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Audi Q7 Maintenance and Repair



  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,595
    I'm with the Europeans on this one. A modern car is like a modern computer, and all it takes is one drop of coffee to fry a keyboard on a laptop (been there, done that)---this is why laptops don't have cupholders. :P

    The modern car's environment is by definition *hostile* to electronics as it is, even in areas where the driver cannot reach.

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  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    My ThinkPad has a built in drain in case of spills. You can't immerse it but it's spill resistant. Minor accidents won't necessarily kill the $1,000 shiny object.

    High tech plus good engineering. ;)
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,595
    That's the THEORY anyway :P

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  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    The pay must be plenty good at edmunds if you can afford 1k on a Think Pad. I get mine for a buck at the dollar store. It's not shiny unless you count the spirily wire thingy that holds the pages together.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    This may or may not be related but you may want to have a look at the Audi A4 Ignition Coil Problems discussion.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Don't worry about it. They are replacing every Audi car with new coils. You would have an engine light on if this was a problem on your car.
  • Thanks to all who post here. Your insight is so valuable to folks like me considering a purchase of this magnitude. I totally agree with the cup holder as after thought sentiment expressed it right, or don't do it at all. The claims of moisture shorting the MMI remind me of a similar cell phone experience. Took it in for repair after taking a call during a light rain, and the VZ rep shows me this little white dot turned red, signifying the VOIDing of the warranty. :mad:

    In some ways, you know better, but they (designers) should have considered the possibilities (we Americans DO drink and eat in our cars) :surprise: . I guess the lesson is don't use that cup holder. :P
  • my car literally stopped in the middlde of the road dead- then it had to be towed into Audi. I received it back and then none of the automatic locks worked - the dealership said they did not do anything and wouldnt fix it- the MMI doesnt work - they claim its my fault- I turned the car in early its a lemon- never again
  • just search on MMI in this blog and u will be amazed at how many people have problems with MMI

    i was given incentives to stay with audi when my Q7 lease expired... I bought a Q5 and love it

    GUESS WHAT even though they claim Q7 MMI is perfectly designed they changed it on new Q5 .... the MMI in Q5 is in the DASH and as a result not vulnerable to spills etc....
  • just recevied my 2010 q7, 4.2 s-line last week and already it's making a weird noises. it sounds similar to the sound you hear when you rub the rim of a wine glass/bottle with your fingers. initially it was taken to a local VW dealer as the nearest audi was 2.5hrs away. they couldn't determine the source of the noise but said it was more audible at higher speeds, especially when accelerating. i then had it towed to the audi dealership which insisted that this sound was caused by normal road/tire noises. audi service tech said the noise was only heard when driving on certain pavements. they assured me that there was no damage to the tires or other parts of the car and it was safe to drive. they test drove another q7 on their lot but it did not produce the same sound. they rotated the tires, and the nosie was still present. they refuse to replace the tires, as this is not covered under audi warranty. they refused to temporarily place different tires on my vehicle to see if the noise was resolved. basically, they're saying there's nothing wrong with the car though they acknowledge that the noise is present. i am not satisfied with this answer as i've never heard this peculiar sound before. the dealership even had the audacity to tell me to purchase new tires myself if i wasn't satisified!

    i am wondering if anyone's experienced this tire noise? before. i'm contemplating on returning the car (though i don't know the details of audi's return/exchange policy). i am so unimpressed with audi's customer service. coroporate might need to hear about this.
  • q7gurlq7gurl Posts: 1
    Ok so after doing research online I just want to cry! :cry: spilled a cup of coffee in my Q7 last night, now navigation, cd changer, radio, phone and satellite is not working! I understand it is part my fault for having it in the car but isn't that what a cup holder is for??? :confuse: Is it really going to cost me $1000 to get it fix? What can I do about it? Does Audi take any responsibility for not having any protection on that console that is next to cup holder??? I just went over my 50,000 warranty! I love my Q7 and never had a problem with it!
  • kerryjthkerryjth Posts: 67
    ... The net is they do not WANT TO ADMIT THE CUPHOLDER DESIGN IS FAULTY. (obviously not as severe as Toyota problem BUT same basic deny deny deny strategy at work )

    Why put a cupholder above a non sealed critical elactronics box... I would complain to AUDI USA President and AUDI Global but do not expect much ,,, just google them ...

