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GMC Envoy Denali XL Gas Gauge and Oil Pump Problems



  • timbo65timbo65 Posts: 22
    I just had yet another failure of my Envoy, replaced the battery and now the AC wont blow thru
    the dash vents... only thru the floor vents !!! I was told by local GMC dealer that its normal
    and to bring it in and they will "reprogram" the air duct motors for $40. ..
    I was so freekin' happy !! finally something that don't cost hundreds [or thousands]..
    well I went in to have it done and waited in service waiting area [should only be 30 minutes]
    until they called my name, then told me it would be $700-$800 !!!!! seems they have to
    pull the whole dash out of truck and replace the little sixty dollar motor ...
    guess I better wear socks this summer, because my feet are the only thing staying cool
    this summer !!! check back for next chapter of "curse of the envoy" ...
  • moosedb1moosedb1 Posts: 11
    I had the same issue. Go to a local shop. I had this BS fixed on my enfoy for 250. I will never buy GM and hopefully many others will not.
  • timbo65timbo65 Posts: 22
    wow, that's nice to hear !! thanks "moose" will do !!! :)
  • Any CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT ? I have envoy 2004 every week is $700 air pump
    -Cluster speedometer $400- gas cap $35 .
  • jodyijodyi Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 XUV that I purchased new which is now at the shop awaiting a replacement engine ($3000) @160000 miles. This is due to a spun bearing resulting from a loss of oil. I have had a mysterious oil leak (never any spots on the ground or smoke from the exhaust) for a couple of years now, so I regularly check my levels (at least weekly) and keep an eye on the oil gauge. Since this happened, I have been reading up on others experiences with this vehicle and engine (I have the 4.2 L6), and find that it is common for the intake or exhaust (or both) manifold bolts to work loose, which may be the cause of my oil disappearance.
    I also discovered that the oil 'pressure' gauge is little more than a decorative item on the dash. These things only have a basic pressure switch with a very low cut-off pressure - the rest of the oil gauge's readings are a fantasy made up by the PCM based on what it *thinks* the pressure should be!! Seriously?!? They took the time to write code into the software to make up an oil pressure reading instead of simply installing an actual pressure reading sensor?? And the owners manual has the nerve to say that it is important to monitor the gauges - for something that isn't giving useful information to begin with.
    I also have a large patch of paint that has peeled off on the center of the roof just behind the windshield. I have had two paint shops look at it, and they say it looks like there wasn't any primer applied, which is why it flakes off in huge chunks.
    At a minimum, it seems like there is a lack of quality control on these vehicles, and at worst a knowing decision to cut corners and costs to boost profits.
    I have NEVER gotten a recall letter for any issue with this vehicle (and I know that my information is correct, since I get plenty of other junk mail - plus I have had an active ONSTAR subscription since new). I find out about most of the known problems from sites like this where other owners are going to try and find answers. We are part of the 'GM Family First' program through my wife's grandfather, but it is highly unlikely that we will EVER buy a GM product again.
  • Hello Everyone,

    I was serching for information on my 05 Envoy XL Denali when I came across this forum. I have experienced ALL of the issued being discussed. Since I've had the vehcile I've replace the air bags on both sides ( right side twice). I took my truck to the dealership one day and had the left bags replaces. One week later I had to take it back to have the right side replace. This was after I was ensured by the service adviser that I did not need it done at the same time as the right. A few days later I again had to return to the dealership because my truck was sitting almost on the ground in the rear. They kept my vehicle for a week before they decided they had to install a rear lifter kit. I contacted GMC and in response I was only given alot of BOLOGNA. One morning I was driving to work and I heard a loud clattering sound. My husband drove the truck and said it sounded like I had no oil. When he checked, I HAD NO OIL. Took the truck to the dealership twice and they said they could not find any problems but suggested replacing my motor for atleast $5000. Took the truck to a Honda mechanic friend and he discoved that the rear valve gasket need replacing. Took the truck back to GMC and was told to just keep putting oil in it or replace the motor because it would cost more for them to replace the gasket. Now I have a $40,000 truck that I have to put 1/2 quart of oil in every week. About two weeks ago my check engin light came on for the 100th time and I had the replace the fuel sensor. Two days later the check engine light is back on and says it my spark plugs however, I also got new plugs and wires last week. On this morning, another check engin light and this time it's dealing with the oil pressure. GMC should be ashamed and no matter how often you complain they NEVER DO ANYTHING!!!!
  • I had no idea that these engines blew through oil, otherwise I would have been physically checking it!
    I bought my XUV used in July '11, and right off the bat the check engine light was coming on, and it was misfiring. It took several trips to GMG for them to figure out what the problem was, and they practically rebuilt the engine. I finally got it back around September. Then in July of this year, it started making a knocking noise, so I called my mechanic, and he told me to check the oil. It was almost bone dry!! I was only 2300 miles into my last oil change!! I put a couple of quarts in, and headed to my mechanic. The knocking was gone, but within a mile of the shop, my check engine light started blinking, and the panel flashed stop engine! I made it to my mechanics, but the damage had already been done. No warning, my pressure was always great! The engine had burned through all the oil.
    Lucky us, this "M" code aluminum engine was built this one year for this vehicle, and is nearly impossible to find used. It's going to cost $7000 to replace!! That's more than half of what we still owe on it!! GMC is no help, and the dealership that sold it to us won't help because we're passed the lemon law cut off!
    Now we're making payments on a vehicle that's just collecting dust!
  • Hello,

    I dont know if you are still looking for the problem but it is your front bearings and the line connected to it for the stability track.

  • I so wish I had found this site before buying my 2007 denali envoy, I was happy for about 3 months THEN the reduce power light came on then the truck shut off in traffic. took to my mechanic and he told me it was computer related something about the throttle codes and I had to go to dealership. first they said it was overloaded with codes so they cleared it and it ran fine ONLY 300, not even off the lot and it did it again. they currently state they don't know what's wrong. 5 days and waiting for the outrageous price.
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