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Mitsubishi Galant



  • lgary1978lgary1978 Posts: 1
    You need to get the serial numebr off the radio which means removing it then call the mitsubishi dealership in burbank california they will give you the radio code u need
  • adityaaditya Posts: 8
    ok lgary. thanks for the update.
  • buzzabuzza Posts: 2
    Hello! I have been reading old messages here- you guys are very knowledgeable! I'm hoping someone can help me. I am thinking about selling my 2001 Galant GTZ, but am finding a wide variance in the values through various sources. Anyone care to take a guess?

    2001 Galant GTZ
    Dover White Pearl/Gray leather interior
    52,400 miles
    with 4 brand new tires - B F Goodrich Traction TA

    Options added:
    6 disc in-dash CD player
    Wind deflector for sunroof
    Wheel locks

    This car is in great condition and has been well maintained (although I'm not sure I can locate ALL the records). It runs great and I've had no problems with it.

    Thanks for any input,

    Buzz A
  • stuckeystuckey Posts: 12
    maybe $6,500 to $7,000 on a trade.
  • usaysousayso Posts: 25
    Hi b........,

    Kelly Blue Book has a trade-in value of $9,390 if it were here in Oregon.;339320;OR029&97520;+t&39;Mitsubishi;2001%20Ga- - - lant&5;MI;E9&&&

    NADA likes you even more with a value of $10,150! - - =2032

    So think between $9,500 and $10,000.....
    BUT because the 2005's are being blown out now you may get an even lower number depending on how your local dealers feel about whether they need to send your car to auction. If I were you I'd check for similar sales in the newspaper (large city) of sedans like yours other GTZ's or LS's or Camry's and Accord's and price yours accordingly for a quick sale rather lose folks interest because your price is too dear. Also shop your car at the local Mitsu dealer for his cash price on the car, no trade in. I got Kelly BB pricing for my '00 Eclipse here at my Mitsu dealer in January. Good Luck and...

    Happy Motoring!
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi buzza - you can also stop by our Real-World Trade-In Values discussion and ask our very helpful dealer friend Terry - rroyce10 - for his opinion. You'll need to provide all the information that is itemized above the post box in your message.

    Let us know how it goes!
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    "Kelly Blue Book has a trade-in value of $9,390 if it were here in Oregon."

    Here is Southern California most dealers will start negotiations $2,000.00 back of book. You will never get Kelly Blue Book for most cars. Some don't even use that one for the guide, some use the NADA black book.

    Let's not forget, that you run a REAL POSSIBILITY of Mitsubishi not even being around in the next five to ten years.....
  • adityaaditya Posts: 8
    Hi Guys!
    I bought my 2000 Galant car from a private seller about 3 weeks and, and I was not really sure when the oil was last changed.

    My Service Engine Soon indicator light turned on last night.

    I went to checked the oil levels today. Found two dipsticks. First one on the right side, and this stick is not straight, it has kinks to indicate low & high levels and is placed closer to the front of the car - which I think is the TRANSMISSION OIL. This one was good and between max and min.

    Second dipstick higher placed than the previous one, is closer to the back, and is flat and straight (but it flexes) & it says ENGINE on the dipstick. In think this one is for the ENGINE OIL. This one was much below LOW level and was thick and black and muddy. Obviously, the engine oil needs to be flushed & changed. Will do so first thing tomorrow.

    Some questions :-
    1. Did I get the two dipsticks right, the one in the front for Transmission Oil and the one at the back for Engine oil?

    2. Will changing the oil solve the problem and make the "Service Engine Soon" light switch off?

    3. Would the Service Engine Soon light indicate some other/bigger problem?

    4. This is my first car & I don't really know which is the best place to go to for an oil change and the costs. Jiffy Lube / CarMax / Dealerships / Garages ? Any suggestions?
  • elgatolocoelgatoloco Posts: 92
    Take it to a dealership. The SES light can indicate other problems so I would recommend a complete diagnostic check. From the description of your engine oil the previous owners maintainance habits may not have been exactly stellar.
  • adityaaditya Posts: 8
    I went and got an oil chage with a 15 point inspection done from Wallmart. And the lights gone now. Phew!

    Hey - I was wondering if I can get a soft/electronic copy of the owner's manual from where. Any clue anybody?

