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GMC Envoy Denali XL Gas Gauge and Oil Pump Problems



  • Not yet I need a list of everyone that would like to add there names to
    the list for this Lawsuit. I have taken good care of my GMC Envoy and it should have not caused this is such a early stage. I had low miles! So please send me a list everyone who wants to join me in a lawsuit. It is time we fight back. I know we will win. I have proff of proper care for my GMC!
  • It is time we fight against the Lemon GMC has sold us. Who wants there names to add
    to a GMC Lawsuit?
  • hi tanya,
    i've spoken to a lawyer about doing a class action once before, but he wasnt ready to move so it lanquished... i'd be interested in adding my name to one if moving forward .. please advise .. thanks..
  • i'm in !! keep me posted please .. and thank you..
  • As I said, I am in. Not sure what info or format is needed, as to private emails etc. , but I am out $4000. The mechanic said he could tell we maintained as the engine looked new, except for blowing out all the oil, blowing the rods, etc. And this is after spending $1700 on the AC in June! Problem is, we love this vehicle, and except for these two issues, we would be ok. Just want them to at least share in the repairs
  • Hey, should we contact and promote this on facebook? Maybe find others with the same problem, and we can email or whatever.

    Dick Ditore
    San Diego
  • jvjmacjvjmac Posts: 1
    I'm in too. Please let me know if you have an atty for us to contact.
  • I have an 06 envoy and have had the stabilitrak sensor come on repeatedly, always shutting off after restarting the vehicle. I have had my mechanic look at it repeatedly but cannot find anything wrong, no codes come up and of course never comes on while he has it in his possession. It happens only in the winter or when it is wet out. It comes on within the first km of driving, and it frequently seems to be triggered when I make the hard turn around at the end of my cul de sac. I see there were many other people that commented on this problem but I haven't read any posts that explain what the issue was. I have not taken to the dealership yet. I have a mechanic that has not charged me for his time because be hasn't found the problem yet. Since this is NOT how dealerships operate I hesitate to take it in and spend hundreds of dollars for their time if they cannot find the issue either. Can anyone let me know what the issue with theirs was?
    I have also just had my fuel gauge stop working today. It fluctuates from empty to 3/4 full randomly. It started immediately after filling the tank today. Stayed on empty with light on for about 20 kms, now it is going up and down. I see that people have had repairs done with GM covering half. Is this in Canada as well or only in the US? I do not usually go to dealership but I will if they are covering half the cost. This is a used vehicle with 86,000 kms, purchased from a family member that maintained it well and never had any problems before. They did not receive any recall letters about the fuel gauge
  • Fantastic. I just bought a 2007 Envoy Denali with 90000 miles, and there is a serious "Ghost in the machine". Check engine light flashing, backfiring and smoke out the tailpipe, a gas gauge that, when it gets past half, you can actually watch the needle drop to empty. It is at GMC right now, they called and said theres nothing wrong with it, "We've cleared the codes for you!" Oh, gee, thanks, now there will be no history in the computer to prove long-standing problems. This sucks!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    We're sorry to hear about the troubles you're having with your Envoy. If you would like for us to check into anything further, please contact us via email at (include your name and contact information, a brief recap of the situation so far, and the last 8 digits of your VIN).

    Thank you,
    GM Customer Service
  • andrews89andrews89 Posts: 1
    edited December 2012
    Time for me to add my problems to this thread. I am the original owner of my 2004 Envoy XUV and my gas gauge was the first to go a couple weeks ago. At first it would read a half tank more than actual and now it has spun clockwise past full and sits just below empty. Next the tachometer sits at 4000 rpm or higher at idle and now the battery gauge is almost pegged. Like most folks on this message board I was quoted a price of $650+ to repair a possible bad sending unit to fix my original problem with my fuel gauge. Now that two other gauges are bad I am wondering if it is not faulty instrument panel/cluster (I researched bad stepper motor part #X-C5-168 search on Google). I am considering having the following company completely rebuild my instrument cluster first to see if it fixes my problems because the dealership wants way too much money for the same repairs (but I have a feeling that the gas gauge will still be bad because of the possible bad fuel sending unit). My wife really loves her Envoy and I am hoping this isn't the start of more serious problems down the road. :sick:
  • My husband and I paid 39k cash in January 2006 for my 2006 Envoy Denali XL. I have read most of all the previous posts and have had very similar problems. My Envoy is currently sitting in our back garage because of my blown motor and lack of funds to fix it. It has been about a year since this happened. We were told that it spun a bearing and that the motor was hard to come by because it is an aluminum block. I was driving on the freeway when it blew. I have had the same issues with my gas gauge and a few other electrical problems. I also have problems with the rear airbags. I am interested to know if you have an attorney moving forward with a class action law suit yet. I may be willing to join in. my email address is
  • timbo65timbo65 Posts: 22
    hi mr. andrews,

