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Pontiac Grand Prix - 2000-2005



  • dan165dan165 Posts: 653
    I drive the 04 GP every day and I don't agree with that review either.

    He calls the car "clumsy and contrived". To me it handles better than just about any other sport sedan on the road. Nothing clumsy about it, come on it's a big car for petes sake. This guy just felt like picking apart the car and had nothing good to say. He obviously was in no mood for testing some domestic pedestrian GP.

    Car is solid and well put together. The 2 or 3 other reviews I have read have all been pretty positive on the car including the one done by Edmunds.
  • snaabsnaab Posts: 72
    hi. i was wondering if anyone knew aprox how much it costs to tint the windows on a grand prix. also, anyone know what the current tint laws are in the state of michigan. thanks.
  • ab348ab348 Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, CanadaPosts: 6,250
    Seems to me to be a spot-on review, except he was too easy on the interior. "Contrived" seems a good word for this car.

    2017 Cadillac ATS Performance Premium 3.6, 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass S Holiday Coupe

  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    the guy is worried that when he puts his purse between the seats he is going to inadvertently press the traction control button. And the button reminds him of a marshmallow. What a fruit.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    his purse...LOL

    auto extremist has a follow up reaction to the New York post writeup, and its quite scathing.

    actualy, FWIW, the GP's I have checked out at least seem to have good build quality as far as the body and doors and structure and stuff lining up etc. Loooks and feels like over time it will hold up a lot better than the Altima in terms of dings, paint, shakes, etc. And the interior is cheese on both of them anyways.

    For under 20 grand out the door a basic Grand Prix is an ok buy. Even if the rear seat stinks and the rear end looks heinous and it refuses to even offer something besides the powertrain it does.
  • "the guy is worried that when he puts his purse between the seats he is going to inadvertently press the traction control button. And the button reminds him of a marshmallow. What a fruit."

    I was thinking the same thing. It's amazing what these "experts" are concerned about when they look at cars.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    midlife : Ya.. "experts". NY Times is well known for it's auto reviews I'm sure.

    ab348 : I'm surprised you weren't the author. Sounds like your opinion of the car for sure.
  • stumack1stumack1 Posts: 56
    the NYT review and the Autoextremist reply are pretty much right on. I'm shopping right now and drove an '04 GT2 yesteday (before reading both articles) - what a disappointment. Harsh ride, cheap interior materials and shoddy assembly. I really wanted to like this car - I've had a positive relationship with the dealer for 6 years (excellent service) and hate to walk away, but GM just missed the mark completely with the new GP. I drove the Intrepid last week, and the GP doesn't measure up at all to this 6 year old design in any area.
  • dan165dan165 Posts: 653
    I'd like to know where people are finding all these Grand Prixs with "shoddy assembly". My car, and every GP I saw on the lot were very well put together. I can see people not liking some of the aesthetics of the GP, but to say the car is not asembled well is just slander in my opinion.

    Stumack1, In terms of ride quality, the 04 GT2 compares very well with the Accord which I also tested, but if you think a Chrysler is better than both those cars, go ahead and get one, great deals. They may have a softer and cushier ride which some people prefer to a sportier ride. I think Buicks fall into that category also.
  • stumack1stumack1 Posts: 56's a regrettable fact. Where it was found was on the lot, for sale, brand new, in the very city where it was built (it came a whole 2 miles up the road from the end of the line to this dealer).

    Like I said, I wanted to like this car, but the material quality and the way it was put together (not to mention it was already rattling) was inexcusable. I've been rooting for GM and I don't want to walk away from them, but they are pushing their long-time customers out the door. I'm sure the Buick rides better, but the decontenting of the Regal and its low buck interior turned me off.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    The 04 GPs I saw were all well asembled. I looked inside 2 of them and same can be said of the interiors. I can understand if you don't like some of the plastics ( a couple of others have said the same) but the car's fit and finish was excellent. It also comes from the Oshawa plant which is known for good quality so it seems reasonable to assume this car would be no different.

    Canadian magazine Car Guide did a special feature on the car and one of the positive comments coming from all the testers was how good the assembly quality was.

