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Mitsubishi Galant



  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    An '03 LS Galant is worth $11,130.00 (trade -in)per w/10,000 miles on it. Even Daewoos values initially dropped then rose again after the bankruptcy was announced. And Mitsubishi isn't going anywhere any time soon!
  • Mitsu should be pushing the Eclipse more and they SHOULD NOT discontinue the Montero Sport. I feel that the "great minds" over there are missing the boat BIG TIME on these models. BTW Chuck1, how is YOUR Galant holding up????????
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    I may have mentioned it was an ex-rental out of Las Vegas. I got it home and noticed the "foot rest" for the left foot was missing. Also, after two weeks and 1,000 miles (remember I am in sales and do ALOT of driving)the rear tire starting humming and I noticed it was "cupped" on the inside. A careful inspection of the rear suspension noted no-problems. It was a bad job of rotation and rebalance by Hertz. So the dealer replaced the footrest and purchased a new Bridgestone tire. All problems fixed under warranty. And I may note that the dealer from a technical standpoint did not have to replace the tire. I am on the road again and will keep you updated!
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    And why should they not discontinue the Montero Sport? This truck has been around too long as it is. It's way outdated and the Endeavor has effectively replaced it. There is no need for 2 midsize SUVs, especially when Mitsu needs to concentrate on saving money. Mitsu is about to redesign the Eclipse so you should see them putting some new interest in this car.

    Again, I must say your obnoxious tone is not needed in this forum. Maybe those 04's you saw at the dealer were waiting for an oil change or tire rotation. You can't infer they are their for major problems.
  • Please go back and read my postings before labeling them "obnoxious". The people at the dealership DID HAVE THEIR CARS IN FOR WARRANTY WORK BECAUSE I ASKED THEM..... I would not post or write anything that was not true. You guys are taking this stuff so serious it's scary. My experience with Mistu was not a good one; yours has been and God bless ya. But I will continue to tell it like it until EDMUNDS tells me otherwise.....................
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Well, we are here to share our experiences, thoughts and opinions about cars - not each other. Let's not turn this into a debate about personalities.

    And let's also try to stick to the Galant since that is indeed the topic here...
  • portknoxxaportknoxxa Posts: 69
    Obviously when your at a car dealer you are looking at all the cars they have out of curiosity. The Montero Sport is a nice little truck that all it needed was an overhaul or just to be freshened up a little. The interior was very bland and outdated almost early 90's. The exterior did not look that bad (this was an '04 or '03). But you have the Outlander and the Endeavor, and they seemed to knock the 'Sport out. The Outlander definitely caught my attention, but the only draw back was the lack of a V6 which i had to have. It would have been a little more practical for me because of the utility, but I had 99.9% made up my mind that the GTS was all me. I'm not a huge SUV/SAV fan, I prefer family-midsize sedans that have good performance. P.S. the Endeavor is a solid SUV. It seems that consumers want car based SUV's. If I'm not mistaken the Montero Sport is all truck and does not get it's platform from a car? So the Montero Sport should go. Hey nolease 1st Roy Jones get knocked out and you and I agree on something, what in the hell is going on??
  • Kudos to you sir. I will be the 1st to admit I forgot all about the Endeavor; it was my Aunt's second choice if she did not get the Montero she wanted. The Endeavor is very practical and Mitsu seemed to get this one right..........
  • budmantombudmantom Posts: 33
    This one is loaded with leather and sunroof and only 28k miles and at $11K the price seems right.

    My question is has Mitsubishi resolved the smoking problem and are there any nagging problems with this model?


  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    To my knowledge, there is no smoking problem with this V6. Mitsu had weak valve guide seals on the 3.0 SOHC 12 valve motor, but the 3.0 SOHC 24 valve engine has a new head design that eliminated the problem. The only thing I would look out for is warped front rotors. The 99 models seemed to have more problems with this. Otherwise, it should be a reliable long lasting car.
  • budmantombudmantom Posts: 33
    Thanks for your help.

