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Pontiac Grand Prix - 2000-2005



  • jbbw20jbbw20 Posts: 38
    GP: Great Product, I had a bad experience during a test drive last year and ended up bypassing the GP for a Taurus. I use rentals quite often recently using a GP GT1, Camry, and Malibu the GP was far superior to any of those products and also far superior to my current Taurus. If I had to purchase a car today I certainly would not hesitate on a 04 GP.
  • alan34alan34 Posts: 11
    Any difference in the handleing/steering ect between the GT1 and GT2. We have fantastic deals on a GT1 here in Canada and I was wondering if I really needed to buy the 2 over the 1?
  • tateostateos Posts: 36
    I think the answer is no, but go here:

    Then click on "Handling" on the left side. You will see a chart of the differences between models.

    This is a site used for training Pontiac dealer personnel, but there is a lot of things that interested me there.

    Richard Moore
  • etcbetcb Posts: 42
    The critics are never right. 9.3 out of 10.

    Consumer Reviews

    ------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------
     Ann Job's Pontiac Grand Prix Review
    The Grand Prix is redesigned for 2004 with a modern, sturdy feel to the body and chassis and more horsepower generated by the supercharged V6. While body-side cladding is gone, the look is only mildly updated, and the back seat can be uncomfortable.
    Rating: 6.75 out of 10.
      Dan Jedlicka's Pontiac Grand Prix Review
    New Grand Prix combines style, practicality and strong acceleration.
    Rating: 7 out of 10.
     9.3 Overall Rating
     9.4 Styling
     9.4 Performance
     8.7 Interior
     9.2 Quality
     9.4 Recommendation
  • Once again this proves a disconnect in opinions between those who review the cars and those that own the cars.

    Realistically you can't form a useful opinion unless you drive the vehicle on a daily basis for at least a minimum of a week, but more likely a month or so. It is beneficial to experience the vehicle in many different conditions, such as temperature range, snow, ice, rain, dark, light, etc. Obviously, media outlets that review the vehicles only test drive them for a day or so. Long term testing is much more beneficial.

    That's why I would think owner's opinions should be more useful than a reviewer's. Especially if the owner is realistic about the good and bad points of the vehicle, like most have been here.

    What I can't understand is the people on this board constantly insisting that they will not buy the GP for this reason or that. I know you are entitled to your opinion, and this is a free country...blah blah blah, but what is the point of you being on this board? Are you protesting the vehicle so that others will be influenced and not buy it?

    I didn't buy an Impala, Malibu, Altima, Jetta, etc. Should I go on to every one of those boards and make sure people there know over and over again that I won't buy their vehicle? I just don't get it....
  • dan165dan165 Posts: 653
    I'll bet if you buy the base GT1 with the steel wheels and base tires you may not get the same handling. Not sure if the tires are the same, but my guess is they aren't.
  • Car mags and writers are not reviewing vehicles in a vacuum. They are comparing it to the competition. A car may be a very good product and a 6 or 7 out of 10 may be a very fair score. What it means though is that there is another car (or cars) out there that is even better that is a 9 or 10. Owners spend almost all of their time in their new vehicle and have just spent $20K + for it. Their reviews aren't comparing it to the other cars they didn't buy, just if they think they got their money's worth. A completely different analysis. No surprise that their ratings are different than reviewers. If you compare owners reviews to the mags for virtually any car, foreign, domestic, whatever, you'll find the owners rate it higher. Comparing the two types of reviews to demonstrate some sort of bias is pointless.
  • We just bought a GT2 last weekend after test driving it and a GT1. I couldn't tell you what the differences are in equipment such as tires and suspension, but I can tell you the GT2 was far superior in handling, performance, and road/wind noise. We drove the GT2 first, then the GT1 seemed like a totally different car made by a totally different manufacturer. I would recommend going with the GT2.
  • Hello everyone, I am new to the posts, but nevertheless I'm a diehard Pontiac fan. I've owned three of them in my short time as a driver.
    My first Ponatic was a 89 6000STE AWD. Awesome car and it gave me minimal problems, I owned it for 5 years and put 65,000 miles on it. Only thing bad I have to say about it, was it got real rusty and had lost lots of it's blue paint. I sold it and purchased a 95 Grand Prix SE. I bought it with 30,000 mile on it and got rid of it 5 yrs later at 80,000 only because I was dying to own the newer body style (97-03). The car was awesome, not a single problem. Looked and drove like it was new.
     After looking around and driving several GT's and GTP's (not knowing which I wanted to own) I stumbled across a 2001 GP GTP with 8,500 miles on it. This was 6 months ago in Aug of 03. The Pontiac dealer had it on a lot for an amazingly low price. When I inquired about it, they told me the car belongs to one of their mechanics, and he is looking to sell it fast in order to by a Camero SS. To make a long story short, I spoke with the mechanic, and he and his wife decided to sell their beloved GTP to purchase the SS. The GTP was their 3rd car and sat in their garage for most of it's life. It had never seen snow,(from Mass) and was extremely cared for. He conducted the maintenance himself using synthetic oil, I have never seen a car being 2 years old and in such awesome condition. It doesn't even have a scratch on it. I had to buy it.
        So here it is, 6 months later I am the proud owner of a 2001 GP GTP. I bought it with 8,500 miles it now has 15,000. It has every option a 2001 GTP could have on it. It's a silver 2dr with 3 spoke chrome rims (which had to grow on me) It also has the gray leather. I've had no issues thus far, and don't expect to have any. No rattles, no strange sounds, just a sweet driving car. (although the ride is kinda stiff, but I'll have no problem getting over that) I don't treat my cars as race cars, although I have shamed a few drives out there who thought they were all that in their BMW's and Audi's.
         Just thought I'd post this and be part of what sounds like a proud bunch of Pontiac enthusiasts
  • evandroevandro Posts: 1,108
    The competition that reviewers compare against are other reviewers. How much are you willing to trust a reviewer who says that "cladding is gone" when the GP didn't have any?
  • Maybe the reviewer wasn't refering to the discontinued Grand Prix SE but the "cladded" Grand Prix GT/GTPs of the 1997-2003 Generation.
  • I don't think your argument holds water. Have you ever read owner reviews of a bad car? People are brutally honest when they buy a car they didn't like. They are not worried about justifying the cost of the car. It is human nature to shout the LOUDEST when things are not going well.