    sorry to hear your joining our group of disgruntled GMC owners. i also love my '04 envoy SLT, but man is it aggravating seeing which gauge is not working each day. with this many people ALL having the same issues its not a coincidence... its a manufacturing defect, or defect designed to happen to drum up parts / service revenue.. thank you for sharing your research of the gauge rebuilder with us all, appreciate it and good luck. hopefull a class action attny. will come forward yet !!
  • timbo65timbo65 Posts: 22
    please add me to list for class action ... i can be contacted thru this site anytime ...
  • timbo65timbo65 Posts: 22

    i think thats an AWESOME idea !! i know there are thousands of people who have these issues but dont know about this site.. FB reaches BILLIONS of people, and once a major news station picks it up stuff will happen !!
  • timbo65timbo65 Posts: 22
    sorry to be the bearer of bad news, BUT ... the "fun" has just started... buy yourself a $2000. used car, it will save you money on rentals when the envoy is in shop .... good luck .. [used ford is a good bet]
  • timbo65timbo65 Posts: 22
    hi ms. heinze,

    sorry to hear of your "envoy curse". as you can see you have plenty of company !!! i am very happy to hear you and your children were not hurt when engine blew on freeway, that had to be horrorific .. the group seems to be close to class action status, and taking this to social media will surely help publicise our plight ... i cant believe GM will wait till some family is killed on the freeway before they take responsibility for THEIR screw up ...i've owned fords in the past and they contact you anytime they find something wrong in a model line .. and fix it free, like a good company should ... my next truck WILL be a ford explorer ...
  • I have an 06 Envoy Denali. The gas gauge problem is common and is a clear defect. But GM's feet haven't been held to the fire on this issue. My guess is that now the US GOVERNMENT owns stock in the company, they aren't forcing GM to pay for something that should never fail.
    With that being said, your fuel sensor is failing. It's part of the fuel pump assembly which is located in the tank itself. The failing sensor will also trigger the check engine light..
    I drove for 2 years with this issue rather than spending a lot of money for something that didn't effect the performance of my suv. To keep from running out of gas, I simply reset the fuel used control on my steering wheel every time I filled up. Once I got to about 18 gallons used, I refilled & reset. Finally at 106,000 miles, the fuel pump failed altogether.
    Replacing the fuel pump fixed the gas gauge & check engine problem.
    I was also starting to experience missing & more white smoke in exhaust. That was the result of needing a tune up,. The fouled plugs were not firing and burning off the fuel, and dumping it into my oil causing a burning smell when I ran my heater and the smoky exhaust. The tune up along with the new fuel pump solved all the issues.
    The key is to find a trusted mechanic that knows his stuff and isn't gonna rip you off. Unfortunately that's not necessarily the dealerships.
    Overall I'm happy with the V-8 engine in my envoy. I pull a boat around all summer & after 100,000 miles my engine is still strong.
  • timbo65timbo65 Posts: 22
    hi tuffy,

