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Mitsubishi Galant



  • My 04 LS has just passed the 1000 mile mark and I am still smiling when I get in the car. The power of the V6 is something I am still getting used to, I just touch the pedal and the car goes from 70 to 80 in a heartbeat. I just got back from a trip with the family and I was bummed about the gas millage ( 21 mpg ) until my wife pointed out that the speedometer never went below 75 and the car was loaded with luggage. My son even was surprised with how much room he had in the back ( he's 6ft ).
    So far so good.
  • We have a 1989 Galant. We can not get fire to the coil. Parts store said something about a relay but we have no clue as to where this would be. Can anyone help?
  • jaclazjaclaz Posts: 37
    Hi Artie,

    Welcome back!
    Thanks for sharing your first impressions.
    I just got back from a day flaunt (220 miles) through the mountains of far northern California and I got 25 mpg at 70+ in my '04 LS.... We had a great drive in the cosmic cruiser, a name contrived in my early halucynegenic years. The car just impresses like you felt when you commit to a pass by the time you think it it's done... That engine is a major contributor to my overall satisfaction driving a sedan with an automatic from a guy who has only owned manuals for 35 years.....

    How does your wife like the car? Mine just loves how comfortable and easy it is to arrive after a day hoping around to many destinations. The european feel of the suspension in the LS really enhances the handling without contributing to any harshness that writers talk about of the GTS...

    This car is a sleeper. I just read that the Galant was one of the BEST cars for reliability.. My only problem was that I can't find that article to post it for you. And I have already had a few new car issues so I know this article is boasting BUT..

    Gotta love it!

    Happy Motoring!
  • My mistake, the car is an 05, not and 04 , oops.

    My wife loves driving the car. She was driving when we were on the interstate and she was having a great time. The family really likes the car,plenty of room in the front and back seats.
    I live on long island in New York and you really don't see many 04,05 Galants on the road here.
    I knew I liked the car when I wished I had a longer commute to work.
  • Hello, I have a 2000 Mitsubishi Galant ES with an Inline 4 Engine. I was just wondering if anybody here know a good place where I can get a cheap cold air intake. Thanks for the help.
  • My 2001 Galant ES creaks whenever I turn, or go over the slightest uneven pavement. Although, my creaks come from the back of the car. I think they're either coming from the trunk or someone in the seats in the back. This just started recently, and my car has about 64,000 miles on it.

    Thanks, Alvin. :sick:
  • Hi

    What gas do you guys use in your V6 Galants? I get a knocking noise at times and the dealer said that this is because of not using mid-grade or higher fuel. It's called spark knock. My LS only has 9000 miles on it.

    Anyone else get it?

  • Hi Ash,

    I have an '04 LS (V6). Mid-grade or regular alone showed a small loss of power (and miles per gallon) and dullness to the kickdowns when passing... No knocking.... I've had no perceptable loss in performance filling the tank with premium then when it reaches half I fill it with regular, so every "other" fill (always fill at half tank) is premium. I find the overall octane increases over what you'd get just filling with mid-grade. Try it and compare it to just running with premium....

    For every 1000 miles you drive the cost of Premium only fuel is about $9 more than using only regular. In the end you're only saving $4.50 per 1,000 miles my way. So most folks will just ignore this idea and just get Premium but for me that $100 a year in savings is spent elsewhere benefiting my stomach and not the oil companies bottom line.....

    Happy Motoring!

    Premium here on the West coast now at $3.29 a gallon!!!!!
  • can anyone tell me how to replace the dash lights on a 99 galant es? the left side of the dash and left side of tach have gone dark, also i getting a misfire in the #4 cylinder plug, coil, wires check out along with cylinder. any ideas
  • pump the clutch pedal several times and hold it down. if you can shift then it's likely the master. pump it up and hold it. wait about a minute. if it fades and does not go into geer than the master cyl is letting fluid by the cup.
  • I have 2000 Galant and lifters are making noise form 6 month. I have tried all oil change options but no use.
    These lifters are auto adjustable, so need to replace them.
    Let me know what you found out.
  • Hello,

    You are right about premium costing only $100 more than regular for about 12k of driving. I tried with mid grade this week, still get the knocking. I will jump to a full tank of Premium to check if that solves the knocking and then try your technique. :)

    What makes me wonder is why Honda says Accord V6 will work off of regular unleaded and Galants need Premium.
  • I have a 98 galant with an overdrive issue. The overdrive was always off. The car ran great, though, just no overdrive. I got the car for free from a friend with this problem. When I took it to Mitsubishi, they found the Overdrive cable disconnected. When they connected it, only (D)rive would work. 1st and 2nd would not function even if you put the car in those gears. Of course they could fix it for $2300, so I said leave the cable disconnected. Well, it worked fine for a couple of months until I hit a pothole and the overdrive kicked in. Highway driving is fine but going up hills in local streets is a challenge! Doh!

    In short, I just need to find the overdrive cable connection so that I can disable it again. I just need to keep the car for a little while longer while I save up for a new one.

    Any suggestions?