    - Adi
  • adityaaditya Posts: 8
    Hi Guys!
    (yeah it's me again!)
    This time, my Radiator Fan is out. Guess it will need to be replaced. Dealer's quoting $350+ for a new fan. Not available in regular spare parts shops!
    Anyone has any advice?
  • someguysomeguy Posts: 3
    I bet the Walmart mechanic bumped something under the hood. Check the fan wires.
  • mjwolffmjwolff Posts: 1
    I recently took my 2001 galant into the shop due to a ticking noise that has been going on for a while now. Assuming maybe I just needed some different oil or something.. they told me that the lifters may need to be adjusted.. that is IF they are adjustable lifters. So the question is "does anyone know if the lifters in the 4 cylinder 2001 mitsubishi galant are adjustable?" If not, I spend an arm and a leg on new lifters.
  • ashwinirashwinir Posts: 12
    Hi Mike

    I get a rattle from my dashboard times on the freeway. Seems like it's coming from the corners. I've never looked for the reason though, you have done a lot more research into it.

    Other than that, anyone find the transmission "hard" on the Galant 2004? I have a 2004 LS and the transmission is hard to shift. Plus, when lifting foot off the break, there's a creak/groaning type of a big weight being lifted.

    Anyone get this?

  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Your engine has hydraulic lifters that automatically adjust. Try using a thicker weight of oil and make sure you are changing the oil every 3k. This should help lessen or stop the noise. You might also want to consider adding some Lucas oil stabilizer. This product has worked wonders on tired noisy engines. A noisy lifter is not going to trash your engine though so I would think twice before spending a bunch of money to stop an annoying sound.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    Also, a good synthetic oil will quiet those lifters down a bit as well. :)
  • adityaaditya Posts: 8
    Hi Guys

    Some time ago, the SES [Service Engine Soon] Light turned on, on my 2000 Galant. I then took my car to Walmart for a Oil Change and a 15 point evaluation. They changed they oil and reported everything as fine. The SES light also went off. This was about 3 weeks ago.

    Then last week, my car was in the garage, to replace a radiator fan that had gone kaput. That was fixed.

    Now theres something else on my plate - the SES light turned on again! Any advice on what should be done now?
  • usaysousayso Posts: 25
    Hi Ashwinir,

    I have a 2004 Galant LS and I have none of the symptoms you describe.... The brakes do pulse easily though when braking and they will groan if pressed hard but don't groan on lift off. The tranny is easy to shift as I live in the mountains I shift manually to hold gears going up and use neutral on the way down, works great... I love the V6, wish it had the new 5 speed auto tranny that the '05 LS's get. But they don't have the Free maintanence program I have so I'll just be happy with the old technology....

    Have you seen the reviews on the '06 Eclipse GT? They love the car BUT Car&Driver reported mileage on the new MIVEC V6 as barely 16 miles to the gallon!!!! I get 23 in town and am glad I don't have that variable valve technology if that is the result...

    Interesting my LS weighs exactly the same as the '06 Eclipse GT, yet with the extra 32 horsepower of the MIVEC heads and manual tranny it get's to 60 in almost a second faster.... Guess that's why it consumes fuel the FUN factor is so much higher with the manual tranny and a foot planted to the floor....

    Happy Motoring!
  • fushigifushigi Chicago suburbsPosts: 1,374
    The most common reason for a check engine-type light coming on is a loose gas cap. Once you make sure it's tightened enough, it may take a couple of days for the light to go out. It's also possible the gas cap is no longer making the correct seal and needs replacing. Failing that, I'd take it to a shop that can read the computer diagnostic codes.
    2017 Infiniti QX60 (me), 2012 Hyundai Elantra (wife)
  • adityaaditya Posts: 8
    Hi fushugi
    thanks for ur advice. will go and check the gas cap rite away! maybe that could also explain why my gas level has gone down faster than i had expected this week.
  • pmcrockpmcrock Posts: 1
    We had a 1999 and now have a 2002 Galant (both V6) and they have had the same responsive, quiet engine and nice but not too cushy ride, and we were thinking of moving to a 2005, since it has more interior room, but when we test drove it, the larger V6 didn't seem as responsive and the ride was harsher, even though it didn't seem to handle any better. A salesman said that was the first he'd heard comments like that. I haven't reviewed all the comments in this forum, so maybe this has come up before, but does anyone have the same opinion of the 2005 model (which I believe is the same as the 2004)?
  • stuckeystuckey Posts: 12
    The two cars do provide very different rides. I have the 2004 V6 (came from a 2000 Galant 4C) and I'm amazed in the difference - I find the 2004 much more fun to drive and find excuses to drive it more than I should. The 2004 has a sportier and beefier suspension, resulting in a more stiffer/tighter ride than the 2000. The result though really improves the handling of the car. In tough driving situations I feel much more confident in the 2004 than I ever felt in the 2000 - no sway, no dip, no slide, corners great.

    You might want to take it for another test drive, Mike
  • stuckeystuckey Posts: 12
    A problem or leak in the exhaust system will also trigger the SES light. I use to own a 2000 Galant and a hole developed in what I think is called the "flex" pipe - connects the engine to the exhaust system. After the repair - $100 - the light went away.