    Maybe you were sitting in a bad apple or an abused demo.
  • I test drove a GPGT2 and an Intrepid SXT, back to back. No comparison - the GP was a better car for me. There isn't a hint of sportiness to the Intrepid, and it is just too big. It's more like a cruiser than anything else. 240 HP? Didn't feel like it. Steering was a chore. Styling definitely goes to the GP. Intrepid interior is not bad, but very reserved. I don't want a reserved car. If I did I'd buy a CamAccord.

    GP has the option of DIC, HUD, and all the goodies you can get with the GTP Comp G if you want to spend a little more. Intrepid is a good car, but in dire need of redesign. Also, the GP seats fit me like a glove, while the Intrepid felt more like a bench seat.
  • stumack1stumack1 Posts: 56
    ...our impressions of the GP and Intrepid are completely opposite one another. The 'trep and CompG can't really be compared (at least in the Canadian market)...we are talking about a $30k car vs $41k for the CompG (stickers). GM was discounting marginally better than DCX, but no 0% on '04's at GM. A GT2 with leather and sunroof stickered at $34k vs $31 for an Intrepid ES equipped similarly.

    I think dindak may be right that the car I tested was a demo that had been beat was the salespersons car and had 3000km+ on it.
  • jbbw20jbbw20 Posts: 38
    June 30 I had made my mind up to purchase another GP. I have owned two with the most current being a 98 with 220000km, and no problems. I checked the local dealers lot (after hours) and the 04 GP appeared to be what I wanted but three main factors lead me elsewhere.
    1. The salesman I always dealt with went to greener pastures across town (Ford dealership).
    2. The new GP is not available in white.
    3. The most important factor, June 30 with check in wallet I went the the local dealership for a test drive/purchase. (I had previously come to agreement on price by phone). The salesman was waiting with keys in hand, he put the dealer plate on the car, started it, turned the a/c on (temp low 30's) thats when the excitement started. We talked for a few minutes while the car cooled off then-the auto started to sound like a distressed cat, howls came from under the hood followed by the smell of smoke and then smoke. He shut the car off and offered me a test drive in his demo. The drive was enjoyable, nice ride, good power, well put together--just like a GP should be. When I got back to the dealership I asked the salesman about the distressed GP that I had almost decided to buy and he stated the a/c compressor had siezed, and the belt had been destroyed, he offed me another of different color or he would rob parts from another and put on the one I had picked out. I told him I did not like spending time at a garage, and I probably had lost confidence in his product.
    On the way out of town I stopped at the Ford dealership and talked to the salesman who sold me the 98GP--the result I purchased a 03 Taurus SES first Ford, never had been considered as an option--6 weeks later I am getting to like it more each day--will see how the long term relationship developes, possibly will never go back to GP or GM.
  • stumack1stumack1 Posts: 56
    ...interesting selection in the Taurus SES. They are very agressively priced here except all the "package" SES's have the 155 hp motor, not the 200 hp unit. Looks like a solid, well equipped car, though.

    Lots of '04 GP's in white around here...don't know what they are trying to tell you.
  • jbbw20jbbw20 Posts: 38
    My Taurus has the 24 valve motor, moonroof, side air bags etc. I don't know Ford packages very well, not sure what is standard. The Taurus is bright white, the GP is available in an off white IMO looks somewhat dirty all the time. I can't remember the official name for that color.
  • richm4richm4 Posts: 169
    Low 30's. Sounds like heater time to me. ;-)
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    I've got to be kidding!!!

    I test drove a '04 GTP and thought it was a bit too soft. I would definitely go for a Comp G edition.
  • oldsman01oldsman01 Posts: 1,203
    I can understand the concern when test driving a brand new car and something like that happens, but things do occasionally go wrong with brand new products. Even with the best of products. Back when I was in college and was working selling home entertainment equipment, occasionally a brand new high end piece of equipment would come back with a defect. As for the GP's A/C compressor, there is a good chance the same company that makes them for GM make them for Ford(and everyone else) as well.
  • jbbw20jbbw20 Posts: 38
    I agree, even new products can be defective, however if I am going to pay a substantial amount for a product it should work until I leave the lot. I ordered some parts for the 98 GP a couple of weeks ago and I asked the parts mgr about the sick GP he stated it was sitting at the back of the lot waiting for parts, apparently the compressor is of a new design and he said GM gave a delivery delay of 30 days.
    Bottom line I still think the GP is a great car but with the experience I had I believe I made the correct decision to buy the Taurus.