    I just got rid of my Q7 because of this problem and bought a Q5 where the cupholder are properly placed. For my Q7 the dealer ate the charge the 1st time but I had to pay the 2nd time it happened... to blame the customer for a spill from a poorly designed cupholder is ludicrous.... of course things will spill... that is why in Q5 the electronics were moved away from cupholders and it o the dash...

    good luck BUT complain and do not take "it is user error" as an answer
  • atajwiatajwi Posts: 1
    I have an Audi Q7 3.0 TDI, 07 model. Have used it for 5 months. I noticed that the engine oil gets short over some period. What could be the problem, and any solutions?
  • cirquocirquo Posts: 7
    Hi California 7,

    I bought a certified pre-owned 2007 3.6 Q7 back in February. I have noticed the check oil pressure red symbol go on and beep for 3 seconds and then disappear immediatley while the vehicle has just been started on 2 separate occassions and they occurred a bit far apart from each occassion. The engine does make a mechanical noise for about two seconds, not sure on the length, and it sounds like it's the oil making it's way through the engine.My father in law has a 2008 Mercedes and sounds pretty similar upon start-up. Back to the Q7,I checked the engine oil and it was up to par. I am trembling at the fact that I may have the same issue as others posted. My vin fits with the early 2007 build dates,in the 37,000 range. The mileage is under 37.5K and under the 4 year/50K warranty. I do have Audi Care as well, not sure how that would help. Any information would be most helpful regarding your process to remediate with Audi. I know in California things usually are better in terms of customer service. I hope this is not the issue at hand with my Q7, but it may seem that way, it fits the description. Crossing my fingers. I have two toddlers who's mom depends on this vehicle.
  • cirquocirquo Posts: 7
    How is your Q7? I bought a used 2007, may have the oil pressureproblem. Any insight would be helpful. Thank you in advance.
  • 3dken3dken Posts: 1
    This Q7 MMI water issue makes me hesitate to purchase Q7...

    I currently have 5 year olds VW Touareg and my wife left sunroof open for 2days in the rain...I was on a biz trip and when I got back, the cup holder was 2/3 full not to mention wet floor...BUT...all the electrical system was working without a problem...

    I was surprised how my lovely Treg drank all that water and fine...

    I was planning buy Q7 but .....I don't know....GL450....maybe...
  • kerryjthkerryjth Posts: 67
    if u r OK spending $1220 1 or 2 times while you own the Q7 then buy it.. it is a good vehicle BUT AUDI will never admit a design flaw ...

    When they came out with Q5 they mved electronics to dashboard to eliminate ths design flaw... explain that ...

    anywy good luck ...

    other option is look at Acura or BMW
  • Audi does not stand behind their product. I own a 2009 Q7 purchased last year. I'm having major issues with the heat. I live in North Carolina and drive back & forth to NJ. This past winter while the car was still new, driving to NJ in 28 degree weather iI started to loose my heat, especially on my feet in the foot well area. I brought it into the dealer and they said all is ok everything ck's out fine! I tried everything possible with the positioning of vents ECON on / off etc. Still no heat on my feet. I brought it back a second time, it was there for (one month) the service director said he called Audi techs / engineers etc and they said it's normal for the heat to start blowing cool! I finally figured out that the heat will only work if I set it on Max. after the 84 degree mark on the knob. I contacted Audi customer service with my complaint and was told that I will have to drive the car and bring it in when it gets cold outside probably December/January so they can see what I'm talking about. I aked what will they do for me if they see my problem and still can't fix it! Audi customer service couldn't give me an answer. I then told them that I'm a preferd customer as I've owned 5 Audis and still have another TT and probably will not ever purchase another due to the Dealer and lack of customer satisfaction. I also mentioned that I buy my cars CASH and if this was a lease or payment they would think twice as I would hold back payments till it's fixed.
  • dickeydogdickeydog Posts: 1
    edited June 2010
    I just bought a replacement cabin filter for my '08 Q7. Any help you can provide w/ how to install? Am I able to do this myself?
  • q7s5q7s5 Posts: 2
    I've been replacing lights on my 2009 Q7 very often. The dealer says there is nothing wrong with the car and that there have been "bad" bulbs on the 2009 Q7. I've had to replace front and back lights 4 times in 6 months. Today I replaced a brake light and a front running board light. 3 weeks ago I replaced all the lights in the rear. Has anyone heard of this? Are there "bad" blubs out there? I'm thinking there is an electrical issue.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Are there "bad" blubs out there?

    Yes, it is possible that you just happened to get a string of bad bulbs but the probability of all those bulbs going out in such a short time stretches credibility to the limit.

