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Audi Q7 Maintenance and Repair



  • rjc11rjc11 Posts: 2
    This is crazy. I've owned a 2009 Q7 TDI (with cold weather package) for almost a year and I just realized I can't turn on the a/c in the third row. After checking the manual, I learned that you should be able to do it through the MMI, but lo and behold the setting is not there in my car. My wife took it to the dealer, who after poking at the car for awhile, came to the grand conclusion that there is no a/c in the third row (the vents are just for air intake?) and I should try to direct the second row vents into the back.

    This doesn't make any sense to me, but I guess that doesn't mean it's not true. Can anybody confirm whether this is in fact standard with the 2009 Q7s?
  • rdawsrdaws Posts: 7
    i had a 2007 Q7 with the quad zone a/c (that is, it has a left and right a/c control in the second row). There wasn't a third row a/c control but when the a/c was on and controled by the second row, air cooled air came out of the third row vents (ie, third row vents spewed cold or warm air depending upon climate setting). so, yea, i think your dealer is pulling one over on you. but go into a dealer and pretend to be looking to buy another q7 and see what those vents do on that car...
  • rjc11rjc11 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the reply rdaws. I haven't had time to go to the dealer myself, but upon closer reading of the manual there is no specific mention of a/c or heat in the third row. There is a part about setting the rear air conditioning, but it seems that only applies to the second row and you have to have the four-zone automatic comfort a/c function (explains why I don't have that setting in my MMI).

    I'm still a little baffled that they would think of putting a/c in the glove box but not in the third row. I plan on following-up with the dealer, but still curious if anyone else can confirm that this is standard for Q7s without the 4-zone control.
  • qotl92qotl92 Posts: 1
    Anyone have any luck with getting Audi to listen to this problem and do the right thing?? The look I get when I drop off my car for service is like they know but can't say that there is definitely an issue with how the brakes squeak...
  • Hello All, 2007 Q7 4.2P

    Backup cam works fine but warning chimes have gone MUTE! Is there some way to turn on? Or do I have a defective part? :mad:

    Thanks in advance.
  • chickdrchickdr Posts: 10
    With all your ranting about the Q7's issues you bought another Audi? I am shocked to say the least. I figured you would speak with your checkbook and buy something else. All you have done is prove no matter how bad Audi treated you, you will still buy their products....
  • Audi Q7 4.2 Quattro

    I bought Audi Q7 last year Sept 2009; I used the Car from Sept to April 2010.

    I packed the car and went for six months business trip , my wife only warm the car every 3 days without test driving it.

    Now she is experience problem with the car.

    Q7 Starting problem

    The Speedometer light is off

    The boot only closes manually.

    Mechanic has checked every fuse is working,

    When I put the ignition, its on but cant start the car and the Speedometer light signal is off.

    Pls I need some help or direction

    Mr Michael
  • Audi Q7 4.2 Quattro

    I bought Audi Q7 last year Sept 2009; I used the Car from Sept to April 2010.

    I packed the car and went for six months business trip , my wife only warm the car every 3 days without test driving it.

    Now she is experience problem with the car.

    Q7 Starting problem

    The Speedometer light is off

    The boot only closes manually.

    Mechanic has checked every fuse is working,

    When I put the ignition, its on but cant start the car and the Speedometer light signal is off.

    Pls I need some help or direction

    Mr Michael
  • When you said "the front windshield developed some sort of leak that soaked the carpet in the front passenger foot well" it might not be related to the windshield but rather due to draining tubes under the roof.
    That was the problem with my car: the tubes leaked, water ended up in the front passenger foot well but also in the back of the car (invisibly) and ruined the MMI, GPS, radio. Cost $3,500 and Audi doesn't take any responsibility for this design flaw (electronics are unprotected). After that the components, although non-functional, still use electricity and drain the battery daily. Had to charge my Q7 every morning.
    Details at
  • Honestly, I never found out what the source of the leak was. The wet floor in the front passenger well first occurred 3 days before my lease was up, and I was turning the car back in. The MMI was working when I turned the car in, although it would periodically cut out for no reason. When I turned the car in, I told the dealership about the wet floor issue.

    My Q7 had lots of ongoing troubles.... recurring issues with the ESP system (took at least 13 visits to get that fixed, including telling me to get new tires because it was an issue with the OEM tires), brakes and tires every 15K miles, various electrical problems, repeated adaptive headlight issues (the lights were getting stuck in the down mode when the car started, as well as squeaky rear seats, and (the final straw) the front passenger door handle coming off in my hand as I am getting my elderly mother in my car for my father's funeral viewing.

