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Audi Q7 Maintenance and Repair



  • rvl1rvl1 Posts: 1
    I have the exact same problem with my 3.6 audi Q7, and it is driving me nuts. It sounds like it is coming from the tank, but not sure.

    Was very curious if your problem ever got resolved?
  • Ours has had 3 random dead battery occurances(all in our garage fortunately). Each time simply jumping it was enough to get it back to normal(no dead cells in the battery). No explanation has been found. You will find a lot of info over on Audi World forums as others have had the issue too. As others have said- there is an MMI module which can cause issues. BT modules have been blamed as well(and door handles...). In my case the dealer told me leaving the key in the car causes a drain as the computer never shuts down when it "sees" a key. It has made no difference in my case(sometimes keys are left in the car, sometimes not). I do not think the issue has been solved by Audi yet. Electrics are not a VW/Audi strongsuit.

    See I don't mindlesslessly follow the leader and say Audi's have no faults - do it?
  • mdhsmdhs Posts: 3
    Who did you contact and what was your approach to be reimbursed for your brakes. I just had mine replaced for $800 And they still are making a lot of noise.
    Thanks for any input you may have !
  • roadddog53roadddog53 Pasadena, CAPosts: 7
    I just hit 14K miles on the car, and took it in for service last friday.

    They quoted me $840 to replace the front brakes and rotors.

    I said, "there's no way the rotors have worn out after 14K miles!"

    and they said that's the only way to get rid of the noise i've been getting.

    I'd like to know what the first guy said to get reimbursed as well.
  • asa2asa2 Posts: 23
    Hi all-I have an 08 ML 350 that I love but we need to get my wife a new car-something with 4 wheel drive as we are both on the road alot, sometimes with a family of 5, sometimes on our own for work in wintry weather.

    I rode with a friend who got the 09 Q7 and I thought it was an awesome layout interior-wise, but couldn't help but notice the seats are really uncomfortable. Does anyone else find them to be ridiculously hard after owning/riding in something else? Do they "wear" in a bit after use? I liked the car alot for her b/c it was more like a wagon than a truck but after riding in it, compared to the ML, don't think I could last from here in NJ up to VT to ski. It just sort of irked me. Perhaps they have some sort of premium seating option they did not get? I of course did not mention it to friend as we were driving...I used to have an X5 and that was okay comfort wise, but maybe we'll stick with the GL for now. Just curious about others thoughts on the seating and if there are options that make it worthwhile? Thanks
  • When I bought my q7 I had the same concern on seat comfort BUT once they break in they are very comfortable.

    The issue I had with my Q7 is that the interior electronics (MMI) are not sealed and if you spill even a little water on them which is easy to do with the poor design of a cup holder directly above and tilted towards the unsealed MMI electronics....

    Once the MMI is shorted-out AUDI claims no responsibility and charge you $1000 to replace maybe $100 in electronics.

    Audi is very polite BUT arrogant... So they politely tell u to go pound salt

    I love how the card drives BUT AUDI has horrible customer service and if I were you I would stay with MB or look at BMW..

    GOOD LUCK !!!!!!
  • stoakstoak Posts: 1
    We have an older q7 but we got it in part because of the seats. Thought it was more comfortable than the BMW. GL was definitely nicer.

    We have found that little things are constantly going wrong with our Q7 and service has gotten poorer over the years (our 3rd Audi).

    Best of all the SUVs we tried on snow (important in Alaska).

    Hesitate to bring it up because it was a heated argument before but the center cup holders are horribly placed for us. I will just say that we are not capable of not spilling drinks placed there with kids and a dog. Can't use the cup holders or it costs us a grand every time we have a spill. The BMW is much better designed for this and it is not a problem for the GL. We will probably turn it in for the GL.
  • grn95grn95 Posts: 48
    I still cant seem to understand the break issues. Years ago I swore to never buy a GM car ever again as the brakes would always need replacing around 20k. Here is a $50k vehicle and I am going to have to replace the brakes at 15k and it will cost over $800... That is absolutely ridiculous. I have a Japanese made Pathfinder and I finally replaced the front pads only at 68k!! Rotors were fine, bake brakes are fine, and I couldnt have went longer on the front pads. Total cost $40 for me to replace the pads with Ceramic Pads. And back to some posts around page 15 or 16 of this discussion, I see nothing Audi Maintenance Package is going to do aside from oil changes for $500. Made the mistake of ASSuming the AMP would take care of all maintenance (brakes, etc) for 3 years. Brakes are "maintenance" items. It should be called the $500 Audi Oil Change Package. All in all so far I love this vehicle, major complaint so far is the clear coat on the roof. It is somewhat rough not smooth like the rest of the vehicle. Talking with dealer and hope to bring it in soon. It has no visual impact thankfully and with the Panorama roof there isnt much of it anyway.
  • grn95grn95 Posts: 48
    Re: Seats being uncomfortable, in my opinion they are extremely comfortable. Quite firm and supportive. No complaints at all aside from they make me want to sleep while driving with the heat on the seats in the winter.
  • afshinhafshinh Posts: 1






  • kerryjthkerryjth Posts: 67
    I complained to the local dealer then called AUDI America HQ execs - jI ust kept asking to talk to the person's boss and do not take NO for an answer. In my case they finally relented. The dealers has funds that AUDI can release to cover this type of stuff. My suspicion is AUDI knows they have a MAJOR design Flaw and if they admit it then it will cost a lot of $$$...