    good advice ... i've also driven thousands of miles with gauge issues. i thank god my engine runs beautifull. i have the vortec 4.2 which is an inline 6, and i love it. tons of power [275 HP, and gobs of torque], some days my guages are great and others 3-4 just go nuts.. may last weeks... the dealership wants me to pay $700. for the parts and $75. an hr. for labor .. i didnt mis-design the part !! never thought of your point of the US gov. being a partner in GM !! but i guess they kinda are ... food for thought .. i feel terrible for some of the folks on here with MUCH worse envoy issues then mine, but we all must try to fight for each other.. an attny. will eventually pick this up. good luck..
  • I have had this SUV for about 8 months. I love the Envoy Denali, I do not like the constant repairs. Since i have got this car both headlight harnesses have burned up(Litteraly smoking melted burned up), There is a griding noise from the drivers side wheel it has been to the dealership 4 times they find nothing wrong. The check engine light comes on and off when it wants to, The throttle position sensor was the first code, after a couple days it went off and never came back with that code, then the oil pressure just all of a sudden shot up to peak & stays there.....check engine light came back on a couple days later oil pressure sensor is faulty, then it comes on sometimes & leaves no codes at all.... The air suspensioin system often flashes needs service, I drive to the dealership they cant find anything wrong with it. It had 65k mi on it when i got it. I am at 90700 now. This car is a nightmare. I love the features, ride, and gets 22 mpg for a V8 i was blown away when it actually did 22 on the highway for all my trips. The transmission shifts super hard coming out of first gear then it switches up and you feel nothing in any gear, no one can find anything wrong. This car is going to be parked until i can get the loan balance down 3-4k for trade in. I have never been this dissapointed & pissed off with a vehicle purchase. As most people know Audi in the 90's had several problems. I thought i was going a good thing going froma 99 A6 to this lemon. Although it has never broken down on me its a pain to have to worry is today the day its going to turn off, is this check engine light real, or is it just having its own mind, is the oil pressure going to fall down today? will the Voltage reader peak or fall or remain normal. I wish GMC would buy this car back or take care of the repairs. The car is under warranty but apparently the warranty doesnt cover the problems i am having waiste of a warranty and 2k they charged me for it at the dealership. I should have gone back to BMW my 98 528 gave me no problems whatsoever from 78k mi(Purchase)-245k mi(Trade in).
  • my name is Michael And I will add my name. I have had a handful of issues the latest is check engine light AGAIN....towed to a shop..says I need a new throttle body THEN come to find out I actually need a new computer IF the reset doesn't work! What the hell is a reset..or how do you do it!
  • idladytigeridladytiger Posts: 2
    edited January 2013
    BEEN THERE DONE THAT! Manufacturer defect. We have had nothing but problems with this lemon. We just had to have the clips replaced for the fuel line because apparently it broke and we spewed out 18+ gallons of fuel. 2006 GMC Envoy is GARBAGE. We posted on their Facebook page until they paid for the whole repair of that fuel sensor. It's a $400 USD fix for that faulty fuel sensor. They have to drop the whole tank to get to it. And the stabilitrak thing happens to us all the time. We just 'reboot' (turn off, turn back on) the car to fix it. Nice to see we're not the only ones experiencing this issue.
  • I had the :sick: same problem with engine failure at 60,000 mile in my 06 Envoy Denali. GM would not give me a dime nor give me a break on the repair bill. So I rebuilt the engine myself and found that my lifters was the same ones on recall that was installed into the 07 and up 5.3 Denali and other GM auto's that cause's oil consumption .
  • Sarah. I bought my 2005 GMC Envoy XL in 2008. One month after I bought it the speedometer stopped working properly. One by one, little by little all the gauges stopped working and as of about a month ago the gas gauge does not work. I have read several comments on this site from people who got a letter from GM offering to pay 50% of the cost to fix it. I am about to get it fixed and would like to receive the same treatment and get 50% of the cost covered. Please let me know how to go about this. Thank you.
  • I just took my 2006 Envoy to a dealership in Edmonton to be fixed because the gas gauge stopped working and the repairs were covered 100% because of the recall! Very impressed since even the recall letter stated only 50% would be covered. However, I have now received another letter advising me of another recall for the Envoy. Not looking forward to having my window and door lock switches failing and/or smoking. What is up with this model? I think the whole vehicle should have been recalled!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    We can check to see if this coverage applied to your vehicle if you were to email us at with your VIN, contact information, and inquiry.

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • dd73dd73 Posts: 2
    I also own a 2007 GMC Envoy Denali . Fuel gauge is freaky too. Hope we get some help , the dealership wants 600.00 to fix it.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    If you would like for us to check into this further, please contact us at (include your name and contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN and mileage, and a summary of the situation). We cannot guarantee any results up front, but we will check into this.
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • dd73dd73 Posts: 2
    Sarah yes i will send you this info on my 2007 Envoy Denali. thank you .
  • soozie2soozie2 Posts: 4
    I too am a disgruntled envoy Denali owner and have posted here before. I have had missing oil, headlight harness replacement,oil sending unit replaced three times, new air suspension bags, random engine lights, oil gauge failures and drive side control arm failure. I feel taken. Gmc took my forty grand and gave me the mechanical equivalent of a Yugo. The only response I got from social media was take it Tothe dealer for my expense! Goodbye GM. I think I'm in for four new cars in my lifetime none of which I'll buy from them. I wish they would stand by their product...we can't all be wrong! Too many envoy Denali owners have suffered these issues to be coincendental.
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