    I turned this car in on June 2, 2010, and in 2010 alone, I was without the car for more than 6 weeks. Basically, more than one week per month. While Audi gave me a loaner for the whole time, the continued hassle began to really be an issue. Further, if this was the volume and seriousness of issues with a 3 year old car, what problems and costs would I face when the car was out of warranty? I did not want to find out. I have had 13 cars in my driving years, several of which had well over 100,000 miles, and NONE of these cars were in the shop as much as that Q7. I wanted reliable again. I ended up replacing the Q7 with an RX400h.

    I read your site, and it now occurs to me that I likely had the same problem as you. In the last year of ownership, there always seemed to be some sort of lingering musty smell in the car when it sat closed up for more than a day. I am sure there was mold brewing somewhere in that car, but I never did find it. Your explanation of leaks in the roof makes a lot of sense now. Please keep posting on this issue. My dealings with Audi of North America were not at all positive. They kept blaming the ESP issues on my driving and tires (it was later determined to be a short in the steering column.

    Summing the Audi experience up, as one (former) owner told me in the Audi Service waiting room, "Remember, AUDI is a four letter word!"
  • Woaw, I thought I had bad luck but your experience is of a different scale. Tx for your feedback. The MMI problem indeed looks to be the same problem.

    As you will see in my upcoming updates on the website and through my LeakingAudi Twitter account my experience with Audi USA has not been positive. Same approach: did I leave the sunroof open while it was raining? we never heard about this problem for the Q7, etc.
  • I wish I had known of your issues before you bought yours when it was coming off the lease. I would have told you to NOT purchase it, or at least make sure that yours had a bumper to bumper warranty (not sure that would have done any good with your MMI issues). I would also tell you to get rid of your Q7 as soon as the MMI issue is fixed. There is no telling what else you may be facing repair wise in the near future.

    I am not surprised by the problems you are having with Audi USA. I have heard, read and experienced their complete attitude of "we did nothing wrong with the design of this car". I don't know if it is a German manufacturer cultural issue, but a close friend of mine had similar problems in dealing with Mercedes of North America over a lemon E500. He had to sue to get Mercedes of North America to buy the car back under the MD and VA state lemon laws.
  • I am just trading my Q7 - it is the worst car I have ever owned. The MMI system is a joke. First it wouldn't accept my blackberry so I took it in, they said they found brown liquid in the MMI, I said ok show me, they inturn said it had to be sent away to be opened - WHAT!
    They refused to cover it under warranty - it has 12k on it and is 2 years old at this point. So i rode the rest of my lease out without anything working on the MMI (it slowly got worse).
    They know this car has a problem and they push it on the customer - I wonder how mch Audi make on replacing these MMI's each year and charging the customer.
    Just leased a Mercedes - will never go back to Audi
  • Similar to the stories I've read online, many of us have experienced problems with Audi's MMI system. This is the core computer for the entire car - so a very important component that should work flawlessly.

    Not only are we experiencing problems but the dealers are saying they won’t replace the part under warranty. Often, they’re claiming a spill (user error) caused the problem, resulting in a $1000 repair. Although quick to claim a spill caused the problem (default response), they are unable to show us that some sort of spill was the definitive cause of the problem. At times they state that claim and are then unable to substantiate it with any evidence. Many of us don’t even recall spilling liquid on the console.

    I don’t think this is right on several levels. First of all, if this is such a problem, they should have engineered these cars better. If they’re going to locate a computer right next to several cup holders in the center console, then protect it from spills! Put a rubber gasket between the buttons and the computer and cover the top of the damn computer so it’s not open to liquid spills from above. Also, don’t just claim you suspect a spill broke your poorly engineered computer without testing your theory. Hook it up for diagnostics or something. Show the owner evidence of a spill on the circuit board…something.

    I don’t know how it works but am interested in joining other owners with the same complaint in a class action suit. I think Audi should pay better attention to their customers and admit to their problems.
  • Agree with you. That piece is so core to the functioning of the car that they cannot shut it off. I asked my Audi dealer Knopf to shut it down since the nonfunctional MMI was draining my battery. But they couldn't because otherwise the car would not work anymore.

    Note that a class action suit on this MMI issue and leaking draining tubes ended last year for several types of cars of the Audi and VW group. Audi lost (for details on this class action please see the links at The Q7 was not included as car type; this is probably not unexpected since fewer were sold and that car was recent on the US market.

    It is just a question of time and awareness by Audi Q7 owners that this is an engineering flaw present in many Audi cars including the Q7 before a new class action is started.
  • Water Leak Issue in 2007 Models Only???

    hi there,

    any help would be appreciated. i'm in the market for a used Audi Q7. i've read many forums about the water leak issue, and it appears to be only affecting the 2007 models? is that true?

    has anybody experienced this issue in 2008 models or later?

    if not, would you still recommend this car if the water leak issue didn't exist?