    My advice... get rid of the audi and buy a BMW or MB or Japanese...

    My lease expires in 4Q and I plan to buy a BMW ...

    AUDI customer service is a DISASTER !!!

    I am their worst nightmare since whenever anyone asks about my Q7 I tell them the truth and all they have decided not to buy an AUDI ...

    AUDI Americas HQ really are clueless if they think they can screw with their own customers!!!

    GOOD LUCK !! :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • liujialiujia Posts: 1
    I accidently put the auto gear into P while the car was not completly stopped. The day after i noticed that the car has a vibration problem when at low speed and low revs. Is it beacause of that, or something else?
  • rdawsrdaws Posts: 7
    Have a 2007 Q7 and have been going round and round with service and customer care about having to replace brake rotors at 22k miles! It is $1000 for the front and will be for the back. Alledgedly, Audi went with "high performance" (re: softer metal) rotors in 2007 to reduce brake squeal and as a result, the pads wear the rotors down and now they need to be replaced at the same time (pads and rotors). At any rate, anyone looking at a Q should budget that in to their cost when calculating the cost of a lease. Also, total care maintenance program is a joke! I'm really unhappy with the cost of ownership. Between tires/brakes, you will spend $2500-$3000+ in maintenance during your lease. Better off going Japanese or BMW (rotors/pads are covered in the 4 yr maintenance package with BMW)
  • mdhsmdhs Posts: 3
    We had to do our brakes at 14,000 ! It is a real problem that Audi needs to address.
  • rbirns1rbirns1 Posts: 258
    Add me to the list. Just replaced the brakes and tires at 24K, though both were long overdue. Tires were below the 3/8" minimum (for lease return) at around 18K. At 24K, outer edges were below 1/16. Dangerous enough that I couldn't take a chance. Brakes started squealing around 18K, by 24K it was unbearable. At replacement the pads were paper thin. Rotors were starting to wear, but they didn't require any work.

    Only 6 months left on the lease, but they would clearly have charged for these items if I returned the car this way. Plus there's the safety issue. Cost me $1K, but had to be done.

    BTW, I replaced the Continental tires with Goodyear Eagle LS. Ride seems smoother and quieter than before (though the old tires were nearly bald), traction seems good. Half the price of the Conti's.

    FWIW, my Volvo XC90 went through brakes and tires faster than I was used to. Guess we should expect this with heavy SUVs.
  • :surprise: Audi Q7 with 1000 miles on it- Had a heavy snow last week and as it melted and slid off the car, it broke the plastic cover thing on the rear windshield wiper
    I was amazed to find it was a plastic cover! :cry:

    do you know if this cover is standard issue or a part of an accessory package?

    do you know what it it called?

    any idea of the cost? will wiper work without this cover on it?

    looked for a recall on the part- but did not find anything

  • sgangulysganguly Posts: 1
    Just purchased a 2009 Q7 3.6 (Prestige). I have not gotten delivery of the car yet, and was planning to purchase the maintainence package. I'm surprised that it does not cover brakes. I was that between the warranty and the maintainence packages I would not have to pay a dime for the next four years. My current drive is a 2002 530i, and that goes thru brakes every 20K miles but I had a 7 year maintainence plan that covered everything.

    We have a 2007 A3 which has the extended maintainence package - but so far brakes have not been an issue on that car. This is a nasty surprise.
  • iquaiqua Posts: 7
    Lease the same car 2.5 years ago. On second year.. about 18K need to replace all breaks.. the sign for the break came out... I think spend about $1500 - $2000 for front and back. Q7 positive point is on the break.. it has very good one... but this could be become the reason the dealer doesn't cover it, they knew it wears off easily..... Interesting point about BMW maint. plan that covers everything.. the lease come out pretty soon.. time to shopping for other "better" car. Oh also need to replace the tires too.. another $1500.. I got the maintenance plan for this car negotiated on the lease but seems useless.. covers nothing..
  • ody02tjkody02tjk Posts: 66
    I am 2 years in on my lease, and had to replace brakes at 16K miles. Plan on it as an expense every 15-17K miles, for at least $1000. Also plan on tires at 20K miles. Both the tires and brakes were a nasty surprise. At least for the tires I was able to get the replacements at They had the same tires as the dealer at $135/tire, vs. a quoted $400 per tire (just for the tire) at the Audi dealer. They wanted $1850 total for 4 tires. It is a great driving and comfortable car, but the Q7 is very expensive to maintain. My old Lexus LX went 60K miles before needing either tires or brakes. I am back to Japanese after this experience.

