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Mitsubishi Galant



  • I'm doing this because I love you Aunt in Philly is going car shopping for Good Friday weekend. There are four (4) Mitsu dealers within her area(she used to have a '99 Montero Sport). She also told me I'm NUTS about my comments on the Mitsu and has invited me down there. I'll see what all the hype is about...........
  • n6547tn6547t Posts: 7
    Regarding the 97 D that I had - Brakes were done at 15,000 miles at no cost and they needed work again at 27,000. the dealer where I bought the car would not stand behind the repair the second time. I went to another dealer and they said that they would replace the Rotors at no cost but I would have to buy the pads. I felt that this was fair as I did get use out of the pads. Brakes were starting to pulse again at 37,000 miles. Traded car for the 2000 D. The only other problem with the 97 was the automatic climate control. It never held the set temp and had to be fiddled with all the time. The car was just fine other than those two items. The 2000 was another animal in that the brakes held up well until about 38,000 miles at which time I replaced them with Wagner rotors and pads and used a torque wrench as suggested on the Diamante board. No brake problems up to 59,000 miles when I traded for a GTS. Climate control system on the 2000 was much worse than 97. It would not hold temperature and every so often would do odd things like turning the fan all the way up for about a minute and then back to were it should be. It would turn the fan up to high when first started on a cold morning - would not turn fan up to cool car on a hot day. I brought car to dealer but [non-permissible content removed] wouldn't do it for the service department and I was told that it must be OK. At about 7,000 miles the fan would not work at all - totally dead. They replaced a burned out resistor - not the problem - they replaced the control head - not the problem - they replaced the fan motor - fixed the problem -amazing. Three trips to dealer to fix. This dealer is no longer a Mutsu dealer and is concentrating Hondas. The anti lock traction control stopped working at about 51,000 miles and there was a strange order when first starting the car (like maple syrup). I believe this was small leak in the heater core as there is a bulletin relating to this. From the 97 to the 2000 they cheapened the car by removing the auto dim rearview mirror and the trip computer. By doing this Mitsu took themselves out of the class of automobile that they wanted to compete with. I was told by a service manager that if you had a good problem free car that it would stay that way for a long time. I have a friend that has a 2001 D and at 120,000 miles has changed tires twice, brakes once, timing belt and plugs once. Absolutely no other problems just standard maintenace. One complaint that I have regarding both D's and Galants is the lack of lighted door lock and window switches. My son just bought a new Chevrolet pick up truck and everything is lighted. Another friends Audi is to dye for in this regard.
     I have always liked a solid well controlled
    ride (I have had 7 Audis over the years but with two kids in college compromises must be made - they all will be done this year so maybe back to an Audi in a couple of years). I like the GTS very much so far. Lots of power, good handling, and better build quality than the D's. The D's were very quite and had a soft (Buick like) ride with sloppy handling. The GTS is not as quite do to tires and suspension that contribute to the handling. Wind noise is also higher. you mentioned wind noise in your car but I never found this to be an issue. I was always amazed that the noise level in the D did not increase very much from 60 mph to 90 mph. I did love that aspect of the D's. That said I don't find the increased noise of the GTS to be big deal. I always though that the last generation Accords were not the quit est cars. The GTS has a lot more personalty than my mothers new Camry or the D's. So far the GTS perfect and the automatic climate control works perfectly.
  • Can anybody tell who won this $25K Shopping Spree in NEW YORK as advertised by Mitsu Galant months before?? I'm just curious bec. I did a lot of entries in their website & maybe I'm one of the lucky winners - who knows???
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    For that contest, it was only one entry per individual, I believe. Any additional entries would have been discounted. Sometimes it pays to read the entry rules. On the other hand, Hyundai recently ran a contest that was one entry per person per day for the entire entry period.