  • fushigifushigi Chicago suburbsPosts: 1,374
    Tom, my 99 LS has 88K miles and has had very few issues. You can scan this thread for my posts to see my history.

    I still love it and plan on keeping it for a few more years.
    2017 Infiniti QX60 (me), 2012 Hyundai Elantra (wife)
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    From the car connection.....
    "Mitsubishi finally found it's white knight... but the price for saving the money-losing Japanese automaker is step, as the 11,000 of the company's employees will lose their job in the impending restructuring......"one of the company's top executives described the bail out as the "last chance" by the company, which is mired in more than $9 billion in debt, after it posted its second largest loss on record during the fiscal year that ended March 31st.....
    "This is the last chance for Mitsubishi Motors to survive as an automaker," said Yoichiro Okazaki, the carmakers chairman and Chief executive officier at a press conference in Tokyo. "This will be the last funding for Mitsubishi Motors from the Mitsubishi group," Kazuo Tsukuda, president of Mitsubishi Heavy, (equipment) told shareholders at a press conference after the car makers revival plan was presented. The Mitsubishi group, one of Japan's largest and oldest business networks which includes companies in a wide variety of sectors, put up roughly three-quarters of the more than $4 billion needed to help Mitsubishi Motors restructure."

    I personally hope that they take the actions needed to save the company. A redesign of the exterior of the new Galant is needed imediately. The Eclipse needs to be redone as well. And how about a crossover vehicle???
  • hwahwahwahwa Posts: 25
    Okay,over the weekend i took my 1997 gallant es for tuneup and they made me wait 5 hours.
    My gallant is maroon color,69k miles and dirty inside and blemishes outside,but mind you,it runs well with 4 new tires,strong airconditioning,also i bot it from the dealer/
    I saw a 2003 floor model blue es sitting in the lot and here is their offer-
    14812 with trade in (they said they are giving me 2k for my car),14812 is the grandtotal including taz,license and 4k rebates.
    Now is this an insult or what??
    soon 2005 models will be in the showroom??
    let me hear from you guys!
    I counter offered 8k,they called me back and said their new number is close.
    i have not called back yet,i am in no hurry.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    In Southern California I just purchased the above vehicle with 16,900 miles on it for $10,400.00 plus fees. You would be wise to check out Edmunds True Value. If the car is BRAND NEW the price you offered is too low. Good luck!
  • hwahwahwahwa Posts: 25
    i made my 8k offer based on the works i did on
    I input the car as a used model with 500 miles,clean condition(as it is 18 months old sitting on the lot and being test driven).the system spits out the following-
    dealer retail price -11,709
    adjusted for region and color 732,tax and license 176,rebate 4000,so the net is 8617.
    take tradin of 2k,now the net is 6617.
    okay,opinion may differ,but this is not a new new car anymore.
    See i would like to know how do you appraise floor model which is past year model and driven around by customers and sitting on an open lot>>
    (the color is blue,i am in houston)
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    In order to get rebates, the car has to be new and never titled. This sounds like the case, so you can't consider the car a used car just because it has 500 test drive miles on it and has sat on the lot so long. I do believe their initial offer is too high unless you still owe money on the 97 Galant. Your counter offer is way too low. $12.5-13k would probably be a fair price for this car.
  • hwahwahwahwa Posts: 25
    thanks,i will call the salesman and hear what the new offer is.
    true,the 2003 floor model is never titled and is new,not used.
    But i got the numbers from car pricing and it spitted out the 4k rebates,so edmunds seems to know this car with low mileage and clean deserves a rebate of 4k.
  • hwahwahwahwa Posts: 25
    i just talked to the salesman,last call,he said,the final price is 14812(includes tradein,rebates and tax and license).
    just thought you guys want to know.
    Mileage on that car is under 1000 miles
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    I don't know what state your in, but if you deduct 10% (fees) from the above price-that leaves $13,330.80. That's for a brand new car! However, it sounds like the dealer you are talking with, isn't motivated. So, you can always wait to the end of the month to see if you can get it cheaper. Of course, you risk someone else buying it. I don't see how you could get this car for under 12K! But keep us informed!
  • hwahwahwahwa Posts: 25
    the day i looked at the car,it was actually sold 1/2 hour to a couple who never come back to do the paperwork.
    so it is possible they came back and completed the deal.
    anyway ,the salesman lowered the price to 14000 round number.
    what i dont understand is that when i plug all that data into used car pricing,it said 11709 base and then it knows there is a 4k edmund is pricing it as a new car with rebate.
    I think edmunds is right,you cannot call a 2003 car a new car.
    They have another one -2003 floor model but it is an LS and is black,anyone in houston??go take a look,they want more money,4k rebate apply to that one too.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    that the term "new" describes not the model year of the car, but the vehicle usage. If ownership has never passed from the dealer to a loan-issuing body, or a consumer (whether it be end user, rental agency, a dealership as a demo vehicle), and theres less than a specified amount of miles, I'm pretty sure it can be called a "new" vehicle. MY doesnt matter. A 2003 MY car thats been sitting in dealer inventory without having the plastic off its seats is most certainly a new vehicle.

