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Land Rover Ticking Sound

frustrated33frustrated33 Member Posts: 1
edited June 2014 in Land Rover
Please help!! I have a 04 Disco SE7 that ticks when it idles. It disappears when accelerated. Currently it is in the shop and has lifters, valve covers and numerous other items replaced to no avail....the mechanic is stumped....any suggestions??


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    british_roverbritish_rover Member Posts: 8,502
    Sounds like low oil pressure at idle. Have they hooked up a true mechanical gauge to the oil pump to see what true oil pressure is at various RPMs?
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    consmechengconsmecheng Member Posts: 1
    It sounds familiar. On my Disco it is caused by wear in the rocker shafts. The noise is relatively harmless but annoying. Just adds to Rover-specific noises. I use Mr.Moly Engine Aide product to provide extra lubrication during start-ups and the ticking noise has not been getting worse for the last few years now.
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    dandrews1dandrews1 Member Posts: 184
    Welcome to Land Rover ownership.

    I keep a mental log of the interesting and unknown noises my trucks make. A squeak here at highway speeds, a funny clunk when reversing over a bump with the wheel turned to the right... it's all fun stuff.

    You can take two approaches to this:
    1. Worry about it and spend $$ to fix whatever the issue is.
    2. Get to know what sournds are normal for your truck, and just make note that they are not getting worse.

    I know a guy who spent 3000$ to fix an oil drip from his tranny. My fix for that? a 4$ corn husk pad that traps oil in the garage and a top-up every other month. End result: I have more money in my bank account, and both our trucks run the same.
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