    I'd be interested in hearing from anyone else who's had frequent light bulb failures in the Q7s.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • q7s5q7s5 Posts: 2
    Today the right brake light and right rear light have gone out. I am going back to audi and hopefully they will find the real problem.
  • sean8499sean8499 Posts: 9
    Dealer made an offer for '07 Q7 - $33k without 3yr certification or $33.9k with certification (fully loaded, 25k miles). My understanding is that the original warranty covered the shorter of 100k miles or 6 years and is transferable to me. If so, what exactly does the extra $900 buy me?
  • cirquocirquo Posts: 7
    I had the oil changed for the first time after buying my 2007 pre-owned Q7. The dealer told me it was becuase my oil may of been low and that it may of been the reason, apparently at 3k miles you may have to top off the engine oil before the 5k oil chnage. It sounded like BS. The oil pressure light went on today 4 seconds after start-up and stayed on for about 3 seconds and went away on it's own. I hate it, knowing what I know now from reading this forum. It makes a pit in my stomach when the light goes off. I told the dealer about the problem when I changed the oil and even gave him a copy of the TSB regarding the prblem. They had no idea about it. I told them to keep the copy for their records qith my paperwork. I will try Audi USA. My VIN happens to fall under the TSB for the engine oil probem. How is iton your end?
  • cirquocirquo Posts: 7
    Also, I was wodering.most of the oil pressure, engine changes that were posted occurred early with owners, in the 5K to 7k mile range.My vehicle has almost 30k miles. Not sure if I am out of the woods since it is an early build VIN number,any insight would be helpful. It just sucks feeling this way about a car that my wife uses to transport my 8month and 3 year old children. I wish i could get a stright anse\wer and feel secure about my Audi purchase. We owned two VW's before this, both were not without their issues but lasted. Audi USA, if you are looking through these forums,email me and make me a loyal Audi purchaser.
  • larislaris Posts: 11
    edited July 2010
    I have an '08 4.2 Q7 and I love love love my car. I had a bad lightbulb on the left front side, but it was replaced free of charge and no other issues at all with this car.
    Audi Canada gives excellent service. I had a V8 Touareg before ( so did my husband! ), and they were the first model year '04 and had so many issues that we chose to get rid of them (even though we loved them). I got this and my husband got a V10 TDI Touareg that he loves. Tomorrow we take the Q7 with 2 dogs and 2 kids towing a 20' Boston Whaler across Canada, it'll be the second time we've done it.
    Our only complaint about this car is that it is a gas pig. I guess also I should mention that I wonder if the paint is not as good as the VW, the scratches on mine ( Lava Grey ) were so bad the car looked 8 years old, we just spent $400 and had X-Cote refinish it. It looks brand new so we are very happy.
    I read a lot of really dumb complaints on this site and think perhaps these people should get Toyotas instead. These forums exist for every single car out there, it is not a Q7 conspiracy thing.... ;)
  • cirquocirquo Posts: 7
    I noticed that my paint is sensitive to scratches as well. What is an X-Cote refinish?
  • ody02tjkody02tjk Posts: 66
    I HAD a 2007 3.6 Premium, that I turned in when the lease was done last month.

    During the last 5 months of ownership, the problems just seemed to get worse. From Jan 1, 2010 until turn in on June 3rd, the car was in the shop at the dealer for more than 6 weeks. The biggest (and constantly recurring) issue was the ESP system and adaptive headlight system fault. First this issue was due to the tires (which I had to pay to replace) then it was a software issue, then it was due to pinched wires in the steering column. Each time it would cause the car to slow down and not respond to the gas pedal (to be safe).

    On top of that, in mid-Feb, the passenger front door handle came off when trying to be opened from the outside, and the door would not open from the inside. The brakes had to be replaced for the 2nd time in less than 2 years, and the new brakes just squealed like a pig in heat. To top it all off, during the last 2 weeks of use, the front windshield developed some sort of leak that soaked the carpet in the front passenger foot well.

    I have read many of the issues posted here, and there is just an overall lack of build quality with these cars. While my dealer service has been great, the repeated visits are not. If a car is breaking down and having serious issues when this new, what is it going to be like at 5-10 years old?

    I would tell you to get rid of your Q7 as soon as possible if you are having regular troubles, and definitely be rid of it before the warranty is up.

    All in all, good riddance to this car. I am back to owning a Lexus!
  • ody02tjkody02tjk Posts: 66
    I would tell you to not go NEAR any 2007 Q7, no matter what the warranty. I just got rid of my 2007 Red Q7, when the lease was up, due to the multitude of issues my car had.

    Save your money, time, frustration level, and sanity, and spend less than $30K to get a certified Acura MDX, Lexus, or Mazda CX9. All are more reliable, and much better built.

    IF you have to get the Audi, make sure it is an Audi warranty, and that it covers nearly everything. You will definitely need it.
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