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Mitsubishi Galant



  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    I've seen Mitsubishi cars with 200K + miles on original motor/tranny,. also depends on previous care..some people take care of there cars and some don't. and this usually shows..generally speaking a Mitsu engines are just as solid as other Japnese brands,,jut make sure it was decently cared for..Sean
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    Mitsubishi's sales in December were the strongest since August, the Galant in particular sold twice as much as compared to a month ago (NOV).
  • Just like to ask you guys driving this model '02 Mitsu ES Galant 4 cyl. Is it okay to change the tire size from 195/65R15 to 195/60R15??? Will it affect the driving condition aside from the looks??
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Your speedometer's accuracy will be affected by changing to that size. If you want to change tire sizes without affecting the speedometer while increasing performance slightly, I would suggest going with 205/60R-15.
  • eddy3eddy3 Posts: 4
    Hi, all, Is there a coolant drainage valve on galant 2000?
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    If you mean an actual valve that you can open and close, then the answer is no. There are coolant drain holes, one at the bottom of the radiator and one somewhere on the engine block. These involve removing a bolt.
  • Well my Accord is ready so I will be returning the Galant to the rental company today. My final thoughts are that it is a good car ruined by so-so interior and a noisy engine.


    I liked the stereo, the ride, and even the styling started to grow on me. The car seemed well-constructed as there were no squeaks or rattles even at 31,700 miles. Power was good at low RPM and the transmission was smooth and very rarely had to kick down to make it up a hill.


    My dislikes are mostly centered around the interior. The blue dash lights are pretty but the effect is ruined by the contrasting shades of green and blue/green used on the center dash lights and the radio display. The bright orange "Passenger Airbag Off" light was extremely annoying. There seemed to be too many different shapes and textures and the steering wheel looks too much like a 04 Malibu's.


    In the end, I think it is a great rental but not a car I would walk into a dealer ready to pay $16,000-$25,000 for brand new. A used one at around $10,000 with low miles wouldn't be bad but it still wouldn't be my first choice for that amount of money. I also think the 99-03 Galant was more appealing, for my taste at least.


    However, it was a decent enough ride that I would at least test drive the proposed GTS with 18" wheels and the V6/6-speed manual combo.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    You should know that some Galants do have a more coherent dash illumination scheme. The ES and LS with Infinity sound system and the GTS have the ice blue color for the whole dash. That should help one of your complaints. And it is a very valid complaint. I'm not sure why Mitsu likes to mix different lighting in the interior. The Galant has the smallest problem since at least the blue is mixed with a shade of blue/green. The Outlander XLS/Limited and Lancer OZ/Ralliart/Evolution have red gauges but pale blue center console lighting. Its quite a contrast and very annoying. Those airbag off lights that are popping up on the newer cars are just plain annoying in general. I think they should only light up when the seatbelt is buckled but the person is too light, and even then, it should only turn on for a few minutes after starting the car.


    I gotta say though, I love the Mivec four banger. It's so smooth and spunky. I also think its reasonably quiet. The only noise thats noticeable in my Lancer Sportback Ralliart is from the sport exhaust. The Galant should be even quieter since it doesn't have this exhaust.
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    4cyl is actually pretty spunky in my Galant, as far as noise its nothing special in todays standards, infact today it was like spring weather and I noticed everything about my Galant seemed smoother and quieter, not that it was bad in freezing weather, but It seems way more confident and better handeling in slightly warmer weather...Most, if not all cars are probably like this, as my Galant takes forever to reach normal temp when cold out, so im sure that was part of it, most of the time by the time im at my destination in freezing weather its still only 1/4 operating temp,,,Better than my ford that overheated at 10degrees outside!!