  • The "check engine" light is on in my 2000 galant. I had a code scan done and it came back that the car is not getting fire to the number 4 cylinder. I changed both coil packs the spark plug wires and plugs. The problem was gone for about a week, but now the light is on and the car is hesitating again. I check the new plugs and they're all clean. What gives? :confuse:
  • Go over to the Maintenance forum. There is a thread titled "Have a Quick Technical Question?". There are several mechanics that hang out there that could probably help you out.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    I see superg1 has followed your good advice - he should find some help there. Just fyi, we also have a "Check Engine Light" discussion there which is also very helpful.
  • Hi Guys,

    I just felt like a European new car owner for the first time!
    I took my '04 LS in for it's first service and NO CHARGE!

    I think Mitsu should re-think this strategy and put it back on their '06 models. I think this program only ran for under 10 months BUT FREE maintanence for for 4 years or 45,000 miles is a very nice way to do biz. I also think their new stategy of $1,500 debit cards used for gasoline is another great idea instead of rebates.

    MitSu is far from dead....
    Oldsmobile and Plymouth sold far fewer cars before there demise...
    Mercury is already dead in Canada...
    MitSu is getting ready to launch up there... They're getting aggressive and fightin' mad!

    About time!
  • Here's a long term review of the '05 Galant GTS:

    And have you seen some of the new product in the pipeline?
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    "Mitsu is far from dead....
    Oldsmobile and Plymouth sold far fewer cars before there demise..."

    Oldsmobile had General Motors to "float" then until they decided to pull the plug. And of course, Plymouth had Chrysler. There is NO ONE who will put up any more to help Mitsu. How many new Galants do you see on the road? Here in "import land" California there are very, very few.

    Where is the "volume seller" to raise Mitsubishi from the dead? I am sorry, I don't see it!
  • jaclazjaclaz Posts: 37
    I agree that they are in decline but I believe that new concept shown in my last post is the precursor to the new Lancer. And the "i" mini-car will also do well here as $2.50-$3.00 gas is probably here to stay. Especially if they can beat Smart to market here. Last months sales showed across the board that SUV's are declining and to me that makes GM at greater risk to Chapter 13 than Mitsu. They're rushing there new SUV's to market only to find a whole new day dawning. Folks who lost their SUV's on the Gulf coast aren't replacing them according to industry sources, they're buying fuel efficient cars. Today it's more about niches than categories. If MitSu can just hold on, their parent company MitSubishi Heavy Industries is HUGE in Asia, they will become a niche player just as they are with the EVO. And I know 1 good product is not enough to sustain. But they are showing possible future life with products like the upcoming "i" and the Lancer. The Raider pick-up will also add sales with it's superior warranty to Dodges Dakota. They're wounded but I believe they are healing and they will survive this. BUT they will not be the player they once were. Gotta admit the Koreans are coming on strong and the Chinese showed a $3,000 car in Amsterdam. MitSu is following the Koreans game plan and I think it will work, longer warranty's, value pricing, interesting sales ideas (PrePaid gas for 1 year). The product is good, their's no question to it's reliability and safety. Sooo, I trust they will stick it out.

    Unless of course sales go to zero, than I'm totally off my rocker!
  • cracoviancracovian Posts: 337
    I hope they changed your oil, rotated the tires, and lubricated the chassis - Otherwise, it wouldn't be worth it ;-)

    In my experience, the twist with Mitsubishi's maintenance is the brakes (they tend to have all kinds of issues on their cars, less on trucks) and the timing belt/water pump replacement that, if done at the the dealership, is going to 'kill' you at 60K.
  • 1racefan1racefan Posts: 932
    "and the timing belt/water pump replacement that, if done at the the dealership, is going to 'kill' you at 60K."

    I asked my dealer (Mitsubishi) what the going rate was for the timing belt / water pump change a couple of months ago. I have an '03 Outlander with 30K on it, and was just asking out of curiosity. He quoted $300 for this service. I know the Honda dealer wanted over $300 to do this on my wife's old Civic, and we ended up getting it done at a Honda specialty shop for a little over $200 (this was a few years ago). With her Elantra, the Hyundai dealer charged somewhere between $200 and $250 to do her timing belt. On the Elantra, the water pump is powered by a seperate drive belt, not the timing belt, so it isn't neccessary to do it at the same time as the timing belt. I didn't think the $300 quote from the Mitsubishi dealer was out of line with what I have seen at dealer service shops for other brands. I guess every brand has some bad apples that like to screw the customer though.
  • jaclazjaclaz Posts: 37
    Thanks for your warning Cracovian...

    And they did change the oil, rotate the tires, adjust the handbrake, lube here and there, etc, etc.... And I had an '00 Eclipse before I bought the LS. It had 49,000 miles on it's 4 cylinder and I never did anything other than change the oil every 4-5,000 miles. Oh yea new tires once. At the MitSu dealer I had the radiator flushed, new spark plugs installed and brake fluid flushed. Never touched the brakes, timing belt, or water pump. I hope that I'll be onto another new vehicle in another 52 months when I get back to the 49,000 mile mark on this car. That's when they hit you with depreciation alittle harder once 50,000 miles is broken. And I admit my 2000 Ecipse which MSRP'd for $18,192 (paid $15,000) had the worst resale value, only $4,400 (Kelly Blue used here) at the dealer..... That's where I get a little frustated with MitSu. In the end the car cost me $189 a month to own plus gas. I'm satisfied with that. But if it were a Honda .... Yea but Honda's don't get $3,000+ off sticker or had 1.9% financing, pre 9/11 mind you!