  • ldbrickerldbricker Posts: 140
    on the Galant contest as well. I entered a few times and remember each time thinking I should be doing it every day. I have no clue who won though.
  • Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend. I know I'm a little late with the goodies but hey--I wanted to be fair and honest. Now here are the GOOD points about the '04 Galant: 1)Lots of room- I like the way you almost--I said ALMOST feel like gliding down a busy street with no worries.2) Mitsu decided to wake up as far as their basic bumper to bumper warranty is concerned, i.e. my '99 did not cover the AC.and 3)They finally got it right with the BRAKES! Lets be real people, how many of you '99, '00 owners had to change the brakes/replace the rotors at under 24,000 miles and then darn near every 6,000-10,000 miles after that!!! But with the good comes the bad--with the day comes the night--with Tyra Banks comes Whoppi Goldberg, and no subaru I don't have an agenda with Whoppi Goldberg but anyway-1)Mitsu needs to step up on the interior of ALL of their trims--stop with the imitation wood panels and garbage leather. If the GTS is going to be the big dog, then ya have to feed the big dog! 2)While at the dealership, and this is no lie, six (6) people had their cars in for warranty work and all six Galants had UNDER 6,500 miles. I don't think their JD Power and Associates initial quality score will improve soon. 3)Well this last one is more of a future bad point--let's see during the summer if Mitsu does or does not hit everyone with the usual $2,000-$4,000 rebates and incentives. If the Galant is doing what it's suppose to then Mitsu will not need the high rebates!!
  • gkearns56gkearns56 Posts: 49
    "I'm BAACKK". I couldn't have agreed with you more "noleasegalant". Personally I could careless about the small differences in HP. I mean, once you are in the range of 230, 240, 250 like all these mid-size class sedans are now "Varrrroooommm" (HP) is nearly identical then. It doesn't change the fact that sells are slow, their President was recently fired; they have poor resales value (which is critical if you ever decide to buy another new car); they have too much plastic on the interior of the car and it makes it look CHEAP; they have that ugly front grille; you have to step up to the GTS model to get some of the "nicer looks" (I know several autos you don't have to get top-of-the-line just to have the nice car). Consumer Reports gave them the thumbs up on HP but reliability was only average. With so many companies churning out beautiful and elegant products, this is another normal looking car from Mitsubishi. Like someone mentioned, they have no target audience while the other companies do. In the era when there are numerous opportunities to select from such a wide range of vehices, car companies must continue to not just meet the competitiors, but EXCEED them (even if it's something only small - why not give 48 months 60K mile warranty to entice people who may be nervous about the quality). With Toyota, Hoonda, Nissan, Mazda have some type of "audience" to market, Mitsu needs to deliver a product that exceeds that of this class, not just meet it. This car does nothing in terms of excitement or that last look to turn back around for me. I was a past 1989 Galant owner when the styling looked good.
  • ldbrickerldbricker Posts: 140
    OH, Wait! They already HAVE a 10/100 powertrain warranty! To borrow a phrase, this is not your father's Mitsubishi. Unfortunately, the reputation is going to take some time to catch up to where the product is now.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Where exactly is the product?

    Mitsu hasnt exactly hit a home run with the redesigned Galant. Its not selling well. Its not selling well because it is simply an alternative- with no distinct advantages- against Camry, Accord, Altima. Its not a better alternative.

    Perhaps Mitsus strongest contender, aside from the kick-[non-permissible content removed] EVO (which is a niche vehicle) is the Endeavor. But its not selling well.

    Ah, but the unimpressive Montero, Montero Sport, and Diamante are all still around.

  • carguy58carguy58 Posts: 2,303
    to go back to the mid to late 90's stuff. This company once styled beautiful cars like the 94 3000Gt(now that car was flat out beautiful), The 95 Eclipse was a looker and the 97 Diamante and 99 Galant were handsome looking cars.
    I;m not slamming Mitsu I'm just expressing my opinion. The EVO and Endeavor have style to them.

    Mitsu should be a company that builds nice looking cars(elegant looking)not sporty like Mazda and not bland and conservative like Toyota. They need to split that exterior styling difference between those 2 companies.