    Good Luck, Mike
  • ashwinirashwinir Posts: 12
    Hi usayaso,

    I don't know then what to say. I guess I'll take it into the dealer to have checked out.

    See, I park on a driveway that's upward inclined. I put the gear in Reverse (and the transmission is STIFF!), let down the handbrake and it kind of groans.

    And the other thing: when putting the car into drive, when you depress the brakes to put the transmission into drive, there's a "groaning" kind of noise that comes from there.

    I guess I got a "groaner" ! ;-)

    But other than that, love the car. It could have been slightly lighter and it would handle even better. Sometimes, it does feel heavy.

    But the music system in my LS is fantastic, I don't know why people don't buy more of the Galants.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I'm concerned when you say you shift the tranny to neutral when going down hills. Do you really do this? First of all, this puts a lot of stress on the brakes because the tranny isn't being used to help slow down the car. You should downshift the car just like you do when going up hills. It's also not a good idea because shifting from neutral to drive while moving can damage the tranny over time. By the way, the 05 Galant V6 still uses a 4 speed auto so dont worry, you still have current tech :)

    Be glad you don't have the MIVEC. From my experience with the 2.4 MIVEC in the Lancer Sportback, its mileage sucks compared to the old 2.4. My city mileage dipped as low as 19 mpg but normally averages between 21-22 mpg. The best mileage on the highway so far is 25 mpg. Sounds like your much more powerful V6 does better. My car isn't an oddball either. All Lancer 2.4 owners report low mileage and I've also heard about it in the Galant as well. They are peppy engines, but it eats the gas in exchange for the power.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Are you setting the handbrake before or after releasing the brakes? You should do it before releasing the brakes. Also, make sure you are putting the handbrake up as far as it will go. Doing both of these actions will normally lessen the weight transfer to the rear and decrease the stiffness going into reverse. Sometimes though, there is no stopping it from occuring. It is normal to feel this stiffness, because the tranny is under pressure from the weight of the car pulling down the incline.
  • usaysousayso Posts: 25
    I agree with "Ing.."
    It sounds like too much weight on the tranny when placed into Park. Set emergency/hand brake first then select Park.... When leaving first put foot on brake, select drive, release hand brake, then foot rises slowly shifting weight to the tranny.....

    Try different approaches, see what works best.

    As far as coasting down the mountains I was told by the Service manager it would not affect the Transmission.... And I will check to see if my mileage suffers from leaving it in gear.... This is the first automatic I've owned in 30 years. I'm very use to coasting to conserve fuel. I coast about 10 miles..... Lonnnnng downhills, they eat the fuel going up so this is how I compensate. Brakes heat up but I've never had a problem with them or frequent servicing.... Then again this is the heaviest car I've ever owned... You're right I wish it was lighter for even better handling... I'm surrounded by peaks of 5,500 - 7,500 feet..

    Do you guys with the new V6 use Premium?
    It's $2.66 a gallon here!

    Happy Motoring!
  • Well, well, well...greetings all! Happy New Year (I know it's July!!) but hey it's been a while,,,,, OK!!! I still say Mitsu should have NEVER stopped production on the Montero Sport. They had a SUV that appealed to people my age (25-35), that was reasonably priced (I know people who got XLS' well equipped for $27,000) and didn't not cost over $45 to put a FULL TANK OF GAS in it. Now call me crazy, stupid (but be nice about it) but isn't this what people look for when they buy cars--and for that matter SUV's! They needed to follow FORDS' blueprint on how to sell mid-size SUV's; then maybe they would not be in this hole!
  • ashwinirashwinir Posts: 12

    I might be doing after releasing the brakes. I'll try the way you said and see how that does it.

    But what about when you stop at the red signal and it turns green and you release the brake and it makes a noise like a heavy spring groaning? You guys don't get that?

    I don't want to take something stupid to the dealer and get laughed away. ;)
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    It's not a problem coasting with the tranny in neutral. It is a problem to put the car in drive while the car is already in motion. Think about it, if you are coasting at 40 mph and stick it in drive, you are asking the tranny to go directly from neutral to 3rd gear. It's not good for it. It won't damage it right away but if you do it a lot, over time, certain parts in the tranny will wear out a lot faster. So if you want to coast, try to come to a stop at the bottom of the mountain before putting it in drive.

    As for the brakes, be forewarned. Mitsu rotors are known for warping. I took my previous 93 Diamante to the mountains once. The brakes were fine before the trip. On the way home, they were vibrating badly. It seems they have been beefing up the rotors recently, but I still would suggest against coasting if you want to avoid warpage and shorter pad life. Using the engine to brake the car actually uses very little gas. The rpms may be up, but your foot isn't on the accelerator asking for more gas, so the engine uses the same amount of fuel as it does at idle.
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