           I think the Galant is a Hidden gem,I can say after 20K miles, it is still a much more sporty style, excellent body lines, than the typical <$20,000 sedan. One concern is I was reading a car mag on long term Galant, in which they recevied a service bulletin for engine control module? im wondering if mine is included, It had something to do with the 2.4L Mivec..sounded like a simple part swap? in 20k i Have never had a Check engine light..I agree ,the Airbag Off light gets annoying, with no passenger. The other day I noticed that just because enough weight is detected in the passenger seat will not turn the light off, but it is sensing somebody is there because the passenger seat belt light and the airbag light both illuminate..apparently the seats have sensors on the tracks as well as weight sensors to adjust the deployment accordingly to weight and seat position.. when you think about it, if you are the only one in the car and airbag(s) deploy the passenger airbag will be spared..saving insurance some money? and un needed damage to the passenger side Dash area...good thinkin just get the word out on your Good products!!Sean
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    My Galant ES hit 20K miles recently, Not a rattle or sqeak, no mechanical issues, allignment is perfect and on center, very tight suspension and steering, Feels most at home doing the interstate 75mph+. engine almost feels like it breathes some extras life at higher speeds, never feels underpowered for a 4 Can, doors and trunklid still have a very solid feel opening and closing with a quality sound, (better than my friends '04 Accord EX), he also stated he wished his accord looked as good as my Galant from the B pillar to the rear,

       My only complaints are better seat fabric, headrest fabric looks kind of cheap, but structuraly they are good.

          I like the fact that the doors on Es anyway do not have fabric while the black on top looks good, and the steering wheel is so funky you love it or hate it..a simple chrome emblem on it would look much better( nissan does a good job). I think the Galant deffinetly blows the Camry away in driving and style, and to a lesser degree the Accord, No reflection on Mitsu, but (iffy-Lube) decided to leave my AT dipstick sitting in the engine compartment at about 15,000 miles thru Snow, rain, and in a very dusty area, it still looks clean but me and my friend can change it, if anybody can give me a definite At fluid i can use,,,I's like to use synthetic as I understand ATF+3 is synthetic, and what kind of fluid is good for 2004 mitsus. Seemed like there was water in the dipstick area as when i re inserted the dipstick and pulled it out there was a few drops of water that beaded. (oil and water look) Any ideas..thanks Sean
  • 1racefan1racefan Posts: 932
    Have your Mitsu dealer replace that fluid - it is a special type of transmission fluid. I forget the specific name of the fluid type, but you can call the service department at your dealer and ask.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I would definitely have a Mitsu dealer flush the fluid, not change it yourself. Reason being that with an automatic, you can only drain whats in the oil pan without a special machine. This fluid only accounts for about 4 quarts of the 12 or so capacity. Since it sounds like water has contaminated the fluid, I would have the whole tranny flushed to completely get rid of all the bad fluid. Otherwise, you risk early failure. I definitely would not tell the dealer the real reason why you want it flushed as that could void the powertrain warranty on the tranny.


    For future reference though, Mitsu only recommends that you use ATF3 fluid (available only at your Mitsu, Hyundai, or Kia dealer). Do not use Dextron or any other automatic fluid as they can ruin your tranny and void your warranty.
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    Was thinking and I owe more on my 04 Galant than an insurance settlement would give me if totaled I think, I'm begining to think that even a small savings at initial purchase it may cost more to own and/or finance a Newer Mitsubishi, my insurance is $90 a month, 27yo with no insurance claims. or pionts against me other than my so-so credit. I can see body parts for new mitsus being higher than average also, while I doubt mitsu would leave NA market, the initial small savings when I bought it seem to be leveled out already, But I have put 20K miles on it since Nov '03, I hope insurance rates on Mitsus maintain and do not go up, alot of ins. rating has to do with actual cash value, so that may help but replacement parts are high on mitsu, and resale and value is lower so maybe it soon levels out. I put 4,000 down on my Gal ES. and by now its probably worth less than I owe....I'm looking into Gap insurance just in case...Thsi is not uncommon, but My interest rate is rather high on my Mitsu loan so thats a big part of it.