    Sooooo, I'll keep my fingers crossed that I don't have a lemon! So far so good...
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    "MitSubishi Heavy Industries is HUGE in Asia"

    You are correct, they are a hugh coporation. However, if you can find and read the last text of the previous "bailout" the CEO of Mitsu heavy said in no uncertain terms that they would not "lend" anymore money to Mitsubishi Motors.
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    :P I think it's obvious chuck that MMNA is'nt going anywhere, do you know anything about culture over the pond? they won't let MMNA fail, Mitsu industries ALWAYS infuses fresh cash, they always say they won't but do....Botton line: MMNA ALWAYS gets the money they need...and products are getting stronger.......I am an Ex 2004 Galant owner...we loved it...but we needed a mnivan, and in Mitsus infinite marketing wisdom HA HA NOT< decided NA market did not need a van, so we had to go with Chrysler....Mitsu Engines are as good as Honda-Nissan, they just don't have the total package in equal parts, Mitsus are Give and Take.....I prefer them over the Ultra boring typical un-imaginatative HondaToyo Nissan_Mitsu_Mazda= Fun
  • cracoviancracovian Posts: 337
    If that's what your dealer charges then it's a very good deal. Those parts are not dirt cheap but it should mostly be labor. Not sure about V6 engines but 4 cylinders also require additional smaller belt to be changed (I forgot its name).

    I had a terrible experience a few years back; I paid the stealer way over $400 for belt replacement, didn't know then that the water pump should have been changed too and they never mentioned it to me. 4K miles down the road the timing belt was soaked with the fluid from the leaking water pump and I had to do it all over again but not at the dealership this time. Live and learn... $300 for all this - I'd take it.
  • 1racefan1racefan Posts: 932
    I gathered from a couple of your previous posts that you must have had a bad experience with a Mitsubishi service department (assuming this happened at a Mitsu dealer?). I owned a domestic pick up truck before my Outlander, and had several what I would call "rip off" experiences at the dealer. I now refuse to ever consider any of their models again just because of that. That is pretty crappy about not mentioning that the water pump should have been changed at the same time.

    The thing I have noticed about Mitsubishi dealers is (and I have posted this before) that dealers can vary drasticly. What I mean is this - I have heard that a lot of them do obnoxious screamer ads on tv and radio, wheras here in my area, the only Mitsubishi ads we get are the Mitsu corporate ads on tv.

    The only reason I bought my Outlander was because I had heard great things about this dealer. When you go in for service, they do exactly what you ask, and don't try to upsale you or push services on you that you don't need. Their waiting room sits adjacent to the service bays, and has a window where you can look out into the service area where your car is being worked on. If the car is going to need to stay over night, a rental car is ordered up from a rental car company, no questions asked. I go there for my oil changes (they do them for $12, which is cheaper than I can do it myself ), and have talked with other people waiting in the waiting room with me. I was suprised at how many people are on Mitsubishi # 3 and 4 from this same dealer.
  • jaclazjaclaz Posts: 37
    Hi Sean,

    If you sold the '04 Galant, please tell us what you received for the car... Was it a GTS or LS? What did you pay for it new? Surprised you didn't consider Mazda's MPV or Subaru's new Tribeca but I realize the Domestics were giving away their vans the last 3 months, especially Chrysler with employee discounts plus financing plus rebates....

    Thanks for sharing...

    Hi racefan,

    My dealer is the same as yours... Understated, sells Volvo and Subaru as well, and sends me flyers in the mail with great service deals... The screamer ads are in the big city dealerships which are 300 miles away. I bought my '00 Eclipse in the big city and the dealer was excellent... Of course I never saw them again so this only pertains to the 2 hours I was there for the sale.

    Happy Motoring!
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    No - I don't know too much about the Japanese culture. However, I really don't understand your statement. The last time I looked Japan did not have a "nationalized car company" Fiat from Italy that is some source of pride for the Italians. (Although I can't figure out why!) So if there is a major corporation who has a division that is bleeding red ink, and doesn't contributes any profits, why would they care if they go under? I guess I'm use to the American way of doing things. If they say they will do something it's done. Or, if they say no that's it. Mitsu heavy said no more dollars for Mitsu motors-and your saying other-wise. Nope! I don't understand!
  • Whut's up people. I have not been here in a while. Just to update my '04 GTS. About 38,000 miles in 21 months, just took it in for the 37,500 mile service. I had to buy a harness for the low beams on the driver side. I burned it out using a 8500K Xenon Crystal blue Light Bulb. That cost me $119. Also I had to have the front brakes replaced for $220. Other than that no issues to report. No warning lights appearing, no rattles, or anything like that. The Mitsu dealer that I use is top notch and the service is great. My gas mileage is averaging 23.2 mpg.
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