  • Rich:

    I cannot speak to whether or not this leak issue is a 2007 model year only issue. I think I had the issue, but it occurred 3 days before I turned my leased car in to the dealer.

    If this leaking issue did not exist, I would stay WAY clear of the Q7. I cannot imagine the costs of repairing one of these cars outside of warranty. I would only go near one of these with getting a bumper to bumper, cover EVERYTHING, extended warranty on a used Q7. And make sure that warranty includes a loaner for all times you are without your Q7.

    The leak issue I experienced was the last of many I had in my 3 years of leasing that car. While it was a beautiful car, comfortable, and drove great, it had loads of issues. I had the car in at least 15 times over 3 years for issues with the ESP and adaptive headlights. After repeated visits for the ESP issue, Audi of NA tried to blame me for the problem, stating it was due to faulty tires. IT was EVENTUALLY diagnosed to be a pinched and shorting wire in the steering column. The radio would periodically just cut out. The rear sunroof would not close at times. A year ago this week, as I was taking my elderly mother to the funeral home for my father's funeral, I tried to open the passenger front door for her, and the handle for it came off in my hand. We could not get into that front seat, unless we did it from the inside. The car had constant squeaks from the rear seats that I was told were "normal". My old Lexus LX was 12 years old and never squeaked like the Audi did.

    At 15K and 30K miles I had to replace the brakes. At 16K & 35K miles I had to replace the tires. This was said to be "normal" for a Q7.

    All in all, if you are looking for a sporty used SUV, I would recommend an Acura MDX or a Mazda CX9. While the Acura does not look as nice, it is a lot better built, and drives as nicely as the Audi. The Mazda has great style, is reliable, and handles better than the Audi.
  • I had a nightmare with the 2008 Q7, they claimed condensation could be the reason my whole mmi went down (if I did not spill anything, which I didn't)- but it was still my fault, no way to fight it. It also got to the point where i had to shut the engine down to turn the wipers off, not often but was still there on a car with 18k miles on - was so happy my lease ended as you could see this was only going to get worse!
    I would avoid this model, I for one will never get another!
  • Ok, now my nightmares are now beginning with my 08 Audi Q7. My MMI all of a sudden went out while driving during a rain storm. Took it to the dealer 2 days later and end result was an amplifier was needed. They needed to get authorization for Audi to order the part, luckily it's covered under the warranty. Is it a known fact that water is the reason the amplifier goes bad? Are they just going to replace it and if water gets in the new part, replace it again without checking for leaks?
  • allwynallwyn Posts: 2
    My 08 Q7 4.2 S-Line has been flawless since day one. Prevously had two A8's. The 01 was great and the 05 went back under the lemon law. I think Audi has difficulty producing consistent quality. Just got 10 TTS. Rattles like a tambourine which is a first out of 5 Audi vehicles. Sympathy to all battling the MMI.
  • Although the MMI trouble is a well known engineering flaw from Audi (see and in general the Audi/Volkswagen group you can consider yourself very lucky that Audi wants to replace the MMI under warranty. You are actually the first person I see posting that news.

    Had the same trouble with my 07 Q7 and it took me 3 months to come to an arrangement with Audi. My dealer, Audi Knopf, first told me they had to replace 3 devices for a total cost of approx $3,500 (amplifier, GPS, tuner). It turned out, at the end, that only replacing the amplifier brought everything back to working order, GPS and tuner included. So watch out for Audi dealers wanting to create unnecessary expenses.

    Can you ask your dealer if this warranty for the MMI is new? Many of the readers will be interested to know. Thank you.
  • I own an Audi as well. And I think it is idiotic that they have the MMI near the cup holders. I have had to have mine replaced recently and it was $1200.00. Why would Audi even think of changing the design when they can suck tons of money out of the consumer? They must be making a fortune off people! Really sad!!
  • I am following this thread because I am considering purchasing a 2012 Premium Plus. I'm a little nervous about the purchase but my spouse really likes the Q7 over the MDX.

    I drink coffee in my car everyday.....other drivers would hate for me to skip it!