    And besides, I'm not referring to a score an owner gives in some arbitrary rating. I'm referring to owners on this forum who have driven their car for several months, who can give objective opinions and details about certain aspects of a vehicle's handling, power, quality, etc. That info is much more valuable than some reviewer who is comparing different cars.

    Yes, some of that info is useful when comparing models, especially if you don't have the time to test drive 20 different cars. I do read the reviews and other specification data on the internet before I even start a search for a new car. But the best info is obtained from people that already own the vehicle. I don't care whether a reviewer thinks a certain curve in the dashboard is awkward. That's useless superfluous information to me.

    Half of the what the reviewer writes down is a rehash from the manufacturer's claims anyway. "Pontiac says the chassis is 35% stiffer...". In the other half they are trying to be cute or overly sarcastic to make a name for themselves.
  • evandroevandro Posts: 1,108
    That's "miniskirts", not cladding. You know, like Acura, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, etc, use. Of course, whatever these brands cough up is praised as the ultimate in refinement and taste, even when their cars have peanut shaped headlights! ;-)
  • "Cladding" is the generic term the press used for anything Pontiac applied to the side of its cars. When used by other manufactures it goes by names such a "moldings", "protective trim", "style highlights" or even "mini-skirts". So I believe the reviewer used it properly. It can also be found used the same way in Pontiac press releases when the 2004 was announced.
  • I was referring to the arbitrary use of numbers. I didn't post them - I was just responding to the previous pointless comparison between them. However you are mixing up some more apples and oranges when you claim owners are more critical when they don't like something about a car. Owners are very critical of lousy reliability and dealer service and will holler greatly about it. I think that is what you are referring to. But who buys a brand new car and complains about how lousy it is to own? Why would they have bought it to start with? Owner new car evaluations are almost always glowing as the flaws noted by reviewers are not a concern to the Owner. If they were, they would have bought something else. Owner criticism comes later down the road when they find out how much quality (or lack thereof) was designed into the vehicle. That reflects directly on resale value.
  • Let's get back to the topic here, folks.... :)
  • I think I understand more specifically what you are saying now and at least partially agree. So let's get back to the topic at hand, since I seemed to have unintentionally hijacked it - ooops.

    My opinion on the GP:

    Is it a good car? Yes

    Does it lead its class? No. It is an average car. Unless you buy the GTP model, and some of the performance is at the top of its class.

    Is it a good overall value? Yes. I bought my GT2 model with leather and HUD for around $22K with all the incentives. I moved up from a Grand Am, but still lowered my monthly payment and reduced from a 5-year to a 4-year loan. The car has a big 3.8L engine with decent power, and still gets 25-28 mpg on a regular basis. I get a decent amount of performance and a good bit of luxury with all the options and leather interior.

    Does it have "issues"? Yes, including a low, flat and poorly padded back seat, headlight flutter and some other minor issues that I have not encountered, but others have.

    Is it good looking? I think so, but that is a personal preference and part of why I bought the car. Others may think it not the greatest looking.
  • I will chime in on my opinion of my 04 Grand Prix GTP. It's got pretty much every option available, but I will be criticial on what I think. I personally love the car, but I don't think a "perfect" car exists in this price range. As far as the editor's scores on this site alone, I don't buy it. Heck, look at the average scores for American cars and then for Japanese cars down the board. It's obvious a bias exists, because there are some very boring Japanese cars to look at, drive, and they even have some of the supposed faults the American cars have, but for them, it's a plus (interior design for one). In my opinion, car reviews by non-owners are nothing more then a joke. However; I will totally agree on one subject, owners typically do review their cars (or any products) higher then they probably deserve. At the same time, the owners that aren't happy for one reason or another, will give it lower scores. What does that mean, with the GP scores on this site as high as they are, there are a heck of a lot more owners that are quite happy with the car and that is the most important thing. Like someone else said, I will be much more attentive to an owner's review over a writer's opinion with only 1 to 2 days of experience in the car. Anyway, here are what I perceive as positives and negatives of the car:

    3800 Engine. Say what you will about older technology, but this is a great engine with a good history, acceleration, handling, fun to drive, great looking, not a mere 'A to B' car that quite a few cars fall into (base Altima is one), feel, wind noise, cockpit interior design, stereo, options available, and performance.