    Interiors in Mitsu;s have always been a weak point to me compared to the competition. The 93-98 Galant had an alright interior but Honda's and Toyota's interiors were still ahead of the ball game in the mid 90's.
  • dmt_myobdmt_myob Posts: 5
    From the May '04 edition:
    "The redesigned Mitsubishi Galant is a sound car but isn't much of an improvement over the previous generation. The four-cylinder engine delivers quick acceleration and decent fuel economy, but it is very noisy under acceleration. The stiff ride transmits impacts to the passengers, and the wide, 43-foot turning circle hampers maneuverability.

    The quality of the interior materials and rear-seat room aren't on par with that of competitors such as the Mazda6. Overall, this is a middle-of-the-pack sedan".
  • cracoviancracovian Posts: 337
    ...finally figured out that to sell a family-oriented sedan they should advertise to the families! I saw the new commercial yesterday and it looked fine - no GTS speeding on the highway this time.
  • Can anybody tell who won their $25K shopping spree in NewYork last March'04?????
  • I just bought an '03 Galant ES S&S pkg- used with 12k miles on it. I bought it for $9950! I know the resale is bad, but to whomoever paid the sticker price, I want to say: THANK YOU for paying for the new car smell!

    I like it a lot. It rides nicely and it is quiet. For my money, it's a LOT of car.

    I was looking at the following cars because I was trying to stay under $12,000.

    99-01 Honda Accord
    02-03 Chevy Malibu
    00-01 Toyota Camry
    02 Honda Civic

    Basically, I happened upon the Galant and drove it for a few hours. I was impressed! The ride was great, standard power options...For my money, I would be getting a much newer car still under most of the factory warranty and I was getting a car that no one on my block has (They all have Toyota, Honda or Malibu!)

    The Galant has bad resale value - so don't buy it new! The money I saved now more than makes up for the low price I will get when I decide to sell it. Also, the inside is a bit uninspired looking - no doo-dads and pockets and stuff, but overall, I would rather not have those doo-hickeys than buy an Accord with all those fancy shmancy objects, 25k more miles, 2 years older and $2,000 more money!

    Mitsubishi is a reliable company. It's not at the very top, but certainly it is better than most domestic companies. I am happy with my decision. I just don't know why so many people detest Mitsubishi.
  • That is an excellent point good fella. Let the sucker who paid MSRP or more eat the depreciation for the 1st year!!
  • cracoviancracovian Posts: 337 one pays the MSRP for the Galant anyway (well, with a notable exception of a couple of guys here.) New 2003 I4s used to sell for about 10K-12K.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Lancers might have sold for that cheap new, but not the Galant. Lowest price I ever saw was around 15k for a new 03 DE model.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Good news for 04 Galant owners. JDPowers released their initial quality study and the 04 Galant was tied for third place with the Toyota Avalon in the premium midsize segment, behind the Century and the Monte Carlo. Sounds like at least initially, the new Galant is beating its competitors in build quality.

    The most interesting thing about the study is the huge showing by Korean companies, particularly Hyundai. As a corporate entity, Hyundai is tied with Honda in 2nd place for initital quality, right behind Toyota. And people thought it would take many many years before Hyundai could match Honda/Toyota. Mitsubishi was below average, but was rated higher then Saturn, Saab, VW, Mazda, and Nissan. Here is the link:
  • anonymouspostsanonymousposts Posts: 4,202
    With no new models to speak of and no real technology in their cars one would expect Hyundai to have a stronger showing than they have in the past.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Most people just refuse to believe Hyundai builds a good car. Some are willing to accept that they have improved, but not as quickly and as much as they have. This study proves it's time for perceptions to change. How can you say their cars have no real technology?? They have variable valve timing, adaptable auto trannys, and sensors that turn airbags off, not to mention all the other technology involved with fuel injection and emissions. But anyway, back to the topic at hand, Mitsubishi.
  • anonymouspostsanonymousposts Posts: 4,202
    I did not say that they aren't building good cars. My point is that what they are building are cars that they have been building for a couple of years with no significant changes.