  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    If the dealer doesn't want to take your offer, it's doesn't matter if it's new, used, poka dot, it doesn't matter. If you want a different Galant, ther are literally TONS OF THEM on the used car market. These are former rental cars. This is what I purchased. So here are your options:
    1)Wait out the "new '03" until later in the month
    2) Buy a slightly used one
    3) Keep what you have
    Let us know what you decide.
    Please remember, Edmunds, Kelley Blue Book, NADA used car guides are all just that -guides.
    If the dealer purchased this car new-he in all likelihood has more in it than your offer. Here in Southern California they are "asking" 13K for '03 former rentals. You have to be crazy to pay that-but this is what they "ask".
  • hwahwahwahwa Posts: 25
    i am still confused?
    if 14k is the best dealer can do with tradein of 2k and rebate of 4k on a 2003 floor model,how many people want a 2003 model if they can spring 14k??
    why not go for 2004,soon 2005 models will arrive and those 2004 models will have rebates too??
    dont forget the minute you drive the new car off the dealer lot,it lost some of its value.
    if i bot the car now,in 5 months,2005 model will arrive and people will look at my car as an 2 years old used car even though i may not have more than 1000 miles .
    i have always been under the impression mitsubishi car prices are better than hyundai prices,but they are not firm.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    The previous generation Galant sold much better than the current new, redesign. I have read in the current issue of Motor Trend that the new Galant sales are off like 56% or so. The lowest I have seen '04 advertised for in So. Cal is $14,995.00 (inc. loyalty, factory rebate, etc.) for the "DE" model. So there you go-personally, I would rather have an '03 for slightly less than the UGLY '04. That dealer is hoping they can sell that "new" '03 to somebody who feels the same way I do! The used '03 models are selling well. I am sure that the price one can buy it for has something to do with it!!
  • hwahwahwahwa Posts: 25
    this is the first time i hear someone prefer an '03 over an '04 gallant.
    i think sales has dropped is due to -less advertising,remember the '000 ' program they blasted us with.
    due to too many repossesssed mitsubishi flooding the used car market due to past '000' program.
    the bad publicity surrounding mitsubishi company.
    and i suspect some mitsu owners have moved on to honda or toyota.
    I for one,will be considering a Honda once this old '97 gallant of mine conks out.
    Dealers are crooks,the one i dealt with lie and lie,he thinks it is funny but it is not.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    I would take the DESIGN of the '03 over the exterior of the '04. I am sorry, but I think the '04 is one ugly car. My ideal car....put the '03 body on the '04 chassis...what a car!!!
  • hwahwahwahwa Posts: 25
    wonder what mitsubishi owners buy when they decide to switch??
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    So you don't want to buy a Mitsu now because one dealer wouldn't give you a great deal on a leftover 03 model? Try another dealer if you like the car. I wouldn't switch companies just because of a bad dealer.
  • hwahwahwahwa Posts: 25
    i dont really need a new car right now,my 97 gallant just got tuned.
    But when the price gets up there in the 18k plus range,one cannot help but look at other company models!!
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