    Rear seat comfort (doesn't affect me), kind of loud for engine noise, ride can be bumpy, no rear cupholders (not affected), some options not available that should be in this price range (some of these ommissions are huge for what my car sticker for: dual climate control, heated mirrors, automatic climate control, and an autodimming mirror).
  • alan34alan34 Posts: 11
    Are there any good deals in Canada on the Grand Prix GT2?
    Has any one heard of any incentives to get current Gm leasees into a new car before their lease is up. A Saturn dealer told me that Gm will allow people to bring their cars back if their lease is up between now and Dec 2004 with no penalty. Could this be true ?
  • When I was looking at the GP, I just could not get over the fact that it had no rear cupholders. Even my Grand Am had something that popped out from the back of the center console. At the time I thought it was a major goof by Pontiac, and was one of the reasons I was still considering an 03 model.

    But after 6 months, there may have been one or two times that we could have used them for the kids - no big deal. But I don't take long family trips in the GP - we use our other vehicle for that.

    I do take many trips to drive to meetings, etc with adults in the backseat. I mention that the seat is not that great and nearly everyone says "What's the problem? It is fine for me."
  • I thought this was a mistake myself. However; I have read a bulletin by GM that indicates future car production will include rear cupholders. I don't remember when they are supposed to start seeing them at the dealership though.

    I thought of another thing that bugs me. The stock exhaust tips on the Grand Prix are pretty bad. They don't look good at all and are almost impossible to keep looking good. I don't have the extra cost chrome exhaust tips on there right now, but I do intend to spend the money to put these on sometime shortly. I have been way too busy to go to a dealership, so I just am not sure how much they cost at this point.
  • evandroevandro Posts: 1,108
    I myself don't pay attention to anyone's review, but mine. As the sole vested part making the payments, my review is the only one that matters.

    I learned it with my father. He once bought a car that everybody and their dog, in the press or outside it, would rate it as a pile of junk. It happened to be the best car he's ever had. The bad rap came from its 1st generation, but the 2nd was solid.

    I do ask owners about the major problems they've had and about the car's most evident virtues and vices. Then I drive paying attention to that and make up my mind. That's why when I was in the market for a used car, I got an Intrigue: I knew its Achile's heels, but also its virtues, many of them.
  • I think they cost around $150 on - not sure about shipping cost
  • evandroevandro Posts: 1,108
    I'd like to replace those on my Bonneville with them. Anyone has their part #?

  • etcbetcb Posts: 42
    The March R&T incorrectly responded to a readers inquiry whether regular gas is alright to use is a 04 GTP. Here is ther answer.

    SO can these engines be safely operated on regular fuel? Only to a limited degree. With the Pontiac it should be kept out of boost when regular is in the tank and premium should be rum whenever possible.. Think of this low-octane tolerance as a convenience measure for shuttling from one gas station to the next when premium fuel is temporarily no available.

    Evidently the person who wrote that is misguided.

    GM claims that the new refine 3.8 for 04 is design with closer tolerances to run regular fuel.
  • etcbetcb Posts: 42
    I disagree with your comments. Go look at the customer satisfaction numbers for the Toyota Camry. They are lower than the numbers given by the talking heads. Just an anomaly? I dont think so. I own a 04 GTP and a 02 Camry. If Camry is so wonderful, then why didn't I run out and buy another one. In my opinion the Camry is way overrated by the press! I wonder how much Toyota pays advertisers to impress the unwary car buyer.
  • carguy58carguy58 Posts: 2,303
    The last generation Camry was good. The new one I don't like. The interior I'm not feeling it. I could understand while the last one sold well but the new one I don't get it. I'll give Toyota credit they have lots of accomplishments like their Lexus line and the Supra was a cool car. The Camry has positives like a room interior, easy access and entry. They need to upgrade the interior.
  • dan165dan165 Posts: 653
    C A M R Y

    I can not think of a car I would less like to own. Well built and holds it's value YES. Otherwise I see it only as a japanese Buick.
  • This is an "apples vs oranges" argument as well. A Camry should be compared against a Buick Century or Ford Taurus or Chevy Malibu, not a Grand Prix. There is NOTHING sporty about a Camry, it is basic transportation.
  • evandroevandro Posts: 1,108
    Yes, that's a typical comment for R&T (or any American car-magazine).

    However, GM doesn't promise the same power from that engine burning regular. You can count on delayed spark timing to avoid knock in WOT.
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