    As for the technnology ... compared to some cars in the class the Sonata isn't feature-laden. You now have cars with navigation systems, satellite radio, dual-zone climate, electronic brake distribution, LED gauges, etc. Another example is that the Sonata V6 still uses a cast iron block. Most modern V6 engines use all aluminum.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    this isn't the right place to be debating Hyundais. Feel free to try any of the search features on the left side of the page to continue.

  • That is good news to hear about the Mitsu's JD power survey. Even though it was below average, beating out Nissan is a good place to start. They are one of Mitsu's main competitors and they should boast about that a little. When I was down in Philly at one the Mitsu dealers the owners for the most part agreed that Mitsu is on the right track--they just need to build up peoples confidence in their cars. They need the Galant to do for them what the Accord and Camry do for Honda and Toyota. They need the Galant to be somebody's first choice--not second or third which is the case most of the time.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Mitsubishi Motors may have done alright in this JDP IQS, but in terms of Long Term Dependability, as measured by both JDP and Consumer Reports, Mitsu still lags. I personally dont agree with JDP, because I have found that CR more accurately tracks the ownership experiences of friends and faimly, and that problems encountered in the first 90 days are not necessarily a predictor of the next 5-10 years.

    That said, according to the press reception as well as the current sales pace of the Galant, its going to be at least until the NEXT Galant that it performs for Mitsu as the Camry and Accord do for Toyota and Honda. That is of course, if Mitsu Motors can stay afloat in this country that long. Why should consumers be confident in Mitsu's products? The Lancer (save the rad EVO) is competent but uninspired and lacking in competitive advantage (ie... a dud), the Montero, Montero Sport, Diamante.. all date back to the mid 90s, and the Outlander isnt as good as Forester, CRV, RAV, Escape. Someone on another thread here at pointed out that the Galant is a "Good" car. I concur. But this is 2004, and merely "Good" isnt enough.

    IMO, the only mass produced Mitsu truly worth a look is the well conceived but somewhat oddly executed Endeavor.

  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    There seems to be an overabundance of the above on a lot of used car lots. I am thinking about picking one up. It's pretty easy to find them with low miles. Flooding the market with these is probably helping to keep Mitsu afloat right now. What's everyone's thoughts? Reliability, comfort, etc?
  • Correct on all points sir. I was a little disappointed that Mitsu decided to drop the Montero Sport from their lineup. I thought it had some purpose.
  • If you are in the market for an '02 or '03 try to find one with a V6 engine. They are the way to go......
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Nothing wrong with iron block engines. They are much more durable then an all aluminum design, especially to high heat. All of Mitsu's engines use iron blocks. That being said, the Sonata V6 is an all aluminum engine. I should know, since my Tiburon has the same engine. The XG350 is the one with the iron block. What you have to realize is those feature laden cars you speak of compete in a much higher price bracket then even the top of the line Sonata.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Why isn't the Outlander as good as the other small utes? In its first year, it was on the slow side, but competitive everywhere else. The 04 model fixed that with an engine just as powerful as the CRV. It's roomy, comfortable, quiet, and the interior is much classier then the CRV, RAV4, and particularly the Escape. I personally think the Outlander has one of the best packages in the small ute class.

    As for the Lancer, the new Ralliart model is more then competitive in its class. For a list price of 18k (buy it for much cheaper), it blows away the Civic and Corolla in performance and has more refinement and room then the Sentra 2.5.
  • I just bought a low mileage '03. They are all over the lots which is good because you can really shpop around. I drove 5 before I got the deal I wanted. They all felt the same. THey are good cars! For the money, you get A LOT of car. You can pick an '03 up for about $10k with less than 15k miles! THe ride is great! power everything, keyless entry, good sound, very quiet on the road and great in high wind. Nice colors - plus not everyone has one! Of course, the ones on the lots are the ES. You can get a power sunroof installed for about $600. Just a great deal if you ask me! I am very happy with my galant!

    If you aren't all gung-ho on doohickeys, bells and whistles, then the galant is perfect! It's still a SWEET car without all the pockets and stuff, but it is a tremendous deal! Comparable to teh galant is an '02 accord, chevy malibu and camry. The Camry and Accord are at least $3k more expensive and you'd get a higher mileage vehicle.
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