         ATF fluid is the same fluid chrysler book says Diamond ATF SPIII, which is supposedly the same as ATF+3 you buy at autozone, there is a drain plug on the auto tranny in my galant, but as stated above would only drain 1/4-1/3 of the fluid and has no filter I beleive, but in the future i will probaby have the fluid drained and replaced every other oil change..considering it easy as changing the oil w/o the filter...I'll take care of my 3,000 + transmission with $20 of fluid every 10K miles or so...Sean
  • "Those airbag off lights that are popping up on the newer cars are just plain annoying in general. I think they should only light up when the seatbelt is buckled but the person is too light, and even then, it should only turn on for a few minutes after starting the car"


    I much prefer my Accord's setup in this regard. The light does not come on unless you have a passenger in the seat below the weight limit or if the passenger moves to a position where they would be injured by air bag deployment. The Galant's stayed on until someone sat in the seat. It was the most annoying thing in the world while driving home at night.


    The engine was fairly smooth. But it was also fairly noisy IMO.


    It's a bit unfair for me to compare my rental ES Galant with my EX-L Accord but to me the Accord just feels like it's a notch above the Galant in most respects. It's just a more well-rounded car. I don't think stepping up to a LS Galant or down to a LX Accord would change my opinion on this. That said, the Galant is a nice car if it's what you want.
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    The accord may be more refined, but I was turned off by the body style, way to frumpy looking, good front end though, My best friend recently bought An Acoord EX, and my ES Galant gets more compliments on styling than his same year accord. IMO the Accord went way down in styling in '03. A excellent Motor with little personality, better than the TaurusBuick wanna be Camry though. Pro's and Con's in every segment..Sean
  • Styling is a personal preference. I love the looks of my Redondo Red EX-L Accord with factory fog lights, rear spoiler, splash guards, and Honda front underbody spoiler. And, the interior in the Accord makes up for any rear-end frumpiness IMO.


    The Galants looks did grow on me over the week I drove it though.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    You should actually be happy you have a Mitsubishi. I have found, at least with my insurance company, that Mitsubishis in general are extremely cheap to insure. Much cheaper then comparable Hondas/Toyotas/Hyundais. I'm not sure how they compare to the American cars. I'm paying less then $800/yr for 25/50/25 full coverage with a $500 deductible on my 04 Lancer and I'm only 25. My 03 Diamante is costing me exactly $800/yr. I use Progressive. They also offer gap coverage that only costs $1/mo that you can cancel at any time, which would be perfect for you since you are worried about owing too much on your car. You might want to look into this. Gap for my Lancer only cost $199 through my credit union, which was minor compared to the money I saved buying a Mitsu over other Japanese cars. So even with the bad resale, I still feel like I got a good value. I just can't trade it in in the next 3 years.


    As for the ATF3 available at discount stores, I would be careful with that. The manual is very specific about only using Diamond ATF SPIII. If the tranny fails for whatever reason and it's discovered you didn't use their fluid, they can deny a warranty claim. This was told to me by a good friend who was a master tech at a Mitsu dealer. With the new longer warranty, I would think they are even tighter about this policy. I personally will be playing it very careful and only using the specified fluid.
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    Is supposedly based on the Actual cash value that the ins company would have to pay out in a total loss, which for Mitsu's should be somewhat less than Accord and such, But I think the Mitsu replacement collision parts are higher prompting them to charge more for coll&comp, I have nothing to compare to as companies vary widely, My ins company (Farmers) says that it uses a 2,000 replacement cost incriment to adjust rates, Ins drives me crazy thats probably why I have used the same company for so long, my x wrangler I sadly had to give up :(, was higher to insure but it was a wrangler soft top 4wd , and wranglers hold there value extremely well,

          Ingtong- I do not have the long warranty because i bought mine before they started it, I did ask the dealer about a tranny fluid drain and/or flush, and he seemed suspicious on why I wanted it changed, I just told him that Its been good for 20K miles, and I want it to last a long time + a long road trip planned, he said it would have no bearing on my warranty, it's just like changing your oil every 2K instead of 4K. Preventitive maint, I hate the fact of dirty fluids running thru my motor/tranny especially in below freezing weather. Anyone know anything on the engine control module upgrade? on the Mivec engine? thanks, later Sean
  • I am with Progressive as well and we pay $1000 every 6 months for full coverage/$500 ded/uninsured motorist coverage on our 4 cars.
  • eddy3eddy3 Posts: 4
    I want to replace the timing belt on my galant ES. The Mits dealer at SC asked for 475$. Is this a good price?