    Thx for any and all advice! :confuse:
  • I currently have a 2008 Audi Q7 with 30K miles and am no longer eligible for Audi Extended Warranty. I would like to cover my Audi for the next 3-4 years and was wondering if anyone has a recommendation on an external warranty provider.
  • fagirifagiri Posts: 7
    I wish I had seen this post earlier. I own a 07 Q7, around late August started having problems with the battery where I had it jump-start the car. Took it to the dealership and they diagnosed it as a bad battery. Well, went ahead and replaced the battery at different shop, but few weeks later around early October the same symptoms re occurred and would have to jump start the car if I don't drive it for more than 2 days, however I don't see the problem that much as long as I drive the car daily for long trips as the alternator would charge the battery enough to keep it running (at least that's my theory). Any how, went back to the shop where I got the battery from assuming that they gave me a faulty unit, the shop went ahead and replaced the battery as it was still under warranty.

    Well, starting late November the problem re occurred for the third time, so decided to take the car to the dealership this time but due to my work schedule, went back to the dealership in mid December while jump starting the car ALMOST EVERY OTHER DAY IN BETWEEN and informed that I replaced the battery per their recommendation however still having issues with the car not starting if not driven for few days. The dealership charged me the $125 diagnostic fees, come back saying the computer was not re programmed correctly after the battery was replaced by the other shop and as a result there is a draw causing the battery to die and it will cost $250 to re program it.

    I agreed to take the hit saying that I shouldn't have replaced the battery outside the dealership, anyhow after the dealership re programed the computer, they came back saying that they still see the draw, nevertheless the computer still had to be re programmed. The dealership said it will take them few more days to identify where the draw coming from and it will cost an additional $250 to diagnose, they said it will be refundable if it turns the draw is due to something covered under the extended warranty. So that's $500 to re program the computer and diagnose the draw!!

    Guess what?? late December, they were finally able to diagnose the problem due to a faulty amplifier and the amplifier is not covered under the extended warranty, there quote was $1600 in additional to the $500 of re programing and diagnosing the issue. They suspected the faulty amplifier was due to the water drains not been cleared and that's an additional $700 to clear.

    I was pissed off, called Audi USA, had lengthy conversation with the customer rep. She opened a ticket and decided to follow up with the dealership. After few days, the dealership and Audi USA came back with a 50% discount to repair the draw. I contemplated their offer for few days, but decided to accept it as I needed the car back and can't go about jump starting the vehicle every day. I wish I had seen this post earlier.
  • After almost 4 years of completely trouble-free motoring with my 08 Q7 4.2TDi a light appeared on the dash warning of an engine fault. I booked into the dealer I bought it from (and all the other Audis we have owned) and they ran a swift diagnostic which showed there was a air suspension sensor fault. I was due to drive on holiday the following week for 5 weeks which was going to involve 3000 miles of driving and I wanted to know if it would be possible to use it for that and have it repaired afterwards. The answer was 'no' because the system would recognise the fault and go into 'get you home mode' at 30mph, which, frankly would not have got me home because I would have had the thing destroyed for being annoying.

    The worse news was that there was no availability in the workshop until after we were due to leave but they would see what they could do. In the meantime one friend offered to lend me his S6 and another his Range Rover supercharged, both of which would have doubled our fuel bills.

    A couple of days later the dealer said they had found a workshop slot at another dealer which they would open on a Sunday to get the work done. The work involved taking out the engine, doing some stuff to the axle and so on and was going to run to 8 or 9000 francs (or dollars). I gulped and told them to get on with it.

    The car came back good as new and the bill followed a month later. Audi had decided that this was a fault that should not have occurred in a car of this age and picked up the tab for all parts and 66% of the labour, leaving us with just 1500 to pay. We were more than happy with that. The downside of driving expensive cars is that when/if they go wrong they cost plenty to fix. A friend had a similarly expensive experience with his Touareg and VW did not offer a cent by way of assistance. That is the advantage of driving a premium car I guess...
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,743
    francs? Are you in Switzerland?

    I think I would have taken my friend up on the S6.. ;)


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • I have an 07 Q7. I have experienced problems recently with the engine cooling fan continuing to run after I shut the car off. It runs really loud and really fast until it totally drains the battery. I can stop it temporarily if I open the door and once the door closes again it starts right back up until the battery is dead!

    Has anyone experienced the same or similar problem, or heard of the same? If so, what was the fix?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,595
    First thing you might do is check for low coolant in the reservoir. Even if you are down 1/2 liter, this could cause the fan to run longer.

    If the coolant level is fine and there is no indication of coolant leakage, then I'd suspect the coolant temperature sensor.

    Does the fan run with the engine cold, in the morning. Normallly there are two sensors, one for ON and one for OFF. So if the ON one seems okay (doesn't run when cold) then I'd suspect the OFF one.

    Might not be a big deal.

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  • I am planning to buy a 2012 Audi Q7 Premimum Plus Model and I was wondering whether the water leak issue and the break issue is still persisting in the new 2012 model's as well. Any pointer to this will be highly appreciated.
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