurus with 151,000 miles, 3.0 l, v-6

    A noise like a growl (sounds like failing bearings or rubbing) can be heard with the car in drive or reverse and running but stopped. This noise becomes a chirp (sounds like a slipping belt) when I take off. While driving at a constant speed, the sound becomes a randomly spaced but persistent squeak that stops when I put the car in neutral.

    I first suspected the tranny, since I have had so many tranny troubles. I took the belt off and started the car. When put into drive it made no added noise. I concluded it must be something connected to or rubbing on the belt.

    With the belt back on, I listened to the water pump, alternator and ps pump w/ a stethoscope. Both the alternator and the ps pump sounded much different with the car in gear. WHY IS THIS? WHY IS THE LOAD ON THESE ITEMS DIFFERENT WITH THE CAR IN DRIVE BUT NOT GOING ANYWHERE?

    The water pump has 24 k, the alternator is original and both the ps pump and the idler pulley have 400 miles of use.

    With the belt off I spun everything that would turn. Nothing sounded or felt noteworthy except the water pump really only wanted to turn one way, but it sounded the same in gear and out with the stethoscope.

    Any ideas? Someone suggested the harmonic balancer. Would it behave differently with the tranny in gear than out?
  • I have a 2000 Ford Taurus SE with 58,000 miles on it. It runs well, but recently the light on the speedometer went out. I was wondering if any of you guys knew the procedure for replacing this, and how difficult it was. Thanks a lot.
  • Mercury to drop Sable next spring!
    Mercury will discontinue its long-suffering Sable sedan after the 2005 model year. Production of the Sable at Ford Motor Co.'s Atlanta assembly plant is expected to end in April.

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  • shank6shank6 Posts: 64
    That's too bad about the Sable. The styling of the new Montego does nothing for me at all. I'm a Mercury man from way back, (86 Cougar LS} and I think they offer a quality product. I'm planning on taking my 2000 Sable LS to 200,000 miles.

    I haven't had any serious problems, and the ride and fit of the car is just fine for my wife(she has the 2002 Sable LS}and I.
  • suffering, is not my word, thats part of the article. Personally I think the Sable is one of the nicest looking cars Ford made. My son owns a 2001.
    Here is another link:
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I know style is subjective, but really, you don't care for the style of the Montego? I liked the new Sable when it came out in 2000 a lot, but I like the new Montego even more. I especially like that cascading grille Mercury is making a trademark now. I like it on the Mountaineer we have now, we've had 2 of them, and I like it on the Montego. Well, YMMV.
  • shank6shank6 Posts: 64
    I guess we all have different tastes nvbanker. These cars have been good to me so I hate to see change, but nothing stays the same forever, especially in the car market.


    Maybe the styling of the Montego will grow on me after a while. Also wish Ford would upgrade the horsepower a bit (225 to 250)in the Duratech. It's been such a good powerplant though maybe they don't want to mess with success
  • I bought a 2004 Taurus and to my Dismay it has a CASSETTE player yet all the dash buttons are for Cd's..Does ANYONE know of a way to get a CD player hooked up to the in-dash stereo??? HELP!!!!! FORD should retro-fit all these 2004's with a 21st Century stereo system.HELLO!!!!!
  • venus537venus537 Posts: 1,443
    what's so successful about this powerplant?


    it doesn't compare farorably to its conterparts from honda, toyota (3.2 not the 3.0), GM (3.6 OHC) and nissan.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    You should have a plug in the trunk for a CD changer to be installed that those buttons will work - see your dealer, or a reputable stereo shop. Of course, the stereo shop will want to put in a Sony for $1200, so I'd at least talk to my dealer to see who they use, so you may be able to get the more reasonably priced Ford unit if you want it, which IMO, is good enough. YMMV.
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