    If you have not taken delivery, I would cancel the purchase, and go back to a BMW, or switch to a Lexus, Acura, or Infiniti. They may not offer the maintenance plans, but you end up paying more with the Audi care items that are NOT covered, than you do on regular maintenance on the Japanese cars.
  • rdawsrdaws Posts: 7
    it's actually misleading how they sell it. It's the "audi total maintenance" or something like only covers the service calls. you still have to pay for mundane things like windshill did a big break reconfig in 2007 to combat squeeking breaks and simultaneously removed the rotors from the warranty...think they knew anything? if i was a lawyer, this would be a great class action....anyone know any good class action lawyers?
  • ogataogata Posts: 1
    I needed to replace my brake rotors (4) of my q7 after only 25000 miles. The cost is also not covered by the warranty despite the wear of the rotor being extraordinarily fast. By the way I also purchased the total maintenance plan that unfortunately does not cover anything that brakes. The tires of the car also needed replacement after 20,000 miles. The cost for the rotor and tires are over $3k. On top of that, the leather seats are cracking and the decorative coating of the plastic door handle is pealing. It is not a cheap car and I expected a lot more from AUDI but I am extremely disappointed. This is the second AUDI but unfortunately it will be the last.

    For anyone considering to puchase this car please go with a Japanese car maker, they test the parts thoroughly prior to using them. My other Japanese SUV is doing very well even after 60,000 with no major problems.

  • ny_driverny_driver Posts: 18
    My Q7 has 21K miles and the brake pad warning lights went on today. Guess I need to plunk down some cash to replace the pads. They have been squeaking recently but I had the car inspected by the dealer in Feb and no problems with the breaks then.
  • niketalk1niketalk1 Posts: 2
    Got my 2009 Q7 about two weeks ago and started to notice this squeaking/rattling right above the driver. It seems to be coming from the panoramic sunroof, worst when it's hot and slightly noticeable when it cools.
    With that said, it leads me to believe it may have something to do with the Texas 100 degree heat that we experience so much down here causing some materials to expand?
    I am going to take it in for service on Monday but wanted to see if anyone here on the board has experienced similar problems?
    It also didn't help the fact that the stealership guy I spoke to was somewhat of an anus.
  • rdawsrdaws Posts: 7
    it's poorly built...traveling with family on a road trip this last weekend and stopped for gas. gas cover door failed to open. I took everything out of my trunk to remove trim piece to pull the "emergency release" string and guess what...nothing happened. I smacked the crap out of the cover and it is a poorly built automobile...i have a list of almost a dozen things that have failed on it, three critical (i've been stranded once!). oh, and yes, my panoramic sunroof rattles...I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THIS LEASE TO BE UP!
  • ny_driverny_driver Posts: 18
    Argh, took to dealer today to get inspected. All 4 pads and rotors need to be replaced. Labor and parts of $1700 in NYC. Considering I only have 6 more months on my lease, annoying but a safety issue.
  • sdemandersdemander Posts: 4
    How many miles on those brakes?
  • rbirns1rbirns1 Posts: 258
    My Q7 was rear ended. Small dent near the license plate. The other driver agreed to pay. I got 2 written estimates ($800 and $850), and the guy sent me a check for the higher. My lease is up in Sept. Should I have the repair now, or just turn the car in with the dent? I guess the question is, do you think Audi Financial will charge me more than $850 for the damage?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    The other driver paid you for repairs to your car so why wouldn't you simply use those funds to pay for the repairs to your car? If Audi Financial were to charge you less (unlikely), would you reimburse the other driver for the difference?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • johnbombjohnbomb Posts: 7
    I guess we are lucky. We have a 2008 3.6 with 24,000 miles. Only minor issue we have had is the button to close the lift gate sometimes does not work (very rare). No rhime or reason. The tires look good so far, though we will need to replace them in the few thousand. They lasted much longer than our previous Audi Allroad (12K at the most on two sets) and major alignment issues. No issues with the Q. I am worried about the cost of the brakes. I am sure that is coming soon. My two major complaints are the harsh ride with the 20" wheels and the annoying exhaust note in the cabin anytime you press the gas slightly. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind the sound of a good exhaust, but I only want to hear it when I really step on the gas. Not bad, but I would like to see Audi do a better job of sound dampening on a $50K-60K car. Is should be silent at highway speeds in the cabin.
  • johnbombjohnbomb Posts: 7
    We love our Q7,but I wish I opted for the 8 cylinder (diesel was not available). While the 3.6 is rated to pull 6000lbs, it struggles to maintain 60mph when I am towing my 5000lb boat. The slightest hill or grade will make the 3.6 strain. I tend to manually shift when towing as well. This helps, but I bounce between 4th and 5th on the freeway. I would strongly suggest anyone planning on towing more than 3000 or 4000lbs go for the new diesel or the V8. My wife loves her Q and wants to keep it when the lease is up, but I may opt. to trade in for a Q7 diesel. But only if Audi decides to cover brakes under the $500 maintenance package when we are ready trade up. If they don't cover brakes, as much as we love Q, I may be looking elsewhere. My BMW covers everything, Audi should too.
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