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Pontiac Grand Prix - 2000-2005



  • I have a 2004 grand prix and I experienced this problem when I first purchased it. If your tilt steering is not locked into position properly you will have these problems. Check on that if you are still having problems.

    good luck :shades:
  • druviedruvie Posts: 1
    I discovered today thatI have the same problen in my 2002 GTP. Do you have a fix?
  • mick7227mick7227 Posts: 2
    I am entering a 91 GrandPrix in an endurance race called 24 hours of Lemons. Car had to be purchased for under $500 and then you add safety equipment. Anyway, looking for some advice:
    - Is there a rear sway bar upgrade or other suspension tricks for this year car
    - Any tuning tweaks? It has the 3.1 engine and it runs pretty good now.

    Any advice on keeping this beast alive for 24hrs? Will be racing at Toledo Spwy in Sep.
  • mick7227mick7227 Posts: 2
    If you havent had it fixed yet, i would recommend checking the idle control valve. We have a 91 Grand Prix and a 90 Grand AM and experienced similar problem. We didnt even have to replace the part - just remove it and clean it good with carb cleaner. That did the trick
  • '97 Grand Prix-120K Miles
    Car will jerk and Tachometer quits working until car is turned off and turned back on. Usually happens when A/C or Heat have been on. Also, now this is strange, when you turn the wheel the radio volume goes down by can turn it right back up but obviously there is something wrong(and no I am not accidentally turning it down with the wheel volume controls). Just started doing this in the last 1000 miles. Electical issue??? Alternator??? Something more??? Anyone have and issues like this and maybe have what the solutions were??? If its gonna cost me a lot I am selling the thing, already put $3000 into it this past year.
  • monkey05monkey05 Posts: 1
    Kind of a unique problem I am having that hopefully someone can help me with

    I have a 99 GTP and the exterior temp gadge is always off on the low side. In the summer I can watch it fall to 30 degrees and when it does the AC quits working. If I wait a while it may start climbing again and the AC will start working again but it's hit or miss, it only seems to do it on the really hot days. Any Ideas
  • this is relatively easy issue and i jsut did it so its fresh on the mind... on the front of the engine take out the bolts on the motormounts and leave the car in park... take a tow strap and hook it to the back on the engine(my car had the hook where you can lift the engine out) and the other end hook to somethign firm on the front of the car near the hood latch... tighten the strap down and the engine should easily tilt forward about 6 inches allowing you to get to th back 3 sparkplugs much much easier. when finished jsut undo the strap and put the motor mount bolts back in... good luck
  • cafsafcafsaf Posts: 1
    Hi, I also have a 1990 pontiac grand prix. I think your problem is with the idle learn control. Any time the battery is disconnected for a period of time the computer(ecm) loses its idle learn memory and defaults to preset value. It will now have to be re programmed with the correct values. This can be done at your GM dealer for the cost of around $80.00 , depending where you are located. This is unique to 1998 through probably 1991 or 1992 pontiac models. After 92 GM fixed the problem and all you had to do was drive the car for about 10 miles at a proper speed above fifty mph. This would over write the limp back codes set in the ecm after losing the battery voltage for a period of time.
    I just replaced the radio in my pontiac and had the battery disconnected for two days, i now have to have the ecm re programmed with the correct values for the idle learn control. Symptoms are rough idle, stalling, engine surge and some times rough shifting when the torque convertor locks up putting the car in direct drive.
    Hope this was helpful
    Post if this fixes your problem
  • nkairnsnkairns Posts: 27
    My 2004 Grand Prix GT has a few bulbs burrt out on the instrumentation panel. 4 on the radio buttons as well as the re-circulation button on the climate control.

    Can these bulbs be replaced without changing the entire console?
  • Wider is better!! more ground coverage makes it easier to corner. of course better tires and suspension will help too!
  • I have a very strange problem that has never happened to me before. everyone always gets a kick outta this.

    I was driving to work one morning back in early july and went to turn on my a/c to keep me a little cool on the highway. As SOON as i turned it on the fan come on and stayed on. Even if i turned the knob for the speed control to off it would still stay on as well as when i turned the car off and took the key out it stayed on as well. Now i'm not a mechanic by any means, but i do understand the basics of how cars work. I'm pretty sure its an electrical problem but not sure where to look. Its not the switches (for the speed, temp, and vent selection) because once you disconnect them it still stays on. I've checked ALL the fuses and relays and they're all good still. The only way to get the fan to turn off is to disconnect it behind the dashboard where the climate control switch is also plugged in. But because of this i cannot use the a/c, heat, and rear defroster. Not having a/c is ok, but when it starts to get colder out, especially in jersey, its not going to be fun with no heat.

    please let me know of any suggestions on the problem as i'm sure a mechanic would have field day with this! thank you!
  • My stereo has a couple bulbs burnt out as well, none on the dashboard, but not sure if i can just replace the bulbs as well either....
  • kairnskairns Posts: 8
    It appears the dealer has to remove the radio and send it out to some after market place to have the bulbs replaced. Too much of a hassle for me and probably tremdously expensive as well. I'll simply live with a couple of missing radio button lights.
  • I have an 04 GP with 40k miles. I've had this car for over a year. The car is idling rough. This started yesterday. I replaced the front three plugs however I'm having problems pulling the rear three out. Not enough room for leverage to pull the spark plug boots. Any suggestions?