    To transulate--30= approx. 90 in the old method
  • Hope everything works out for you with the Taurus. It is a decent car for most purposes. I just wanted something a little more sporty looking. The Taurus looks more like a company car.

    The white 04 GPs here are bright white - not sure why it looked "dirty".

    A guy I know from the local gym had a 1996 white Taurus. Last week I saw a new regeistration sticker on his car and wondered why. After checking it out for a minute or so, I realized he had bought a new Taurus in the same color! Looked identical except for the minor exterior mods they made on this model.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Taurus is a decent car but it's no GP in terms of looks or handling. Power should be decent with the motor you chose though. A guy here in the office has one and he is very happy with it.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    For anyone in the Toronto area, the Sun is giving away two 04 GPs. You have to collect a few puzzle pieces and mail them in. Unfortunately they are GT1 base cars, but who knows, maybe you can pay the difference and get a GT2.
  • jbbw20jbbw20 Posts: 38
    I totally agree, the Taurus is no GP, although the Taurus does have a functional rear seat, and to the kids delight they can see outside. BTW according to the Canadian brochure on 04 GP colors-- ivory white--IMO looks more like cream--Taurus Vibrant white which resembles the summit white available on 03 Grand Am
  • richm4richm4 Posts: 169
    "I test drove a '04 GTP and thought it was a bit too soft. I would definitely go for a Comp G edition."

    Actually, I thought the GTP ride was somewhat harsh even without the Comp-G. Maybe harsh is too harsh of a word, but I can definitely hear every "thump" each time I go over seems in the road or little road imperfections. Perhaps it is the type of tires that cause this, because my old 98 GP GT seemed quite a bit smoother and quieter.
  • stumack1stumack1 Posts: 56
    ...while I agree that the AC compressor issue was likely an isolated incident, there is no question that if that happened to me and it was my money on the table, that would have been the end of any consideration of GM...ruski, I agree with your assessment of the ride, that's a good description. Actually overall I think the '97-'03 GP was a better, more attractive overall package. The sales numbers will be interesting...I'm here in the "factory town" and there aren't many on the road yet, and I recall the '97 was everywhere when it first came out (and it wasn't built here).
  • Every person is entitled to his opinion. There is a professional not corrupted opinion, or just dislike to certain auto. As you know some peoples like to drive a stone age car, some like to drive an expensive car that is does not pass the 4 cylinder. We do have our taste, amd admirations. Please do not sell me your advise , or none sense idea, while I am paying for it. I have a good judegement and sense to chose my own car, I will test it, drive it, look at it,and pay for it. I do not eat , or drink in my car, I do not talk on the phone while driving, I care less about a cup holder in my car, I care less about leather dash board, I care less about a leather seating, or heated one. All I care about is a beautiful car with a powerful engine, excellent performance, good mileages, stability, and resale value, and in this case the Grand Prix never failed us. If I have a family I will buy them a mini van , and I do not crawl them in my Grand Prix Back seat either. Whether the Grand Prix is sporty sedan, or family car, or one person car. My aspiration and enjoyable driving experience performance always in the hearts as long GMC stil producing this beauty.
  • tkbettstkbetts Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2003 Grand Prix and just love it. I liked the lines on it better than the 2004 - the 2004 just seemed too boxy for my likings.

    I actually work in the plant that builds the 2004 Grand Prix's and can tell you that there is definitely white. You should check out the Orange Fusion Metallic - it is gorgeous.
  • fred707fred707 Posts: 27
    Well... I leave the boad for one month and look all hell brakes loose. I received a motor trend survey in the mail a few days ago and Motor Trend wants to know whta I think... Hmmmm maybe I should call the execs at pontiac and use this as leverage after they set me up with that stupid pull ahead program.
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