    Is it good to do the job at Gemini or firestone?
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    That price sounds very reasonable. I would caution you against getting it done at Firestone or other chain stores like it. I've heard horror stories from people who had the timing belt done there and because they didn't reinstall the belt that drives the counterrotating balance shafts correctly, the engine shook bad. They claimed it was nothing they did wrong and it took a Mitsu dealer to redo the job to fix the problem. If the pulleys aren't lined up just right, the balance shafts will be out of wack and cause all sorts of vibration. Most chain stores aren't familiar enough with Mitsus to know this and do it wrong.


    If you feel the price is too high, find a mechanic that specializes in Mitsus so the job will be done right. But still, I feel the price you were quoted is very reasonable and worth going to a dealer who knows their product.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I forget, did you buy your 04 Galant used? The new warranty was supposed to be valid on all new 04 models, regardless of when they were sold. If the 04 model was bought used, the warranty should be 5yr/60k for everything. 03 models got a 7 year/100k powertrain warranty but no change to the 3yr/36k bumper to bumper warranty.
  • vivonavivona Posts: 410
    Some of the 1999 Galants came with a Mitsubishi AM/FM/Cassette radio with a separate Mitsubishi single-disk CD player that mounted under the radio. The radio had the controls for the CD player. I want to buy one of those used 1999 Mitsubishi CD players (from eBay) but I need to know if that unit will play CD-R's.


    If you have a 1999 with the factory supplied separate single-disk CD player under the AM/FM/Cassette radio, please let me know if it will play CD-R's.


    I know the later model Mitsubishi radios that have the CD player included within the radio itself will play CD-R's. I just need to know about the separate 1999 single-disk CD player.




    Mr. Vivona
  • fushigifushigi Chicago suburbsPosts: 1,374
    Mr. Vivona -


    The one in my 99 Galant LS does just fine with CD-R media. It's the Mitsu/Infinity 210 watt AM/FM/Cassette with separate in-dash single-CD player, CD controls on the stereo head unit (only an Eject button on the CD unit). I believe those controls can also run a CD changer, but I don't have one.


    The CD unit does not do MP3s, though, if that's important to you.


    Nearly 6 years old and the stereo's performance has been flawless. Easily the best OEM car stereo I've ever had.
    2017 Infiniti QX60 (me), 2012 Hyundai Elantra (wife)
  • does anyone know how to ground the 02-03 Galant so that you can put the car into remote programming mode?
  • I am being offered $13300 for a new 2004 LS after rebates (EduEdge/$500, Mitsu/$2500). Is this a good deal for base LS model??
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Is $13300 a fair price?? My God, that's an outstanding price for a brand new Galant V6! Buy it now and laugh all the way to the bank! You can't even buy a Honda Civic LX for that price, let alone a Honda Accord. Your basically getting a full size family sedan for the price of a basic economy car. I'm floored you were offered this for the V6 model because it's about $4k below invoice. I would definitely say buy it and enjoy a nice car for an awesome price. The price is so low that Mitsubishi's lower resale should have no effect on you. And with the long warranty, you can't beat that deal!
  • Sorry, I had the incorrect model in my original post. It is an ES (V4) not an LS. Is it still a good price?
  • fellyfelly Posts: 16
    I have a 2001 Galant and just got out of warranty. I'm considering buying an extended warranty, but would like to know your opinion if it's worthy! The car has been problem free except the normal 'wear and tear' and a few bugs that have been fixed by the dealership!
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    That is still an excellent deal on the ES model. Invoice for the 04 ES model was right about $18k. So you are still getting the car for about $2k under invoice. At that price, the Galant becomes a great car. You won't be able to find another new car of that size for that price.
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