  • The HUD on my 2004 GP stopped functioning, There is no sign of any operation. Does anyone know where the fuse or fuses are for this? I didn't see a labeled power source at the fuse panel on the passengers side, Is there another location?
  • had same problem. On passenger side kick plate there is a fuse panel and there is a fuse box. for me it was not the case. Took it to te dealer $860 dollars for new and install. '04 45K mles w/o warranty. :mad:
  • I have a 2004 GT2, 28,000 miles. There is a constant humming/buzzing that is just barely audible when pressing the accelorator. The pitch of the noise changes with the RPMs of the engine. I'm not concerned about the noise itself, as my Hyundai Sonata does the same thing. My concern is that occasionally, mainly after hard accelerations, this noise gets so loud it almost drowns out all other noises in the car. It will last for several minutes, one time lasting a few days. It gets progressively quiter until it is back to normal level after the car has been driven a while. Does anyone have any insight on this? It is very intermittent, so I don't want to mess with a dealer just yet.
  • torybtoryb Posts: 3
    draw a map of where the plug wires go to the coil pack . then remove the coil pack you will have to feel your way to the plugs . there is 2 bolt per coil that need to be removed . hope this helps
  • Car wouldn't turn over so I thought it might be something wrong with the battery since the lights were also very dim in the car, had a friend jump it and that didn't help turn it over so charged it with a 10amp charger and that didn't work either so had it tested at autozone and there's nothing wrong with it. The battery cables looked fine to me but I'm not 100%. The fuses are fine. Any idea of what else it could be? I'm trying to figure out if it's something I could fix on my own instead of having it towed to a shop since I'm not the most knowledgeable with cars.
  • I have a 2005 grand prix with the 3.8l just broke 100000 miles in it, I just had a new tranny put in it wich costed me 2000 to put in and after about two weeks of it getting fixed it started to have a intermittin misfire I replaced the coil pack and put in new plugs and wires but it did not fix the problem has anyone had this issue if so how'd you fix it? :mad: I'm just getting tired of dumping money into a car that i have had nothing but issues with. thanks in advance
  • i knew the onld style you hooked to the disributer cap and it read through there, but now it switched to coils and i have no idea, is there anyone who could help me, tach has 4 wires, i know one is ground and pos, im pretty sure i just dont know others, if you know how and are 100% sure how to hook up please let me know thanks so much if you could please write me at i dont come on here often
  • tnlady50tnlady50 Posts: 5
    I have a 2000 Grand Prix and for about the last 8 months when you go up and incline the car starts cutting out. Runs ok on flat road. Changed the fuel filter no help. Could the 10% ethanol they are putting in gas be the problem. My trip coumper went out afew days ago. Any way to fix it without costing an arm and 2 legs? lol First one side of it went dim and then month later it went completely out!!
    Thanks for any help!!
  • I am searching for custom grills, dash kits, and exterior trim for my 2006 GP GXP. I have searched throughout the internet, but has come up empty. Suggestions anyone?
  • Inside Line- you are off on the quarter mile and 0-60 numbers. I was able to run consecutive 14.3 and 14.4 quarters at 98 mph in Montgomery, AL on a hot humid night. 6.8 seconds to 60 is way off. Hell, Car and Drive clocked 5.7 to 60. BTW- the torque steer on my 08 GXP is not bad at all. GM's engineers made sure that wider P255 Potenzas corrected that problem with P225 Potenzas on the rear. The trick works and I do happen to enjoy my interior.
  • My sister's father-in-law has an '04 Grand Prix that has been his company car. He's offering to sell it to my sis for $6500 which is what his company wants for it. She's a radical sports car fan (would rather buy a rebuilt '92 Stealth to replace her '92 Mitsu 3000GT twin turbo, but hey, that's my sis!) Anyway, she thought I would like it, and I do!

    (BTW, if anyone wants to buy that 1992 3000GT, contact me and I'll let my sister know. It's a cherry.)

    My handle notwithstanding, I am currently driving an '02 Chevy Malibu (urp) due to the Great Recession. My current budget doesn't really include replacing it but this is too good not to give it serious consideration.

    I don't have the details yet - don't know mileage or repair history or options, for example, but his parents take care of their things, so I have no reason to believe the car is hurt. I certainly don't think it's been wrecked.

    Can anyone think of a reason NOT to grab this car? CarMax is asking $12k for their '05s. I don't care so much that Pontiac is now a dead brand, in fact I rather relish the idea of driving something like that. I'm not hard on a car and do expect to be able to return to driving more expensive cars someday - my '05 MB E320 CDI spoiled me forever.

    I'll drive this until maybe I can afford the new Taurus SHO, at any rate - then happily drive my GP in the Old Farts parade in another 25 years.

    Your input greatly appreciated!
  • I've had my GP 2004 for 4 years now and I have little problems with. It rides nice and i drive it through some wicked snow storms in winter. Not much more to say that I have enjoyed it!
    Lynn :)
  • I have a '04 GT2 and am happy with the reliablilty of it, but that's about it. It only has 32k miles with only one problem. Had to replace the power steering rack and electrical switch in the steering column, all at around $700. That said, if my wife would agree to get rid of it (it's actually her car) I would in a heart beat. I'm only 5'8" and have less than an inch of head room. The center stack is too thick making it feel cramped. The ride is not that great, and the power is not as strong as my Hyundai Sonata. The interior has many parts pieced together, allowing a multitude of rattles and squeaks. It's not a bad car, but there are definitely better out there.
  • My 2004 Grand Prix Check Gas Cap light keeps coming on...I have tried to clear it as the manual describes - drove the mileage indicated it is supposed to clear by, but it just keeps coming on and it's really starting to annoy me. Does anyone know what needs to be done to correct this problem? :confuse:
  • I appreciate the feedback. You have to remember that compared to my Malibu, the GP seems like a Rolls at this point. I drove the car and it's remarkaby tight for 65k mi. Thanks again for your reply,
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